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50 Best Football Logos: Soccer’s Sporting Identity

50 Best Football Logos: Soccer's Sporting Identity

When I was a child, I didn't know what the offside rule meant and could only name three players at Man Utd, but one thing that always fascinated me was the red devil on their badge. 

There was something about that powerful image – it represented history, pride and belonging in one little emblem you could put on a scarf or mug.

Later in life, I discovered I wasn't alone in my obsession with logos; across pubs and playgrounds up and down the country, passionate arguments would break out over which team had the best one. 

Was it Manchester United's devil? Wolverhampton Wanderers' snarling wolf? Liverpool's Liver Bird? These weren't just pictures to people; they were standards representing battles fought and won, family coats of arms for the working class, and shorthand signals for whole communities.

So when someone suggested whittling down the 50 best football logos of all time into a list – well. Of course! A chance to provoke global disputes is an opportunity not to be missed. 

Because that's what these crests are: identity cards waved defiantly under rivals' noses. Even if your club is Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Manchester City rather than Accrington Stanley, Rochdale, or Derry City.

Now then. From now on, we will go if you walk with me. Let us take a slow wander through some of the strangest sights ever rendered in footballing iconography, from lions to locomotives via castles and canaries; prepare yourself for an exploration of how much pure emotion lurks within a scrap of cloth no more significant than your hand…

Table of Contents

Why Football Logos Matter

Why Do Football Logos Matter In Design

Before we begin, let us answer the most critical question: why do football logos matter so much? 

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Well, they are the team's face. They're more than just pretty pictures; they tell stories, represent brands and unite millions of fans. A good football logo can foster loyalty, evoke feelings, or affect a club's marketability.

Creating a memorable football logo is more complex than sticking a ball and some initials together. It is an art that combines visual appeal with strategic branding – a perfect mix of science and creativity. 

The best logos are timeless and contemporary; they should be effortless yet profound, too. These marks must look great, from giant stadium banners to minuscule smartphone screens.

It is time to lace our boots tight because 50 fantastic football logos await us there. We will dig into their histories/designs/meanings and figure out what makes them stand out amongst other sports badges!

Top 50 Football Logos

FC Barcelona: The Club of Clubs

Fc Barcelona Logo Design

The logo of FC Barcelona is a lesson in symbolism. The shield shape is traditional; the red and blue stripes represent the club's colours (Blaugrana). However, the St George's Cross and the Catalan flag speak volumes, telling us how deeply rooted this team is in Catalonian culture.

Manchester United: Emblems of the Red Devils

Manchester United Logo Design

You can't miss Man Utd's badge. It shows a red devil – a reference to their nickname – standing on top of a shield with a ship. That ship represents Manchester's industrial heritage; together, those elements make up one helluva logo dripping with history and determination!

Real Madrid: Simple Royalty

Real Madrid Football Club Badge

Sometimes, less really is more. Real Madrid's crest epitomises this idea with its clean lines and regal aesthetic. A crown sits above an intertwined MCF monogram (Madrid Club de Fútbol), which says everything there needs to say about their royal backing and place at football's pinnacle.

Liverpool FC: You'll Never Walk Alone

Liverpool Football Club Logo Design

Tradition meets modernity in Liverpool's badge design. A mythical Liver bird (a symbol of the city) takes pride in place flanked by eternal flames on either side as well as the Shankly Gates beneath; altogether, these elements serve as poignant reminders not just for what has been achieved but also for those who have fallen along the way.

Juventus: Brave New World

Juventus New Logo Design

When Juventus rebranded themselves back in 2017, they certainly made waves! Their traditional badge was replaced by a minimalist ‘J', which divided opinion like nothing else before or since… love it or hate it. However, you cannot deny its boldness or effectiveness across digital platforms where simplicity rules supreme!

Bayern Munich: Bavarian Bounceback

Bayern Munich Logo Design

For Bayern, every day should be Oktoberfest because their crest oozes Bavarian pride! The club initials sit proudly atop that beautiful blue and white diamond pattern (inspired by Bavaria's flag), which acts as nothing more than a perfect backdrop; this is the local identity on an international stage, if ever there was one.

Arsenal: The Gunners' Boom

Arsenal Fc Logo Design

Arsenal's cannon badge pays tribute to the club's roots. Workers from Woolwich's Royal Arsenal set up AFC in 1886, so it only seems fitting that such an emblem reflects power and precision. This sleek, modern design manages well with both heritage and contemporary values.

