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Social Media Videos: The New Kings of Content Marketing

Social Media Videos: The New Kings of Content Marketing

We can all agree that videos are amazing. They activate more than one sense, deliver a wealth of information quickly, and are just fun to watch. But social media videos? That’s where the real magic happens.

This fast-paced, shareable content has genuinely taken the crown in digital marketing. Why? Because in our rapidly scrolling, hashtag-obsessed digital age, a video is the only surefire way to make thumbs stop and get serious attention.

Filming on a Smartphone? No Biggie!

The great thing about social media videos is that they don’t require Hollywood budgets or fancy equipment. You only need your trusty smartphone and a pinch of creativity to whip up gold.

From weirdo stop-motion clips made with toys to casual vlogs shot in your backyard – there’s no limit to what types of social media videos you can make. Some even virally off potato-cams!

Why Videos Rule the Internet

Best Places To Publish Explainer Videos

Still not convinced that social media videos are the way to go? Let me break down a few key reasons why they’re so darn effective:

Our Beloved Attention Spans

Let’s face it: our attention spans are about as short as a puppy being offered a treat. We want things quick, easy, and immediately consumable — which is precisely what videos give us. Nobody wants to read through walls of text when they can watch a snappy, info-packed video instead.

Shareability to the Max

There’s just something about videos that makes people want to share them like mad. Perhaps it’s the comedy, the emotional gut punches, or maybe we’re all just nosy and love peeping into other people’s lives; either way – social media videos spread fast!

Boosting Engagement

Think about scrolling through your feed and seeing an image post that bores you to tears. Now, think about scrolling past that same post. This time, an exciting video is attached to it. Which would make you stop scrolling and maybe even gasp, like/comment on? Exactly! Videos get way more engagement than plain old text or image posts do.

Types of Ultra-Effective Social Media Videos

Types Of Explainer Videos

Since we have already mentioned that videos are the rulers of social media, let’s dive into some different categories:

The Explainer Video

You know those topics that always confuse people? Taxes, astrophysics, the Kardashians' family tree — yeah, those. Explainer videos take complex subjects and break them down into simple chunks. They use fun visuals and clear language to help viewers make sense of the seemingly nonsensical.

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Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peeks

Behind-the-scenes videos are popular because they make people feel they’re getting something special or secret. Whether you show what goes on at your company every day or give an insider look at how your products are made, these videos can make viewers feel like they’re part of an exclusive club.

Live Videos (They’re Just Magical)

There’s something about live video that just gets us. Maybe it’s the raw, unedited realness’. Perhaps it’s a fact; we know it’s happening right now — even if “right now” is hundreds of miles away. Either way, live video is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience. Not only do they allow real-time engagement through comments and reactions, but they also encourage sharing by making it highly interactive.

The Good Ol’ Vlog

For good reason, vlogging (video blogging) has existed forever on the Internet. These conversational, casual videos let creators speak directly to their audience on a personal level so they can relate to them as individuals rather than just numbers on a screen. It’s like having a heart-to-heart with someone who’s got thousands upon thousands of ‘friends.’

Product Demos — Fast!

Video product demos work because our brains love instant gratification. Instead of asking customers to read blocks of text or squint at tiny images trying to figure out what you’re selling, they can watch it in action — and make the purchase decision even faster. Even the most boring or everyday products become fascinating when you throw some witty scripts and creative visuals into the mix.

Measuring Your Video Success

You’re prepared and excited to release an avalanche of game-changing social media videos worldwide. But how will you know if they’re, like, doing anything? Here are some metrics to watch out for:

View Counts

This one’s a given, but it still needs to be said. Video view counts give you a pretty clear idea of how many people see your content. Benchmark your typical view rates, then try to beat them with every new video using tactics like thumbnails, titles or posting times.

Engagement: The Real VIP

While views are incredible, engagement is where it’s really at. Take note of numbers for likes, comments, and shares to get an idea of how interested – or uninterested – your viewers are. High engagement = more opportunities to turn viewers into subscribers or customers.

Completion Rates

No one likes a quitter – especially in videos. If your completion rates are low (meaning people are bouncing before the video ends), this could indicate an issue with length, pacing or simply not being attractive enough. Test different formats and styles against each other until you find what works.

Conversion Tracking

Ultimately, any good marketing campaign wants to drive conversions – whether sales, sign-ups or some other action. So be sure you track conversion metrics before and after you unleash your videos to see the real impact.

Getting Maximum Mileage Out of Each Video

Video Thumbnail: How To Master Performance Marketing &Amp; Unlock Revenue With Phonexa

Making one killer video is remarkable. However, marketers in the know will tell you – milk that bad boy for all it’s worth. Repurposing and re-packaging videos is a surefire way to increase their reach. Here’s how:

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Promote across multiple platforms.

Don’t just post your latest masterpiece on YouTube; call it a day. Share it on Facebook, Instagram, X, TikTok – wherever your audience hangs out. Each platform has its own video promotion best practices, so do your homework.

Break it down into snippets.

Let’s face it – not everyone (myself included) has the patience to sit through a full 5-minute video these days. So innovative brands will “atomise” their longer videos into smaller snippets perfect for sharing on the go. Think of a short teaser clip as a trailer for the full video.

