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Top 10 Best Bird Logos for Design Inspiration

Top 10 Best Bird Logos for Design Inspiration

It's hard to be creative without inspiration. It's much easier to be inspired by what others are doing. Here are a few bird logos we think are particularly clever.

We can all agree that a bird symbol makes for a great logo. There are hundreds of bird logos, and each one is unique. Some have much detail; others have specific design elements. The key is to pick a bird logo that works for your brand. 

I've put together a list of the top 10 bird logos that I think are some of the best. These logos will help you get inspired for your next branding project. You'll see that every single one of these bird logos is different and original.

Top 10 Bird Logos for Design inspiration

In this article, we're going to look at the top 10 bird logos that have inspired a lot of artists and designers and make some suggestions on how to use them as inspiration for your next logo. If you want to design a fantastic logo but don't know where to start, these birds have been created by graphic designers around the world.

1 – Penguin

Penguin Logo Design Bird Logos

There's nothing wrong with being a little different or quirky. But if you are trying to gain market share, you must remember that consumers want products and services that are easy to use, practical, and reliable.

A company that's been around for nearly a century is looking to revolutionise the publishing industry. On the surface, it might seem strange to imagine an emblem as cute and friendly as penguins as the logo of a publishing company. And yet, it's not a leap of faith to suppose that the penguin is a symbol of the company.

When William Heinemann commissioned English typographer Jan Tschichold to redesign his logo in 1946, the company had no idea that the logo would last over half a century and become one of the most recognisable icons of our time. Fast forward to 2003, and we have the current Penguin logo, designed by Angus Hyland in 2003.

The Penguin logo has remained essentially unchanged since its inception. The last revision reduced the white space of the stomach, added a thicker black outline for improved legibility on the spine, and subtly altered the orange background.

2 – Twitter

Twitter Logo Design

Twitter is a website that connects people through conversation. Using the site, people can post messages of up to 140 characters long, called tweets. These posts are publicly displayed and can be followed by anyone. The site is designed to make these posts accessible to the masses.

As a result, the Twitter bird logo is a critical part of the brand. It's used to communicate the site's ethos to its users. It's also a way for the company to differentiate itself from other social networks.

Because Twitter has become such a vital part of so many people's lives, the company has become very protective of its logo. The company has explicit rules against altering the logo in any way. This policy has helped the company maintain a consistent brand image across all platforms.

Twitter uses the current logo that Martin Grasser designed. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design and was hired to design the logo in 1999.

He designed the logo to fit into the typeface being created for the site. It is the same letter shape as the current text but with a white border.

The current Twitter logo was introduced in 1999, just three years after the website was founded. The wordmark that Twitter uses today was introduced in September 2011, along with the rebranding of the social media network.

3 – Swarovski

Swarovski Logo Design

The name “Swarovski” may bring to mind the iconic crystal jewellery brand founded in 1895, named after its founder Daniel Swarovski. But that's not the only thing that Swarovski does. They also make high-end jewellery, sculptures, fashion clothing accessories, and more.

The Swarovski logo is a simple yet elegant design. The company's name is written in capitals, and the logo is displayed in all caps. The wordmark is executed in a transitional serif font based on the ITC Novarese Medium. This typeface is clean and refined. It works well on a variety of surfaces, especially on the packaging. It is light and welcoming yet has a sophisticated look.

4 – Chick-Fil-A

Chick Fil A Logo Design Bird

In 1967, Chick-fil-A executives decided to have their first logo drawn on a napkin. They chose a rooster for its uniqueness and charm and its willingness to be a symbol of their restaurant. The black and red combination of its feathers and head made it stand out, and the smile it displayed seemed like a sign of optimism.

The black and red colouring of the rooster was the main focus of the logo. Other details were added, such as the yolk's red and white colours and the eggs' white colours. The word “chick-fil-a” was printed below the chicken. Black and red were not the only colours used to draw the rooster; they complemented them with blue, yellow and orange.

The original Chick-fil-A logo featured a golden chicken with a black comb and red beak. In 1986, the chain decided to change all its colours. So they altered the logo, replacing it with a red-beaked chicken. It was a big hit, and the restaurant was a huge success.

However, the company decided to ditch the black a few years later. Instead, they opted to keep the red and modified the font. The logo is an outlined bird with a red beak, and the font is completely different.

They changed the Chick-fil-A logo back to the original version used on packaging since 1982. The rooster's beak was modified, but the beak's expression remained the same as that of a parrot's beak. The comb was also slightly modified. Lastly, they slightly thickened the letters to make the logo more modern.

5 – NBC

Nbc Logo Design

To get the best effect, the number of colours in the logo should match the number of colours on the television. The number of colours shown was even more, when the logo was animated. This use of colour coincided with the rise in popularity of colour televisions. This use of colour was meant to not only help the parent company sell more colour television sets and establish NBC as a leader in media technology.

In the modern NBC logo, there are several design elements. One is that the peacock's beak was altered to face to the right, which signifies that the network is looking forward, not backward. The peacock's six feathers represent the different divisions within NBC. Yellow stands for news, red for entertainment, blue for network, orange for sports, green for productions, and purple for stations.

Graphic designer Art Kane created the NBC logo for use on the network's program and commercial trailers in the mid-1960s. It was designed to be a simple, bold, and easy-to-recognise symbol.

It's not hard to see why NBC has been so successful. The logo is a powerful visual symbol that quickly draws attention. And with the introduction of the television station IDs, it's easy to identify NBC programming.

