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15+ Best Arabic Fonts for Middle-Eastern Calligraphy

15+ Best Arabic Fonts for Middle-Eastern Calligraphy

In the modern era of visual communication, typography has emerged as a powerful medium to convey subtle emotions, cultural heritage, and personal identities. While the Latin alphabet dominates much global communication, the ornate and artistic Arabic script offers unique opportunities for creative expression. With its curving letters and nuanced letterforms, Arabic lends itself beautifully to imaginative and striking typographic designs.

Among the many writing systems used worldwide, Arabic holds a special place for its long and rich history. Originating over 1,400 years ago, Arabic script evolved as a monumental and decorative form of communication. This legacy continues to inspire contemporary Arabic font designers seeking to capture the essence of this script.

With over 25 countries and almost 400 million people worldwide using the Arabic alphabet, many typographic styles are tied to different regions. Calligraphic Kufic and Naskhi styles from the early Islamic empires contrast with modernistic Arabic fonts mirroring global design trends. This presents endless possibilities for typographers and designers to explore.

This comprehensive guide unveils over 15 popular and creatively designed Arabic fonts today. Drawing inspiration from Arabic calligraphy, cultural heritage, and modern aesthetics, these fonts showcase the breadth of Arabic typographic design. Some emulate historic styles, while others take a minimalist approach.

Together, they demonstrate the power of Arabic fonts to communicate ideas and emotions through their form and composition. We delve into what makes each of these fonts unique, analysing their impactful visual qualities and discussing how they expand the boundaries of Arabic typography.

The selected fonts provide a window into the evolution of Arabic-type design from traditional calligraphic roots to contemporary iterations. These curated Arabic fonts offer the perfect starting point for designers seeking to make a culturally relevant and personal statement. Their aesthetic diversity reflects the dynamism and richness of the Arabic script itself.

15+ Best Arabic Fonts to Try



One of the most remarkable features of Basmala is its ability to infuse any text with an authentic Arabic aura. Every stroke and curve of this typeface transports the reader to the enchanting world of Arabic calligraphy, evoking a sense of reverence and mystique. Despite its intricate Arabic influence, Basmala cleverly incorporates Latin characters, ensuring its accessibility on a global scale. This universality enables the font to transcend language barriers and convey its artistic beauty to a broad audience.

Basmala's versatility is truly exceptional. Its enchanting design lends itself perfectly to an array of design projects. For instance, this font can imbue a logo with a sense of cultural heritage while maintaining a modern appeal in branding. Its application extends beyond symbols to encompass diverse mediums, such as product packaging, where it can infuse an air of authenticity and uniqueness. When used in quotes, flyers, and posters, Basmala immediately connects with the Islamic aesthetic, effectively capturing attention and conveying the intended message.

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The font's adaptability is also evident in its suitability for various print and digital media. Whether it graces the covers of books or sets the tone for movie titles, Basmala's expressive design resonates with audiences and enhances the visual impact of the content. Even in apparel design, including T-shirts and hoodies, Basmala's artistic allure can be showcased, enabling wearers to carry a piece of Islamic artistry.


Arabic Ramadan

The Arabic Ramadan Font stands as an epitome of elegance, distinctiveness, and versatility within Arabic typography. This exquisite font presents an array of possibilities, allowing you to craft a variety of variations and distinctive shapes within a matter of seconds by selecting alternate characters. Classified as a serif display font, it boasts a balanced level of contrast, rendering it an ideal choice for a diverse array of projects within the domain of Muslim branding.

This font is an exceptional choice for many creative endeavours, from creating captivating logos that exude cultural resonance to the conception of enchanting wedding designs that intertwine tradition with modernity. Its charm extends seamlessly to social media, where its alluring characters can breathe life into posts, capturing audiences' attention with its unique visual identity.

Moreover, when applied to advertisements, the Arabic Ramadan Font possesses the innate ability to infuse messages with an air of sophistication and cultural authenticity, ensuring that the conveyed content resonates deeply with the target audience. In product packaging, the font is an invaluable tool to communicate the brand's essence, infusing every label and design element with an unmistakable aura of refinement.



Runsell's Felaby offers a versatile and comprehensive solution that caters to a wide array of creative projects. This meticulously crafted font is ideal for enhancing various aspects of your creative endeavours, from logos and branding initiatives to photography enhancements, invitations, watermarks, advertisements, product designs, stationery items, wedding-related designs, labels, and even product packaging. Its flexibility makes it equally suitable for both professional and personal applications.

