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5 Professional Business Landing Pages For Inspiration

5 Professional Business Landing Pages For Inspiration

Your landing page can make or break your conversion rates. 

Knowing all the elements to put into your design helps some, but until you see how others implement different features, it’s hard to know how they’ll work for your sales funnel.

Consider how your landing page works to meet your goals. Hubspot’s State of Marketing report shows that a mere 17% of marketing professionals use split testing to improve conversions. 

Once you find a design that works, spend time conducting A/B tests and tweak it to perfection. 

We scoured the internet for professional business landing pages we felt hit all the high notes. 

We’ve come up with five to inspire your next design. There is something to learn from each example.

1 – Lose the Navigation

The majority of business landing pages are home pages. While it makes sense to have a navbar on your home page, it may detract from the purpose of a landing page. You want to limit the options for users down to a single one.

If you don’t already have multiple landing pages to meet the needs of your diverse audience, consider adding them. Lose the navigation except for a logo that links to your home page.

Linkedin Premium

LinkedIn Premium gets rid of the navigation options on its landing page. Users are directed toward a call to action (CTA) button that invites them to try the service free for a month. 

Narrow down the focus of your pages to a single purpose and watch your conversion rates rise. 

2 – Segment Your Audience

Many businesses serve more than one type of customer. They may have consumers as well as other businesses they supply. 

Figure out who your buyer personas are and segment your site so those landing on a page can go immediately to the section applying to their needs.

Advantage Outfitters is a commercial van outfitter. They work mainly as a B2B business, but they understand their clients have different needs. 

Advantage Outfitters

They narrow the options to two selections where users can shop by product or vehicle. 

Some of their customers will know the exact item they need, and thus the product search works best for them. 

However, others want ideas for outfitting their fleet, and thus, shopping by what’s available for the make and model of their work vans makes more sense. 

3 – Create an Offer

What incentive would entice your target audience to sign up for your service or order your products? 

Think about the pain points your customer's likely to face and then develop something that might encourage them to buy from you.


DoorDash is a business-to-many (B2M) model and serves both restaurants and customers. They also offer opportunities for delivery drivers to make money. 

It’s a unique model, so the necessity for multiple business landing pages is obvious.

The landing page above focuses on restaurants looking to add delivery services. They offer 0% commissions for 30 days so business owners can try out the service. 

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You can see the pricing upfront once you type in your information to see if the numbers will work after the 30-day trial.

4 – Show the Benefits

What is the advantage of doing business with you over every other option available to consumers? Think about the unique value proposition of your brand. 

What do you do best? Is there anything you excel at or offer that others in your industry don’t?

Once you understand the benefits through the eyes of your customers, highlight them on your landing pages. People should immediately know the pros of choosing you over a competitor.

Iu Online

Indiana University offers online courses as many other universities do, but they have a wide range of degrees you can earn solely online—180 of them, to be exact. 

When the user lands on their online degree programs page, they see the subheading of “Earn your degree online” and how many options there are. 

The page also gives filtering options to look at some available degrees and how far you can take your education virtually. 

5 – Utilise Video

The State of Video Marketing 2021 by Wyzowl surveyed 813 marketing professionals and consumers. They found that 86% of businesses use video in their marketing. 

What better place to utilise the visual medium than on a landing page? 

You can add an explainer video to help people better understand your business model. You can also have a video for your hero image, which plays in the background behind your heading and subtext.

Jetpet Resort

JetPet Resort utilises its hero image to play some video footage of the resort where people’s pets might stay. You see a worker greeting a schnauzer, dogs running in a play area and the sleeping area for a few of their guests.

What Is Your Goal?

What do you wish to accomplish with your landing page? The five examples above offer some ideas for things you should include in your business landing pages. 

However, each business is unique, and the techniques that work for you may vary. 

Spend time studying competitor pages. Take notes on what is positive and negative about their landing pages. 

Create your page to convert better than others in your industry. With some effort and testing, your landing page will convert browsers into leads. 

Author Bio: Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the creative director at a digital marketing agency before becoming a full-time freelance designer. Eleanor lives in Philly with her husband and pup, Bear.

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