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The 10 Best Social Media Marketing Courses

The 10 Best Social Media Marketing Courses

Social media is an essential part of any modern marketing strategy. However, having accounts and posting content isn't enough to see results. To truly leverage the power of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), and more, you must understand how to engage audiences effectively, create viral content, analyse metrics, and optimise campaigns. Whether you're just starting in social media marketing or looking to take your skills to the next level, the right online course can provide invaluable training.

After extensive research comparing features, reviews, instructors and more, I've compiled this definitive list of the ten best social media marketing courses for 2024. These courses provide practical, up-to-date training in core social media skills, tactics and strategies from industry experts. Taking one of these courses is a wise investment that will pay dividends for your marketing efforts and career.

Why Take an Online Social Media Marketing Course?

Ai On Social Media Presentations

Before jumping into the course reviews, let's first look at why it's worth your time and money to invest in social media marketing training:

Learn Proven Strategies From Experts

Social media platforms and best practices are constantly evolving. An online course lets you learn the latest effective tactics from instructors who live and breathe social media marketing. They can condense years of experience into clear, actionable lessons.

Get Hands-On Practice

Beyond theory and concepts, the best courses offer practical exercises to apply what you learn. You'll get a chance to practice creating posts, developing campaigns, using analytics tools and more – essential skills that transfer directly to the real world.

Master Core Platforms

While social media changes rapidly, core platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn remain essential. Online courses dig deep into how to optimise your presence and strategy on these and other major channels.

Fix Bad Habits

Self-taught social media marketers often develop bad habits over time. An instructor can point out what you're doing wrong objectively and help correct inefficient practices you may have picked up.

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

The flexibility of online courses allows you to improve your social skills on your schedule without geographic restrictions. You can access materials on any device and revisit lessons at any time.

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Get Certified

Many courses offer certificates upon completion, providing credentials to demonstrate your up-to-date social media marketing expertise. Some even count toward continuing education units (CEUs).

Level Up Your Career

Investing in advancing your social media skillset can pay off through raises, promotions, new clients or even a new job or side business. A credentialed social media pro is highly marketable.

Now that you know why it's worth investing time in a course, let's explore the ten best options and what makes each one great.

The 10 Best Social Media Marketing Courses for 2024

HubSpot Academy Social Media Certification

Academy Thumbnail For Resource Library

Offered By: HubSpot

Format: Self-paced online, ~15 hours

Price: Free

HubSpot is a leader in inbound marketing, and its Academy offers a broad range of free certifications. The Social Media Certification focuses on strategies and best practices for using social effectively as a holistic marketing strategy.

Why It's Great:

  • Comprehensive training from a respected industry leader
  • Covers core platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), YouTube
  • Focuses on inbound tactics optimised for lead generation
  • Includes templates and worksheets to support implementation
  • Official certification adds credentials
  • 100% free and self-paced

This course provides an excellent baseline knowledge of social media in a marketing context. Since it's free, it's a low-risk way to improve your skills and get certified.

Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Courses

Offered By: Hootsuite

Format: Self-paced online, ~25 hours

Price: $199

With 17 modules and 150 lessons, this certification from the social media management platform Hootsuite thoroughly covers the ins and outs of social marketing.

Why It's Great:

  • Very comprehensive curriculum
  • Covers both strategy and hands-on use
  • Lessons on building follower engagement
  • Complete the module on social advertising best practices
  • Certification exam to validate skills
  • Partnership with Facebook Blueprint
  • Access for full-year

For under $200, this course delivers an incredible amount of expert training. Graduates earn credentials in both Hootsuite platform skills and overall social marketing.

Social Media Marketing Specialisation by Northwestern University

Social Media Marketing Specialisation By Northwestern University

Offered By: Northwestern University via Coursera

Format: Self-paced online, ~20 hours per course

Price: $49/month Coursera subscription

Enrol in this Coursera Specialisation to access five courses on social media marketing fundamentals, platforms, advertising, analytics and capstone projects.

Why It's Great:

  • Created by Northwestern Professor world-renowned for social media expertise
  • Covers both depth and breadth of knowledge
  • Hands-on practice activities and peer review
  • Specialisation Certificate upon completion
  • Flexible access fits any schedule

For those seeking formal university-level training from a highly reputable professor and program, this is an excellent choice.

Facebook and Instagram Marketing from Meta Blueprint

Facebook And Instagram Marketing From Meta Blueprint

Offered By: Meta

Format: Self-paced online, ~3-5 hours per course

Price: Free

Meta Blueprint features a variety of short courses explicitly focused on getting the most out of Facebook and Instagram for your business.

Why It's Great:

  • Created directly by Facebook and Instagram
  • Quick courses conveniently focused on each platform
  • Include product overviews, advertising, analytics, creators
  • Updated regularly with new features
  • Free and self-paced access
  • Official certification of completion

For marketers specifically interested in improving Meta platform skills, these focused courses directly from the source are an intelligent choice.

Social Media Marketing Course by Sophia Learning

Social Media Marketing Courses Online

Offered By: Sophia Learning

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Format: Self-paced online, ~5 hours

Price: $99

This self-paced online course provides a comprehensive introduction to social media marketing with lessons and quizzes.

