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Top 50 Soccer Club Logos: Football’s Iconic Crests

Top 50 Soccer Club Logos: Football's Iconic Crests

Let's start by stating that soccer is the planet's most popular sport, plain and simple. Whether you call it football, fútbol, or something else, the beautiful game has a seemingly endless pull that transcends cultures and borders.

Just think about it…the World Cup finale is a holiday for billions of fans across the globe. Entire nations halt as their teams battle for glory on the pitch. That's some compelling stuff!

But why am I bringing this up? The undying love for soccer is a massive part of what makes club crests unique and meaningful. These iconic logos aren't just random designs but symbols that stir up deep-rooted pride and passion in supporters.

Soccer Crests 101: More Than Just Cool Art

Man Utd Sports Brand Value

Speaking of those snazzy crests, let's get one thing straight first. We're not simply talking about random pieces of “cool art” clubs slap on their jerseys. Nope, the crest design process is incredibly detailed and deliberate.

Every element, every colour, every shape…it all carries purposeful meaning and historical significance. The possibilities for more profound representation are endless, from rampant lions symbolising ferocity to fleur-de-lis motifs honouring a club's French roots.

Reminds me of those old family coats of arms. Just like nobility would use symbolic imagery to signify their heritage and values on a medieval crest, soccer clubs do the same to embody their unique identity and story.

Setting the Stage: What Makes an Elite Crest?

With all that said, what elements truly make an elite, iconic soccer crest? Let's break it down:

Simplicity & Memorability

Nobody wants some overly busy, confusing mess plastered across their favourite kit. The best crests nail that sweet spot of simple yet striking visual imagery that instantly burns into your brain.

Historical Representation
We touched on this earlier, but delving into a club's roots and representing that meaningfully in crest design is enormous. Whether it's geography, tradition, or cultural heritage, having those deeper ties makes supporters feel that personal connection.

Visual Metaphors

Some of the most iconic crests use imagery as metaphors in brilliant ways. Are they taking abstract qualities like unity, strength, and resilience and translating them into Animals like rampant lions, towering trees or mythical beasts? Sign me up!

Instant Recognition

You know you've got a quality crest when it's immediately identifiable from a glance. Put it this way – you shouldn't need to squint, tilt your head, and mane for five minutes to figure out what team it represents. Elite logos hit you right between the eyes with that “oh yeah, that's ___” feeling.

The 50 Best Soccer Club Logos & Crests

All right, enough preamble – let's get into the good stuff! Here are 50 of the most elite, iconic soccer crests worldwide. We'll kick things off with a few honourable mentions first:

Honorable Mentions:

  • AC Milan (Simple, elegant Italian flair)
  • Sporting Kansas City (Powerful, brilliant use of visual metaphor)
  • Seattle Sounders (Blends native Pacific Northwest artistic styles)
  • New York City FC (Clean, modern and oh-so-unmistakably NYC)

50. FC Köln (Germany)

Fc Köln Logo Design

There's something so appealingly random yet cool about Cologne's goat mascot crest. The smirking farm animal paired with those classic red-and-white colours… I don't know; it just works! I want to find the nearest beer hall and have a bräu.

49. Feyenoord (Netherlands)

Feyenoord Soccer Club Logo

Simple. Striking. Iconic. Feyenoord's badge is minimalism done right, featuring that bold red-and-white shield framing the club's iconic initial and “1908” founding year. What more do you need?

48. Tigre (Argentina)

Tigre Football Club Logo Design

Ok, coolness points through the roof for having a snarling tiger as your crest! Tigre's fearsome feline emblem screams ferocity and intensity – precisely what you want representing your squad on the pitch. Plus, those scratches underlining the name? Chefs kiss

47. Cruz Azul (Mexico)

Cruz Azul Soccer Team Badge

Elegant symmetry and symbolism abound with Cruz Azul's iconic crest. The blue cross and iconic box are unmistakable, while the regal crown above is the perfect classy touch. For a massive Mexico City giant like La Máquina, it's quite the fitting royal emblem.

46. Galatasaray (Turkey)

Galatasaray Football Club Logo Design

Have to give props for originality with Galatasaray's horizontal crest design featuring a snarling lion (representing the club's famous “Aslanlar” or “Lions” nickname) bracketed by towering red-and-yellow tusk accents. It uniquely catches your eye.

