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4 Tips On Promoting Your Book Cover Through Design

4 Tips On Promoting Your Book Cover Through Design

Many people think all that matters in a book are the contents. While that statement is true, the cover has equal importance. Your cover design shows what your book is about and can provide plenty of benefits that will help you in your career. Book writing services and professionals help you throughout the process.

Here are all the tips and tricks you need to know on how you can make a great book cover design and how you can use it for marketing ideas for a successful campaign effectively: 

Writing A Book

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Writing a book takes time, effort, and planning. It can be challenging to go through months of editing and thinking of different plot points to keep your reader engaged. A book is quite layered, and to make a good one, requires several thoughts and hard work. 

Along with a coherent plot point and direction to take the book, you need to keep it complex and straightforward enough to encapsulate your reader through the text in your manuscript. Several other factors relate to keeping your book relevant within your reading and writing community. You have to think about marketing, your publishing platforms, and, most of all—your book cover design. 

Your book cover is the one thing your readers first see. It is your first impression, and you have to make a significant impact on winning over casual readers. If your cover attracts a vast community of people, you can have a few impressions entering the writing world. This means that you will raise awareness about your book and may begin to have solid chances of people reading through your book. 

Let's see what goes on when preparing for a book:

Process Of A Book

The book writing process, from plot planning to publication, takes much time, and things need to be sorted out before a reader can find it in famous bookstores. The entire procedure can seem daunting, but reaching out to a book-writing service is essential to help you throughout the journey. The process takes a total of 4 steps:


A book only comes to life when there is a first plot. You can expand that initial plot point, but what meters have that spark? It would help if you had your “Eureka!” moment to have a book that will soon be considered a bestseller. After you understand what your text will be about, go from there and find out how to make it into a complete-length book. 

You can begin outlining chapters and adding elements to make them more catchy and appealing. Pinpoint your crucial moments and start developing your story layer by layer. 


Now comes the most crucial part: the writing. Get a laptop (or if you're more old-fashioned, grab a pen and paper) to begin. Remember to keep an eye on your notes and outlines to stay on track. You also have to remember that your first draft probably wouldn't be your best, and that's okay! 

No one expects you to publish your first manuscript to the publishers. Instead, start writing and let the story write itself. You will find your groove and ease any anxiety you may feel when writing. Have confidence and stick to your direction to stay aligned with your initial thoughts. 


Editing helps you identify the problems in your manuscript. It would help if you did this to ensure that your draft looks tremendous and is readable. Errors, mistakes, typos, and inconsistencies can easily be identified when you go through final proofreading within your book. 

Editing keeps your book to maintain more outstanding quality. You can revise everything and pick points you would like to be more satisfied with. With this, you have the opportunity to fix what you can to make your book better. 


This is what you have been working towards. You need to give out the final draft of your book to popular publishing platforms through agents or publishers. They help you find the best medium for your book and can talk to the platforms to give you a place in their section. 

Book Covers

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Book covers are your book's front cover, including the title and author's name. It also consists of an image, design, or illustration which can tell a reader what your book is about. Many people can decide what to put on their cover. 

It can be an actual life image, a cartoon-style illustration, or an alluring design that perfectly encapsulates the book's theme and tone. Naturally, this develops an interest in the reader. Beautiful covers are so important and can excite the writing and reading community. 

Authors even use this to market and surprise their fans with a unique book cover reveal! 

Essentials For A Book Cover

When designing a book cover, you need to keep a few things in mind. There are a few fundamentals that everyone needs to follow to have a great book cover design that matches the book's theme well. Ask yourself some critical questions that can help you understand how your cover should look like. Some questions can include: 

  • The genre of the book
  • Whether the book is fiction or non-fiction
  • The central theme of the book (dark, funny, light-hearted…)
  • Who is the primary audience of the book?
  • What is your book about?

Knowing the answers to these questions allows you to gather some essential aspects of your book's cover. A cover tells the audience what the book is about and what they can expect. If you mislead your reader through the body, you can lose a lot of trust and bonding with the fans and also get a negative reputation for essentially click-baiting or lying to those anticipating your book. 

