Leads, Sales, and Repeat Business: Getting Email Marketing Right

Leads, Sales, and Repeat Business: Getting Email Marketing Right

Email marketing can be a hugely beneficial channel for your business. Often assumed to be a way to push sales of particular products, email marketing can impact the customer journey, from generating extra leads to encouraging repeat business from loyal customers.

In this article, we take a look at some of the things that your business can do to improve your email marketing. 

Optimising emails for conversion

Email Marketing Drip Campaign

Remember the purpose of your email marketing campaign – whether making sales, getting customers to a particular page, or something else entirely. Understanding what the email is being created for allows you to optimise them for conversions. 

This means ensuring your emails are visually appealing, easy to read, and, most importantly, include a clear call-to-action. Your email should also be mobile-responsive, as 85% of users say their smartphone is the device they most commonly check emails on.

Having a purpose for your email is the cornerstone of any campaign. Many businesses can make the mistake of assuming that simply sending out customer email communications is sufficient without really thinking about the purpose behind selling a product. When you understand your target market, and what you want the outcome to be, it allows you to focus your email. 

The importance of personalisation

Personalisation has become crucial to successful email marketing campaigns in recent years. Adding the recipient’s name, referencing their past purchases, or offering them personalised recommendations can make all the difference in whether or not they take action on your email.

“Building a personalised network of emails means that your customers will start to create a bond with your brand as they will notice that everything you are sending over is personalised to their liking,” explains Berk Akman writing for Segmentify. “This means that your emails will stand out from the crowd when it comes to being personal to one customer, accurate to their preferences, and showing them what they might be interested in.” 

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The Power of Segmentation

Customer Segmentation Performance Matrix

Segmentation in email marketing refers to the process of dividing a larger group of email subscribers into smaller subgroups based on specific criteria. This enables businesses to send targeted, personalised messages to each subset rather than generic messages to the entire email list.

Businesses can tailor their email list to each subgroup’s specific interests, needs, and behaviours by segmenting their email list. This, in turn, can lead to increased engagement, higher conversion rates, and ultimately, better return on investment for their email marketing campaigns.

There are a variety of criteria that businesses can use for segmentation, including demographics (age, gender, location), behaviour (purchase history, email engagement), and interests (product preferences, content consumed).

Ensure Email Security is in Place.

To run a successful email marketing campaign, you must prioritise security. Too often, businesses will do everything right from the perspective of great-looking emails, curating a mailing list, and optimising conversion rates, but then see everything fall apart because of an email breach.

Of course, there are many different ways that email systems can be compromised, from traditional threats such as phishing emails and viruses to impersonation attacks and malware. So you need to ensure that you are not only putting in place strong cybersecurity measures such as proactive soft and managed detection and response but similarly including cybersecurity training for any staff using emails. 

Encouraging Repeat Business

Email marketing can encourage repeat business by offering exclusive promotions and discounts to your email subscribers. You can also use email marketing to build customer loyalty by sharing valuable and relevant content, such as more practical tips on using your products.

“People who’ve bought from you before but aren’t buying from you now don’t necessarily dislike you,” says Saul Gowens, writing for Websand. “They may well think you’re the best retailer of your kind but not have anything they need to buy from you. In our experience, over 80% of e-commerce customers only purchase once. That’s a huge number, and the main reason is they aren’t targeted as a marketing audience.” 

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How Email Benefits other Marketing Channels

What Is Email Retargeting

Email marketing can also support other forms of marketing, such as social media and paid advertising. By including links to your social media accounts in your emails and encouraging subscribers to follow you there, you can drive more traffic to your pages and build a more significant following.

Many business owners and marketers think email marketing is purely for pushing sales – but you can also encourage your customers to read relevant content. This can help to improve your brand and build trust. 

Make sure you are A/B Testing.

A/B testing is sending two different versions of an email to a portion of your email list and determining which version is more effective based on the response rate. This is an essential step in optimising your email marketing efforts and ensuring that you are sending emails that are most likely to result in conversions.

This is often overlooked in its importance by marketers who believe that they are doing the best possible job. In reality, there is more than one way to do things well. In A/B testing, you are finding out which way to be more effective in getting the result that you are looking for.

Getting your email marketing right can bring in extra leads, help you increase your sales, and push for repeat business. All of this adds up to your bottom line, so if email marketing is only currently a small part of your marketing efforts, it could be worth investing in making it a key element.

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