Mark Zuckerberg’s Famous Business Cards

Mark Zuckerberg’s Famous Business Cards

Sometimes, the earliest business cards created by a company are the ones that really show the true personalities of the founders and of the company itself.


This is certainly the case with Mark Zuckerberg’s first, now famous business cards for Facebook, which features the prominent statement ‘I’m CEO, Bitch.’ This is described by his fellow colleagues as ‘an excellent representation of the company culture at the time’.


The phrase was first used by Zuckerberg in one of his early design meetings and was subsequently incorporated into his initial business card design. Designer Bryan Veloso referred to it as one of those ‘happy accidents’ that sometimes occur in the design process.


The cards have since been changed as Facebook changed and moved out of its ‘young’ stage, though the striking statement really reflected Zuckerberg’s huge impact on the emerging world of social media.


Mark Zuckerberg Famous Business Cards


The actual design of the card is fairly minimalist. The brand’s trademark blue is featured both in the type and in a simple blue strip along the bottom edge, making it instantly recognisable as belonging to Facebook without even the need to read the text.


The text is in a well-structured hierarchy with the bold CEO statement taking dominance over everything else, even the logo – which, in this case, is fine as we have already mentioned that the powerful brand colour does all the real work here.


The text is presented in a sans serif font to compliment and work alongside the logo style which is designed using a slightly altered Klavika typeface. Zuckerberg has also presented his name directly in the centre of the card and in all lowercase lettering, again reflecting the style of the logo. This kind of self-promotion has helped make his name just as famous as Facebook itself, turning Zuckerberg into a worldwide celebrity, as well as an entrepreneur.

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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEOThe inclusion of the ‘I’m CEO’ statement alongside the rest of the serious information makes this card the perfect combination of business exposure and personality. Everyone who follows Zuckerberg’s career remembers this card over all of his others, and will continue to remember them for a long time yet, all because he added that little pinch of his own identity alongside his main branding.


Across all the celebrity business cards featured in this series, there are a couple of noticeable factors which are present in all of them.


Firstly: Hierarchy. Each of the cards are laid out very differently from each other, but all of them follow basic hierarchical structures to ensure maximum effectiveness.


Secondly: Simplicity. One thing highly noticeable across the 5 cards is their lack of any real complexity, thereby dispelling any myths that to produce a successful, unique business card you need to pull off something outlandish.


There is, however, one uniting feature running across all of the cards which, it could be argued, is the most important of all: personality.


Whether it were through the use of shape, colour, handwriting or personal statements, every one of these celebrities succeeded in putting their own stamp on their creative business cards and projecting their personalities across to their audiences.


How will you apply your personality to your own business card designs?



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  1. Bruce Witt

    A little shocking, but it does show his personality. Not many people could get away with that.

  2. Joe Wasylyk

    Anything goes it this dog it dog marketplace. Attention getting is still the main objective for entrepreneurs. But, you wouldn’t see this kink of a business card working for a regular company in the corporate life.

  3. Geoff Naylor

    How did this typography ever get through the proof reading?
    If this business card is a fair representation of the company itself (are you allowed to say ‘bitch’, whoever you are?) then it doesn’t bode well for the future. I wouldn’t invest in them.

  4. Erick Jones

    Personality 10, Design 0.

  5. Jesper Seest Mogensen

    His goals at that time, was probably somewhat different than today! 😉

  6. Richard Oram

    Shame about the spaces on the commas in the address!

    • Stuart

      Can’t unsee that now! 😉


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