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We are always open to considering people looking to write for us or submit a guest post to the graphic design blog.

This page outlines the guest post guidelines if you want a free or sponsored article published.

The information referenced here will be updated every couple of months to keep it accurate, allowing for a guaranteed ROI for you.

The graphic design blog is a source of design inspiration, logo design case studies, marketing, web design and informational articles for graphic designers, marketers and business owners alike.

The audience consists of graphic and web designers, often freelance and small business owners or entrepreneurs looking to take their company to the next level. If you have questions about how to submit a guest post, please get in touch.

Submit a Guest Post to the Design Blog

Sponsored Articles

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Sponsored articles can be more ‘self-promotional’ than standard guest posts, advertising a product or service. Maybe you run a print design company for example, and would like to advertise your services to graphic designers or clients – this would be a great opportunity to do so. 

There is no word limit and you are allowed to included promotional links if applicable. I am happy to consider articles on any topic, although if I don’t think it’s a good fit, I will let you know beforehand.

Basic rules:

  1. Must be 100% unique and exclusive to the blog.
  2. Article length must be at least 500 words, preferably in UK English. No maximum length.
  3. No more than 3 promotional links, although linking to authority sites and internal pages on my site is good practice.
  4. I am happy to include a short bio at the end promoting the author (if required)
  5. I am also happy to format and find/create appropriate imagery if needed.

Monthly page views average between 200,000 and 250,000, coming from 70,000 to 75,000 visitors, again monthly.

With approximately 60% male, 40% female, almost half of our visitors are between the ages of 25-34, followed by around 20% aged 18-24.

According to Google Analytics, key interests include “technophiles”, “employment” and “arts & entertainments” if that helps.


How do you submit a guest post to the design blog?


There are two approaches to submit a guest post or sponsored article on the design blog, depending on what you are looking to achieve. If you want to pitch a title or topic to me before sending any content though, that’s okay – just use the contact form below.

Both the sponsored articles and free guest posts will be posted on the design blog, are then shared to 100,000+ Twitter followers, 7,500+ Facebook fans, 7,500+ Linkedin connections and 2800+ Google plus connections – shared up to 5 times across the first week then twice over the following months. Articles are also pushed to RSS immediately and sent as a weekly summary link to approximately 12,000+ email subscribers.

When you submit a guest post the article will remain in the archives, guaranteeing page views after the post has left the home page.

Submit a Guest Post



I’m always happy to read proposals for guest posts on the blog, but there are a few more rules to consider than the (paid) sponsored articles.

  1. Must be 100% unique and exclusive to the Inkbot Design blog.
  2. Articles must not be purely promotional in nature, instead, informative and offer value to the reader.
  3. Article length must be at least 1500 words, preferably in UK English. No maximum length.
  4. No more than 1 promotional link, although linking to authority sites and internal pages on my site is good practice.
  5. Must be of interest to designers, creatives, freelancers, etc. Please look through the blog to gauge the topics/style –
  6. I am happy to include a short bio at the end promoting the author (if required), see an example here:
  7. I am also happy to format and find/create appropriate imagery if needed.

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    Inkbot's design work is world renowned, and his blog posts are clear to read.
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    Convenient and easy to find location using Google maps.
    John Sullivan
    14:20 22 Oct 17
    Inkbot Design has tons of info and GREAT designs, check them out!!!
    William E Spicer
    14:02 01 Nov 17
    Stuart delivered a logo for my business a few years ago and I'm really glad I went with him as the design has stood the test of time and I've used it extensively across social media etc. Highly recommendedread more
    Brian Deeney
    20:26 08 Nov 17
    Most excellent information about Graphic Design, Logos and Business Marketing! Kudos Stuart Crawford
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    22:32 10 Apr 18
    Great website with an abundance of well-written informative material. Keep up the good work!
    Warren Fowler
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    I was so impressed with Stuarts work and reviews that I decided to hire him from overseas. I had worked with other designers near me in the U.S. while trying establish a brand identity that would suit my company long term, but the process yielded poor results. I am extremely thankful I found Stuart! His approached our project being well informed of my vision and desires and I felt there was a mutual honesty at every step. Stuart is professional, understanding, and patient. I highly, HIGHLY recommend him for design work!read more
    Michelle Morgan
    19:31 09 Aug 18
    This is one of the best drawing logos I've ever seen I love this and I'm telling all of my buddies
    23:11 27 Aug 18
    Superb creativity and range of colours, available for your projects !
    françois Vallet
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    Great design company!
    Les Mchugh
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