Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Logo Design

Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Logo Design

Nowadays, the online market is oversaturated with a lot of different businesses.

High competition and high demand, make it quite difficult to stand out in such a crowd and become well-known to your target audience.

Without the customers, businesses have no chance of succeeding in the market.

That’s why companies try different strategies to gain their audience’s attention.

Some improve their marketing efforts, while others focus on the quality of their products and services.

However, you’d still need a way to stand out from all the competition.

One of the most effective ways to do so is to develop a brand for your business.

Branding is a marketing strategy, even though it may not look that way at first glance, that can elevate your business from all the competition and help you attract engaged and loyal customers.

Branding consists of various elements, such as a brand’s image, personality, identity, equity and more, but a logo is what combines it all.

Your logo is what will represent your brand and remind customers of what your company is all about.

That’s why you need an exceptional design for your logo.

Here are a few reasons why you should spend more time thinking about logo design.

Custom Logo Design Services From A Logos Designer

Your brand’s logo represents your brand identity and image.

Your brand’s identity is your company’s story, its core values and the promise you’ve made to your customers.

On the other hand, a brand’s image is how your audience sees and perceives your brand, including the impressions and feelings they have when it comes to your company.

Every time your customers see your logo design, they are immediately reminded of your brand and what it represents.

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Therefore, a logo is not just an image or words used to identify your brand; it’s a connection between you and your customers and the relationship you have with them.

When developing a brand, you have to focus on your customers’ preferences, to meet their needs and expectations, so that you can establish more personal and meaningful relationships with them.

The better you are at ensuring customer satisfaction, the more impact your brand will have.

So, whenever your logo appears either on social media or somewhere more traditional, such as billboards or printed promotional materials, your customers will be reminded of your efforts and even become encouraged to do business with you again.

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Think about a logo early on

The sooner you start developing a brand and a logo for your business, the better.

This is especially true if you haven’t started a business yet.

The main reason is that it allows you to develop a business and a brand right from the start.

Simply put, you won’t have to spend additional resources on branding after your business has been developed and launched on the market.

Another benefit of starting early on is that you’ll be able to promote your brand and build a consumer base around it, as well as build its reputation from the very beginning.

That way, once your business is ready for launch, you’ll already have a reputable brand to help you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Developing a business and a brand at the same time is not easy, especially from a financial point of view.

In such cases, business owners can apply for personal loans if their existing budget is too scarce to support both endeavours.

In the end, your investment will pay off tenfold.

What’s more, you can start to strategise on how you will approach your customers.

For example, what kind of value can you offer them to ensure engagement and loyalty?

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Also, think of your core values and how they’ll help customers relate to your brand.

Last but not least, think of a logo design that will encompass all your values and make your brand more recognisable to your audience.

Coca Cola First Registered Logo

Importance of thinking about logo design

When considering the right design for your logo, you have to be extra careful.

Designing a logo takes a lot of effort and dedication so that it will have the most significant impact, as well as yield the best results.

It’s essential to have a unique logo that will differentiate your brand from the others.

Moreover, it has to be meaningful to your audience so that they can relate to it more easily when thinking about logo design.

What’s more, your logo has to be impactful and form strong first impressions.

To achieve that, you have to know your target audience well, including their preferences, demographics and so on.

Just like your brand’s visual identity, your logo must be visually appealing to your audience and follow their likings.

It has to spark emotions each time a customer sees it.

That’s why you need to consider colours, fonts and images for your logo carefully.

It will help you carry your messages to your audience more efficiently.

Furthermore, your logo design has to represent your brand’s personality and your core values, so that it can inspire engagement and loyalty in your audience.

Designing such a logo cannot be done in a day or on an impulse.

You have to take time to consider all these aspects and find a design ideal for your brand’s logo.

Nike Logomark Logotype


Having a unique logo helps you stand out from your competition, but there’s more to uniqueness than it may sound.

As noted above, a logo personalises your brand’s identity and core values, but that may be difficult to portray when each competitor is trying to do the same.

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When deciding on a unique logo, you have to ensure that it doesn’t resemble any other competitive logo on the market.

That may seem next to impossible in such a crowded market.

However, the reality is that the more unique your logo is, the more recognisable it will be on the market.

That requires a lot of time and preparation in thinking about logo design.

You must try to find a unique logo design that showcases your messages, values and brand identity while having a completely different look than other brands.

That’s why, you’ll have to leverage your creativity, innovation and good knowledge of your target audience to manage this daunting, but crucial task.

Airbnb Logo Design Copied

Consistency with your brand

As mentioned before, your logo must resent your brand’s personality and image, which is another reason you should take your time considering the design.

Once you pick a logo, it’s not a good idea to change it later.

The main reason is that your audience familiarises themselves with your logo, to recognise it more easily later on.

If you change a logo often, your brand will lose its connection with your audience, and you’ll have to rekindle the relationships every time you redesign your logo.

That demands a lot of effort and resources to accomplish when thinking about logo design.

In practice, you have to choose the right logo design and stick to it.

After a decade or so, your brand’s logo may need to experience some changes to suit new audiences and new needs, but you shouldn’t differ too much from the original design.

For example, reputable brands, such as Microsoft and Google redesigned their logo, but it remained the same in the essence of what makes them so recognisable on the market.

Most importantly, if you do in fact decide to alter your logo design, make sure you ask your audience for feedback first, to avoid outrage.

Personal Branding Uk

Choosing the right type

When thinking about logo design, you still have to take time to choose the right type of logo for your brand, to make it more memorable and iconic.

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The type of logo depends on the nature of your business and your brand’s identity.

There are a few types you can choose for a logo, such as word marks, letter marks, icons, emblems and combination marks.

Each type has its unique style and characteristic for you to choose from.

For instance, wordmarks otherwise known as logotypes is a text-based type that consists of your brand’s name in a stylish format.

They are easily recognisable and effective at capturing attention.

Famous Logotypes

Companies, such as Disney and Google use wordmark logos.

Moreover, letter marks is another text-based type that consists of your brand’s initials or acronyms styled as a company logo design.

This type is useful if your company name is too long or difficult to pronounce.

IBM and NASA are good examples of letter mark logos.

Moving forward there are icons.

This is an image-based logo that consists of an icon or some specific shape.

These logomarks require a bit more effort on your part to build good recognition.

Logomarks Famous

Apple and Nike are brands that leverage icons.

Then there are emblems, which are a combination of text and image-based logos.

Here, the text is an essential part of an image, representing both professionalism and creativity in design.

Harley-Davidson is a perfect example of an emblem logo.

Lastly, there are combination marks.

This logotype is also a combination of text and images, but the only difference is that these logos merge text with images to create a unique icon.

Microsoft and Pizza Hut use combination marks in their logos.

Even though a logo seems like the least essential aspect of your brand, it does, in fact, carry much weight.

Many businesses make the mistake of poorly designing their logos and then regret not thinking about logo design later on.

If you want to develop a good brand for your business, you must take the time to consider all of its aspects and then choose the right logo that will represent your company in the future.

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