45. Boca Juniors (Argentina)

Boca Juniors Football Team Logo

Intimidating and instantly recognisable, Boca's trademark yellow-and-blue crest blends its distinct initials with those iconic hooped socks and a giant red velvet ribbon accent. Simple yet impactful – very fitting for such a giant Argentinian club.

44. Slovan Bratislava (Slovakia)

Slovan Bratislava Logo Design

Let's pour one out for the sheer old-school coolness of Slovan Bratislava's crest, which practically looks lifted straight out of medieval Slovakia heraldry with its massive rampant double-headed imperial eagle. That's how you embody national pride and heritage!

43. Hibs (Scotland)

Hibs Football Team Emblem

Speaking of national pride, Scottish Premiership side Hibernian FC does it in spades with their iconic green-and-white crest featuring the famous “Irish Harp” centrepiece that connects them to Ireland's cultural roots.

42. Guangzhou Evergrande (China)

Guangzhou Evergrande Logo Design

For a bold, eye-catching Chinese Super League emblem, you can't top Guangzhou's Evergrande crest. That fierce Cantonese-style winged lion form, framed by the red-and-orange accents and Taoist yin-yang circle, all scream power and momentum.

41. Columbus Crew (USA)

Columbus Crew Old Logo Design

The Columbus Crew's old “Crew96” circular crest is just SO crisp, with “96” nodding to the club's founding year, bolded yellow lettering framed by sleek black brushstrokes, and that sharp banana yellow streak. It's a perfect blend of old-school and new energy.

40. Chivas Guadalajara (Mexico)

Chivas Guadalajara Soccer Club Logos

You've got to love a classic like Chivas' iconic red-and-white striped crest with the rooster head centrepiece. It's an emblem that bleeds tradition and practically jumps off the jersey at you with its bold, no-nonsense pride.

39. CSKA Moscow (Russia)

Cska Moscow Football Team Logo

CSKA's crest proudly honours the club's Soviet Army origins and the famous Soviet hammer-and-sickle imagery (albeit a more stylised version here). That powerful crimson-red backdrop and yellow accents provide the perfect fiery pop.

38. Fenerbahçe (Turkey)

Fenerbahçe Logo Design

Between that fierce, snarling Kaplan (golden tiger) emblem overlaying Fener's iconic red-and-yellow half-moon backdrop, this crest truly makes a statement. The symbolism beautifully intertwines the club's on-field ferocity with Turkey's identity.

37. Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)

Deportivo La Coruña Logo Design Emblem

Clean, distinct, and buoyed by an unforgettable blue-and-white colour scheme, Depor's crest exemplifies Spanish simplicity. That centred silhouette illustration of the famous Torre de Hércules lighthouse ties it perfectly to La Coruña's maritime heritage.

36. FC St. Pauli (Germany)

Fc St. Pauli Logo Design

Underdogs will be underdogs, and in that spirit, we've got to appreciate the almost punk-rock ethos evoked by FC St. Pauli's iconic skull-and-crossbones emblem. Slap that black-and-brown pirate logo on a distressed leather jacket, and you'll look fantastic!

35. Palmeiras (Brazil)

Palmeiras Footbal Team Logo

Sometimes simple geography-inspired crests can hit the mark, and that's undoubtedly the case with Palmeiras' distinct pale green circle accented by those crossed sepals at the centre and crisp dark lettering. Can't you practically smell the lush Brazilian palm tree foliage?

34. FC Barcelona (Spain)

Fc Barcelona Logo Design

Ok, ok…I know what you're thinking. How is one of the world's most famous club logos only no. 34 on this list? Hear me out – while unquestionably memorable and iconic, there's just a serviceable cleanness to Barça's crest that keeps it from actual elite status.

33. Real Madrid (Spain)

Real Madrid Football Club Badge

Perhaps an even bigger surprise than Barça, right? But there is a similar deal here – an absolutely legendary club with an exceptionally iconic emblem…yet one that's almost too simple and minimalistic. I'll admit that the regal crown centrepiece is difficult to top, in any case.

