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Top 9 Best No-Code Marketplace Builders

Top 9 Best No-Code Marketplace Builders

The process of marketplace development has changed dramatically in the last few years with the help of no-code marketplace builders, empowering non-technical aspirants to build, test, and launch a myriad of marketplaces without writing a single line of code. These are turnkey platforms that allow building eCommerce marketplaces without having to code them from scratch.

Quite different from the traditional approach, where plenty of technical training and a vast team of developers is required to build even a simple marketplace, this approach has changed the dynamics significantly. No-code marketplace builders are popping up every other day, and they seem outstanding and remarkable.

Without compromising on the features and functionality, they offer all the necessary components to create a feature-rich marketplace, including payment gateways, multi-vendor stores, user accounts, listing management, and shipping integration. As there is no one size fits all marketplace builder, the best one for every business will depend on the specific needs and preferences.

Choosing the one for your business can take time and effort. Therefore, we will walk you through some popular builders and highlight their features. But before that, let's look at some of the benefits of no-code marketplace builders.

Benefits of No-Code Marketplace Builders

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Right in the name is the main benefit of these builders – you do not need to code to get the work done. These marketplaces are appealing due to their ease of use and even allow non-programmers to pump out marketplaces quickly. Other significant benefits of using these marketplace builders are:

Reduced Development Time

Compared to the traditional coding approach, these marketplaces reduce the development time as they do not need to hand-code each line of code. Business owners can quickly develop a feature-rich market for release without the struggle of tedious coding. These builders also reduce the testing efforts, eventually reducing the time-to-market.

Better Usage of In-House Resources

Business owners do not need to hire expert developers to build their marketplaces and can work well without the IT infrastructure. Any in-house talent with basic development skills can develop the market with no-code marketplace builders using the pre-built modules per the business requirements. 

Decreased Time to Market

To keep up with the rigorous demand and launch within minimal time, developers often need to improve the functionality of the marketplaces. No-code marketplace builders offer rich functionality to be built in a fraction of the time taken to make the functionality from scratch, decreasing the time to market.

Reduced Development Cost

Marketplace development is a costly affair, even if building an MVP. No-code marketplace builders give a way to bypass those overheads and reduce development costs by up to 80%. There is no need to hire expensive developers who financially burden budding startups or established businesses.

Improved Transparency

The traditional coding approach brings some disconnect between the business owners and the developers who are working on marketplace development. The business owners who gave the directives often need to catch up in the translation, resulting in the final product failing to hit the mark. No-code builders promote transparency and collaboration, where business owners can get involved in bringing the product to life.

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Top No-Code Marketplace Builders

The options in the marketplace are overwhelming and make it complicated for entrepreneurs to select the best for their business. Therefore, we have listed the most popular no-code marketplaces with their features to help them shortlist for their business.


Yokart Ecommerce Software

Yo!Kart is one of the leading no-code eCommerce marketplace builders that you can use to build multi-vendor B2B and B2C eCommerce marketplaces with absolutely zero code. It is a complete solution with all the necessary capabilities to create complex and scalable marketplaces. This self-hosted multi-vendor marketplace platform enables business owners to deliver tailored shopping experiences to their global customers with its multilingual capabilities.

It was developed while considering business-level objectives, Yo!Kart is integrated with a comprehensive set of features to cater to various use cases. The marketplace-specific modules such as product management, marketing module, multiple payment methods, analytics, security compliances, shipping, and much more make it an ideal solution to build and launch a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace.


This is another popular platform appropriate for building and launching products, services, or rental eCommerce platforms. It has remained a popular choice as a marketplace builder for a long time as it is continually evolving. Its ease of use and ability to customise the marketplace makes it a preferable alternative to cater to all kinds and sizes of business.

The two variation choice of the builder makes it easy for the different size of businesses to choose the one as per their requirements. Sharetribe Go is perfect for building an MVP in a day without writing code. Sharetribe Flex is suitable for creating a customisable marketplace that allows making the next-level features in your marketplace.