Designed with precision and attention to detail, Felaby brings a touch of uniqueness and elegance to your projects. Its well-crafted characters and exquisite typography ensure that your branding materials exude professionalism and creativity. Whether embarking on a branding journey, seeking to elevate your product designs, or aiming to make your special events truly memorable, this font can seamlessly integrate into your creative vision.

Furthermore, the versatility of Felaby transcends its application across various media. This font retains its visual appeal and legibility from digital platforms to printed materials. Its adaptability to different contexts ensures that your visual identity remains consistent and engaging across various channels.


Huraira – Arabic Font

Allow us to introduce you to the exquisite Huraira – Arabic Font, a mesmerising digital typeface meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Arabic calligraphy. This font stands as a true testament to the artistry of traditional Arabic letters, presenting a design that resonates deeply with the heritage of this script. A striking feature that separates Huraira is the meticulous placement of dots on select characters, mirroring the intricate beauty inherent in classic Arabic writing.

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Huraira transcends mere typeface and becomes a vessel of authenticity and cultural opulence that gracefully weaves its way into your creative endeavours. Its versatility knows no bounds, making it a choice that resonates across an expansive spectrum of design applications. From the intricate craftsmanship of logos that carve out brand identities to the finesse required in fabricating captivating posters, product packaging that beckons to be held, promotional materials that beguile, titles that command attention, and the subtlety of greeting cards and invitations that cherish moments, Huraira effortlessly melds the timeless allure of Arabic script with the contemporary sensibilities of modern design.

With Huraira by your side, each stroke and curve of the font encapsulates the heritage of Arabic calligraphy, breathing life into your creations with a sense of history and an unspoken connection to the past. This font transcends its digital existence and becomes a bridge that links tradition with innovation, enabling your designs to narrate stories of a rich cultural legacy while harmonising seamlessly with the modern visual landscape. Huraira is not just a font; it's a work of art that resonates with aficionados of design and culture alike, a testament to the seamless synergy between tradition and modernity.


Bahlull Arabic Typeface

Discover the remarkable allure of the Bahlull Arabic Typeface, a meticulously crafted font product that embodies a unique style tailor-made for religious and Islamic designs. Imbued with a distinct aura of spirituality, this font has been specially curated to elevate the essence of Ramadan promotions, guaranteeing a profound impact on your discerning audience.

A remarkable feature lies at the heart of the Bahlull Arabic Typeface – its comprehensive support for PUA Unicode. This ingenious attribute ensures seamless accessibility to every character within the font, eliminating any potential hindrances. This ease of use makes Bahlull Arabic Typeface an exemplar of user-centric design, allowing creators to harness its full potential effortlessly.

Diversity is a cornerstone of the Bahlull Arabic Typeface, evidenced by its endorsement of multilingual characters. This versatility transforms it into a universal tool for artistic expression across various languages and cultures. The font becomes a harmonious bridge, connecting global audiences through its resplendent characters.

Encompassing an expansive collection of 861 glyph characters, the Bahlull Arabic Typeface empowers creators with a rich palette of design elements. This assortment is a testament to the font's commitment to providing a comprehensive array of styles and options, effectively enabling users to manifest their artistic visions. The font's meticulously designed characters, characterised by their immaculate legibility, render it an impeccable choice for any composition requiring an Arabic font.



Let me introduce you to Almalik, a captivating Arabic-style font that seamlessly marries the essence of traditional Arabic lettering with the fluidity of contemporary Latin typography. Crafted with a monoline design approach, Almalik emerges as a work of art where the authenticity of original Arabic characters gracefully transitions into the realm of Latin script.

Almalik is more than just a font; it's a conduit that effortlessly channels the rich tapestry of the Middle East into a modern context. Its distinctive charm lies in its deliberate simplicity, which eschews excessive calligraphic intricacies in favour of a sleek and refined appearance. Infused with dynamic swashes, Almalik exudes an air of liveliness, capturing the region's spirit in a contemporary, harmonious manner.

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The versatility of Almalik knows no bounds, making it an ideal choice across a myriad of applications. Whether you're venturing into the fashion world, tantalising taste buds with culinary creations, adorning elegant packaging, or seeking the perfect emblem for your brand, Almalik rises to the occasion. This font is a testament to the beauty of fusion, where cultures and aesthetics intertwine to create an arresting visual language.