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6 – Lufthansa

Lufthansa Logo Design Belfast

Lufthansa has changed the logo a few times over the years. The first redesign, from 1974, had a completely different design. The new emblem, a symbol of the airline, had a stylised eagle, with the colours red, white and blue. The second redesign, from 1993, had a simpler logo, with red, white and blue colours. And the last one, from 2009, was a simple logo with the eagle, the word “Lufthansa”, and blue background.

The Lufthansa logo comprises a large, encircled circle containing the word “Lufthansa”.

The Lufthansa logo was designed in 1936 by Gerd Uecker and was adopted in 1936 by the German airline. It has been part of the company's logo since.

7 – Nestle

Nestle Logo Design

Nestlé was among the first Swiss manufacturers to establish a brand with the help of a logo.

The original Nestlé trademark was based on the coat of arms of his family, which featured a bird sitting on a nest. 

Henri Nestlé added three birds to the original symbol of his family's name, creating a visual link between his family name and his company's infant cereal products.

Nestlé first began using the logo in 1868 and continued to use it until the mid-1970s, when a new typeface replaced it. Today, the familiar bird's nest logo continues to be used on Nestlé products worldwide in a modified form.

8 – American eagle

American Eagle Logo

The logo of the American Eagle Outfitters, also known as “Eagle Outfitters,” is the image of a bald eagle perched atop the letter E. It is one of the most recognised logos in the United States.

Since its debut, the logo has undergone several revisions. The first version had a simple red background with a white bird.

The current logo is an updated version. It features a similar background but has a gold-coloured eagle. The bird's head is in bold black, while the rest of the body is in light grey. The eagle's wings have a golden-yellow hue.

Although the eagle is the primary logo, the company also uses a second logo. It is a stylised, block-letter logo with the phrase “American Eagle.” It is located on a red background.

American Eagle is removing the eagle from its logo. The company says it will be “re-imagining” the brand with a focus on being “authentic, relevant, and inclusive.” The new logo includes the tagline “Always Flowing,” which refers to the brand's mission of bringing people together through sports and fitness.

9 – Duolingo

Duolingo Logo

Duolingo is a free and fun application to improve your language skills. The app uses a series of short lessons to help you master a new language. If you've never learned a language before, Duolingo's lessons will help you build a foundation you can build upon. If you already speak a few languages, Duolingo's lessons will give you a boost as you try to improve your existing skills.

Duolingo has received praise from the media and has been compared to Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. It is one of the most popular apps for learning a language because it provides a fast, efficient and enjoyable way to learn it.

The logo of Duolingo has two main elements: a minimalist logotype in bright acid colour and a playful mascot image.

The bright green colour of Duolingo's logo symbolises growth and development. The language learning application strives to provide users with the best system of remembering foreign words, guaranteeing progress and a good result. The light shade of green represents the company's character, mood, and purpose.

10 – American Airlines

American Airlines Logo Design Example

When the airline was founded in 1930, it was called American Airways. The company's first name was American Airways, but there was no need to change the visual identity since there was only a “AA” monogram on the emblem for the first three decades, not the whole nameplate.

From 1934 to 1947, the airline had no logo, but the name “American Airways” was still displayed. The “AA” monogram was placed on the aircraft tail fin instead of the whole nameplate during this period.

Since 1948, the American Airlines logo has featured the whole nameplate, not just the monogram. The first version of the logo included the “A” and “Air” in white letters on a red background. From 1958 to 1991, the logo contained the lettering “A” in white letters on a blue background. The current logo has been in use from 1991 to the present day.

The eagle is the national bird of the United States. Its wings are coloured in red and blue because the United States was the first country in the world to adopt these colours. The eagle represents freedom, power, and independence. It also reminds us of our freedom of speech, religion, and expression. It shows our belief in humanity's goodness and willingness to help others.

The Symbolism Behind Birds in Branding

What Do Birds Symbolism Bird Symbol Logos

Do you have a good-looking business or an online business? Do you have any plans to start up your own business? Well, if yes, you might be wondering what the meanings of the different types of birds are?

Birds symbolise different meanings in different cultures and different countries. Some are related to luck, prosperity, protection and many others.

Let's see what does each of these different birds mean?


A goldfinch is considered one of the luckiest birds as it is believed that if you feed goldfinches, you will have wealth and prosperity.


Bluebirds are the symbol of honesty and truth. People born under this sign will always speak the truth and never lie. Bluebirds are also considered the most powerful of all the birds as they can change their colour according to the surrounding environment.


The raven is known for its intelligence and wisdom. People who have a raven as their birth sign are very clever and intelligent. They are also very patient and can withstand everything.


People born under the hawk are powerful and courageous. They are very ambitious and can be stubborn sometimes. However, they will try their best to fulfil their goals.


The duck is considered the most vulnerable of all the birds as it is susceptible to changes and will never try to defend itself.


The parrot is also considered to be the most intelligent bird. People born under this sign will have a great sense of humour. They will always speak the truth and will never lie.

In concluding the list of different types of birds, we can say that birds are one of the most potent symbols in the world. They have different meanings in different parts of the world and different cultures.


Your logo has to capture the soul of your brand while being practical enough to be used across multiple platforms, like social media and your website. A good logo should make people think, smile, and feel confident. A well-conceived and executed design is a strong foundation for building your brand.

Discover the most popular bird logos of the past 20 years for inspiration and some of our favourites.

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