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AC Milan: Familiarity Breeds Contempt?

Ac Milan Logo Design Football Logos

The emblem of AC Milan features a bold red cross on a white background – the flag of their city. But then again, those letters' ACM' next to it, plus the foundation year underneath, show us they mean business too… It might always be about tradition, pride & longevity!

Borussia Dortmund: Black & Yellow

Borussia Dortmund Football Team Badge

Dortmund have kept things simple with their circular logo – and why not? Those colours are as unmistakable as any other in world football, while ‘BVB' lettering makes itself heard loud and clear! No fuss necessary here; just like this club…

Paris Saint-Germain: City of Lights

Paris Saint Germain Psg Logo Design

PSG went all out for their crest, didn't they? You've got the Eiffel Tower representing Paris itself, fleur-de-lis nodding towards Saint-Germain-en-Laye (birthplace of Louis XIV), but what about that cradle below it? That's right – every element tells a story with this badge!

Atletico Madrid: The Bear and the Tree of Strawberries

Atletico Madrid Football Team Logo

One of football's most unique logos is Atlético's emblem with a bear reaching for fruit from a strawberry tree — symbols from Madrid's coat of arms. It's a badge that grounds the club in its city.

Chelsea FC: The Lion Rampant

Chelsea Logo Design

Chelsea's logo features a lion rampant regardant, holding a staff. This is a heraldic design that signifies strength and nobility. The blue circle and ‘CFC' lettering anchor it within the club's identity.

Tottenham Hotspur: The Cockerel

Tottenham Hotspur Logo Design

Spurs' cockerel logo is one of football's most distinctive. Perched on top of a football, it represents pride and vigilance. Its clean, modern look means it can be applied universally well.

Inter Milan: Intertwined Excellence

Inter Milan Football Club Logo

Recently redesigned, Inter's logo still keeps the essence of what it stands for. The intertwined I and M (for Internazionale Milano) make for an eye-catching modern emblem that respects their heritage.

Ajax Amsterdam: The Greek Hero

Ajax Amsterdam Logo Design

Ajax's logo pays homage to the Greek hero the club is named after—a simple but powerful stylised portrait of Ajax, instantly recognisable to fans worldwide.

Celtic FC: Faith & Football

Celtic Football Team Badge

Celtic's logo beautifully weaves football with the club's Irish Catholic roots. A four-leaf clover contains a football; while forming part of it, it is also a Celtic cross. This badge design is rich in symbolism!

Rangers FC: Ready

Rangers Football Club Logo

The Rangers logo uses the ‘RFC' monogram inside a football shape, with ‘Ready' below as their motto – no nonsense here!

Benfica: The Flight of the Eagle

Benfica Logo Design

An eagle is featured in Benfica's logo, which symbolises the club. The shield has its initials, and so does the football. It is a symbolic design representing the club's ambitions and rich history.

Porto: The Dragons

Porto Football Club Logo

Porto's emblem combines a few things, like blue and white colours, which are used for a football and, indeed, a dragon – it's an emblem of Porto city. Such a design may seem complicated, but everything fits together perfectly.

Olympique Lyonnais: The Lion’s Roar

Olympique Lyonnais Football Logos

Besides being the Lyon city sign, a lion, which means strength and power, is also depicted on Lyon's badge. Red-blue colours also express its identity.

Marseille: French Flair

Olympique Marseille Logo Design

Marseille's emblem looks simple but friendly at once. There is an ‘OM' monogram with the founding year on top under a plain circle framework around them all – an immaculate, modern design!

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Napoli: The Raging Horse

Napoli Football Logos

The N symbolises Napoli, surrounded by a double circle, while the vibrant blue makes it easily recognisable even from a distance away.

Feyenoord: Rotterdam Pride

Feyenoord Soccer Club Logo

Feyenoord's logo uses red and white colours within the shield; a hand-star crest is taken from the coat-of-arms Rotterdam, creating a strong bond between these two entities being represented here.

Schalke 04: the Miners

Shalke 04 Logo Design

Schalke pays tribute to their origins in Gelsenkirchen with this design; stylised “G” representing Gelsenkirchen weaves through “04”, which signifies foundation year alongside the mine shaft wheel – everything about mining town can be found right there!

Borussia Mönchengladbach: Foals

Borussia Mönchengladbach Logo Design

Green is supplied as a backdrop of a black/white diamond pattern so as not only to reflect traditional colours associated with Foal's nickname but also to link it back to the club's roots through the stadium name Bökelberg.