One of Almalik's defining features is its extensive character set, boasting over 400 glyphs. Among these is an array of alternate characters, each waiting to integrate into your designs seamlessly. These alternates are your artistic tools, allowing you to infuse your creations with a distinct allure. As you wield these characters, your plans take on new life, exuding a magnetic appeal that draws the eye and captures the imagination.


Shayan – Arabic Fonts

Shayan, a captivating display font, draws its inspiration from the enchanting aesthetics of the Middle East and the eloquent intricacies of Arabic design. With its profound blend of cultural influences, Shayan becomes an exquisite choice for various creative ventures.

This font is an impeccable option for elevating your brand's identity through captivating logos, infusing a touch of the mystique of the Middle East into your visual representation. Moreover, Shayan effortlessly embodies the essence of Ramadan themes, providing a harmonious bridge between tradition and modernity for designs commemorating this sacred period. Its versatile nature extends beyond, inviting endless possibilities for innovative projects limited only by your imagination.

Through Shayan, each stroke and curve narrates a story of rich heritage and contemporary finesse, making it a truly remarkable typographic masterpiece that resonates with diverse audiences and amplifies the impact of your creative endeavours.



Basmallahu font presents a captivating embodiment of delicacy, elegance, and graceful flow through its handwritten strokes. This typeface exudes a remarkable fusion of beauty and uniqueness, achieved through meticulously crafted ligatures and individual letterforms. Every character is thoughtfully intertwined, creating a seamless harmony that lends itself to a contemporary aesthetic.

With a touch of artistic flourish, Basmallahu emerges as a modern font ready to leave a profound impression on any design endeavour. Its distinctiveness results from intricate swirled elements seamlessly embedded within each letter, elevating it beyond the ordinary. By incorporating this font into your creative ventures, you'll observe an enchanting transformation that breathes life into your ideas.

Imagine the impact of Basmallahu font on your projects—each stroke, curve, and ligature working in concert to infuse elegance and distinction. This font isn't just a tool; it's an artistic partner that enhances your visual storytelling. Whether used in branding, invitations, editorial design, or any other creative context, Basmallahu effortlessly adds an alluring and unparalleled flair.

Embrace the extraordinary with Basmallahu font and unlock a world of design possibilities. Its flowing composition and intricate details redefine how typography communicates, establishing a connection between aesthetics and emotion. Elevate your creative expression, captivate your audience, and allow your ideas to transcend convention with the timeless charm of Basmallahu.


Jamillah Elegant Arabic

The Arabic letter holds a venerable history, spanning numerous epochs as a cornerstone of communication and expression. Creatype has breathed new life into these timeless symbols in a remarkable transformation by crafting an exquisite typeface named Jamillah. This typographical masterpiece, reminiscent of a bygone era, possesses an inherent elegance that seamlessly caters to many creative requirements.

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With Jamillah, Creatype has ingeniously captured the essence of Arabic lettering, infusing it with a contemporary touch while preserving its rich heritage. This vintage-inspired typeface serves as an impeccable choice for a myriad of applications. From commanding branding projects to evocative logo designs, Jamillah's intricate curves and lines lend a distinctive character that elevates any visual identity.

The versatility of Jamillah knows no bounds, making it an indispensable asset for a broad spectrum of creative endeavours. Picture it gracefully adorning wedding designs, infusing each invitation and announcement with an air of timeless sophistication. Its captivating allure is equally well-suited for social media, enabling posts to stand out with nostalgic charm.



Kolillah is a testament to the seamless fusion of cultural elegance and visual allure. This Arabic font boasts a captivating symphony of smooth curves and exquisite ligatures, meticulously crafted to infuse your creative endeavours with authenticity and charm.

Embarking on a journey of creative expression, Kolillah embraces versatility as its guiding principle. It thrives splendidly, whether presented in grandiose dimensions or delicate, diminutive forms. This font becomes a canvas for artistic imagination, enhancing various projects across diverse domains.

From the art of inviting to the essence of branding, Kolillah finds its place effortlessly. The strokes of this font resonate harmoniously to shape invitations that evoke anticipation, while logos and branding endeavours are imbued with a touch of sophistication that is second to none. Magazines come alive as each character weaves into the next, enhancing the visual narrative and lending an air of elegance. Photography receives an uplift as captions and watermarks meld seamlessly, complementing the visual stories captured.

As the keystrokes of Kolillah come to life, cards acquire a personality that lingers in memory. Product packaging is transformed into an art form, where each letter adds an extra layer of aesthetic delight. The font graces mugs with quotes that inspire the start of a beautiful day, while posters carry messages that resonate deeply. Labels acquire a touch of prestige, elevating the products they embrace. Even signatures attain a new dimension, reflecting individuality with every stroke.



