Groovy and Timeless: The Best 1960s Fonts for Modern Design

Groovy and Timeless: The Best 1960s Fonts for Modern Design

The 1960s was a decade of immense change, innovation and creativity in many areas, including design. From groovy and psychedelic to classic and timeless, the 1960s fonts reflect the era’s revolutionary and experimental spirit.

Today, many designers draw inspiration from the bold and expressive typefaces of the period to create fresh and modern designs that pay homage to this iconic decade. In this article, we take a trip down memory lane and explore the best typefaces of the 1960s that still play a role in modern design today. Whether you’re working on a retro-themed project or just looking for inspiration, these groovy and timeless 1960s fonts will bring a touch of nostalgia to your work.

Best 1960s Fonts for Inspiration

1960S Typography Inspiration

1 – Aprila Font Family

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The Aprila typeface is an excellent example of a typeface inspired by the 1960s hippie movement, known for its psychedelic, vibrant and colourful symbolism. Aprila’s typeface perfectly captures the essence of this era by incorporating design elements that were prevalent during that time.

The typeface is the brainchild of an incredibly talented designer who spent countless hours studying and analysing the aesthetics of the hippie movement to create a typeface that genuinely reflects the essence of the movement. The result is a colourful, bright typeface that is sometimes difficult to interpret yet always grabs the viewer’s attention.

One of the best features of Aprila is that it is available in six different weights, making it a versatile typeface that you can use in a wide range of design projects. From headlines and titles to the body text and captions, Aprila is suitable for any application, and its versatility is a testament to the typographic skills of the designer.

2 – Pure Psychedelia Font

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Looking for a font that adds a groovy retro touch to any graphic design project? Then Mysterylab’s Pure Psychedelia is just what you need. This unique font is a masterful blend of two classic styles: modernised art nouveau and reinterpreted 1960s psychedelic art.

The result is a condensed typeface that is both versatile and timeless. The stylistic mix of hippy-dippy lava lamp blobs and tapered ends creates a dynamic linear flow that adds a unique touch to any design.

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Pure Psychedelia’s unique features make it the perfect choice for various projects. Whether you’re designing a retro poster for a music festival, creating a groovy logo for a new business or want to add a touch of nostalgia to your latest project, Pure Psychedelia is sure to impress.

Why not bring a touch of vintage flair to your next design project with Pure Psychedelia? With its dynamic, unique style and versatile uses, it’s guaranteed to bring any groovy graphic idea to life.

3 – Roca Font Family

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Originally developed as an extension of the popular MCL typeface Praline, Roca has since evolved into an independent typeface family with its personality. Like Praline, Roca is inspired by classic typefaces of the 60s and 70s, especially Windsor, Cooper Black, and Bookman.

Roca is available in two styles and six weights, which you can combine at will to create different looks. The type family includes 24 fonts with alternative weights and true italics, making it a versatile choice for any project.

Roca is equipped with OpenType features such as stylistic alternates and ligatures, allowing you to customise your designs to your heart’s content. And with multilingual support for most European languages and Cyrillic characters for Russian and Ukrainian, this font family is a truly global solution for any design project.

Whether designing a logo, creating a website or working on a print project, Roca is an excellent choice for adding a touch of retro flair. With its unique blend of classic influences, modern OpenType features and extensive multilingual support, Roca is sure to become a favourite font family for designers worldwide.

4 – Phaedra

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If you want to add a touch of nostalgia and warmth to your design project, Phaedra is the perfect serif typeface for the job. Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement and the popular typefaces of the 60s and 70s, Phaedra has a distinct and friendly personality that adds character to any project.

One of the outstanding features of Phaedra is its organic look with an egg-shaped O, a swan-like S and large upper bowls on the P and R. The lowercase a, h, m and n all have a unique slanted shoulder, while the e has an oblique cross stroke. The counters of the g and the o have a diagonal accent, and alternative versions of both letters reflect the ovoid shape of the capital O.

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Thanks to its distinctive features, Phaedra is an excellent choice for achieving a retro and vintage look in your design. It is particularly well suited for logos, posters, advertising and any other type of display you want to make a statement with.

Whether you’re designing for a modern brand that wants a touch of retro charm or for a project conscious of its nostalgic roots, Phaedra is an excellent option. With its warm and friendly vibe and unique, organic look, it is sure to become a favourite font for designers looking to add character and personality to their projects.

5 – Lucidity

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Get ready to groove with the new Lucidity font trio! This font family combines the best of two worlds: the psychedelic era and modern design. With its unique blend of vintage and contemporary elements, Lucidity is a versatile typeface that adds a touch of personality to any project.

Lucidity has open font features such as stylistic alternates and ligatures that allow you to customise your designs and add your unique touch. This trio of fonts is perfect for a wide range of design projects, including logos, headlines, branding, magazine layouts, album covers, book covers, movie posters, apparel design, quotes, invitations, flyers, posters, greeting cards, product packaging and printed quotes.

Lucidity is an excellent choice for any project that requires a touch of retro flair but with a modern twist. Its versatile and stylish design can be used in various contexts, from advertising and marketing to creative design and branding.

Whether designing a new brand identity, creating a magazine layout or designing an eye-catching poster, Lucidity is an excellent choice to add a touch of groove to your work. With its versatile and creative design, this trio of typefaces will become a staple in designers’ toolboxes everywhere.

6 – Mezzotint CF

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Mezzotint CF is a bold and playful display typeface that adds a daring personality to any design project. With its contrasting strokes, flared serifs, watery connectors and inky terminals, Mezzotint CF grabs the attention of any viewer. This typeface is perfect for logotypes, posters and editorial applications where you want to make a bold statement.