32. Olympique Lyonnais (France)

Olympique Lyonnais Football Logos

With vibrant colours, powerful visual metaphors, and beautiful fleur-de-lis French symbolism, Olympic Lyonnais' crest expertly blends all those elements into one cohesive stunner. Between the menacing lion and proud historic nod, this one roars French pride.

31. Botafogo (Brazil)

Botafogo Old Football Logo

We've got to take a moment to appreciate Botafogo's crest's sheer throwback appeal and old-timey design stylings. That retro-futurism font, the perfectly symmetrical staggered pentagrams, an anchor accent that screams “maritime club!” This logo would've looked rad in 1920…or today.

30. Millwall (England)

Millwall Football Club Logos

Do NOT mess with Millwall, ok? One glance at their iconic snarling lion crest set against that fierce navy backdrop makes that clear. It's a simple yet sinister emblem that perfectly captures the Lions' notorious “no one likes us, we don't care” attitude.

29. Borussia Dortmund (Germany)

Borussia Dortmund Football Team Badge

BVB might take the cake for Most Underrated Iconic Crest. I mean, that vibrant yellow-and-black colour scheme, the stoic twin team crests gently intersecting at the centre…it's so simple yet so stylish and impactful at the same time.

28. Tottenham Hotspur (England)

Tottenham Hotspur Logo Design

The Spurs ‘ emblem is a work of art, possibly the English Premier League's most regal, distinguished crest. That powerful rampant cockerel centrepiece, encircled by regal flourishes, heraldic lions and old-school typography…it's quintessentially Londoner class at its finest.

27. Besiktas (Turkey)

Besiktas Logo Design

High marks to Beşiktaş for maximal Turkish flair on their crest, which fittingly centres around a towering sliced watermelon-esque green half-circle framed by fearsome carved eagles and crescent moon accents. It's bold vibrant, and leaves you wanting a glass of fresh Turkish çay.

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26. PSV (Netherlands)

Psv Logo Design Badge

There's just something so sleek and modern about PSV Eindhoven's abstract, angular red-and-white emblem. Those sharp forms could symbolise anything from a set of bird wings to pure forward momentum – a perfect representation of an innovative Dutch power.

25. Atletico Madrid (Spain)

Atletico Madrid Football Team Logo

I love how Atleti's crest merges the traditions of Spain and Atlético Madrid in one iconic design. From the rampant bear and tree to the classic red-and-white striping to nods to the club's 1903 founding…it screams capital city heritage and underdog mentality in the best way.

24. Atlético Mineiro (Brazil)

Clube Atlético Mineiro Logo Design

Bold, balanced, and oh-so-stylish – you can't ask for more from Atlético Mineiro's incomparable geometric crest. The way bars and stars join together into a straightforward image? Priceless.

23. Leyton Orient (England)

Leyton Orient Football Team Logo

This little club from East London has one mammoth, unforgettable calling card – a tremendous roaring dragon crest that barely fits within the frame. It's vintage, robust, and paired with their classic red-and-blue palette, this is just a downright mean crest.

22. Arsenal (England)

Arsenal Fc Logo Design

The Gunners' striking 2002 rebrand combined the best of old and new. That classic Tudor-inspired cannon endures as a respectful nod to the club's 1888 workers origins. But the hyper-modern font and stylish red background accent add a distinctly 21st-century flare. Past and future rolled into one sleek package.

21. Chelsea (England)

Chelsea Logo Design

That rampant lion perfectly captures Chelsea's fiery spirit and never-say-die attitude. Originally depicting an antique statue from the club's grounds, this revamped 2005 logo maintains a vintage crest feel with a modern twist. Timeless yet fresh – just like the Blues themselves.

20. Vasco Da Gama (Brazil)

Vasco Da Gama Football Team Logo

Ahoy, mateys! Vasco Da Gama's unforgettable Portuguese cross/castle/serif typography logo screams high-seas adventure. Could you picture a more fitting maritime-inspired crest representing Rio's famous “Gigante da Colina” club?

19. Sporting Lisbon (Portugal)

Sporting Lisbon Football Club Logo Design

It looks like it was plucked straight from the crests of 14th-century nobility. Sporting CP's green-and-white emblem featuring two foxes and a striking minimalist castle is brimming with old-world Portuguese regality. That kind of historic charm resonates.

