Content Trends for 2020 – Types of Content You Should Focus On

Content Trends for 2020 – Types of Content You Should Focus On

Content is the most crucial part of any marketing touchpoint. The content is what interests the people. 

If they find the content interesting, only then will they go ahead and engage with it. 

Now it is up to the content creator if they can manage to reach and touch the people with just their content. 

We admit that there are various forms of content, and each type of content can have a different impact, but at last, content is what matters

Merely content has the power to make or break a customer or user and using it efficiently is necessary for your brand. 

Content is changing, and the way to display the material is also changing. 

Here are some content trends that are on the boom, and you should incorporate them into your strategy.

Let’s dive into the best content marketing trends to look upon in 2020:

1 – Video Content and Brand Storytelling

Ar Video Player

Videos have grown amazingly in 2019, and it is going to become more in 2020. 

Looking at how the popularity of Youtube, VR, and AR is increasing, we can say that brand storytelling will also rise in 2020. 

Videos keep users engaged for more time than any other form of content because consumers like to watch videos and can connect themselves with it. 

A video has so much power that it can make a person cry or happy with just the content in the video. 

So videos can be a great way to promote your products to your users.

Nowadays, consumers want their favourite brands to post videos so that they can enjoy them and interact with them. 

It also displays the products in action, which gains more trust as compared to images because the consumers can look at the product and how it functions.

One more advantage that videos have is that they can engage with the viewers emotionally

Along with advertising and promotion of products, videos have the power to touch people’s hearts if used correctly.

There can be various forms of videos; also, some of them are mentioned below:

● Livestream

● Q&As

● Product demos

● Behind the scenes

● Expert Interviews

● Advertisements

You can use one or all of these forms of video to engage your viewers with your brand.

Coming on to brand storytelling, most marketers have wrongly interpreted it as a promotional way to showcase their brand and its features.

Instead, brand storytelling refers to creating an experience for your users. 

You have to focus on what you do and why you do it. 

You have to try to connect to the audience emotionally and give them answers to questions like how was your journey till here? 

What was your inspiration? How did you manage in the beginning?

Involving the audience in your struggles and excitements is a vital part of brand storytelling. 

It helps the audience to connect with your brand more. 

When the audience can feel how far you’ve come and how much hard work you’ve put in, the value of your brand will increase in their minds. 

2 – User-Generated Content (UGC)

Ugc Conversion Rate

User-generated content refers to content created and posted on social media in favour of a product or service by a user of that product. 

It does not involve any monetary transaction and is done voluntarily by the users. 

The content can be in the form of images, videos, blogs, audios, testimonials, tweets and everything else in between. 

We all know how rapidly social media is growing and it has lead to the growth of UGC too. 

Many brands have already started utilising UGC for their marketing campaigns, both online and offline. 

As another user creates it, people trust it more than the branded content. 

It convinces new users to go ahead and give the product a try for they might like the product as others did.

Using UGC can help you in many of your business aspects; it can encourage user-engagement, increase your social reach, which means it can enhance your brand awareness

It also helps in building trust among users as they can look at happy existing users which also displays customer loyalty

Apart from all this, it helps you to drive conversions as well. 

The game here is choosing the right content to display in the right place and proper manner. 

If you get on track with UGC, you can get results unimagined.

3 – Micro-Influencers

Micro Influencer Marketing Instagram

We are all already aware of Influencer marketing, but there are a few misunderstandings regarding the same in the minds of marketers and business people. 

They feel that influencers are only celebrities with millions of following like the Kardashians. 

What you need to do is find a few micro-influencers who have a smaller following. 

These micro-influencers are way cheaper, and their followers are quite loyal to them. 

Micro-influencer marketing can be a game-changer for all size businesses. 

It’s the quickest way to brand awareness and builds a genuine connection with your target audience.

The key here is to choose the correct influencer for your brand and your products. 

It should be a well-thought decision so that you can maintain and enhance your relationship with the target audience. 

For instance, you can’t choose a fitness enthusiast to go ahead and promote cosmetics. 

Their following is there for fitness tips and not make-up advises. 

You should also not expect to gain overnight success through influencer marketing; you will have to wait and work hard to take your brand to the next level.

4 – Visual Content

Information Infographic

Visual content is something that will trend in 2020. 

Slowly people are shifting towards visual content as it is more vibrant and attractive to engage with. 

People like to interact with something visually appealing. 

With increasing technology and high-quality camera cellphones, visuals are getting better, and almost everybody is posting engaging visual content on their social media.

If you look at social media platforms, all of them have interactive imagery to attract people. 

Everybody is using those dynamic filters to entertain as well as to communicate with each other. 

From creating AR filters in Snapchat to creating GIFs, everything is trending presently.

This shows how much visuals are captivating the viewers with their vibrancy and newness. 

Using visuals can help you get more responses and better results for your brand and content strategy.

5 – Personalised data

Personalised Marketing Infographic

At present people know what technology is capable of doing, and they expect the brands to leverage that technology and provide them with a highly-personalised experience across the board. 

Each individual has a different taste; nobody wants generalised content now. 

Instead, the individual consumer wants to receive content tailored specifically to their interests and needs concerning your brand. 

As a user, I would not want recommendations about something I am not even interested in

It will reduce my loyalty to the brand if they can’t provide me with content that I like and would have an interest in because it will only waste my time and effort. 

This gains brand trust and loyalty as well as helps in higher sales as you provide them with content they like and would want to be interested in. 

6 – Podcasts and Webinars

Best Design Podcasts

Studies show that the popularity of podcasts has tripled in the last decade and is projected to grow in the future as well. 

People are getting more engaged with podcasts and have an increased chance to interact with the brand for any questions that arose. 

Podcasts are also a great way to educate users about your brand and adapt to brand storytelling so that people can connect with your brand. 

Many brands have started with podcasts, but there are still many that have not yet jumped in the pool.

Whereas webinars are a form of video content but way more than that. 

Webinars are presentations displayed in real-time via the Internet. 

They are organised to interact with the viewers by sending and receiving any information through the Internet. 

It is an interactive session between brand and users; it provides an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge about the product for the users and to educate them for the brand.

Webinars are rapidly gaining momentum, and you should go for webinars for your brand. This way, people get to interact and ask real-time questions to you.

Concluding the Content Trends for 2020

With a new decade, it is time you should also adopt some new trends for your brand

I have already mentioned some of the most effective content trends for you, and you can choose one or as many according to your products and requirements.

The key is to focus on consumers and not on the brand; all the content trends revolve around consumers and their likings. 

Using the above content trends for your brand can help you in the upcoming year and enhance your relationship with your users as the content is the most crucial part of the interaction.

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