Top 10 Best Websites to Download Free Vector Art

Top 10 Best Websites to Download Free Vector Art

For design-related things to work, the use of the right set of visual elements is a requirement. 

When we are talking of things over the Internet or the web, artful and functional graphics is what serves the purpose of visual dosage for content delivery. 

Based on the file format that will fulfil the graphical needs of your project, free vector art can play a huge part. 

With vectors being put to use at any size that users desire, finding the right vector for your requirements will help you excel at the pursuit of graphic design for your new project. 

The good thing about vector art is that they can be enlarged/adjusted in size without affecting the overall appearance. 

Since the resolution stays independent, the use of vector art is quite flexible at multiple sizes. 

If you need, you can easily create drawings based on vectors using tools such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. 

Did you know that vector art is easy to manipulate/re-edit? 

This is great because customising an image artwork for branding purposes is always a mainstream need. They are great for printing as well. 

For anyone who is working on a web project, vector files can come in quite handy for their graphics related requirements. 

Scaling vector art is a seamless task and based on the output device you choose to display the images, vectors can be easily manipulated. 

So, if you are a fan of modern design and want to create great artwork, we bet that you are always on the lookout for free vector art. 

So, this blog post is here to talk about some of the best websites that you can employ if you are looking to download high-quality free Vector art. 

1.   Flaticon

Flaticon Free Vector Icons

Featuring a quite expansive database of free vector art for all your designing needs, Flaticon is a must-visit website if the idea of free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats excites you. 

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Flaticon lets you have access to over 2,425,500 vector icons for your project requirements. 

The website is known to produce over 60,000 icons every month and even lets you become a contributor and earn money with your artwork that you wish to sell on the platform.

You can browse through their featured monthly packs and pick the most suitable ones for your project. 

The platform also lets you edit the size, position, and colours of the icons if you want to, based on your project’s requirement. 

You can use the platform with a free membership as well as a paid one. 

While the free one provides you access to thousands of free icons, the premium Flaticon package provides you with these extra features for the platform:

● 2,467,000+ premium icons               

● No attribution required          

● Unlimited downloads 

● Unlimited collections               

● Unlimited use of the editor               

● Priority support              

● No ads

2.  123FreeVectors

123 Free Vectors Download

If you are looking to get access to a website that can offer you a vast collection of free Vector Art, Vector Images, Vector Graphic Resources, Clip Art, Illustrations, Wallpaper Background Designs for free, this is the resource for you. 

You can find your pick with a keyword triggered search and use the free download feature to spruce up your design project. 

They do have a collection of the premium vector packs along with other premium images that you can check out.

The pricing for the 123FreeVectors premium packages is ideally placed from weekly to yearly plans. 

The weekly package is priced at $29/week. The monthly plan is priced at $49/month, and the yearly plan is made available to you at $69/year. 

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The free plan requires attribution and is available for no charge. All the paid plans offer the following:

● Unlimited downloads

● One time payment

● Extended license

● 420+ Premium Packs

● 280+ Premium Tshirt Designs

● 12960+ Premium Vectors

● 10490+ Premium Images

3.  Freepik

Freepik Free Vector Clipart

Quite the popular one, Freepik is a place where you will find a very expansive collection of vector artwork. 

You will be able to find free resources for your project requirement, as well. 

The platform is updated with new work daily, so you always have new things to check out. 

They offer a streamlined search option where you can find free Vectors, stock Photos, PSD, and icons. 

If you want, you can go ahead with the free plan and receive daily content updates. 

The monthly plan for Freepik is available at 9.99 €/month and offers unlimited downloads, access to 5 million premium resources, no Ads, and no requirement of attribution. 

The Annual plan also offers the above features with a payment of 7.50 €/month, charged as 89.99 € every 12 months.

4. Vector Portal

Vector Portal Free Downloads

Offering free vector images since 2005, Vector Portal is a great resource to check out if you are looking for a varied collection of stock vectors. 