Sevilla FC: Saints of Sevilla

Sevilla Logo Design

Religious motifs dominate Sevilla's badge, where Fernando, Isidoro and Leandro serve as patron saints for the city; this is further complemented by the colours red & white with an SFC monogram.

Valencia CF: The Bat

Valencia Logo Design

The bat on top comes from the coat-of-arms while the orange shield represents Valencia – it's one of those unique designs that stand out in world football logos.

Lazio: The Eagle of Rome

Lazio Logo Design

This simple yet effective design for Lazio's badge shows a stylised golden eagle placed upon a sky-blue shield; everything about the club has been captured perfectly here.

Everton FC: Toffees Tower

Everton Logo Design

Everton's crest contains Prince Rupert's Tower enclosed within a shield – the motto “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum” (Nothing but the best) can also be found below it.

Aston Villa: The Rampant Lion

Aston Villa Logo Design

Aston Villa has always used potent symbols such as lions when designing its emblems and badges; claret blue is unmistakably the villa colour, and so is the preparedness motto beneath the rampant lion emblem depicted here.

Athletic Bilbao: Basque Pride

Atletico Bilbao Logo Design

Red stripes represent the Athletic Club while white ones stand for traditional basque region colours, also seen in the flag so much loved by locals who support this team; modern style lettering saying “Athletic Club” adds a finishing touch to an otherwise simple but effective logo design!

Leeds United: White Rose

Leeds Logo Design

The white rose symbolises Leeds United strongly, a significant part of Yorkshire history and culture, so the LUFC script was added to create a modern look.

Newcastle United: The Magpies

Newcastle Logo Design

A pair of magpies are on Newcastle's logo, and one of the birds is on each side – a representation of the club's nickname. It has a shield between them, which contains the city's coat of arms and is packed with symbolic meaning that reflects local culture and history.

West Ham United: The Hammers

West Ham Logo Design

The crossed hammers occupy most space in West Ham's logo – a homage paid to its roots as Thames Ironworks FC. The background features a castle representing King Henry VIII's royal castle because he had built many castles during his reign.

Sporting CP: The Lion's Roar

Sporting Cp Logo Design

Sporting Lisbon has a rampant lion on their badge, seen as an embodiment of power and bravery. Stripes coloured green and white serve to represent the team while giving it a traditional touch due to the circular design adopted here.

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Werder Bremen: The Diamond

Werder Bremen Logo Design

A stylised ‘W' lies within the diamond-shaped frame according to Werder Bremen's crest design, where simplicity goes hand in hand with recognition since everyone can identify the club by this green colour alone or any other applications, too, for that matter.

VfB Stuttgart: The Wild Horse

Vfb Stuttgart Logo Design

Stuttgart incorporates energy into its logo through dynamic imagery, such as rearing black horses set against yellow backgrounds taken from the Württemberg coat-of-arms where they were derived -this gives off a vibrant feel fitting for clubs like VFB.

Wolfsburg: The Wolf Crowd

Wolfsburg Logo Design

The emblem of Wolfsburg is a modern take on the city's name, showing a bold W in contemporary form. This is associated with the club's traditional colours; green and circle shapes also make it look current.

RB Leipzig: The Red Bulls

Rb Leipzig Logo Design

Two red bulls charging at each other can be seen on RB Leipzig's logo, representing their energy drink sponsor. It is different from any other German football club badge because it is modern and dynamic in design.

Hertha Berlin: The Old Lady

Hertha Berlin Logo Design

In blue and white, Hertha's logo has flag-design elements, with BSC being an abbreviation for Berliner Sport-Club, which stands for Berlin Sports Club but could also mean something else entirely…

Southampton FC: The Saints

Southampton Logo Design

Southampton's logo features a halo above a scarf that is half red and half white – these represent their nickname ‘the saints'. Surrounding this imagery are leaves representing a new forest, which links them back down to where they belong.

Crystal Palace: The Eagle has Landed

Crystal Palace Logo Design

An eagle perched atop a football would best describe Crystal Palace's badge. It always tends to be shaped like a shield, though sometimes it may have different colours, such as red and blue, but no matter what it looks like, there is no mistaking this crest belongs to none other than CPFC!

Fulham FC: The Cottagers

Fulham Logo Design

A shield containing black & white stripes represents Fulham Football Club; however, its centrepiece, which appears to be a cottage, pays homage towards Craven Cottage -the team's home stadium from 1896 up until now.