Dishonesty is never a good trait and will lead to negative repercussions. For example, don't insert light-hearted themes or colours on the cover of your book that tells a story of darker tones. This can allude to people thinking that your book is age-friendly and can be read by many. 

By understanding the basics of book covers and their essentials, you can move forward to developing more of your body and making it seem more attractive and immersive. Moving forward, you will learn many tips on how you can increase your cover design's quality:

Tips For A Great Book Cover

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Check the format:

Formatting has become a valid question in these years because of the wide range of books available today. You can convert books into Kindle, hardback, and soft paperback. If you understand the format of your book, you can make the cover according to it. Because of these things, you need to keep in mind the size. 

Typical book cover dimensions are usually 229x152mm (9×6 inches) – 279x216mm (11×8.5 inches). Ebook covers are measured in pixels and have to have the right quality to attract a wider audience. There are also certain advantages that you get when you indulge in certain types of formats. 

Hardback and soft paper custom covers allow you to get a more glossy and regal approach to book covers, while ebooks can be flashy and bolder because of the graphics. Make sure you know which platform your book will be entering to make the appropriate cover according to it.

Choose Colours Wisely: 

The colour is what captures a reader's attention. Colours play a vital part in art. With a mix of colours or using a singular tone, each has a different element and meaning, which allows them to stand out from the crowd. Colours also have a significant impact on our eyes. Eyes manage to capture bold and flashy colours than muted ones. 

However, this doesn't mean you get to include every bold colour on the spectrum. Instead, be smart about it. If your book has dark tones and serious topics, make sure to add elements of dark colours such as black, maroon, or dark shades. On the other hand, if your book is a feel-good story, use pastel colours or light tones to match the palette with the tale.

A clever use of colours makes books stand out. Also, be consistent with it. Continuity is essential to keep readers engaged. This can also become your signature trait, which helps in easy identification. 

Include Graphics: 

While a solid colour with your book name and author name may be alluring in its aspect, it's pretty old-fashioned. Readers usually look for art designs that relate to the book's theme. You can choose whatever you want with it and have fun with the process. 

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You can add cartoons, designs, illustrations, or even a picture. You can make graphics on any editing or graphic platform. Some prominent apps include Canva, MS Word, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop

You can pick out elements or use PNGs to enhance the cover of your book. Use high-quality images. A book cover is a visual representation of your story, so it's essential to use high-quality images that are sharp, clear, and relevant to the content of your book. Be sure to choose to keep it simple or complex. A simple book cover design can be just as effective as a more complex one. A clean, minimalistic design can make your book cover easy to read and remember.

Keep Typography Interesting:

A great book cover is crucial for making a solid first impression on potential readers. Make the title stand out. The title of your book is one of the most critical elements of your book cover, so make sure it has the most attention. Use a font that is easy to read and makes the title pop. 

Also, consider the genre. Your book cover should reflect the genre of your book. For example, a romance novel might have a more romantic and whimsical font, while a science-fiction book might have a more futuristic and abstract cover and font. You can use elegant or bolder fonts to make a statement. 

Finally, add a professional touch. If you need more confidence in your design skills, consider hiring book writing services or a professional designer to create your book cover. They will have the experience and expertise to create a body that is both visually striking and true to your book's theme. Fonts play a big game in determining your cover's impact, so invest nicely in it. 

Benefits Of Having A Cover For Your Book

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One of the new authors' or rookies' most significant mistakes is investing little in the book cover. It has a substantial impact on the reader and your book. Tons of advantages can genuinely change the reception of your launch and make a difference in your career. Let's see what benefits you can get with a great cover: 


Everyone loves a good packaging design. With high-quality packages, people tend to feel more important and loved. It also shows a lot of effort and authenticity, which is hard to replicate. If you have a cover that shows the reader how much you care and work for your covers, it can give you a better reputation and get you more known within the writing community. 

It plays a big hand in the marketing campaign. Market your book in a way that gives you more recognition and that you belong in the game. If you don't put effort into your work, others won't feel inclined to share the same feeling.