Sabana is a captivating Arabic-style typography that emerges as an ideal choice for your upcoming Ramadan project. The font exudes an enchanting essence, deeply rooted in the artistry of Islamic characters, making it a splendid fit for your creative efforts. With its intricate design and thoughtful construction, Sabana encapsulates the essence of Ramadan, adding a touch of elegance and authenticity to your project.

The graceful curves and meticulous details of the Islamic characters within this font convey a profound sense of tradition and spirituality. Each letter echoes the rich heritage of calligraphy, seamlessly weaving together the visual beauty of the written word with the spiritual significance of Ramadan.

Imagine Sabana's impact on your Ramadan Kareem greeting card and similar designs. The font's intrinsic connection to Islamic artistry will elevate your project to a new level of authenticity and resonance. Sabana's delicate balance between tradition and modernity makes it an ideal companion for conveying warm wishes and blessings during the holy month.

As you delve into your project, consider how Sabana's artful strokes and rhythmic composition can mirror the solemnity and devotion that mark Ramadan. The font becomes a storyteller, narrating tales of faith, introspection, and togetherness through its beautifully crafted characters.

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Berkah Raya

Berkah Raya is a remarkable testament to the captivating world of Arabic calligraphy seamlessly interwoven with modern design sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from the intricate strokes of Arabic script, this typographic masterpiece embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, making it an exquisite choice for a broad spectrum of design works.

At its core, Berkah Raya encapsulates the essence of typographic harmony, meticulously crafted to resonate with diverse creative projects. From logos and branding, where a brand's visual identity takes shape, to the canvas of social media posts that demand immediate attention, this typographic gem effortlessly bridges the gap between tradition and innovation.

Imagine the sheer impact of Berkah Raya's elegant curves and artistic swirls gracing the canvas of advertisements. Each character tells a story of cultural heritage and creative expression, making advertisements not mere promotional tools but also visual narratives that connect with the audience on a profound level.
Furthermore, consider the allure of Berkah Raya in the realm of product design. From packaging that beckons customers from the shelves to product labels that speak of sophistication, this typographic creation transforms everyday items into art pieces, evoking a sense of admiration and intrigue.

What sets Berkah Raya apart is its adaptability to various design contexts. It seamlessly navigates the diverse landscape of creative expression, effortlessly embodying the essence of the project it graces. Its calligraphic strokes' graceful curves and fluid lines bring forth an air of timeless elegance, captivating the eye and stirring the imagination.


Assyam – Arabic Themed Typeface

Allow me to introduce you to Assyam, an exquisite Arabic-themed typeface bound to elevate your creative efforts to new heights. This remarkable typeface has been meticulously crafted to provide a versatile and captivating option for many design projects. Whether you're delving into template design, brochures, fascinating videos, compelling advertisements, or the intricate art of branding, Assyam stands as the epitome of artistic expression.

Drawing inspiration from the rich and enchanting Arabic aesthetic, Assyam boasts intricate flourishes and graceful curves that pay homage to the script's historical significance. Every stroke of this typeface reflects the beauty of Arabic calligraphy while encapsulating the essence of modern design trends. Each character has been thoughtfully designed to ensure harmonious cohesion and legibility, making it an ideal choice for various applications.

For template designs, Assyam breathes life into your creations by infusing them with an air of sophistication and cultural authenticity. Imagine your brochures gracefully adorned with this typeface, instantly evoking a sense of tradition and elegance while maintaining a contemporary appeal. When incorporated into videos, Assyam adds a layer of authenticity that transcends language barriers, creating a seamless blend between visuals and text.

Advertising campaigns come to life with the help of Assyam. Its distinct and memorable letterforms ensure that your brand's message is impactful and resonant. Whether used in headlines or body text, Assyam possesses the flexibility to adapt and enhance your brand's identity, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.



Ramadanish offers an ideal solution for various design projects, from creating captivating logos to comprehensive branding initiatives. Its versatility extends to advertising campaigns, where its artistic finesse enhances the visual impact of promotional materials. Moreover, Ramadanish's creative prowess finds expression in product designs that effortlessly resonate with target audiences, effectively bridging the gap between imagination and tangibility.

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This remarkable font also lends itself seamlessly to the crafting of stationery, exuding an aura of professionalism and uniqueness that elevates everyday correspondence. For those immersed in editorial aesthetics, Ramadanish proves invaluable in magazine designs, infusing layouts with a harmonious blend of visual appeal and content clarity.