Brighton & Hove Albion: The Seagulls

Brighton Logo Design

The seagull in flight found on Brighton's logo symbolises their coastal location and nickname, while blue & white colours used here ensure nobody forgets who they are looking at whenever anyone sees this crest anywhere around town or during matches played by them.

Burnley FC: The Clarets

Burnley Logo Design

Burnley's logo includes a lion, stork, and hammer, all taken from the coat of arms in this town. ‘Pretiumque et Causa Laboris' (The Prize and Cause of Our Labour) completes one of my favourite designs because it has so many different things happening within such a small space- you can't help but love everything about it!

Wolverhampton Wanderers: The Wolf's Head

Wolverhampton Wanderers Logo Design

The gold and black wolf's head featured in the Wolverhampton Wanderers crest is instantly recognisable as that of a stylised wolf. This logo design plays with the club's nickname and incorporates colours commonly associated with wolves.

Sheffield United: The Blades

Sheffield Logo Design

A pair of crossed swords send tribute towards Sheffield United FC's roots in the steel-making industry, while Yorkshire Rose provides the finishing touch for this badge design inspired by local history.

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The Evolution of Football Logos

As we know, football logos are made in all different shapes and sizes. However, they're not forever. Many clubs have modified their logos to balance tradition with modernity. 2017 for example, Juventus went through a dramatic rebrand, a bold move into minimalist design that drew both praise and controversy among fans.

In today's digital world, logos need to work across many platforms. An excellent football logo should fit perfectly on a massive stadium display one day and as an avatar on social media sites the next. This has resulted in more straightforward, more adaptable designs being created. But simplicity doesn't mean a lack of identity – just look at how much symbolism Liverpool was able to incorporate into their streamlined logo!

A well-designed logo can become an icon in itself. The red devil of Manchester United and Barcelona's distinctive crest are good examples. These logos go beyond football; they become recognised symbols around the globe, representing far more than just marketing tools – but also components woven into the fabric of our culture within sports worldwide.

What is there left for us regarding football logos? As clubs expand internationally, we may see a design with overseas spectatorships in mind. Yet, heritage and localism are still being increasingly valued at this time. Therefore, it becomes difficult for establishments that wish to communicate universally without severing ties with their origins by creating them.


Pictures of football are not just some kind of beautiful. They are symbols with power capacities that contain the history, values and dreams of both clubs and their supporters. From old English clubs' heraldic design to modern teams' streamlined logo, each emblem has a different story.

When we went through these 50 finest football badges, we realised how many ideas can be expressed by a straightforward picture. Whether it is Barcelona paying tribute to Catalonian culture or Juventus embracing minimalism with all its might, there is plenty of diversity and creativity regarding football branding.

Therefore, I recommend not paying attention to every soccer badge from now on! Usually, there's much more than what meets our eyes at first glance. It isn't just an insignia sewn onto shirts — rather than this being regarded merely as such, let us consider that these represent visually all those emotions linked with love of community spirit around this world game called football (soccer).


What are the usual standards used to judge football logos?

Design aesthetics, historical significance, brand recognition, and representation of the club's identity are critical factors in assessing football logos.

Which football club still uses the oldest logo today?

Sheffield FC asserts that it currently possesses the longest-serving active football logo design. The mark is simple and features a shield with the club's initials.

Do many top football logos have anything in common?

Yes, shields, animals (especially lions and eagles), stars, and club colours are frequently incorporated into highly-regarded football logos.

How does a well-designed logo impact a football club's merchandise sales?

Fans are likelier to purchase attractive and meaningful design items. Therefore, a strong logo can significantly boost merchandise sales.

Have any football logos caused controversy?

Yes, Leeds United's 2018 badge was met with widespread criticism from supporters who felt disconnected from its design. As a result, they abandoned this particular version before involving fans in an alternative creation process.

Which football logo is considered the most valuable in brand value?

Real Madrid's crest is often mentioned among one of these because it represents such success on both national and global levels, thus making people recognise its value more readily than other organisations might realise about their own marks' potentialities, let alone those outside their respective countries where they operate too).

How do international football teams' logos differ from club logos?

National team badges tend to be more straightforward in design compared to those belonging to clubs; they also incorporate patriotic symbols or colours.

Are there any football logos that don't feature the club's name?

Yes, Arsenal's cannon and Liverpool's liver bird are instantly recognisable marks that do not include words such as “club”.

How has digital media influenced football logo design in recent years?

Simplified scalable designs that work well across various screen sizes and applications have become more common due to the rise of digital platforms.

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