5 Redesign Ideas to Attract More Customers for Online Service Companies

Every online marketplace aims to scout for innovative ways to attract more customers and increase sales. 

Whatever the scale or niche of your business, the primary goal is to effectively market your services without sounding too ‘pitchy’, increase leads, and generate profits

Today, with everyone having the accessibility to the internet, it’s easier to reach people regardless of their geographical location. 

However, many businesses and websites are floundering to promote their brand in the sea of information. 

They skip from one tactic to the next without acquiring any valuable inference and get frustrated when no results are seen. 

While there are many techniques to try out, we’ve listed the top five ways that you can harness to attract potential customers to your online business. 

1 – Including Customer Testimonials on Homepage

Customer Testimonials Video

Have you ever considered incorporating customer testimonials on your website’s homepage to retain customer attention? 

Well, smart marketers know that the most powerful tool that can be used in their favour is testimonials. 

Every prospective buyer’s first instinct is to find out whether an online business is authentic before they make a purchase. 

Customer testimonials are social proof of the fact that your products are trustworthy and credible, which is enough to convince visitors to buy your products. 

They work because their pitch is not biased and states an honest review of a product or service. 

Customers use it as a reliable tool to look up reviews and reactions, so they’re convinced that they’re not making a mistake by investing in a new brand

Also, when people see positive appraisals towards a product, they’re more likely to imitate that behaviour, especially if they can relate to their words. 

A key to exploiting testimonials is to hand-pick ones that work best for you. 

This means you must find testimonials that describe the product details and how it pleases the consumer. 

When a consumer explicitly states product benefits, it will directly attract more customers and encourage sales. 

Once you’ve picked out the best testimonials, it’s time to show them off everywhere on your website. 

Start with the homepage, then contacts, case studies, or create a specific page dedicated to consumer testimonials. 

It’s always nice to see testimonials that you can relate to, so be sure to feature customers from all the demographics you’re trying to draw in. 

It builds credibility on a larger scale and shows that you can provide what customers are interested in. 

2 – Create Buyer Personas for Target Audience 

Ideal Customer Target

Buyer personas are essential to express whom we’re trying to reach and what we’ll do to encourage them to take action. 

It’s not sufficient to attract just anybody to your site; we have to attract the right audience. Your buyer personas are the potential customers you aim to please. 

By identifying the interests and type of content your ideal customer prefers, you can craft marketing practices that serve the right people. 

This knowledge helps to fine-tune your existing strategies, so you’re able to generate new leads and retain customers over the long haul. 

You’re able to target your efforts into areas that can be improved and create content that your customers care about

It’s crucial that you’re publishing relevant content, so you have the best chance of attracting your targeted customers, convert them into leads, and earn their loyalty

When you’re dedicated to creating revised buyer personas, it demonstrates that your company is customer-focused and forms genuine goodwill for your brand. 

Doing the required homework to build well-defined buyer personas makes your brand stand out and distinguishes your services from the competition; who might not be putting it in the same effort. 

3 – Build a Blog 

Blog Conversion Seo

Businesses that were once struggling to stay afloat turned to blogging as a last resort, and it turned out to be their saving grace. 

Blogging helps to bring in more customers because it doesn’t just bring more traffic to your website, but people who are interested in the products or services you discuss. 

It’s the best way to grow your business and enhance customer engagement with people who require your services. 

Through blogging, companies can develop a consistent tone and voice that is unique to their brand

It offers them an opportunity to improve their online presence by giving it the broad exposure it needs to reach a wider audience. 

While a website has a fixed number of pages, every new post on a blog is considered as a page which increases the chances of you being discovered by prospects. 

Which brings us to the point that blogging boosts SEO, so you are not attracting customers by simply sharing informative content, but by also improving its search results ranking. 

Once your blog starts showing up higher on the search engine results, you will notice an increase in website traffic and sales. 

Blogging fuels the possibility of your business being discovered, even if it’s unintentional. 

Gradually building your online presence can strengthen your brand image and connect your business to people who are looking for it. 

4 – Optimise Website for SEO 

Seo Boring Websites

The most established businesses or startups often fail to recognise the significance of optimising their websites. 

For effective optimisation, one must deeply understand the interests and preferences of their target audience and the keywords or phrases associated with that niche. 

From your landing pages to your blog, it is crucial that you cover each section of your website so it can be found through organic search.

SEO is a form of marketing where consumers take out time to learn about your industry or search for products on a search engine and find you on their own. 

It’s a lot more convenient for potential customers and gets you quality leads that can boost sales. 

Search engine optimisation allows online businesses to reach audiences when they’re planning to make a purchase which increases the chances of your marketing efforts to translate into new leads. 

Most importantly, organic Google ranking requires little to no investment on your end. 

Google’s algorithm determines the best results linked to a specific keyword in an industry and then directs users to the top-ranked web pages. 

For instance, if your company specialises in providing carpet cleaning services all over London; when a user searches for carpet cleaning London, they will be directed towards the top-ranking results. 

This makes it easier for a client to make a decision and trust a new business. 

Users trust Google’s algorithm, so if your page is ranked on the first page, it shows that the search engine determined it to be the best. 

Once you start optimising your website, it makes an enormous difference in your online presence which helps bring in more customers. 

Additionally, make sure that you’re keeping track of competitors in the same niche so you can keep up with an SEO strategy of your own. 

Identify what works for you and what doesn’t, and update your SEO marketing practices to continue to attract traffic to your site for the long-term. 

5 – Ensure Website Is Mobile-friendly

Google Mobile Web

Whenever we want to look up information, buy a product, or note something down, we reach for our mobile phones first. 

This makes it imperative that all entrepreneurs prioritise building a mobile-friendly website so customers can browse their platform easily. 

Recent studies have proven that more than half of digital traffic is generated by smartphone users, which has led businesses to emphasise the focus on mobile-first online companies. 

When websites fail to comply with the web standards, it affects their rankings on search engines and in turn, increases the bounce-over rate. 

Therefore, now would be the right time to focus on the adaptability of your website.

Mobile shopping has become the new norm, and most online shoppers favour using their mobiles to browse online stores and buy products. 

Marketers should aim for maximum convenience for users, so they have a great online shopping experience. 

By making your website mobile-friendly, you’re opening doors to a whole other audience that should not be neglected. 

Ideally, a responsive website with a compelling layout and an excellent user interface will surely retain customers and help draw prospective clients as well. 

Wrapping Up 

Ultimately, whatever method you choose you can’t expect overnight results. 

It requires regular practice, determination, and maintenance until you finally start to achieve desirable results, but the outcome is long-term. 

Find the combination of strategies that work for your business, take the time to do it properly, and the reward for your effort will be tenfold. 

As long as you’re delivering quality content and know how to appeal to target audience members, you will be able to recalibrate your website to the best of its abilities. 

Establish your brand’s personality to communicate with your audience using a steady and modern voice so they can identify your content immediately. 

Following the points mentioned above will kick-start your redesigning excursion and help drive in more qualified visitors to your site who can convert to potential customers.

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