Time and again, Vectorportal has been voted as the top 10 free vector art resource by various graphic design sites. 

You can easily find backgrounds, Clip Art, Icons, Logo elements, Symbol, Technology, etc., for your design project requirements. 

Vector Portal also lets you download 100 free Vectors if you choose to subscribe to their service.

5.  Vexels

Vexels Vector Graphics Art

With Vexels, you can find free vectors even for commercial use. 

So, if you are a fan of high-design vectors and would love to use them for your new project, you can find some on Vexels. 

The platform does offer subscription plans if you are interested in exploring their awesome database of vector collection. 

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If you are a freelancer or a small business, you can get their Pro plan at $7.50/month for yearly billing and get access to the following:

● 1 Design Request/month 

● Access to 60,000 designs & graphics

● Only Commercial Use (No Merch) 

● 200 Downloads/mo

● Standard Support

Their Merch and Business plans are available at $22/month and $68/month, billed yearly. The Merch plan offers the following:

● 2 Design Request/mo 

● Commercial & Merch Licenses 

● Graphics can be used as the main image

● 200 Downloads/mo

● Up to 1000 prints/design

● Exclusive PSD clothing mockups 

● Access to the Vexels Merch Digest 

● PNG Files ready for Merch print

The Vexels Business plan has the following offerings:

● 7 Design Requests/mo 

● Priority on Requests

● Commercial & Merch Licenses

● Graphics can be used as the main image

● 2000 Downloads/mo

● Up to 5000 prints/design

● Exclusive PSD clothing mockups 

● Access to the Vexels Merch Digest 

● Priority Support

Additionally, if you want, you can always make multiple downloads using a VPN if you want your team to use a single subscription across numerous remote locations. 

This will apply to all the websites mentioned on this list. 

6. Free Vector

Free Vector Art Graphics

Free Vector is a free resource that offers a good collection of Free Vector art, graphics, and illustrations for your usage on your design project. 

To get started, all you need to do is create an account, and you can start downloading your free Vector stuff. 

The free usage of the Vector collection implies if you would be using them for your personal projects. 

Free Vector makes sure that they keep adding hundreds of new free vector files every month. 

If you would be using a ton of vector or other imagery on your website, make sure that you choose a reliable web hosting option so that your bandwidth is not screwed up. 

7.  Vecteezy

Vector Art Search Engine

Finding worry-free downloads for commercial use is still a frustrating thing for graphic design enthusiasts or professionals. 

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If you are someone who is on a lookout for high-quality vector graphics with worry-free licensing for personal as well as commercial use, Vecteezy should be your go-to resource. 

Vecteezy just got done with their Vector Editor. 

So, now you can easily edit files before downloading them. 

So, with Vecteezy, you can get your hands on customizable downloads. Vecteezy also has some Pro subscriptions in place if you happen to love what they have to offer. 

8. Dryicons

Dryicons Vector Icons

Dryicons has to offer more than 6700 vectors and icons for your design projects. 

You can check out their Vector packs and choose as per your requirements. 

They also keep updating their database at regular intervals so that you can continue to expand your search and download a good number of free vector elements. 

9. Vector Stock

Royalty Free Vector Images

Vector Stock is a unique platform in itself since it happens to be the world’s premier Vector-only image marketplace. 

Being a premier platform, Vector Stock does offer 17,164,451 royalty-free Vector images for your usage. 

The platform also adds a large number of vector images daily. 

As mentioned on their website, Vector Stock has over 333,303 free images on their database. 

10. 1001 Free Downloads

Free Vector Downloads

1001 Free download is a source of unlimited free downloads for various items. 

The platform lets you download thousands of royalty-free graphics and fonts for personal as well as commercial use. 

So, if you are looking to get access to some great free vectors for your design use, check out 1001 Free Downloads. 

Please feel free to drop any other websites that you use to download free Vector Art!

Author Bio: Catherrine Garcia is a WordPress Web Developer and a passionate blogger. She loves to share her knowledge through her articles on web development and WordPress.

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