As a creative professional, you know very well that finding inspiration is one of the most challenging things.

Everyone needs a daily dose of inspiration to get their creative juices going, so getting inspired is really important.

Fortunately, we have the web. It is an amazing place that completely changed the world in just a few decades.

For example, the best benefit of the web for folks working in the creative industry is the endless inspiration opportunities for just about anything.

Today, we’ve put together a list of websites for daily inspiration, so you can overcome your creative blocks easily.

It contains various resources from different creative fields, so you will definitely find something interesting.



#1. Design for Mankind

The first item on our list is a blog of one of the most popular UK designers Erin Loechner. She has a truly unique view on the design admired by thousands of fans around the globe. You can also check out her design work for inspiration, there are lots of art objects and useful information on the site.


#2. Fubiz

If you’re a fan of photography or illustration, Fubiz can become your go-to source for creative inspiration. It is a prominent website covering the latest news about pop culture, design, and art. There are lots of resources to draw inspiration from, so getting a daily inspiration won’t be a problem anymore.

Fubiz also features a Creativity Finder, essentially a small search engine that helps to find materials for creative professionals based on their profession and geographical location. Very cool!


#3. Muzli

Want creative inspiration delivered straight to your web browser? If you’re using Chrome, you’re in luck. Muzli is a Chrome extension that brings the latest design, UX, UI, and other news from around the web. Popular websites like Mashable and Techcrunch are used to retrieve useful articles and other resources. So, Muzli acts like a browser tab that keeps watch of the design news for you and brings you a fresh dose of inspiration. Never miss anything with this tool.


#4. The Design Inspiration

The next source comes highly recommended for those interested in logo design, illustrations, web design, photography, poster design, and design business. It has an impressive collection of various web design objects for you to get your creative juices going. For example, as of July, The Design Inspiration had 3773 logo designs, 4684 illustrations, 4704 website designs, 4131 business card designs, 4672 creative photos, and lots more. That’s should keep you going!


#5. Who Design Today

Next, we have an online magazine providing web design and art content for those who need inspiration. There are lots of articles on web design tools, photography, technology, and other related topics that can help you to stay updated on everything that is going on in the design world.

Those who would like to start their design business will also find an interesting content at Who Design Today. For example, there are various resources on blogging tools, WordPress plugins, free WordPress themes, and other tips. Overcome your creative blocks and not become discouraged with this helpful resource.


#6. Red Lemon Club

Red Lemon Club is a blog run by Alex Mathers, a well-known Danish web designer currently based in Thailand. His portfolio features works done for Google, BBC, Wired Magazine and other well-known clients, so this designer knows what he’s doing.

By reading this blog, you will get a regular supply of design, branding, promotion, and business tips, all tailored for the graphic design industry.


#7. Designer Daily

Another useful blog for graphic and web designers run by Mirko Humbert (his Behance profile). Many people working in the creative industry follow his talent and find inspiration and thoughts that could be helpful for their work. The blog is regularly updated with useful articles on different design areas, so you will never run out of creative juices again.


#8. Inspired Magazine

Inspired Magazine is a great online resource on web design, WordPress, freelancing, ecommerce, and other design topics. Tools, resources, tips – you will find all that on this website by clicking on categories. For example, you can find helpful tutorials on popular design tools as well as professional tips to increase the efficiency of your work.


#9. Creative Bloq

This blog for inspiration boasts a popular viewership of more than 8,000 readers daily. Run by all round design fans, Creative Bloq became very popular for its amazing content that covers the freshest topics in logo design, graphic design, website design, design tools, etc. Keep up with the latest developments and trends in global design using this website and create fantastic work.


#10. Abduzeedo

According to the creators of this popular website, the motivation behind its development was to inspire designers to create a better work. Indeed, Daily Design Inspiration series on Abduzeedo can be very helpful for those in need of inspiration, as it brings the latest designs and tips. Also, you will find resources on architecture, photography, book cover design, branding, editorial design, interviews, illustrations, office design ideas, UI, UX, motion graphics, and lots of tutorials.


#11. Smashing Magazine

This online magazine cannot be left out of this list because it is one of the most popular go-to resources for graphic and web designers. It covers graphics, mobile, UX design, WordPress, coding, design, and other topics to keep you updated on the latest developments in global web development and design. Everyone will find something useful in this vast collection of resources.


#12. Webdesigner Depot

One of the most comprehensive web design resources on the Internet. The website’s How To section will be incredibly useful for those looking for some helpful tips on design, as it contains various tutorials, web development tools, plugins for WordPress.


#13. Core77

This online magazine is loved by web designers because of a fantastic collection of resources. Core77 has been around since the mid-1990s and serving as a helper for those in need of design tips and even jobs. The magazine collaborates with Coroflot, a web design job board that has hundreds of listing from around the world.

For those in need of inspiration, Core77 also has lots of designs and articles to overcome creative blocks.


#14. Designboom

You just found the world’s first digital design magazine. It was founded in 1999 and has been a popular resource since. Lots of free design resources are available as well as tutorials and interviews with prominent contemporary artists and designers.


#15. Onextrapixel

If you’re looking for some examples of creative web design work, make sure you check out the Inspiration section of this resource. You will find great articles talking about web development and design as well as tips and tutorials. Helpful tips and professional advice in these articles is among that reasons why Onextrapixel is a popular resource.


#16. Line25

Menu designs, medieval fonts, icon designs, color palette generators, and lots more – Line25 is a legitimate source of resources used in web design projects. Good option for daily inspiration.


#17. Design Observer

This source is helpful for those who want to stay updated on the latest news from the global web design community. The information about conferences, books, topics, competitions, podcasts, and jobs is readily available here to improve your knowledge of the design industry.


#18. Spoon Graphics

Many articles, free tools, and tutorials are presented to Spoon Graphics’ visitors. If you’re a fan of web design and everything related to it, you’ll love browsing this website full of quality design resources, such as inspired creative designs and artworks, packaging designs, lettering designs, logo designs, and lots more.


#19. GraphicBurger

This website certainly has one of the most creative titles as well as high-quality design resources free for both personal and commercial use. GraphicBurger invites everyone to “have a bite” of its delicious articles and resources, added on a regular basis.


#20. Inspiration Hut

Graphics, photography, typography, architecture, graphic design, sculpture, digital art, illustration, fine art – if you need inspiration with any of this, head to this blog. Also, you will find an amazing Downloads section where you can get free collections of icons, apparel mockups, fonts, packaging designs, illustrator brushes, watercolor papers, PSD files, and textures.


#21. Creativeoverflow

This is an online magazine bringing you the latest news and trends in the web design world as well as resources for inspiration. The creators of Creativeoverflow say their goal is to expand the community of design eccentric people from all over the world by inspiring them through the site.


Wrapping Up…


Wow, what a list! The web has something for everyone, right? Fortunately for people working in the creative industry, it offers plentiful options.

We did our best to select the best ones among the available options and include them in this list. So, all of the resources in this article work great for daily inspiration. They cover most creative disciplines and provide various resources that you could use.

So, all of the resources in this article work great for daily inspiration. They cover most creative disciplines and provide various resources that you could use.

They cover most creative disciplines and provide various resources that you could use.

We really hope it will be useful for you to get inspired and produce fantastic work!


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