18. Olympique Marseille (France)

Olympique Marseille Logo Design

Don't tell me you don't feel the sheer power practically exuding from Olympique de Marseille's fearsome crest design. The all-caps stencilled typography, aggressive sash accents, centred French soccer ball icon…it's intimidating in the very best way.

17. Sporting Kansas City (USA)

Sporting Kansas City Logo Design

How flawlessly does Kansas City's iconic branding capture its civic identity? The “SC” initials are overlaid with sleek stripes evoking the Kansas waterways, and the sun's rays are peeking through. It's so exquisite and symbolic, isn't it?

16. St. Etienne (France)

St. Etienne Soccer Team Logos

Swooping into the countdown from Ligue 1, St. Etienne's crest merges many symbolic elements into one superb package. You've got the regal hunter-green lion. The instantly memorable city name wordmark. Those subtle Art Nouveau-inspired floral patterns! A true Frenchie beauty.

15. Juventus (Italy)

Old Juventus Logo Design

Does it get more iconic for Italian club branding than Juve's classy black-and-white stripes paired with that timeless bull emblem? Whether you support the Old Lady or not, that crest screams calcio heritage and robust styling.

14. Wolverhampton Wanderers (England)

Wolverhampton Wanderers Logo Design

Wolves' crest legitimately looks like some ancient Anglo-Saxon treasure you'd discover in an archaeological dig. It's a stunning piece with its towering regal wolf, almost Gaelic cross insignias, and flawless Black Country gold & black colours.

13. Ajax (Netherlands)

Ajax Amsterdam Logo Design

Greek mythology meets Dutch soccer most triumphantly with this one! Ajax's sleekly modern take on the iconic Amsterdam city shield and Greek warrior crest is perfection. Those bold lines, fonts, and shading take this crest to the next level.

12. Portland Timbers (USA)

Portland Timbers Soccer Team Logo Design

You just have to respect how much energy and movement that ferocious axe-wielding logger squirrel brings to the Portland Timbers' immensely creative crest design. Every fan knows Timber Joey isn't to be trifled with!

11. Paris Saint-Germain (France)

Paris Saint Germain Psg Logo Design

PSG's crest is like a physical embodiment of French sophistication. The iconic Eiffel Tower stands tall, stylised by sweeping, minimalist curves that ooze Parisian chic. Throw in that gorgeous navy blue and red colour scheme. Chef's kiss Magnifique!

10. Fluminense (Brazil)

Fluminense Fc Logo Design

Talk about elite attention to detail – just LOOK at all the granular flourishes and symbology packed into Fluminense's magnificent crest. From the intricate laurel wreath and rampant greyhound centrepiece to the nautical star accents nodding to Rio's marítima heritage…it's a masterwork of Brazilian design.

9. Peñarol (Uruguay)

Peñarol Soccer Team Emblem

Few crests anywhere pack as much sheer ferocity into one concise design as Uruguay's Peñarol. How those piercing yellow eyes and snarling fangs leap off that stark black background is downright menacing. To supporters, it's a perfect avatar of their beloved Manyas' intense, never-say-die spirit.

8. LA Galaxy (USA)

La Galaxy Logo Design

Ok, prepare your eyeballs to be massively impressed here. Have you studied all the detail and metaphors woven into LA Galaxy's cosmic sci-fi-inspired logo? We're talking rocket trajectories, jet trails, and even the shining fan depicting Earth's perspective from the moon! Once you see those intricate nods to space travel and celestial bodies, you'll never unsee them. Brilliant.

7. Rangers (Scotland)

Rangers Football Club Logo

Scaling new heights of powerful geometry and simple-yet-bold symbolism, Rangers' iconic crest stands tall in a class of its own. The rampant lion ripped straight from British heraldry. The perfectly positioned scroll highlights the club's 1872 founding. That unmistakable blue, red and white colour scheme…it's rugged, it's regal, and 100% befitting Scotland's most decorated club.

6. Inter Milan (Italy)

Inter Milan Football Club Logo

Have you ever felt the raw intensity and furore of seeing that famous cur curling blue-and-black serpent motif up close on an Inter jersey? It's utterly mesmerising, conveying coiled power and perpetual forward momentum. Matched with those stylised “FC” initials, you have one utterly perfect logo.

