Top 9 Typography Trends in 2019

Top 9 Typography Trends in 2019 – Font & Design Inspiration

Typography is an unimaginable horse-power behind every creative design.

It is a voiceless speaking aspect of every stunning design.

When beautiful typography is infused into a well-crafted design, it calls for more attention than a passive design.

Great designers know how effective good typography can sell or mar their creative prowess.

No wonder they never joke with their choice of typography.

Creative fonts can not only carry your message, but they also make a visual impact and evoke emotion.

Typography can express joy or fear, loud or quiet.

Alternatively, it can make you laugh, cringe, gasp—and everything in between.

While designing a template, the very first thing that you need to take care of is the writing style type which can either form the impression or completely break it.

No matter what editing application you are using, or in which platform you are writing, you choose the desired one from numerous typing styles.

Staring from bold to the italics, so many typography styles are there, and that’s quite overwhelming.

When you are choosing the writing style, so many factors are there which you should consider making your message effective and prominent.

Whenever you are writing something, it is solely because you want to deliver your message to others and that’s why the font style should have a clear voice to portray your thoughts.

The more attractive distinct your choice of typography, the more audible and louder is the voice of your typography, the clearer the audience can perceive its message.

In this new year of 2019, so many different forms of typographies are there which you can choose from the entire list.

Let’s have a look at some of the exciting typography trends for the year 2019 which are eagerly waiting to be used in your document or photo.

Undersized Lettering – a Clear Contrast to the Main Headline

Headline Typography Design

When you have a lot to write, but you cannot make the header image look like a messy one, overbearing the stress of so many words in a single line then creating undersized fonts is a great idea.

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While you will be doing this, keep the main text in bold, large fonts so that it can be read from a considerable distance.

However, one thing you need to make sure is that the letters and the words are evenly spaced so that the text will be distinct and prominent to the viewers.

After you placed the main heading in a comfortable position, now put the next line in a way where the previous text will overlook the new one.

There is no harm in making the secondary text smaller, slightly undersized as compared to the main text.

Here also, you need to take care of the letter spacing and the word spacing, along with proper line height.

Animated Typography

Animated Typography Trends

Animations have taken part in many fields, starting from presentations to the cinematography.

In 2019, there is a new field where you can witness the majestic glory of animations.

Now, you can create animated texts in places like advertisement templates, website covers, and many such dynamic platforms.

All you need to set is the proper starting and ending time of the animations.

The use of animated typography is significantly becoming more exciting and attractive.

You need to understand the concept before you can incorporate into your design.

Stacking Text Blocks

David Carson Typography Quote

Stacking words one above the other is an old tradition of typography.

Here, multiple text lines are written one above the other with less line height than required, looking like they are written directly one above the other.

However, enough space is introduced to make the text prominent.

The primary purpose of this particular style is to highlight more information by just using a few words.

This dramatically entices the audience as they are attracted to the typography style, and hence in what the text wants to convey.

You must follow a few rules while writing this typography style.

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Also it’s essential that you keep in mind your website design while playing with these fonts, you can also check this site out to know more about web design.

Coloured Fonts

Wild Bloom Fonts

Colour fonts are one of the best ways to highlight the intentions behind your message.

In fact, one of the main advantages of using the colour fonts is that you can synchronise the colour with the message you want to deliver.

For example, if you are creating a banner for the environment, then the shades of green, brown, and blue will be perfect for the text.

The right choice of colours in typography is synonymous to choosing the right spices for your cooking.

Make sure you are choosing the correct font style to make the colours the centre of attraction.

Don’t select slim and tall fonts as they tend to suppress the colours.

Colours are typography-magnet that pulls the eyes io any design.

Cut out Fonts Overlaid on Backgrounds

Cut Out Fonts

Another way to highlight a few words in a bold background is to make the typography with cutouts of beautiful environments.

When you are making the cutouts of the letters, you can create overlays of the different backgrounds and even the overlays of the colours to add more effect.

Place the cutouts at proper spacing to not make the text exaggerate and clumsy.

A little bit of creative instinct, good visualisation and practice will help in this case like in other situations too.

“Walking into the Words” – with Layering

Layered Text

When you are writing texts on a photo, you usually superimpose the writing on the image.

However, according to the newest trend, try out a different style of an overlay.

Here, superimpose the image of concern, like a bird or a human figure, over the text.

It will look as if the person is walking towards the words.

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It creates a stunning look where half of the text will be cut off with the figure while the other half will lay over the concerned image.

However, while creating the overlays, make sure the image is perfect for creating the magic and also the correct amount of the overlay.

Make sure that the letters are readable, even the ones which will be hidden by the picture.

A little caution is required in this case carefully to manage the image density and that of the text.

Nostalgic Feelings with Vintage Typography

Bignord Vintage Fonts For 2019

The vintage styled typography is the newest addition to the 2019 collection.

You can revive the nostalgic feelings with the amazing fonts with the curls at the ends of the fonts.

Nostalgic typography takes you away down the memory lane.

This can be a quick tinge from an old scene or a family union.

Mostly, nostalgic typography has a great appeal to the audience on a sentimental and emotive basis.

No matter how forward moving in the world, the binge of longing to the past remains.

This is why this type of typography will ever remain unique.

High Contrast Typography Trends

Big And Bold Fonts In Web Design

In this type of typography, the down strokes of the letters will be thicker compared to the upper strokes.

As a result, the outcome looks great, especially when you are choosing a perfect image with a bold style.

While writing in this style, make sure to give a little more space between the letters if you are using a single word in the entire picture.

For a text line, keep space between the words and not the letters since you need to highlight on the typography of the words.

Good spacing judgement will determine and enhance what the outcome will look like.

Handmade Fonts

Reis Handmade Font Design

Handmade fonts create every piece unique and hence, they are quite famous if you would like to have something personalised.

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For example, you want to create a fantastic banner for your product, but you don’t want to go to the traditional ways of choosing the printing fonts.

In that case, you can write your own distinctive fonts using your calligraphic styles.

The danger, in this case, is that you may drown the message and effectiveness of your creative ability in the oblivion of readability.

When you choose to go the way of personal handmade font styles, be sure that you select readable letterings that will not require readers too much stress.

When too much strain is required to comprehend what was written, the intent of the message is already lost.

Choose simple and legible letterings, not too complicated to decipher.

Remember, the more straightforward to read, the easier to comprehend.

Start with the funny, quirky ones and end at the vintage style in this coming 2019 year, to create some of the fantastic typography styles on your header banners.

Trying your hands on all the new top shot fonts in 2019 could be great fun and very engaging though, but it could be gratifying.

It will all the same wake up your creative alertness.

You can also create your own typography that may become a “Whoa!” to others.

You may also try something new by experimenting with the blending of two or more fonts together to achieve something unique and outstanding along the line.

With this well-narrated “Top 9 Typography Trends For 2019”, your creative design will move up and attain a cuter dimension.

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