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Where To Find Creative Inspiration: 8 Tips & Tricks

Where To Find Creative Inspiration: 8 Tips & Tricks

Creativity often lies in the small things and minute details. The details give life to your work and ideas while making them stand out and look innovative. 

However, cultivating creativity and finding inspiration can sometimes be challenging.

On such complicated and slow days, you need to focus on the little things around you. It includes the life encircling you and all the people surrounding you in everyday life.

Small things can bring immense happiness similarly; small moments can bring ingenious creativity; all you have to do is look around.

No matter which type of creative you are, for any role, the following points will hopefully strike your creative side, excite you and help you find creative inspiration.

1 – Make a list and follow it

To Do List

List-making not only sorts out your thoughts, ideas and inspiration, but it can be pretty satisfying. Ticking off a task from a list makes one feel accomplished, and that always bring about happiness and innovation.

It also lets your mind be free of all the chores once you’ve jotted them down. It allows creative inspiration to flow in, and inspiration hit you.

Sometimes writing down your ideas, giving them physical space, separating them from your mind helps you become more organised, hence more creative. You get to view things much more clearly.

Similarly, if you have been delaying big tasks like renting a self-storage unit, buying insurance, car maintenance or avoiding your dentist, getting to such tedious tasks will ease your mind and let it get creative inspiration.

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2 – Get outside to spark creativity

It’s amazing how fresh air can make your mind feel elevated and brighten up your mood. 

Go out for a walk in the park among the trees and flowers. Inhale the fresh air; it will make you forget your worries. It will let you put aside everyday hustle momentarily, and sometimes that’s all you need to spark creative inspiration.

Move your body, exercise a little. Going through a strict regimen is unnecessary to bring your body and mind out of a slump.

Remember to awaken your senses, smell that flower and appreciate its pleasant fragrance. Notice its vibrant colours and admire its beauty. Listen to the birds chirping.

Compliment someone and see them smile or better, give yourself one to boost your confidence which will help find creative inspiration.

3 – Grab a book and lose yourself in the world of imagination

Where Good Ideas Come From Design Thinking Books

Reading helps you escape reality and delve into the world of fantasy, and sometimes that’s all you need: a break. 

A healthy break makes your mind a more hospitable place for ideas. Making a habit of browsing through different genres of books makes your focus and concentration stronger.

Reading turns your creative inspiration into creation.

You will feel relaxed, and your mind, body and soul will reboot. Books, be it fiction or nonfiction, open you to new ideas and help you better understand new things. 

They allow you to focus and conquer the distractions, bringing an evident change in your creativity and igniting inspiration.

The sheer focus plays as a catalyst for most creative roles (writers, designers etc.)

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4 – Get out of your comfort zone

Being too comfortable as an artist can sometimes lead to burn-out, creative slump or lack of inspiration and innovation. 

It could be because you are too shy or scared of judgement. It’s more the reason to get out of your comfort zone; it can help you overcome fear and give you a new perspective and space for creativity.

Many well-known and successful artists faced failure at the beginning of their careers, but they persevered and never lost hope. If they did, they wouldn’t have reached the peak of success and their creative side.

As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

You will introduce your work and expose it to the world by overcoming fear and constraint. To find creative inspiration, do something that makes you afraid. Share your work with family, friends, or people you don’t know, i.e. the social media.

5 – Journal every day

Start A Creative Journal

Journalling is partly an act of meditation, contemplation and schedule keeping. 

It’s also much more than this. It lets you evaluate your feelings, thoughts, ideas and inspirations. It helps you sort out your messy ideas.

Even though it’s a very personal and intimate act, it helps your creativity collectively. You can adapt it to where your life is headed or where you want to lead it. Write notes, save articles and topics that interest you.

This way, you will always have something to read, some topic to aspire to. Your mind will never languish for lack of ideas. 

Write down every single goal, objective and design that comes up in your mind, focus on quantity over quality – you can sort out and refine the good ones later.

Believe it or not, creative inspiration can hit at the most inconvenient and odd times. When you are habitual of keeping a journal, you’d have no issue writing down aims and ideas anywhere and everywhere.

To make the most out of journaling, remember to keep a small notebook with you always, or you can download one on your phone. 

It will help you capture ideas and record them while out and about. Creative inspiration can hit you anywhere, so it’s wise and fruitful to be prepared.

You can get creative with your journaling as well. Doodle as much as you want. It doesn’t have to be perfect or artistic. Draw whatever you feel like, and don’t worry about mistakes and perfection. 

You can keep an art journal, paint with different mediums, stick clippings, write poetry or write book reviews – the sky’s the limit.

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Experiment to find what will work best for you. The first way you try might not be successful, but you have to stick to journaling. Never cease to try different ways to journal to find whats’s comfortable, creative and convenient for you.

