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30+ Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

30+ Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rate

Once your intelligent SEO strategies and strategically placed ads are bringing your target audience to your website, the money will start rolling in… right? 

Actually, driving visitors to your website is only half the battle. Getting them to convert into leads and potential clients once you’ve drawn them in is every bit as challenging. 

Two of the essential things you can do to boost your conversion rates are to ensure that your website is user-friendly and know your target audience. 

Providing an overall good user experience to your target audience is essential for critical for keeping visitors around long enough to get them to convert. 

But there are other things you should be doing as well.

Here are 30+ actionable steps you can take to boost your conversion rates right now.

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Keep your opt-in forms simple.

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When you create your opt-in forms, keep things as simple as possible. People are much more likely to fill out an opt-in form if they only have to enter their name and email address. 

Each additional field they have to fill out could decrease your conversion rate by as much as 11%.

Keep visitors engaged, so they stay on your site longer.

Sprinkle links to relevant content or related products throughout your site to keep visitors interested. 

The longer they hang around, the more likely they are to fill out that opt-in form or make a purchase.

Have a generous refund policy.

Reduce the risk of purchasing from your company by offering a no-questions-asked refund policy on your products and services. 

You will likely find that the increase in conversions more than makes up for any money you have to refund.

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Motivate your visitors to purchase by providing stock numbers.

If you do any shopping on Amazon, you’ve probably seen this conversion tactic first hand. 

It is telling a customer to “Order now! Only two left in stock.” it creates a sense of urgency that might be that final push your visitor needs to be converted into a paying customer.

Encourage your visitors to act.

When creating your calls to action, use action language that encourages your visitors to act. 

For example, use language like “Grab yours here!” or “Reserve your seat now!”

Focus on writing compelling copy without a bunch of hype.

Microcopy Examples

Most consumers are too smart to fall for a bunch of hype. 

When writing your content and product descriptions, focus on the clear, compelling copy that helps your potential customer make an informed decision about purchasing your product or service.

Provide testimonials.

Social proof is a powerful thing. 

By providing testimonials on your website, you lower the risk for potential customers. 

Share them on your landing pages and sprinkle them throughout your service pages, too.

Test your CTA buttons to see what converts better.

Your “Order Now” or “Sign Up Now” button may convert better if it’s a different colour, size, or placed in a different location. 

Test your CTA buttons in several different variations to see which one performs best.

Be clear about what they’ll gain by choosing your product or service.

Of course, you’ll want to describe your product or service and talk about its features but explaining what they have to gain by purchasing from you is just as important. 

Tell them how your product can help them out or solve their problem. How is your product different from other similar services or products available?

Choose your headlines carefully.

The headline is one of the most critical elements of any page, especially when you’re trying to increase conversions and increase dwell times. 

Take the time to brainstorm as many as ten different headlines before you narrow it down to the strongest candidate.

Place your conversion elements above the fold.

Whenever you can, place your call-to-action buttons, opt-in boxes, and other conversion elements above the fold where they’re sure to get noticed.

Humanise your landing pages.

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Including short videos on your landing pages humanises your brand and shows that there’s a real person behind your company.

Always use dedicated landing pages for your PPC ads.

If you are running pay-per-click ads through Google AdWords or another platform, always direct your potential landing page. 

Dedicated landing pages have one decision for your visitor to make, unlike your homepage, which provides a variety of options (such as a navigation bar and other CTAs) for your visitor to choose from.

Show subscriber, like, and share counts.

 Much like testimonials, showing your subscriber, like, and share counts provide valuable social proof for your visitors. 

It decreases the risk factor, which could lead to a higher conversion rate.

Every piece of content on your website should include active calls to action.

Include clear, concise calls to action throughout your content. 

Your visitors should always know exactly what it is you want them to do next.

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Increase email conversion rate with a clear privacy statement.

Nobody wants to be inundated with spam emails, so including a privacy statement on your email list opt-in forms can have a significant impact on your conversion rate. 

In one case study, merely changing the wording of the opt-in form resulted in a 19% increase in the conversion rate.