Embed them in blog posts.

Remember written content? Yeah, that’s still a thing! But why should text and videos be kept separate, like bickering siblings? Embed those puppies right into your blog posts to create multimedia magic. It makes articles more dynamic and adds layers of context.

Email Blasts

When distributing your videos, don’t sleep on email! Include click-worthy thumbnail images and eye-catching copy in your email newsletters to drive traffic back to your latest and greatest – or even embed specific videos directly into emails nowadays.

Crafting Unforgettable Social Video Content

Being an artist in the social media video department is a hard job. That is why I have some pro tips for you.

Have a Clear Purpose

Before you start recording with your smartphone, ask yourself this: what am I trying to do? What should people think, feel or do after watching? If your goals are well-defined, everything else will fall into place.

Tell Stories Like a Boss

Humans are fascinated by stories more than anything. So tell one that they can relate to with characters and conflict included. You can even convert a simple product demonstration into a story!

Master the Art of Brevity

Nobody wants their time wasted on long videos that could have been summed up in an email. Recognise your viewer’s time is valuable, and get straight to the point as quickly as possible. And if you can deliver your message within 60 seconds, that would be even better!

Visuals on Point

People are visually oriented creatures, so bland visuals will just put them to sleep. But colourful images, graphics animations or some beautiful b-roll footage? They won’t be able to take their eyes off it! So don’t skimp on videography or content creators unless you want nobody watching!

Optimise for Mobile

Recently, smartphones have become the most popular tools for consuming video content. It is necessary to ensure that all videos play smoothly and look great on small screens, too! Awkward cropping should never kill anyone’s viewing mood again.

Short and Snappy = Gold

We all live very busy lives these days, and a million things are vying for our attention every single second, so we need short, snappy social videos that get straight to the point. Think about it this way: 60-second clips grab you within the first few seconds, leaving you craving more.

Don't waffle around or beat a dead horse with your message. Start strong, provide maximum value within minimum time, and finish with a bang! Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

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Harness the Power of Captions

Do you know what is just as important as visuals? Sound or rather lack thereof when viewing videos. People now watch videos everywhere — in waiting rooms, offices, or crowded buses where sound might be an issue. Add stylised captions and text overlays to ensure they remain engaging without audio.

Delight with the Element of Surprise

Predictability is boring. If you want people to share your videos like wildfire, you must surprise them at every turn by doing something completely unexpected that no one else has ever seen. Use crazy visual effects, funny twists or even shocking endings. When people say, “I wasn't expecting that!” – mission accomplished!

Video Facelift: Timely Makeovers for Evergreen Content

Stories From Airbnb Community

Even the most evergreen, tried-and-true video topics can start feeling stale after a while. The beauty of social content is that you can constantly refresh and rebrand it with some creative facelifts:

Newsjacking & Piggybacking

When a hot trend or viral moment strikes, marketers go into a newsjacking frenzy — repurposing their existing video content to ride on that wave of hype. Repackage an old tutorial by giving it a trendy title or piggybacking off current events. It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Real-Time Updates and Additions

If you have a famous “evergreen” video that's still getting decent traffic, don't let it just sit there collecting dust! Stay on top of viewer comments and industry shifts so you can regularly update that video with new info, graphics, annotations, and sections.

Switch Up Style and Format

Sometimes, it takes a new look to revive a stale video and make it feel fresh again. Convert that old animated explainer into a slick live-action video, or vice versa. Swap out background music, graphics, colours,  and editing styles. You'll be amazed at how much novelty a makeover can add.

Final Thoughts

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just finished a comprehensive summary of the enchanting universe of social media videos. However, one can only become popular by working hard, being creative and participating in old-fashioned internet trends. Nevertheless, every one of you is ready to become famous.

Then why are you still waiting? Pick up your camera, work on your storytelling skills and create unique video content that no one can tear their eyes away from. The kingdom of social media videos is calling for you!


How long should my social media videos be?

Keep it snappy — most experts recommend 60 seconds or less for platforms like Instagram, X, and Facebook. YouTube and longer-form content? Shoot for under 5 minutes if possible.

What video editing tools do you recommend?

For beginners, apps like InShot, CapCut, and Adobe Premiere Rush are intuitive and affordable. More advanced? Look into Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or DaVinci Resolve.

Where can I find affordable stock footage and music?

Sites like Pexels, Pixabay, and Coverr have decent free stock assets. For premium stuff, check out Storyblocks, Artgrid, or Epidemic Sound.

What are some creative video content ideas?

Product tutorials, behind-the-scenes interviews, storytelling videos, stop-motion, unboxing, challenges, and humour work well!

Do you have any mobile videography tips?

Shoot vertically, use a tripod or stabiliser, scout good lighting, and invest in external mics and lenses for your phone. Learn basic editing skills, too.

How do I get my videos seen on social?

Share strategically across all your channels, interact with your audience, leverage paid advertising, partner with influencers, and ALWAYS prioritise quality content above all else!

That covers the basics of creating share-worthy social media video magic. Do you have any other burning Qs? Fire away in the comments below!

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