Why It's Great:

  • Covers all significant platforms and strategy
  • Extra focus on visual marketing best practices
  • Optimised for mobile access
  • Certificate of completion
  • Aid eligible for tuition reimbursement

The convenience, mobility and certificate make this an excellent option for learning core social media marketing skills efficiently.

Social Media Manager Certification by IMPACT

Advanced Social Media Certification Training

Offered By: Market Motive & IMPACT

Format: Self-paced online, ~12 hours

Price: $1,499

Designed for novice and experienced marketers, this course teaches advanced social media marketing skills focusing on Facebook strategies and tactics.

Why It's Great:

  • It goes deep into Facebook's marketing
  • Taught by Facebook-certified experts
  • Covers all steps from strategy to execution
  • Downloadable playbooks and templates
  • Official certification included
  • 1:1 instructor coaching call

The emphasis on mastering Facebook plus instructor access makes this certification ideal for further developing specialised skills.

Social Media Marketing Course by Wharton on edX

Offered By: Wharton School of Business via edX

Format: Self-paced online, ~20 hours

Price: $49/month edX subscription

Learn social media marketing core concepts and strategies from Wharton School of Business professors through this comprehensive edX course.

Why It's Great:

  • Content created by Wharton experts
  • Part of full Business Foundations Specialization
  • Covers objectives, metrics, tools, platforms
  • Opportunity to earn Statement of Accomplishment
  • Self-paced access

For foundational training in social media marketing principles from an Ivy League perspective, this course is a wise choice.

Social Media Marketing Masterclass by Udemy

Social Media Marketing Masterclass By Udemy

Offered By: Udemy

Format: On-demand video, ~12 hours

Price: $13.99

This affordable Udemy bestseller course provides a thorough walkthrough of social media marketing.

Why It's Great:

  • Highly rated among 180,000+ reviews
  • International instructor with proven success
  • Covers major platforms plus strategy
  • Includes 30 downloadable resources
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Access anytime forever

For an incredibly comprehensive course at a budget price point, this Udemy trainer delivers significant value.

Social Media Marketing Specialist Nanodegree by Udacity

Social Media Marketing Specialist Nanodegree By Udacity

Offered By: Udacity

Format: Self-paced online, ~3 months

Price: $399/month

Learn in-demand digital marketing skills like social strategy, advertising, web analytics, SEO and more through this intensive Udacity Nanodegree program.

Why It's Great:

  • Covers both social-specific and broader skills
  • Project-based with expert reviewer feedback
  • 1:1 mentor support included
  • Graduate hiring support
  • Nanodegree credential upon completion

This career-enhancer provides extensive training in digital marketing with a social media focus to help you qualify for top roles.

Social Marketing Certification by OMCA

Offered By: Online Marketing Certified Associate

Format: Self-paced online, ~10-20 hours

Price: $298

Certified by a leading internet marketing training organisation, this course covers social media marketing holistically, from goals to metrics.

Why It's Great:

  • Taught by practising social media expert
  • Covers objectives, strategies, tactics, tools
  • Extra modules on social advertising
  • Official certification on completion
  • Continuing education credits

For comprehensive training and credentials focused on the strategic use of social media in marketing, this flexible certification delivers.

And there you have it – the ten best social media marketing courses online for elevating your skills and results in 2024. Investing in yourself and your education in this critical channel is a wise move for your current job and long-term career aspirations.

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While courses vary in style, depth and specialities, you can't go wrong with the highly rated, expert-led programs above. Choose the one that best fits your schedule, learning preferences and budget.

With your new social media marketing superpowers unlocked this year, you'll be positioned to thrive as an in-demand digital marketing pro.

Now get ready to master Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X and more with your online social skills training! The knowledge and credentials you gain will prove invaluable to advancing your marketing career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have some questions about enhancing your social media marketing skills through online courses? Here are answers to common FAQs:

What if I'm a total beginner to social media marketing?

Several courses like HubSpot and Sophia Learning provide beginner-friendly introductions to get you started. Focus on fundamentals before progressing.

Are these courses globally recognised?

Yes, most leading course providers are recognised and used worldwide. Higher-end offerings like Northwestern provide university credit.

How much time should I devote per week to a course?

Self-paced courses allow you to customise based on your schedule. But expect to put in 2-5 hours per week for a few months per course, on average.

Which course will make me a certified expert?

Hootsuite and OMCA certifications carry significant weight. However, completing any reputable program will boost your credentials.

Do I need to take an exam to earn a certificate?

Some courses include quizzes along the way and final exams to earn certifications. Read the details of grading for each program.

Can these courses help me get a job in social media marketing?

Absolutely! Many graduates leverage these courses to land roles in digital marketing with an emphasis on social media.

What technical skills do I need to take a course?

Basic computer literacy is recommended. Some courses teach platform skills hands-on, while others assume existing familiarity.

Should my employer pay for a course?

A high-quality course is a worthy investment proposal for your company to upskill employees. Offer to share key learnings.

Are there prerequisites I should complete first?

There are no strict prerequisites, but a general marketing foundation can help you get more from the training. Start basic.

And there you have it – the inside scoop on taking your social media marketing skills to the next level through online courses! Whether you want to improve your career prospects or achieve better results for your company, expert training is the best way to advance your expertise in this crucial channel. Enrol in one of these stellar programs today and become a certified social media rockstar this year!

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