You will eventually find a system that works for you, and remember to be consistent for a short period. Then, keep repeating till it catches and feels productive and enjoyable.

Let your creative juices flow without any restraint.

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6 – Channel your inner culinarian

If you are a big fan of cooking but never have the time to do it, you should seriously consider it. The act of cooking is meditative and relaxing for many. It is a creative task, minus the hardships and hurdles. You can enjoy it, and it’s pretty rewarding as well.

Cooking engages your mind thoroughly, yet it’s comfortable enough to ease the mind and body. Let’s not forget that you get to treat yourself to a delicious meal at its end.

You can try various forms of cooking like baking, stir-fry, grilling, steaming etc. You can also learn to sauté, broil, poach, sear etc. 

There’s so much to learn and teach when it comes to cooking. It offers a wide array of creativity to experiment with and learn from simple and flexible recipes.

Your mind will feel free and relax more since there is a healthy chance of making mistakes in cooking, but you can always learn and perfect your skill or enjoy your hobby. 

Fully immerse yourself in the act and let your brain switch gears to think without actively engaging your thoughts.

The true power of cooking will help kick your creativity into high gear. You never know; you may find your passion in the art of cooking.

Also, let’s not forget that your body needs nourishment to function mentally and physically fully. To give yourself the much-needed boost to create more, sometimes you need something deeply fulfilling, like a warm home-cooked meal.

Regardless of what reason you choose to cook, for yourself, a dinner for two, a 3-course meal for your family, it will help spark creativity and originality in ways you may not expect.

Without a doubt, cooking is deeply rewarding, satisfying, calming and offers a tonne of creative inspiration.

7 – Take a breather

Take A Break From Work

Taking a break isn’t unproductive or counterproductive. It won’t leave you stagnant; it will do the complete opposite. 

If you want to create anything for the long term, you must take a breather from your platform and social media, relax your mind, and unwind yourself.

Finding fresh energy plays a vital role in finding answers and ideas that you have been looking for, more often than not. 

Take time being selectively productive, take time to rest and catch your breath not only because you are in a slump but because it’s a part of your creative routine.

Burning out isn’t a healthy way to take a break. It would be best if you introduced small and big gaps between your production process to gain maximum creativity and to avoid plummeting down your spirit.

When on a break, put all your energy into restoring it.

Don’t forget, as convenient and habitual social media might feel, it has abundant negative connotations. Our minds are overexposed, and they are oversaturated with opinions and information.

Critical thinking for social media is an essential skill to develop in these modern times, but you know what’s much better, taking a break from it.

Social media has several times been linked to depressive symptoms. Avoiding social media is a healthy step to prevent harming your well-being.

You will often compare your success to that of your peers, and it lowers your life quality even if you are doing well in life. Or worse, it increases depression and anxiety if you are already stressed. It negatively affects your overall happiness.

Creative people tend to reflect their feelings through their work, and if you are constantly comparing yourself, it will show in your work. 

Indeed, negative emotions sometimes make a great source of art inspiration, but creativity and mental health suffer in the long run.

One negative thought leads to another. You start comparing personal relationships, accomplishments, body images and self-images, which only feeds your negative thoughts and ignite them further.

Excess use of social media also makes us restless and feeds insomnia. Scrolling mindlessly on a blue screen affects your dreams and the quality of your sleep. It’s better to read a book before bed instead, meditate or write in your journal.

Remember to take at least a 1-2 hour break and see how it goes, and then you can extend your hiatus to a month-long. Take a step by step break, and you will realise how it will help with your well-being and self-esteem.

8 – Participate in the community

Creative minds often think alike, but you often get new ideas and perspectives from minds who think alike. You get inspiration from peers that have a refreshing point of view too. So, turn to the community by participating in community events.

You can learn from peers online and ask for their opinions to help you as a creative professional.

There are multiple groups online and bloggers who have a social platform, podcasts; there are numerous ways to find a source of inspiration from within the industry. 

You can stay in contact with other creative heads to understand their innovative procedures, process and mindset. Creative inspiration can hit you in the head at any time in any context.

Apart from asking opinions and advice, you can participate in fun challenges and competitions and cooperate with peers. Not only will it be inspiring but fun and a great learning experience.

Your associates will have a more educated point of view regarding creative affairs, activities and issues because of working in the same field. It will help to look up tutorials as well.

Author Bio: Zeeshan Hussain Bhatti has been a part of the Digital Marketing Industry for years. His passion is to help people in every aspect of online marketing flows through his in-depth expertise and industry coverage. Zeeshan Bhatti is also an author for several niches, including tech blogs. He likes spending his time with family, studying cultures, working for positive change, even voluntarily.

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