Use emotion to get your audience excited.

What Is Emotional Branding And How Is It Effective Blog

Engaging storytelling and emotion-inducing language are effective ways to get your visitors excited about trying your products or services.

Make input fields optional.

It’s best to keep your opt-in forms simple, but if you want to ask for more information, such as their website address or what industry they’re in, make it optional to increase the likelihood that your audience will fill out the form. 

If you need the information, you can ask for it again later after they’ve become a subscriber or customer.

Meet the expectations of pay-per-click visitors.

If you are running PPC ads to drive visitors to a landing page, make sure the copy is consistent from the ad to the landing page. 

Your ad should tell them exactly what to expect if they click through, and then your landing page should deliver it.

Offer more than one payment option.

Many people don’t like to use PayPal, so if that’s your only payment option, it could be affecting your conversion rate. 

Offer more options so that people can choose the payment method they prefer.

Include reviews from current customers.

There’s no question that consumers rely on customer reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. 

Zendesk did a survey on this subject and discovered that a whopping 88% of people who responded to the questionnaire were influenced either positively or negatively by customer reviews.

Test different variations of your landing pages.

Minimalist Designs Ab Testing

Much like your CTA buttons, different variations of your landing pages may also convert better than others. 

Try testing different colours, fonts, layouts, and images to see what gets better results. 

For example, red is known to provoke feelings of anger or stress, while blue is considered calming, so experiment with your palette depending on which result you’re going for.

Generic, cookie-cutter stock photos can make your brand seem less personal and less genuine. 

Using professional-quality images helps you connect with your audience, and consumers are much more likely to purchase from brands they form a connection with.

Offer real-time customer service from your website.

Offering live chat with a chat tool to answer concerns or questions is a great way to provide real-time customer service and encourage conversions.

Use visual clues to direct your visitors’ attention.

Incorporate directional clues into your pages to direct your visitors’ attention. 

Arrows and other visual clues are a great way to make sure your audience sees critical on-page elements. 

Just be careful to keep things tasteful… avoid flashing red arrows and other things that can detract from the visual appeal of your page.

Show the face behind your company.

Include a headshot or other personal photo in your sidebar and other appropriate places on your website. 

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Seeing the human face behind the brand forms a connection with the viewer and reduces the sense of risk.

Experiment with the length of your content.

Depending on our audience, your niche, and what product or service you are offering, you may find that long-form content outperforms short-form content or vice versa. 

Experiment with different content lengths to see what performs best for your particular audience.

Include quality photos of smiling, happy people.

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Photos of smiling, happy people encourage that all-important connection between your brand and your audience. 

We have seen positive results using these types of photos to boost conversion rates on our website and clients’ websites.

Always provide adequate contact information.

Providing adequate contact information in an easily accessible location gives your potential customers confidence.

Offer bonus discounts when customers make a purchase.

Loyalty Email Marketing

Offer potential customers a bonus discount (such as free shipping or a per cent off on their next purchase) to encourage conversions and bring them back for a second purchase.

Don’t require customers to register to make a purchase.

Some customers might be turned off by having to fill out a registration form to purchase from your website. 

Try offering an express checkout option to encourage more conversions.

Match your copy’s reading level to your target audience.

Don’t turn your readers off by using obscure or hard to read language. The same goes for writing that’s too simplistic. 

Either one could alienate your target audience. Instead, match your copy’s reading level to that of your target audience.

Keep your options to a minimum.

Offering too many options can have a detrimental effect on your conversion rates. 

Some people become overwhelmed by too many options and may close out the page and click away to avoid having to make a decision. 

Keep navigation bars simple and try not to include too many other options on the page.

The Takeaway

Boosting your conversion rates comes down to testing and experimenting to find what your audience likes. 

What works best for one brand, niche, or website may not work at all for others. 

There’s no one size fits all approach that will boost every website’s conversion rates. 

Test, test, and test some more to figure out what works and be flexible enough to make adjustments as time goes on.

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