Top 5 Most Important Logo Design Trends of 2019

Top 5 Most Important Logo Design Trends of 2019

The logo of a company is probably it’s the single most valuable piece of intellectual property other than its name and its product.

When your brand is mentioned, your product and your logo will be the first two things that your potential customers will visualise.

This is why it’s so important to get this right and find the design that will be able to provide you with everything that your brand needs.

Keep in mind that physical properties and visual attributes of your logo might affect your brand awareness and brand recognition, as well as how customers approach your products.

There are some instances in which your logo may even affect the shopping habits of your customers and some other properties of your brand.

With that in mind and without further ado, here are several of the essential logo design trends in 2019 that your brand should consider.

1.    Efficiency through simplicity

New Firefox Logo Design Trends 1

Keeping your logo simple is always a great idea, and it is precisely why so many people decide to go for minimalism.

First of all, by making your logo idea simple, you’re reducing the amount of time it takes to complete it, which is incredibly relevant.

Second, you’re reducing the chance of miscommunication between the client and the logo designer.

This is very important, seeing as how it gives you a chance to get your money’s worth in a much more reliable manner when developing a logo.

When designing one, it increases the chance of customer satisfaction.

This means that it benefits all in the industry.

While above-listed is, more or less, technical advantages of keeping the logo simple, there are numerous marketing advantages to these trends, as well.

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First of all, a simple logo is easy to understand.

Memorable Logos

This means that, in theory, by just looking at your logo, your audience will be able to tell what is it that you do.

Simple symbols are usually indicative of the industry, so, for instance, a logo containing a book usually belongs to an educational organisation.

A cross or a caduceus is a sign that one is dealing with a medical organisation, and so on.

Other than this, it’s incredibly crucial that you realise how abstract or ambiguous logos might be a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, an abstract concept draws attention from those trying to understand what it stands for.

At the same time, however, failing to understand this symbol may cause a degree of frustration, which is not something you want to be associated with your brand.

Other than this, keep in mind that the simpler your logo is, the easier it will be to describe with words.

This means that you get a slight boost to your word of mouth (WOM) recommendations.

2.    Versatility

Versatile Logo Design

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that your logo needs to be as versatile as possible, mostly because it will be seen through multiple platforms.

Keep in mind that people browse your website via different devices with different screen sizes, which is why the appearance of your logo may have a hard time adapting.

This is why finding the right typography and customising everything in the right way is so incredibly important.

It would help if you also kept in mind than other than appearing on these digital mediums and in these digital formats, your logo might also be displayed on product packages and various promotional merchandise.

This means that you need to keep in mind how the product in question will look in these environments, as well as how it will look on different material types.

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This is no small feat, mainly because this is something you can’t get from a graphic depiction of the logo.

Trying to visualise, however, it the best bet you have.

Packaging Design Doodles

Another way in which you can handle this is to find a platform that specialises in printing promotional products and visit them.

Platforms like are an ideal place for you to start your search.

Here, you can get a basic idea of what the result will look like.

The versatility of interpretation outcomes is another critical thing that you should focus on.

Keep in mind that while you need to target a specific demographic for maximum success, you can’t afford to neglect anyone.

So, try to create a test group and present them with some fresh ideas for your logo.

Please don’t ask them for their opinion, which of them you should choose.

Instead, ask them what they think of each design.

3.    Geometry-based design

Geometric Logo Design

The next common idea in 2019 is the use of geometry-based designs.

The most significant benefit of this idea is the fact that it gives you a boost in both of the above-listed fields (simplicity and versatility).

First of all, geometrical shapes are easy to discern, but they may also leave some room for interpretation.

Since they make things simpler, design-wise, the time to completion is also reduced.

Now, one of the concerns that the majority of people have with geometry-based designs is the fact that they’re sometimes interpreted as cold or impersonal.

This is not necessarily true, especially when these geometrical shapes are combined with bright and warm colours.

One of the unique contributions of this style is the fact that they create an image of simplicity and efficiency of your brand.

Abstract Geometric Logo

Other than this, you also get that unique artistic effect, that makes your business appear much more creative and original than its competitors.

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Sure, it may not sound so important, but being able to reconcile the shape of the box with the concept of outside-of-the-box thinking is not an easy thing to achieve.

Still, managing to do so may help paint your business in a positive light.

4.    Name-based logos

Logo Design Trends In 2019

Sometimes going for a name-based logo is the only sensible thing for you to do, and there are several different directions that you can take here.

For instance, would it be logical for Penguin Books to have anything other than the penguin on their logo? Of course not.

Why? Because your clients have some expectations and by failing to meet them, you’re missing out on a simple trick to boost their customer experience.

Other such examples are Apple and Microsoft Windows.

Sure, you still have the freedom to express your creativity within these bounds.

On the example of Penguin Books, it’s more than clear that we’re talking about the colour and the simplicity of design.

Other than this, you also have some additional options. You can quite literally take the name of your logo, stylise it and use it as a logo.

The perfect examples of this are some of the biggest companies out there like Coca-Cola or Google.

Evolving Google Identity Inline 002

Just think about it, all they’ve done is taken the name of the company and choose a stylised it a bit.

The most significant benefit of this lies in the opportunity for the fantastic boost to your brand awareness and brand recognition.

After all, when memorising the name of your company and memorising the logo are the same thing, you’re making it so much easier for your clients.

Naturally, taking the initials of your building or just its first letter is also an option that you have available.

The best example of this the McDonalds.

Mcdonalds Brand Presence

However, in the case of their logo, there are a couple of other things for you to learn.

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First of all, the choice of company colours was not arbitrary.

Both yellow and red are known to boost one’s appetite, which is quite handy in the fast-food industry.

For the very same reason, the brand in question uses a soft, curvy font.

Either way, when it comes to branding, you can’t afford to make an oversight.

5.    Room to evolve

New Slack Logo Design Trends 2019

Brands evolve, your audience grows, and even your brand may evolve.

However, is it possible to make your logo in a way that will make this future evolution a lot smoother?

Of course, it is. First of all, the above-discussed simplicity may be the key to making your logo change-friendly.

This way, by adding or changing something simple, you’ll see a significant effect on the outcome of its visuals.

The best way to explain how this works is to show you how some brands have evolved over time.

Keep in mind, however, that even though you want your brand to change, you don’t want to make it unrecognisable.

Another thing you need to understand is why brands change, to begin with.

Microsoft Logo History

Namely, as your company grows, your target demographic will change its structure.

Sure, you may target teens at the moment; however, in a couple of years, once these people are in their twenties, your target demographic will shift completely.

Old customers may remain loyal due to the power of nostalgia, but this new group may require something that can keep up with the times.

The last thing worth remembering is the fact that your logo is an IP, and as such, it needs to be unique enough, as well as legally protected.

This is something that you need to do both for your company and your audience.

To you, it gives a guarantee of visual uniqueness while to your customers; it protects mistaking your brand for something else.

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Your enterprise benefits from both of these scenarios.

That sums up our top 5 most crucial Logo Design trends of 2019 – what have we missed? Leave a comment below.

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  1. As a graphic desginer I can say that a lot of our customers prefer geometry-based design. It is important to follow the new design trends because the logo is the first thing that customers see!


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