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13 Best UX Tools: The Essential Guide

13 Best UX Tools: The Essential Guide

User experience (UX) design is crucial for creating intuitive and satisfying products, apps, and websites. With the best UX tools, designers can understand users, iterate ideas, develop prototypes, and refine the user journey. But with new UX software constantly emerging, it can take time to identify the best options.

This definitive guide on UX tools for 2024 covers everything designers need for stellar UX, including must-have staples alongside groundbreaking AI platforms set to disrupt the industry. Read on to boost your UX toolkit this year.

Understanding UX Design

Ux Design Iap Tips

Before diving into tools, let’s briefly overview UX design for those less familiar with the field.

UX design shapes cohesive, meaningful, and enjoyable experiences with digital products or services. It goes far beyond just creating clean visuals or interfaces. Truly exceptional UX considers the whole human experience – including emotions, motivations, pain points and more.

The UX design process aims to:

  • Deeply understand target users and their needs
  • Conceptualise solutions to user problems
  • Test ideas through prototypes
  • Refine concepts based on honest user feedback
  • Launch thoughtfully designed experiences that delight

This human-centric process requires the right UX tools at each stage to unlock success.

UX Design Goals

  • Craft intuitive interfaces requiring little guesswork.
  • Guide users with logical site navigation and flows
  • Reduce friction around completing essential tasks
  • Spark delight through thoughtful design details
  • Resonate on an emotional level

Achieving these relies on strategic UX tools…

Must-Have UX Design Tools

Specific UX software picks are utter essentials for professional designers. Let’s explore must-haves for conception, prototyping, collaboration and more.

Concepting & User Research

Nailing the concept is vital in UX design. The critical tools below help uncover user insights and spark ideas.


Figma facilitates early design concepts with flexible frames, vector networks and whiteboard-style freedom. Rapid visual ideation is a breeze. The collaborative platform and intuitive UI saw Figma named Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for digital design.

  • Key Features
    • Flexible frames
    • Vector networks
    • Multiplayer editing
    • Prototype building
    • vast Asset library
  • Best For Early-stage visual concepts; team collaboration
  • Pricing: Free version. Team plans $12-$45 user/month.
Figma Web Design Resources

Figma's flexible canvas breathes creativity into early UX concepts


A virtual whiteboard platform great for spatially mapping out the UX journey. Brainstorm user flows, journeys and ideas visually using unlimited customisable canvases. Perfect for collaborative workshops and co-creation, too.

  • Key Features
    • Infinite canvases
    • Shapes, frames, images
    • Smart, creative prompts
    • Workshop templates
    • Team editing & comments
  • Best For: UX journey mapping; co-creation; workshops
  • Pricing: Four tiers from free basic to $30 user/month
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UserTesting allows you to engage real users for feedback on concepts and prototypes through remote moderated sessions. Identify pain points early, uncovering key insights to refine your UX strategy.

  • Key Features
    • Recruit target users
    • Moderate tests
    • Build out custom tests
    • Integrate prototypes
    • Analyse feedback
  • Best For Validating concepts; remote user research
  • Pricing: Premium plans $469+ per month


Prototypes bring ideas to life, allowing you to simulate UX and iterate without intensive coding. These tools help sharpen UX before product launch.

Adobe XD

A premium prototyping and UI platform for refined high-fidelity creations. They boast advanced prototyping capacities for websites, mobile and other digital products. Seamless integration with other Adobe apps makes this a go-to for many designers.

  • Key Features
    • Vector design tools
    • Auto-animate transitions
    • Responsive resize
    • Developer specs
    • Real-time co-editing
  • Best For: High-fidelity prototyping and UI design
  • Pricing: Included in All Apps package ($80+/month)
Adobe Xd Ui Design Tools

Craft detailed, interactive prototypes with Adobe XD


The end-to-end platform for collaborative UX design. Turn concepts into clickable, interactive prototypes rapidly, then gather feedback from stakeholders on the designs.

  • Key Features
    • Rapid prototyping
    • 80+ gesture interactions
    • Fixed regions
    • Comments/annotations
    • Developer handoff
  • Best For: Rapid mid/high-fidelity prototyping
  • Pricing: Free limited version. Team plans $19+ user/month


Marvel helps stitch screens together into a clickable journey map prototype. It is less about visual designs and more about mapping flows. Handy toolkit for demonstrations and testing concepts rapidly.

  • Key Features
    • Link screens
    • Transitions
    • Gestures
    • Repeat groups
    • Real-time preview
  • Best For Wireflows and user journey concepts
  • Pricing: Free version. Team plans $12+ user/month


UX design rarely happens in isolation. Collaborative tools assist in working in sync across teams and stakeholders.

Miro Design Tools

Miro allows real-time collaboration across distributed product teams


We already highlighted Miro for early ideation. The platform facilitates remote collaboration, bringing distributed teams and clients onto one virtual workspace.

  • Key Features
    • Unlimited team members
    • 2500+ templates
    • Real-time co-editing
    • Comments
    • Video calls integrated
  • Best For: Remote workshops; collaboration; co-creation
  • Pricing: Four tiers from free basic to $30 user/month


InVision allows prosperity review and feedback loops across teams. Designers can engage stakeholders to leave thoughts on specific screens and flows.

