Are Vehicle Graphics Effective in Branding?


One of the problems with adding a question mark to the title of an exploratory article is that the answer to the question is often buried deep within the text.

However, for those that have considered truck wrap graphics and other forms of vehicle signs, the answer is an absolute “yes”.

Adding some branded display to a car, truck, bus, or other vehicle is a great way to improve your ROI.


What Are Vehicle Graphics and Wraps?


Custom Vehicle Wrap Design


Everything a business owns becomes a potential space to advertise a product or service.

In a traditional business, that means signs on windows, doors, walls, floors – any place that makes sense for graphics or sign becomes real estate that you can use to make sure that your customers see something that interests them or extend your brand identity.

However, your storefront or office is not the only thing you own and operate.

Your vehicles – both personal and private – represent unused real estate that could be a potential location for you to place something related to your brand.

What's more, your vehicles reach potential customers that your storefront cannot, as it is mobile and able to spread your brand to those that may otherwise not go near the workplace.

There are signs created specifically for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

These custom vehicle graphics use vinyl covers (known as wraps) or temporary car graphics (often, but not always, made of magnets) to decorate your car with a company logo design, words, and so much more.

The term “Wraps” refers to the way that the vinyl cover wraps around the vehicle so that it is more durable.


Vehicle Wrap Advertising Benefits


Vehicle Wrap Advertising Las Vegas


Vehicle graphics and vehicle lettering have numerous benefits for the average business, especially if paired with a high-quality auto graphic design.

Both wraps and magnetic signs with logo designs or other information are both fantastic additions to any vehicle with benefits that include:


Mobile Advertising


It's most evident benefit is that it is a form of advertising that is available on the go.

Every time you drive the vehicle, hundreds – sometimes even thousands – of people will get exposure to your brand and any of the information that you choose to share on the car or truck.

Even those that are not directly looking at it will still process your logo design.




You already own your vehicle.

Once you have purchased the vehicle, it becomes 100% free real estate that you can use to market a business without any associated costs.

That is what makes it almost a must-do.

The cost of a sign becomes the only expense.

In some cases, branding your vehicle graphics may also be a tax write-off which saves even more money.

Branding a Vehicle

Some companies benefit from the professionalism that is connected to branding a vehicle successfully.

For example, if a plumber decides to visit a home and pulls up in the driveway, the homeowner is going to find themselves more comfortable knowing that they can tell who owns the vehicle and who shows up on your property.


Temporary Personalisation


Temporary magnetic vehicle signs have their special benefits.

These signs can turn any vehicle into a branded car in seconds and be removed as soon as you want to take the brand off.

Perfect for those that use personal cars as business cars, as well as companies like those in pest control that may someday require a discreet vehicle.


Eye-Grabbing Size


For those larger truck wraps and vehicle wraps, the size of the sign is eye-grabbing – arguably better than comparably sized signs, like billboards.

With the ability to print in full-colour vibrant graphics, and the size of the vehicle relative to where it's viewed (i.e., a large truck only a few feet away from eyes), vehicle wraps may be the most significant corresponding signs on the market today.

These are only a few of the many benefits that come from purchasing a sign for your vehicle, and when you consider how low the costs are and how long the signs last, it's easy to see why they are such an excellent choice for businesses both large and small.

These types of signs also have a much longer return.

The average vehicle wrap lasts for seven years or more when properly cared for, which means that your company can continue to receive value from these wraps for nearly a decade with only a minimal one-time investment.

Magnets also last an incredibly long time and have a nominal cost compared to most other forms of advertising.

That is why, for those looking for an outstanding ROI, these vehicle signs can provide it.


What Types of Signs Are There?


Bus Advertising Design


The only limitation of vehicle wraps is in customisation.

Only a few materials are capable of delivering the best quality to your car, bus, truck, van, or other vehicles.

Brands like Oracal Vinyl Wrap tend to be the premier choice, as they can withstand the environmental abuse that many vehicles take while on the road while also delivering full colour, easily visible displays that make a visual impact.

Most truck wrap graphics and similar car wraps with adhesive are going to use some vinyl.

Temporary car graphics benefit from either decals (which can be removable) or magnet door signs and similar magnet products.

Although there are other types of material for custom vehicle graphics, they are not recommended as they tend to last for only a short time and struggle with the natural curves of the vehicle.


Is vehicle wrap design difficult?


There is no denying that vehicles often have a different shape and different needs than, say, a flat wall or a flat floor.

It helps to understand things like the curves and colours of the vehicle, and how those may play a role in your design.

However, many companies can do this for you, and often the angles of the vehicles mean that this can be easily taken into account.

The shape of the vehicle wraps are cut to be a perfect fit for each type of vehicle or car, so even if your design isn't ideal for the shape of the vehicle, it should show up effectively.

In addition, because these wraps can handle full-colour, there is usually a vibrancy that makes them visible even if you do not account for every curve.

Ask the sign company if they have any templates or advice as well if you plan to design it yourself.


What Types of Vehicles Benefit From These Wraps and Signs?


Custom Vehicle Signage


Any vehicle can utilise one of these types of signs.

Indeed, from the smallest sedan to the largest truck, there are those that wrap up essentially every type of vehicle to make sure that they are successfully utilising the space.

The most effective type of vehicle wrap is the truck wrap, specifically the wraps that cover the semi-trailers and box trucks that are used to transport items across vast distances.

These trucks are large, noticeable, slow, and almost always on the road, which makes them perfect for showcasing an advertisement or brand of some kind.

There is a similar value to wrapping vans and buses.

However, that is not meant to imply that smaller vehicles do not still have value.

In fact, wrapping up fleet vehicles or putting on magnets onto your cars and SUVs transforms them into a brand that is easily recognisable, and thus able to effectively draw people's attention to your products, services, or logo design.

Because vehicle wraps also have benefits that extend beyond just drawing in business, such as making a vehicle appear more professional when it rolls into a parking lot or driveway, there are ample examples of the many different ways that these types of signs can draw more attention and value to your business objectives.


What is Needed to Order These Vehicle Graphics


Most full-service sign companies can offer graphic design for you so that you do not have to worry about what it takes to create these types of graphics.

Each vehicle is likely to have different dimensions and needs to account for, especially for full-scale wraps (rather than the magnets).

It is a good idea to consider working with a company that can develop the sign for you to make sure that your vehicle's needs are addressed.


Glasgow Vehicle Design


Vehicle Graphics – a Highly Effective Advertising and Marketing Medium


When it comes to ROI, vehicle graphics are easily one of the best investments a company can make, as the cost to create the signs is low while the long-term value of these signs is high.

Vehicles, especially, are a frequently forgotten piece of real estate that businesses already own.

With a properly designed wrap or sign, a company can turn that unused real estate into a mobile advertisement and branding tool that will have long-term benefits for the company, and that is something that few other forms of marketing and advertising can provide.


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