The main reason why YoRent stands out amongst other solutions is that it is a no-code eCommerce marketplace builder with support for both sales and rental eCommerce businesses. Apart from critical sales features such as order management, inventory management and portal management, Yo!Rent has several rent-centric features, such as a rental booking calendar, returns control, rental security management, late cancellations and more.

In terms of multi-vendor support, YoRent delivers impressive performance with unlimited sub-admin accounts to assign up to 90 roles and permissions. The admin can also set mandatory listing fields, minimum withdrawal limit and withdrawal period for the vendors. All these options make YoRent an all-rounder, no-code solution for both sales and rental marketplaces. 


Shopify Ecommerce Website

With more than 2.3 million active websites using Shopify, this marketplace builder is one of the most famous builders available. Claiming to offer the best commerce tech in the industry, it becomes the ideal choice for business owners. One of the significant drawbacks of this builder is that it was developed to cater to single-vendor storefronts and may need some features of multi-vendor functionality.

However, you can install an additional plugin (Shopify's Marketplace Kit) to integrate the multi-vendor features. Business owners can choose the parts required from a stack of resources to build the marketplace per the business requirements. In addition, essential elements like authentication, routing, UI integration, etc., can be incorporated in minutes instead of weeks and months.

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This is another good no-code builder for building marketplaces. It lets business owners build interactive, multi-user desktop and mobile browser applications. Even though it is not purpose-built for marketplaces, Bubble has some incredible readymade templates like Booky and Marketly, which can be customised to meet the requirements of a marketplace.

Business owners get complete design freedom to create mobile-friendly layouts and responsive designs for a polished marketplace that they will be proud to show off without writing a single line of code.


A newer and promising marketplace builder, Airdev is a trusted name in no-code web development. It helps businesses of all sizes to build and launch marketplaces in a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional approach. A significant advantage of Airdev is that it connects you with a project manager and builds a marketplace for you.

With a diverse experience working with 1-person startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, Airdev has catered to businesses of all sizes. The development team at Airdev can also guide you if any tweaks are required for specific customisations.


Webflow For Beginners

This is a recommended marketplace builder for building a B2B and B2C marketplace. More than 3500000 builders use Webflow to create beautiful websites without writing code. This comprehensive website builder is not specifically made for building marketplaces but consists of an extensive library of no-code plugins that can add marketplace-specific features.

A great alternative to HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Webflow has the full power and capabilities to build a feature-rich marketplace with immersive experiences and interactions. One can also dig into the code and customise the market as per the requirements if well-versed in the coding technology.

CS-Cart – Multi-Vendor

This is another popular marketplace builder that can build multi-vendor marketplaces to enable business owners to invite multiple sellers on the platform and earn revenue from them. The builder has open-source code at everyone's disposal to customise the platform how they want to. With over 500 marketplace-friendly features such as SEO, mobile-responsive, and marketing, this builder is a highly preferred marketplace builder.

One of the significant advantages of this marketplace builder is that it also supports different business models and niches to build a customisable eCommerce platform.

Yelo by Jungleworks

Yelo is an online marketplace builder that you can use to build an online store or multi-vendor marketplaces. You can use this no-code builder to create a marketplace without the hassle of coding and solve all the eCommerce business problems such as inventory, payments, shipping, and much more.

The marketplace-specific features like powerful search & filters, quick checkout, comprehensive product catalogue, etc., make it an ideal no-code marketplace builder. This builder's robust and customisable architecture can support several niches such as online food, grocery, pharmacy, home services, and many more.

Over to You

Building a fully-functional marketplace has never been easier and quicker with no code marketplace builders. Whether a startup or planning to expand with a multi-vendor marketplace, no code builders allow you to build marketplaces quickly and easily. These builders are constantly evolving and can be used to create advanced and complex marketplaces in the coming times.

The above-mentioned marketplace builders can help business owners launch a marketplace, scale it, and build a profitable business without investing in complex coding processes. Leverage these builders and take your business to the next level faster than ever before.

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  1. There are some tools which are directory like tools and not meant for full fledged marketplace. Tradly is one of the best no code tools out there to launch marketplaces with checkout, fulfilment, shipping, commission deduction, wallet and other marketplace features.


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