5. Corinthians (Brazil)

Corinthians Football Team Logos

Folks, this might just be the most visually inventive and metaphorically brilliant crest in club soccer. Those two intertwined ribbons simultaneously depict an hourglass (representing Corinthians' perpetual, timeless identity) AND a soccer ball's iconic stitch pattern. Mind-blowing craftsmanship!

4. Celtic (Scotland)

Celtic Football Team Badge

Proudly displaying its Irish roots for all to see, Celtic's iconic green-and-white crest showcases sheer mastery of symmetry and simplicity. The bowl-shaped intricate knot and interwoven shamrock leaves are alone enough to make this an unforgettable logo. But are they then topping it off with that classic green-on-white “Celtic FC” typeface? Magnifique.

3. River Plate (Argentina)

River Plate Logo Design

Hot DAMN, does River Plate's robust red-and-white crest ever pop like few others! Between the art deco fonts, sleek bordering and iconic full diagonal “CARP” initialism proudly emblazoned across the whole thing…it practically crackles with energy. A logo fitting for one of Earth's biggest, most passionate clubs.

2. Bayern Munich (Germany)

Bayern Munich Logo Design

The quintessential German machine in crest form. We're talking industrial-strength precision craftsmanship and design with Bayern's legendary logo. From the embossed 3D borders to the regal woven accents and stoic red-and-navy Bavarian coat of arms canon at the centre…it doesn't get more flawlessly executed. No surprise coming from efficient Bayern.

1. Manchester United (England)

Manchester United Logo Design

Let's be honest – was there any doubt that the most iconic, globally recognised crest belongs to Manchester United? That badge of the fearsome red devil wielding a bramble cross is absolute perfection. Time-honored symbolism and imagery. Striking colours and shapes. Timeless, historic, yet utterly modern styling all at once. It's the soccer logo by which all others are measured – and in a class by itself.


Well, there you have it, folks – the 50 greatest soccer crests of all time! From powerful animal emblems to symbolic nods to geography and heritage to just downright eye-catching geometry…these iconic designs are so much more than random logos.

Each one is a visual representation of a club's identity, history and the undying passion of its supporters. When you see the unmistakable River Plate diagonal carp or the fierce eyes of Peñarol's snarling black beast, you feel that visceral connection to what those clubs stand for.

More than simply branding, elite soccer crests spark emotion and stoke the flames of seemingly boundless fandom. They make you want to grab a scarf, march to the stadium and get fully immersed in the culture of your beloved squad. That's the true magic and timeless artistry behind these beautiful icons of the beautiful game.

5 FAQs on Elite Soccer Crests

What are the most common visual elements/symbols featured in iconic soccer crests?

Lions, eagles, and other powerful animals are popular centrepiece emblems representing ferocity and strength. Many also feature nods to cultural heritage, like fleur-de-lis for French clubs or shamrocks tied to Irish roots. Coats of arms and heraldic elements are often used to convey regality.

How important is a colour choice in crest design?

Colour plays a massive role in an elite crest's impact and memorability factor. Bold, vibrant shades like red, blue, yellow, etc., allow club logos to “pop” off jerseys and stand out. Meanwhile, more understated tones like hunter green or navy can lend an elegant, prestigious feel in the proper context.

What makes some “simpler” crests more iconic than complex ones?

The most memorable and enduring logos often achieve that sweet spot of simplicity without being plain or boring. Intricate detailing can be unique, but too much busyness defeats the streamlined aesthetic. A straightforward yet impactful use of shape, colour and representative symbols is often the most effective.

How have some MLS clubs been able to create such well-designed crests so quickly?

Teams like Sporting KC, Portland Timbers and LA Galaxy show the importance of clever branding and bringing stadium/city cultural touchstones into the design. Using colours, icons and patterns that immediately evoke the region and fan base's spirit is critical.

What current clubs could use a crest revamp or upgrade?

While subjective, I'd argue that Premier League giants like Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea's crests feel a bit dated and could use a refresh. The same applies to global powerhouses like AC Milan and Bayern Munich – their iconic badges could aim for greater creativity and visual metaphors.

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