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20+ Futuristic Patterns in Graphic Design

20+ Futuristic Patterns in Graphic Design

There are so many design patterns out there that are good ideas but fail to catch on—from “The Rule of Thirds” to “Zebra Striping,” these patterns are a great starting point.

You may think graphic design is only about choosing a font, adding text and images, and then putting it together. But, in reality, it's much more than that. Today, there are so many different graphic design styles that it's challenging to keep up. Here are 20+ Futuristic patterns popping up around the web that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

We've collected over 20 beautiful inspirational patterns and vector art from the web to give you ideas for next year's graphic design.

Abstract shapes: 100 design elements

Futuristic Patterns Free Download

Drawing its inspiration from pure geometry, this product combines a large spectrum of dynamic shapes and surreal forms. Simple yet striking, bold yet elegant – Abstract shapes collection is a trending mixture of 100 diverse design elements.

  • A hundred images of hi-res 5000×5000px PNG files in two colour options on a transparent background, 
  • a hundred images of AI files, 
  • a hundred images of EPS files, 
  • a hundred images of SVG files, 
  • and a hundred images of PSD files.
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Retrowave 80s, 90s Synthwave Style

This collection of retro styles is inspired by the 80s and 90s Synthwave and Vaporwave styles. A trend of retrowave elements, gradients, backgrounds and premade posters. A palette of kaleidoscopic colours for the upcoming year. This is a great way to design your retro-style designs.

Retrowave is a set of 1980s and 1990s style sets. It includes retro-style elements, geometric objects, psychedelic, glitchy wavy shapes, vibrant gradients, night space cyberpunk background. “RetroWave” comes with two posters: futuristic landscape, moon, sun, sunrise, sunset, stars, retro-future space, distorted line pattern, warp grid, glowing sphere, triangle, and neon holographic, iridescent, vivid colours. 

It also comes with a keywording, which is perfect for your poster print, music album cover, logo, card, gift, party invitation, social media account promotion (Instagram, Pinterest), current design project, branding identity, advertising, quotes, blogs, web, website, banner, and many more.

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20 Holographic seamless textures

These 20 high-resolution textures are ideal for use in any of your projects.

The textures contain 8k resolution; ideally, they may help to make original any of your designs. Included textures include acid-coloured, muted greys, and beautiful rainbow shine.

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80 Vector Abstract Shapes Vol.1

The collection “Vector Abstract Shapes” is a set of high-quality geometric shapes. They are based on smooth transitions, distortions, and 3D effects. The shapes from this project will give your design recognition and uniqueness.

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You may use the shapes for t-shirts, app interfaces, posters, postcards, patterns, logos, business cards, animations, web, clothes, photography etc.

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Glitch Elements and Futuristic Patterns

Futuristic Glitch Patterns Download

You can use these functional new design elements for photo editing in Photoshop and vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator. They are ideal for posters, flyers, stickers, and more. The set includes four seamless patterns.

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Polygon Patterns

Tiles are a great way to add colour and pattern to your designs. And in this set of 10 tileable vectors, you can use them to make your designs as they are in the original file. You can also edit them to make changes.

The files are divided into two sets of five; the first five are designed as stroke lines (so it is straightforward to edit stroke weight and change background colours and stroke colours) the other half of these futuristic patterns are designed with polygon shapes (so again you can change colours, background or even add texture).

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Gradient Backgrounds + Noise Texture

The new collection of 30 gradient textures has been released recently. It features some unique new gradient textures that will be stunning modern backgrounds for your designs. There are also versions of these gradients with a retro noise grain texture.

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Geometric shapes, retro-futuristic

This collection consists of holographic images that are both abstract and geometric, which are reminiscent of the style of vaporwave. These images are retro-futuristic and feature a cyberpunk feel.

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36 technological vector shapes

Techno Vector Shapes

The collection of 36 vector art shapes, “technological shapes”, is an extensive set of high-quality vector art forms with easily editable lines.

You may use these forms for app interfaces, posters, postcards, patterns, logo design, business cards, animations, web, clothes, photography and more. “36 technological vectors shapes” contains:

  • One common EPS file, RGB (vector format)
  • One common AI file, RGB (vector format)
  • 36 separate EPS files, RGB (vector format)
  • 36 separate PNG files, 5000×3220 px, 300 dpi (transparent)
  • 36 separate JPG files, 5000×3220 px, 300 dpi
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Cyber Mandala Digital Art Pack

This collection of designs explores symmetry, geometry and colour ombré in vibrant pinks, oranges and blues.

Use these designs for cover art, flyers, posters, photo backdrops, website backgrounds, gift wrap, packaging, invitations, cards, notebook and book covers, fabric prints, art prints, stationery, and collage.

It includes eight designs. The artwork is 12 “x12” and is available in high-resolution 300 dpi PNG and JPG file formats.

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Futuristic space. Artboards & font

Futuristic space is a futuristic space theme with a futuristic design style. It includes four different futuristic space designs that you can use for print design and web purposes.

Each design file includes fully editable artboards, shapes and two font styles.

All the artboards can be resized, recoloured, rotated, mirrored and edited. The fonts can be changed, scaled and recoloured.

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Iridescent Backgrounds

Futuristic Background Patterns

Iridescence is the optical property that gives a particular substance or surfaces the appearance of being shiny or translucent. When the sun shines on the ocean, the water takes on a rainbow effect that is caused by the refraction of light through the water.

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It's similar to the way that light reflects off a mirror.

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IRID – Animated Gradients Background

Irid is a comprehensive collection of loopable, animated gradient backgrounds with a retro feel and customisable noise effect. The pack includes 30-second length loops that can be looped unlimited times. You can use them for making videos, presentations, logo animations, infographics, etc. They come in a large resolution, small size, and high definition format.

