3 Link Baiting Strategies to Get Backlinks to Your Website

Link baiting refers to crafting content designed to get other content producers to link to it.

It is an important SEO strategy aimed at acquiring backlinks from other sites.

Backlinks are high among Google's ranking signals; hence when your website receives relevant and quality backlinks, it ranks high in the Google search results.

This link baiting guide will examine the various link bait types that are commonly used by bloggers to get traffic and links to their website.

1 – Resource lists

Top 100 Resource List

List articles attract too much traffic since everyone is looking for the best resources on the internet.

For instance, an article on the 30 best SEO agencies will definitely get many visitors.

When it comes to resource list articles, the larger the resource list, the more traffic the post will receive.

You can add a blog post to your list.

The site owners will be pinged immediately when you add the resources blog post on your list.

It is also wise to let people know that they are on your list.

The best way to notify them is by sending a tweet mentioning them or by tagging them on Facebook.

You can even send them an email to inform them that they are on your list.

Getting backlinks also requires a strategy like having a badge of honour for all those that make it to your list.

2 – Infographics

Another excellent link baiting strategy is the use of infographics.

Infographics that use high-quality visuals can make boring data interesting.

Infographics also make understanding content to be much more comfortable, and that's why people like reacting to them.

Infographics stand a high chance of going viral since they present the information that people are looking for in the best form possible.

To get links from your infographic, you need to include an embed code on it so that when other bloggers share the infographics on their website, you automatically get a backlink from them.

3 – Videos

Videos also provide an excellent opportunity for getting backlinks to your website.

Let's face it; some people do not like reading, not even colourful infographics.

However, videos are liked by most people.

As a blogger, you can create a video of yourself sharing opinions in your area of expertise.

You can also record expert reviews.

The best way of utilising reviews to the maximum is by coming up with a series which you can record via Skype.

Tutorials and webinars are other important video strategies for gaining traffic as well as backlinks to your website.

If you are famous, your videos can be successful and even go viral.

If you are not famous, you can interview a famous person, and your video can go viral.

Getting influencers to like and recommend your videos could also make your videos successful.


Link baiting is a strategy that can bring you traffic and valuable backlinks.

However, you should know how to go about producing and sharing content that inspires others to link and share it with their community.

The above link baiting strategies will go a long way to help you get not only valuable backlinks but also traffic.

Link Baiting Strategies
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