In literature, Ramadanish breathes life into book and cover title designs, transforming mere words into visual narratives that beckon readers. Its creative influence extends even to photography, where it collaborates with visual imagery to produce stunning compositions that leave a lasting impression.


Riyadhus Sholihin

We are introducing “”Riyadhus Sholihin”” – a captivating and innovative assortment of contemporary display fonts meticulously crafted to draw inspiration from the elegance of italic handwritten calligraphy. This collection exudes a unique essence, making it the perfect choice for various creative works, including logo conceptualisation, template design, brochure composition, video production, advertising campaigns, and the broad spectrum of branding pursuits.

At the heart of the Riyadhus Sholihin font lies a captivating fusion of modern aesthetics and beautiful Arabic nuances, all seamlessly interwoven to deliver a harmonious visual experience. Embellished with a stunning array of alternates and swashes, this font transcends conventional limitations, opening up creative possibilities for designers and creators.

From bold headlines that demand attention to meticulous typography that tells a story, Riyadhus Sholihin thrives in various applications. Its versatile nature finds it at home in eye-catching posters, the sophisticated layout of magazines, the polished presentation of brochures, the alluring allure of packaging, and the dynamic landscape of websites. Whatever your design venture, Riyadhus Sholihin lends a distinctive touch, imbuing your creations with an unmistakable Islamic flair.


Arabic Font – Rubaith

Step into the world of design innovation with Rubaith, an exquisite Arabic font crafted by Slidehack. This newly unveiled typeface is poised to redefine your creative initiatives, particularly regarding headline font choices, logo creation, and other captivating displays. With its unique Arabic-style aesthetics, Rubaith transcends traditional typographical boundaries, making it an ideal choice for various applications, ranging from contemporary designs to those rooted in cultural heritage.

Rubaith is a testament to the harmonious fusion of modernity and classic Arabic calligraphy. Its intricate strokes and meticulously designed characters exude an air of elegance that resonates effortlessly with the essence of the Arabic language. Every curve and line within this font has been meticulously crafted to preserve the beauty of Arabic script while seamlessly accommodating contemporary design needs.

This versatile font is a masterpiece for expressing your brand's identity. Whether you're seeking a captivating headline font that commands attention or a distinctive logo font that encapsulates your brand's essence, Rubaith offers an unparalleled canvas for your creative aspirations. Its bold presence on various mediums ensures that your message remains vividly etched in the minds of your audience.

Rubaith isn't just a font; it's a journey through the rich tapestry of Islamic, Arabic, and Middle Eastern cultures. This font becomes more than just a design choice; it becomes a bridge connecting your creative vision with the cultural heritage you wish to embrace. Be it for an Islamic art exhibition, an Arabic cultural festival, or a Middle Eastern gastronomy event, Rubaith infuses each project with authenticity and reverence.

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Imagine the intricate loops and flourishes of Rubaith gracing event posters, banners, and flyers for a captivating visual narrative. Envision a logo that embodies your brand's values and pays homage to the elegance of Arabic calligraphy. Rubaith empowers you to unleash your creative potential, inviting you to explore uncharted design territories while staying rooted in the cultural legacy that this font embodies.

In a world where design trends continuously evolve, Rubaith is a timeless testament to the enduring allure of Arabic aesthetics. Let this font be your companion in crafting designs that captivate and resonate deeply with your projects' spirit. Elevate your creative journey with Rubaith, where innovation and tradition converge seamlessly, creating a visual symphony that speaks to the heart of your audience.


Arabic calligraphy is a beautiful and ancient art form that expresses the elegance of the Arabic language. With the wide variety of Arabic fonts available today, calligraphers and designers have more options than ever to choose fonts that complement their creative vision. Whether you want a traditional Naskh font, decorative Kufic, or modern Arabic typeface, there are many high-quality fonts to explore.

When selecting an Arabic font, consider the look you want to achieve, the emotions you want to evoke, and the practical factors like legibility and compatibility. Trust your artistic instincts to guide you to the perfect font that brings your calligraphy to life. With the fonts suggested in this post as a starting point, you now have several graceful Arabic fonts that can uplift your calligraphy with beauty and meaning.

The next time you embark on an Arabic calligraphy project, remember that the letterforms carry an artistic weight. Finding the ideal font can make the difference between average and exquisite calligraphy. Allow these diverse Arabic fonts to be an extension of your hand, spirit, and vision as you keep this cherished tradition thriving in the modern world.

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