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Holographic gradient life

Here you are a collection of 148 elements for trendy graphic design. It's a bundle of objects that can help you create a bunch of compositions you cannot even imagine. All of them are ready to use and can be used immediately. There are gradient and holographic shapes and forms, patterns, backgrounds, elements and more!

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200 Retro Futuristic Shapes

Retro Future Shapes are ideal for anyone who wants to give their creations more of an eye-catching aesthetic. They come in various shapes and sizes, so there's something to suit every design project. These shapes are perfect for use in any graphic design or illustration project.

You may already think that having your unique content is probably the biggest challenge for many business owners. Having a product that will appeal to customers and generate more interest in your brand is vital, but you need to ensure that you're not becoming stifled by having to stay ahead of the curve. 

We hope that this retro-future shape package can help you to create something that is unique and is going to stand out for all the right reasons.

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GENX – Gradient Compositions Toolkit

Futuristic Gradients Graphic Design

I'm thrilled to share this massive pack of gradient backgrounds, shapes, overlays and patterns that will help you create your own abstract, creative compositions easily and quickly! 

GENX collection will be great for both print and web purposes. You can use it in app designs, social media posts, poster design and many more. The best way I use these backgrounds is in combination with photos, so I get inspired and see all elements included.

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20 Abstract bright gradients

Bright Abstract Gradient is a set of 20 bright abstract gradients you can use for backgrounds, titles and other design elements. They're all made from clean, sharp, crisp strokes with a gentle atmosphere. 

Each of the gradients is made with a different texture, and you can choose between a rasterised or vectorised version of the texture. The files have been designed in Adobe Illustrator, so you can easily edit and modify them for personal use. If you'd like to use them commercially, you can always purchase a licence included in the download.

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100 Holographic Gradients Bundle

One of the biggest holographic gradients sets online.

Use it for:

  • Typography: Choose from hundreds of different styles, colours, and fonts.
  • Women's Clothing: Pick a gorgeous gradient background for women's clothing.
  • Men's Clothing: Set a stunning gradient for men's clothing. Choose from hundreds of different styles, colours, and fonts.
  • Accessories: Choose from thousands of different gradient designs for accessories, and print your images on vinyl, plastic, metal, or wood.
  • Wallpapers: Pick from tons of cool gradient wallpapers for your desktop.
  • Textile: Gradients make an impressive textile background. Choose from hundreds of different styles, colours, and fonts.
  • Packaging: Gradients make a unique packaging background. Choose from dozens of different styles, colours, and fonts.
  • Web design: Add some gradients to your website and create an eye-catching effect.
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Abstract design elements collection

Introducing the massive bundle of abstract design elements and seamless grunge textures will help you speed up your workflow and take your designs to the next level. 

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Inspired by the brutalist design trend, this collection combines boldness and detail to produce a unique assortment of surreal geometric shapes ready to be used for any of your creative projects.

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200 Abstract shapes & backgrounds

This product is inspired by pure geometry and features a mix of dynamic shapes, surreal forms, and abstract overlays. Simple yet striking, bold yet elegant – Abstract shapes & Plastic wrap backgrounds bundle is a trending mix of 200+ diverse design elements and trendy textures.

Abstract shapes & Plastic wrap backgrounds bundle offer you many possibilities to provide your project with dynamism and unlimited visual richness. A variety of abstract shapes and a wide selection of backgrounds in various plastic wrap materials will give you a broad palette to work with. You'll never run out of creative inspiration for your next project.

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90 Vector Texture Shapes

Whether you want to create posters, brochures, logos or any other marketing material, our Bright Geometric shapes set is perfect for you. 

It contains 90 design elements in black plus 14 colour variations, so you can easily recolour all shapes in your project. Each shape is a vector format, so you can easily resize and edit them in any graphic application and easily recolour them in any software. All images are available in different formats: Vector: AI, EPS 10, SVG. Raster: JPG, transparent PNG.

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Science Fiction Patterns

This set includes 56 patterns, 32 box designs and 26 hex designs. All the patterns and designs in the collection are based on the classic shapes of 1 through 9. However, the designs are not restricted to these shapes.

For instance, the patterns and designs in the collection range from the shapes of different numbers to the shapes of various geometric shapes. Furthermore, you can also combine the designs to make even more patterns. The collection has over 200 images in total.

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Retro Landscape Kit

This includes everything you need to create your own retro/80's landscape scene. You'll get eight premade scenes ready to use, as well as many different elements, textures and backgrounds so that you can create your own scenes!

  1. The base grids are great for creating the classic look of a grid vanishing into the horizon. You can also create different grids that are viewed from the front.
  2. The Simple Grid Landscapes are great for creating the landscape elements for your art. The colour can be modified using Adjustment layers in Photoshop (for example, Hue/Saturation or Color Balance).
  3. The Glossy Grid Landscapes are great for creating the landscape elements for your art. 
  4. The Mountains Silhouettes are great for adding depth to your compositions. You can also combine them with simple grids.
  5. The Planets and Suns are great for adding planets and suns in the background. You can also use them as a simple background element. You can modify the colours through adjustment layers or layer styles (for flat elements).
  6. The Textures are great for adding the final touch to your designs. From scan lines to grunge paper – play around with blending modes for various effects.
  7. The Space Backgrounds are great for adding stars & nebulae in the background.
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Wrapping Up

You will find many ways to use the futuristic patterns of graphic design to convey different messages to the viewer. Some patterns are designed to evoke a sense of harmony, balance, and simplicity. Other futuristic patterns are meant to contrast and disrupt. 

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The point is that the futuristic patterns are nothing more than tools to be used and manipulated. The most important thing is to approach each pattern with a creative mindset so you can use it to tell your story and engage your audience.

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