Mezzotint CF offers both Latin and italic weights in a single bold font, with broad language support, optional ligatures, OpenType alternates and more. These features allow for customisation and flexibility in your designs, making creating unique and dynamic layouts easy.

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To get the most out of Mezzotint CF, it pairs well with a contrasting, simple geometric sans-serif typeface like Greycliff CF. For the most significant effect, use a large difference in type size between the two fonts. This combination adds depth and contrasts to your design and makes your message stand out.

With its bold and playful personality, Mezzotint CF is the perfect choice for any project requiring creativity and fun. Whether creating a new brand identity, designing a poster or creating an editorial page, Mezzotint CF will add a touch of boldness and excitement to your work.

7 – Swung Note font

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Swung Note is an exciting and vibrant typeface guaranteed to bring fun and energy to any design project. With over three hundred intelligent, interlocking pairs powered by OpenType programming, this font works like magic. The result is a collection of characters that take on unique and playful shapes in different ligatures, giving your designs an authentic handmade feel.

The font’s bright, interlocking pairs work seamlessly together to provide a wide range of options for custom lettering. This makes Swung Note the perfect tool for creating customised typography that stands out from the crowd. Whether designing a poster, logo, book cover or any other type of visual communication, Swung Note is a great choice to add a touch of personality and vibrancy to your project.

One of Swung Note’s most notable features is its playful and groovy appearance. The letterforms are full of personality and movement, making them an ideal choice for designs that require a sense of rhythm and motion. The dynamic character of the letters is enhanced by the interlocking pairs, which create an almost dance-like flow between the characters.

The ligatures also add a unique element to Swung Note, making the compositions look like real handwork. The shapes of the letters shift and adapt to the letters around them, creating a sense of organic flow and unity throughout the text.

8 – Wolvercote

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Wolvercote is a stylish and bold typeface from an unexpected source – a visit to an antique shop. The typeface’s creator was inspired by the typography of fantasy novels that were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s. These books were full of stories about dragons, knights and magical lands, and their titles were decorated with eye-catching, bold typefaces that captured readers’ imaginations.

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Wolvercote is both a tribute to these classic typefaces and a modern twist. It is a display typeface in uppercase with unique letterforms that immediately catch the eye. The typeface is available in two different weights, allowing designers to choose the weights that best suit their design needs. In addition to the two weights, Wolvercote also offers small caps, standard punctuation and numerals, making it a versatile and comprehensive typeface.

The creator of Wolvercote made a conscious design decision, ensuring that each letterform was designed with care and attention to detail. The result is a typeface that exudes confidence and boldness and is perfect for attracting attention and making a statement. Wolvercote is ideal for book covers, posters, branding and any design that requires a touch of drama and flair.

9 – Changing

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Changing is an energetic typeface characterised by its unconventional design and a wealth of automatic interlock pairs that come to life in OpenType-compatible applications. This unique feature allows the typeface to create dynamic and appealing letter combinations that add an extra layer of interest to any design project.

The vibrant and unpredictable nature of the typeface makes it an excellent choice for designers looking for a bold, daring and expressive font. With Changing, designers can add a touch of playfulness and creativity to their work to stand out and grab the viewer’s attention.

One of the critical features of Changing is the automatic interlock pairs that provide an effortless flow between letters, resulting in an eye-catching and seamless composition. This feature is handy for designers working on projects that require a high degree of legibility, such as logos, headlines and banners.

In addition to its dynamic letter combinations, Changing is distinguished by its unique and unconventional design, which sets it apart from other typefaces. Its distinct personality and quirky character make it a good choice for projects requiring originality and creativity.

10 – Wavespired

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Wavespired is an exciting and unique typeface that combines the playful and funky letters of the modern cartoon style of the 1960s with a contemporary and elegant design. The result is a typeface that stands out for its unique retro and modern elements blend.

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This typeface is an excellent choice for designers who want to create eye-catching logos and headlines that stand out in any design project. Wavespired’s whimsical and fun font style, combined with its modern design, makes it an excellent choice for projects that require a happy and playful look.

The retro look of the 1960s heavily influences the typeface, but it also has a fresh and modern feel that makes it ideal for contemporary design requirements. The font’s quirky and distinctive letterforms are designed to be easy to read, making it an excellent choice for headlines, titles and other design elements that require clear communication.

In addition, Wavespired is perfect for projects that require a fun, retro-inspired design with a modern twist. It is a versatile typeface that you can use for various design projects, including book covers, posters, packaging and branding.

Overall, Wavespired is a typeface that combines the best of both worlds – the fun and playful spirit of the 1950s with a modern and fresh design. It is an excellent choice for designers who want to create extraordinary designs with a unique and striking look. Try her out and see how she can enhance your design projects.


In summary, the 1960s was a decade that marked a turning point in the world of design, and its bold and vibrant style continues to influence modern design trends to this day. The typefaces that emerged during this era were genuinely groovy and timeless, possessing a unique character that can enhance any current design project.

From the funky and psychedelic styles of the 60s to the sleek and modern fonts that emerged towards the end of the decade, 1960s fonts have something to offer for every design need. Whether you’re creating a vintage-inspired design or adding a touch of retro charm to a modern project, there’s a 1960s font that’s perfect for your needs.

With their distinct personalities and styles, 1960s fonts offer a unique and eye-catching touch that can enhance any design project. So why take inspiration from this iconic era and experiment with the groovy and timeless typefaces that defined it? Whether you’re a graphic designer or typography enthusiast, exploring the typefaces of the 1960s is a journey that will inspire and excite you.

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