Dribbble Invites

Dribbble Invites

I’ve got a couple of Dribbble invites to give away to two great designers. If you don’t know what Dribbble is (and you should) it’s a great site for designers, artists and developers to show their WIP (work in progress) to fellow designers in order to get feedback and comments. It’s also an amazing resource for inspiration of all sorts and to generally see what goes on behind the scenes in a design project. Check out the “Explore by colour” tag to see what I mean: http://dribbble.com/colors/999999 or if you want to see what a designer’s sketchbook looks like  http://dribbble.com/tags/sketch

I’ve been on Dribbble for a while (find me here: http://dribbble.com/StuartLCrawford ) subscribing to the ‘pro’ account merely to support the site – the pro features are nice but not essential. They’ve implemented a “Hire Me” button for pro users which is a nice feature as it allows potential clients to get in touch directly via email, after being impressed with you work on the Dribbble site. The community is great; I follow a lot of designers that I’ve been following on Twitter / Google+ / Facebook and it’s nice to see their thoughts and processes that normally you wouldn’t see. It can be very helpful as well to get constructive criticism from the larger group, asking questions like “Which concept do you prefer?” can get real answers quickly from the designers you respect.

You can’t just register with the site and start posting, you need to either know someone or sign up as a spectator and hope you strike lucky. If you are interested in a Dribbble invite, leave a comment below with a link to your work and I will be in touch, if not this time then the next.


[update 19.0911]  – My Dribbble Invites have gone to http://dribbble.com/pretay and http://dribbble.com/steve_hayward_ but if you’d like to be in with a chance of getting the next allocated invites feel free to stick your name and url below – Thank you!

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Update 2015 for my Dribbble Invites


After quite some time without any new invites, I’ve got one! It’s not much but if you’re still desperate, leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do.


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Kyle Turman

I wouldn’t mind having one!

Here’s my portfolio: (http://www.kyleis.com) and my Dribbble prospect account: (http://dribbble.com/kyleturman).



I really want a dribbble account. It would help me to showcase my work all around the US. I’m really looking forward to having an account because my clients have been asking for it to see my work. I would appreciate one of your invites and remain at your orders.

Steve Hayward

Hope I’m not too late! Been after an invite for a while now!

Diego B

ou yeah! please draft me bro! working on my website as we speak http://dribbble.com/el_beas < prospect account

Phillip Retay

Hello Stuart. My portfolio can be found at: http://www.pixelfocused.com/

My Dribbble account is http://dribbble.com/pretay

Thanks for considering me!

Cannon Pearson

I’d like to play.


I would love to join the Dribbble team. Check out my work. The website is still under construction, but I think it will give you an idea of my skills. Hopefully you enjoy it. Thanks!


I’am a freelance creative.

Design Carnivore

I’d love to have a Dribbble invite and be able to post and interact with other designers.

I’m still working on my portfolio but here are some sample Dribbble shots

Thanks for considering me ^-^

Design Etiquette

I want a Dribble invite! Me, me, me!!! 🙂