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Top 8 Design Trends That Are Dominating

Top 8 Design Trends That Are Dominating

Design trends have been changing over time. Back in the day (like 20 years ago), design was all about minimalism, which meant a lack of decoration and detail on an object.

But now see more complicated designs with many different colours and decorations. This is because people want things to look visually appealing while also being functional at the same time.

We can see this in objects like coffee cups with simple or complex patterns depending on how you prefer your drink to taste!

In 2021, the design will continue its trend of intricate details mixed with simplicity. Still, it will be even more focused on creating products for health and environmental reasons. Hence, they need less energy than before and don’t contribute negatively to the environment.

Design trends in 2021 will focus on creating products for health and environmental purposes so they need less energy than before and don’t contribute negatively to the environment.

Designers are beginning to focus on new ways of discussing design patterns to help people live healthier lives while improving their understanding of sustainability. This is because we want all future generations to have a healthy planet, not just those living on it now!

Designers also think that these changes show how society has shifted its attitudes towards what’s important, from luxury items to affordable goods or things with a positive impact, such as sustainable food containers, water bottles made out of different materials (like plant-based plastics), recycling clothing and using greener clothes dyes.

Designers are also thinking about how design can create more integration between physical objects, like what we use in our everyday lives (like coffee cups), software, or other digital experiences. 

Designers are designing products to be connected on some level to work together seamlessly for people’s daily needs – the “Internet of Things”.

One of the main ideas behind the design is that it’s constantly evolving, and it’s not about achieving perfection. Designers are constantly tuning in to what society needs and how technology can help meet that demand.

The design trends 2021 are a mixture of futuristic designs and more natural elements coming into the mix – we see these two ideas combined over time.

These are the eight design trends that are dominating 2021:

  1. Optical Illusion
  2. 3D Designs
  3. Emoji Design
  4. Organised Chaos
  5. Geometric Shapes
  6. Monochrome Palettes
  7. Oversized Typography
  8. Classic Serif

Optical Illusion

Design Trends Optical Illusions

One of the biggest design trends for 2021 is an optical illusion. Designers develop designs that create a sense of depth, even though they may not be accurate – such as using shadows in their designs or creating an object with two different colours from every angle.

This trend creates a three-dimensional effect and causes people to view it differently from other art types. 

This type of design will impact everything from logos to digital spaces like social media platforms and mobile apps.

Designers have used optical illusions throughout history, but this year has seen many changes being made to what was once considered abstract artwork in museums across Europe during the early 1900s. Now it’s starting to show up all over again.

3D Designs

3D Web Design Trends 2021 2022

Designers are using designs that make an object appear three-dimensional. This trend creates a three-dimensional effect and causes people to view it differently from other art types.

Designers who have taken on this trend in 2021 will use optical illusions, which designers commonly used throughout history (particularly during the early 1900s). Still, now they’re starting to show up all over again.

For instance, logos can be made with shapes or two different colours from every angle. This type of design has been shown in logos, social media platforms, and mobile applications recently.

Designers will use a gradient to make the design appear three-dimensional. Designers who choose this trend in 2021 will create gradients with multiple colours, often combining them to make an abstract impression of depth. Designers can also try blending in different textures like stripes or dots, which are typical for clothing.

This trend is also popular because the designs are easy to replicate digitally and can be done more economically without having high-quality printing techniques that may cost more money. The design will often have an abstract impression of depth or use lines for detail instead of using shapes like circles and squares.

Emoji Design

Emoji Illustrations For Website Design

Emoji Design is the use of emojis in a design. This trend has been around since 1999 and continues to be popular as we move into 2021.

Designers often have an abstract background that features colourful shapes or symbols from other cultures, such as China’s dragon symbol.

This type of design can vary from subtle emoji usage on social media platforms to more complex designs with textboxes and icons for specific apps.

These logos are eye-catching because they’re not created using traditional fonts like Helvetica or Times New Roman font styles but rather through creative crafts and imagery that rival any art style today: think Warhol meets Instagram!

Design trends often have a more abstract background, with colourful shapes or symbols from other cultures. 

Designers are taking this trend to the next level by incorporating emoji into their logos and using different fonts for specific apps like Facebook or Instagram.

Organised Chaos

Design Trends

Organised Chaos Design is a design trend that has emerged to answer our cluttered, over-stimulated world. This pattern comes from looking at nature and how everything is balanced with order and chaos.