  • Key Features
    • Clickable prototypes
    • Comment threads
    • Design history
    • Developer handoff
    • 200+ app integrations
  • Best For Cross-functional collaboration
  • Pricing: Free limited version. Team plans $19+ user/month


The digital HQ for team messaging and workflow. While not exclusively UX-focused, Slack is ubiquitous in creative teams for good reason. Flexible channels, automation, and integration keep projects flowing.

  • Key Features
    • Team channels
    • Video calls
    • File sharing
    • 1000+ app integrations
    • Custom workflows
  • Best For: Team communication; project management
  • Pricing: Free version. Standard $8 per user/month

UX Design Tool Trends

UX design tools continue evolving rapidly, with AI introducing paradigm shifts. Let's explore critical trends shaping the space.

Conversational Interfaces

Text- and voice-based interfaces look set to surge in 2024. Designing conversational experiences brings new UX considerations.


Landbot provides a no-code chatbot builder, using drag-and-drop to create flows. Prototype conversational interfaces to understand successes and pain points.

  • Key Features
    • Drag-and-drop builder
    • 7,000+ templates
    • Analytics dashboard
    • Chatbot testing
    • Voice interface
  • Best For: Building and refining chatbots
  • Pricing: Free version. Pro plans $25+ per month
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Landbot Ux Tools Review

Landbot offers an intuitive, no-code chatbot builder

Conversational UX adds complexity to information architecture, dialogue flow and linguistics. Testing early concepts is vital.

Generative Design

AI generative design tools craft images, copy, prototypes and more from text briefs. This unlocks radical productivity boosts.


The viral AI system generates images from any text prompt. Describe an idea, and DALL-E brings fantastic concepts to life in seconds. Perfect for rapidly ideating and exploring radical visual directions early on.

  • Key Features
    • Text-to-image generation
    • Creative image edits
    • High-resolution downloads
  • Best For: Early visual ideation; exploring concepts
  • Pricing: Limited free credits. $15 per month.


Jasper converts written content into high-quality graphics like presentations, infographics and posters in one click. This frees creative resources to focus on strategy and design rather than production.

  • Key Features
    • AI graphic generator
    • Presentations
    • Infographics
    • Reports
    • Posters
  • Best For Automating Graphic Production
  • Pricing From $12 per month
Jasper Ai Review Scaled 1

Jasper auto-generates presentations from the written content.

Augmented Analytics

AI and ML in UX tools provide intelligent analysis around target users and behaviour through augmented analytics.


This research platform leverages AI to surface key user insights from qualitative feedback. You can enhance feedback analysis with sentiment detection, categories and more.

  • Key Features
    • AI analysis
    • Sentiment scoring
    • Category clustering
    • Topic modeling
    • Interactive dashboards
  • Best For: Analysing user research
  • Pricing: Custom quotes

Such tools help designers easily spot crucial patterns amid complex qualitative data from user testing and feedback.

Choosing Your UX Toolkit

Ux Research Tools
Source: UX Tools

With so many options, figuring out your optimal tech stack can prove tricky. Here are key considerations when reviewing tools:

Stage – Certain tools excel at early ideation vs high-fidelity prototyping—map tools to your workflow.

Fidelity – Fidelity describes how visually developed & interactive prototypes are. Assess your fidelity needs.

Teamwork – Will you work alone or collaborate with others? If so, integrate collaborative functionality.

Analytics – Consider analytical needs early and seek tools providing user insights.

Budget – Pricing varies hugely. Nail budget parameters to guide decisions.

Ease of use – Contemplate the learning curve to maximum productivity

There’s no one-size-fits-all toolkit – customised combinations unlock success. This year, reliable staples paired with innovative AI platforms might be the perfect formula.

By harnessing the standout UX tools above according to project needs and resources, UX designers can craft groundbreaking human-centric experiences that exceed expectations in 2024.

Summary: Key Picks to Power-Up UX

  • Concepting: Figma, Miro, UserTesting
  • Prototyping: Adobe XD, InVision, Marvel
  • Collaboration: Miro, InVision, Slack
  • Emerging trends: Landbot, DALL-E, Jasper, EnjoyHQ

5 Key UX Tool Questions

What are the core stages of the UX design process?

The key stages are: understand users >> conceive ideas >> prototype concepts >> test with users >> refine design >> launch product. Each step benefits from specific UX tools.

How can I test UX concepts without coding fully functioning products?

Prototyping tools like InVision, Marvel and Adobe XD allow you to stitch interactive clickable journeys together and test these “dummy” versions with users.

How can AI and generative design boost UX workflow?

AI tools like DALL-E and Jasper rapidly create visualisations, copy, websites and more from text briefs. This unlocks significant productivity gains in UX design.

What should I consider when choosing UX tools?

Consider stage, fidelity needs, teamwork, analytics, budget, learning curves and more when reviewing tools. Pick reliable classics plus innovative solutions that together fulfil project needs.

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