Creates An Experience: 

A book cover can effectively turn a bad mood upside down. A comfortable design and colours allow a person to feel more at ease and pleased with their feelings and emotions. When you have created hype and anticipate readers are waiting to read your book, a book cover can excite them and make a good experience that would be unforgettable. 

People love to relate things they love with art they feel aligned with. An individual that reads a book with a design they admire will likely go into your book with a positive outlook and mood. This alters the overall experience and increases your good reception. Readers are intellectual and artistic people who appreciate creative freedom. Use that aspect to drive your book's narrative with art that gives them an experience they would remember easily. 

Clear Representation:

Your cover shows what you think about the book. A reader is willing to know what to expect and learn how you perceive the book, which can aid in the reading experience. This is essential and an advantage. A reader can indirectly bond with you as they use your thoughts and feelings from the cover and translate those emotions into the book. With this, you can expect a more wonderful review.

A book cover is versatile and allows you to push your creative boundaries for an art piece no one can ignore. Use your inner artist's abilities and pursue a book cover that lets the reader know what you have been thinking about the book. Use suitable colour schemes and graphics to represent your thought process to showcase itself on the front cover. 

Easily Recognisable: 

Recognising a signature set of colours and graphics is easy when you are out. It makes for great branding and marketing. As a book cover involves special sections of these aspects, it can help to get your book in people's minds. 

Use a cover design that is easily attractive and appealing to a broader audience so you can use that piece to your advantage. People who shop for books or casually search for stories can come across your cover multiple times. They wouldn't even have to read the blurb or a small snippet of your text to understand it. The cover design tells it all.

How Can You Use Book Covers For Marketing?

Now comes the most critical part. For your book to reach the level of success you desire, you must ensure that you can market it well. Marketing allows you to raise awareness that your book is around for reading and build hype on it. This will enable you to gain fans and admirers who can be excited about the arrival of your work. 

There are several ways where you can arouse interest and get people talking about your novel. You must understand the different tactics and determine how each works to your advantage. Here is how you can effectively use your book cover for successful marketing:

Build Hype: 

Book covers are one of the things that people genuinely wait for. Many authors use this to gain attention and build momentary hype for the launch. This happens before the book is available, as it helps with the marketing process. You can use your social media platforms or even stage a promotional press conference to hold a special announcement for your book's cover. 

Allow your fans the chance to know that there is an impending pre-release of the cover, and let it remain silent until you have gotten a good reception. Let them know the date and keep engagement open for questions, polls, and other fun activities which can give you a good bonding experience with your readers. 

Create A Website: 

An author's website gives you plenty of benefits. The effort for your presence online gives you a massive boost of popularity and interest. Make an outstanding and optimised website that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Your website can showcase your skills, thoughts, and beliefs as an author. 

Use unique icons and updates that show an exclusive insight into your process. You can even include book clubs or special memberships to allow VIPs the chance for sneak peeks and better benefits to encourage people to get to know you in a more personal manner. This is also a perfect opportunity to give your readers the news, updates, and coming soon content they need. 

Social Media Presence: 

Social media is one of the leading platforms for marketing and is a powerful tool that you can use to promote your book cover and increase visibility for your book.

One way to promote your book cover on social media is by creating eye-catching graphics that feature it and posting them on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These graphics can include text overlays, quotes from the book, or even a short video showcasing the cover.

You can promote your book cover by joining book promotion groups on Facebook and Goodreads. These groups are dedicated to helping authors promote their books, and by sharing your book cover in these groups, you can reach a large audience of potential readers. You can also run a social media contest to promote your book cover. For example, you can ask people to share your book cover on their social media accounts and tag their friends. The winner of the contest can receive a signed copy of your book.

You can also collaborate with other authors, book bloggers, and reviewers to showcase your book cover. They can review your book and share thoughts about how interesting it is. This allows you to get more prominent authors on your side throughout the book's marketing campaign


In conclusion, beautiful book cover design has equal importance to the book's contents. It would help if you made an impacting design that captures your audience and meets their expectations. You can see a better review as you enhance the overall reading experience. Invest in a professional book cover designer to give readers a moment they will never forget. 

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