Designers who use this style will often incorporate highly contrasting colours into their work which can evoke feelings of peace or anxiety depending on what type of mood you’re trying to achieve for your viewers.

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Designers might also include organic shapes like fractals, mandalas, or flowers that create mesmerising visuals against more simple backgrounds while still ensuring plenty is going on, so people don’t get bored scrolling through!

Designs may look busy and chaotic when they first load up, but the more you scroll, the more order and symmetry there is.

Geometric Shapes

Design Trend Geometric Shapes

This design trend is for those looking to make their designs more modern. Designers will often use geometric shapes as the foundation of their work, and they can be used in various ways, from outlines that appear on your phone screen when you unlock it to backgrounds or even just subtle accents.

You’ll see this style popping up all over social media too!

Symmetry Design is a design trend focusing on balance and symmetry, often using shapes like circles or triangles with opposite corners touching.

Designers often break down their designs into symmetrical components to make them easier to understand.

This design trend can also be seen in many logos, where they feature two identical parts (or sometimes more) next to one another, which are connected by some elements such as an arrow or line.

Designers use patterns quite frequently when designing – but not just any pattern; geometric ones! The best part about these patterns, in any case? 

They’re usually black and white, so mixing and matching them and the colour of your background or foreground is easy without clashing. Designers will often use patterns in logos as well.

Monochrome Palettes

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends In 2021

Designers are incorporating monochrome palettes into their work. Designers use these black and white colours to create modern designs that users can easily recognise even when viewed on a tiny screen, which is usually the case nowadays.

Designing with a monochrome palette has been popular for many years. Still, it’s only recently become an integral part of designers’ finding inspiration or what colours they choose to incorporate.

A great example is the Google Chrome logo – take one look at it, and you’ll see how simple yet elegant this colour scheme is!

The general idea behind using monochromatic design schemes is that there isn’t any need for gradients or textures, and that’s precisely why it looks so good on smaller screens.

One thing to remember is that there are different kinds of black when designing – some may be more or less a dark grey with an even lower contrast value than pure black; others might have a warmer undertone while still being predominantly darker.

Designing for 2021 means knowing what these differences mean and how they can affect your designs.

Oversized Typography Design

Oversized Typography

Oversized typography design is a style where the typeface size is more significant than usual. Designers use this technique to create more impact, draw attention and make it stand out from other text on the page.

This trend evolved because we need more giant screens with multiple taller monitors instead of wider ones.

Oversized fonts also have an aesthetic look that draws people’s eyes towards them – utilising their ability to be seen at a distance or during extended periods without eye strain can serve as another function for these designs.

In 2021 we will see oversized typography design become even more popular due to its emphasis on contrast and focus-grabbing qualities while still feeling cohesive with surrounding content and its ability to convey information succinctly.

Designers are also looking for ways to make their sites stand out from other options by following trends in web design, including the use of newer colours and gradients.

Classic Serif Design

Design Trends Classic Serif

Designers are always looking for ways to make their designs stand out from the crowd; one of these trends is that classic serif design has made a comeback.

A classic serif font provides an impressive sense of formality and sophistication. Designers have used this style in headlines or on large titles with mixed fonts, which may indicate sarcasm or irony without being too subtle.

Classic serifs also work well when placed next to modern sans-serif fonts such as Helvetica Neue. They bring out specific qualities within them while still providing contrast against other content on the page.

One downside to this trend is that it is difficult to fit much information on one page because it does not mix well with many other fonts.

Designers are encouraged to use this type of design sparingly or in small doses so they can maximise the effect without overwhelming readers with too much text and visuals.

Key Takeaways

The key takeaways from this post are:

– Design trends will continue to change over time

– Designers should consider looking into significant design trends of 2021 when planning future designs

– Designers need not worry about being overwhelmed by information because design trends are not the only influences on design.

Designers should pick and choose major trends carefully when utilising them

– Designers can use design trends sparingly or in small doses

– Designers should consider how major trends like simplicity and a focus on content will influence their designs


Design trends are constantly changing, and 2021 will be no different. Designers should keep an eye out for these new design trends that are shaping up in the next few years, as they may be able to use them on their projects and reach a wider audience without overwhelming readers with too much text or visuals at once.

We hope this post was helpful for those of you looking to learn more about design trends and how they shape 2021!

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