Tips for Improving Your Reviews and Customer Satisfaction

Tips for Improving Your Reviews and Customer Satisfaction

Getting good reviews and getting featured on a product reviews site is definitely one of the best ways to improve your business’s reputation and attract more customers.

However, to convince people to leave good reviews after interacting with your company, you will need to increase customer satisfaction.

This means more than just offering your clients great products.

You also need to focus on delivering excellent customer care services and experiences.

So, keep on reading as you are about to find out how to improve the reviews you get from your clients and offer better customer satisfaction.

Find out what your customers want and prefer

If you want to encourage customers to pick your business and also leave reviews after making a purchase, you need to know what your customer niche is looking for.

Knowing the preferences and needs of your clients will drive much better customer satisfaction and trigger a higher number of good reviews.

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This is because by knowing your targeted customer niche well, you will be able to rise to their expectancies.

To get to know your clients better, it is worth spending time on their favourite websites and social media networks.

So, don’t hesitate to form a community on the most used social media networks, check out their favourite blogs and forums, and spend as much time as possible of their preferred websites.

Make sure the reviews you got so far are visible

It is said that obtaining the first reviews is the most challenging part.

Once you get them, especially if they are good reviews, make sure they are visible to others as well.

There’s no better encouragement for leaving a review than seeing that some already did it.

Attract Right Customers

So, depending on how many reviews you got so far, a couple should go on your homepage, while others should be present on the product’s page.

Of course, make sure to publish each review to the right product.

Doing so will not just help you with getting more reviews, but will make others buy your products more as well.

Customer reviews are the best marketing method for all the products or services you have.

This is why you should always encourage clients to offer a review for every purchase.

Of course, offering high-quality and great customer experiences each time will make sure you get good reviews, instead of bad ones.

Do your best to follow up your customer’s purchases

Did you receive the confirmation for a new purchase?

Once you know that the product was delivered and the transaction is closed, you should send a follow-up for the purchase.

How do you do this?

Is as simple as sending an e-mail to your clients, asking them how they found the product, shopping experience, and provided services.

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At the end of the follow-up message, you can kindly invite them to leave a review for the product they just purchased.

It is worth considering that there are solutions that will automate this process.

This way, if you have a busy schedule and can’t afford to perform these follow-ups personally, you will still be able to give your clients the attention they deserve.

What you need to remember is that you need to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible for every customer you have.

They should not see reviewing as something complicated or time-consuming.

Always provide replies to those that leave a review

It is highly recommended to answer to the reviews you get.

This also includes replying to all reviews, regardless if they are positive or negative.

Many business owners reply to negative reviews only, in their attempt to make things better.

They have the wrong impression that good reviews don’t need any kind of attention.

Well, if you want to increase the number of reviews and improve customer satisfaction, you need to offer a reply both to good reviews and bad reviews alike.

Customer Service Social Websites

This way, you will show customers that you care, regardless of the situation.

Also, when replying a review, make sure to make your answer sound personal.

Use the client’s name when addressing and mirror his or her sayings by offering a response in the same range.

This means investing the same amount of time and effort in writing the reply.

If you give your clients the attention they need, it will be easier to win more clients on your side.

Offer rewards for each customer that provides their review

If you find it hard to convince people to leave a review, you can always offer rewards to the ones that are willing enough to share their experience and opinion.

For example, a coupon that offers a 10% discount to the next purchase may be a great motivator for people to take a few minutes for leaving a review.

You don’t even have to brag about offering rewards in exchange for reviews.

Just surprise them with a coupon when they will leave a review and most certainly they will tell others about it.

Give people good reasons to leave reviews

Some businesses have what it takes to make the reviewing process a real joy for their clients.

How can this be possible?

They can make every client feel appreciated and valued.

2 Choose Your Customers

After leaving the review, the client will feel like doing something great.

This can be achieved with the help of a heartfelt “thank you” note or with the help of other methods that show the gratitude and appreciation of the business toward its customers.


Now you know what to do to make sure that you’ll get more reviews from your clients.

Of course, always focus on keeping them happy by offering great value at all times.

Good reviews represent the best form of marketing you can employ at the moment.

The best part is that you can easily get them for free and minimum effort if you use the best strategy.

So, make the reviewing part something pleasant and enjoyable for your clients and don’t forget to show your gratitude in the end, making every client feel like the most special person in the world.

Author bio: Jason Goldstein works for Premier Pups, a business based on selling happy and healthy puppies. Customer Satisfaction is very important to him because he understands that the company’s customers have to be as happy as the puppies they are going to adopt.

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