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Why Hire a Branding Consultant?


With businesses now implementing multiple marketing channels and touch point marketing online, a consistent brand with a focused message is critical to generating sales and positive ROI.

That means your logo design, your story, and your brand strategy must all align and become consistent across all your marketing channels.

Your brand design must stand out, be relevant, modern and innovative.

However, It is a challenge for most businesses to identify the correct path to successful brand identity.

That is why hiring a professional branding consultant is essential to your bottom line.

Not only will a good brand consultancy take the time to listen to your specific business needs, but they will also help you identify lost opportunities and identify potential weaknesses in your competitors.

Hire The Best Brand Consultant In Belfast
Branding Consultation Services In Belfast By Inkbot Design
Eight seconds.

That is how long you have to capture the attention of your potential customers.

In that small window of time, your brand must be ready to engage and convert.

I think you would agree: It is a busy online world and you need every competitive advantage you can get when it comes to marketing your business online.

Today, your brand is visible across many different social media channels and networks.

Multiple touch points are the key to converting viewers to customers.

In mere seconds you have a chance to capture a client for life and help your brand stand out from the crowd.

Working with Inkbot Design was like stepping into a totally different world.

Having worked with a few designers who I felt were severely lacking in understanding their client's requirements, Stuart was a pleasure to work with.

Within a few days, I felt like I had known him for a few years and not days.

His clarity is unrivalled, his ability to seek out my requirements, provide astute observation and suggested direction while still making me feel I was in control is a skill you can’t make up.

As a brand existing in the complex world of e-commerce, classifieds, Auctions and affiliate marketing, we needed to appeal to all those varied demographics (Business and private) without alienating any of them and I believe we pulled it off brilliantly.

The journey was pleasurable and fulfilling.

I will certainly use Stuart and Inkbot Design in out future projects.

Everything felt so easy.

Thank you, Stuart.

David Longe


Did you know:

Data and creativity are driving the next generation of brand storytelling.

For centuries, humans have gathered around to listen to stories.

Storytelling is a powerful way to persuade viewers into buyers.

True today, humans still love stories – we love visual stories more than ever.

Give us a chance to tell your story through creative Branding!

At Inkbot Design, we offer full brand consultation services in Belfast and can bring your brand to life.

With an eye for detail, our talented team is ready to help you achieve your visual goals from initial brief to final implementation.

From a comprehensive website review to advice on branding across social media, we have you covered.

Expert Brand Consultation Services Belfast

Get in touch for a Brand Consultation today!

Whether you need social media marketing, logo design or even mobile app branding, your brand design strategy must embody a visual story that attracts customers to keep them engaged over time.

Alternatively, maybe you are struggling to find a new creative name for your company, why not get in touch, and we will include a tagline for free!

Put our innovative branding and graphic design solutions to work for your business.

We combine the latest trends in data analytics and creative design to deliver extraordinary value to your business.

An online brand design consultation can be arranged no matter your location.

If you are starting a new marketing campaign or have already begun the process and need some guidance, contact us today to schedule your brand consultation.

If you prefer an online Brand consultation over a formal, in-person design consultation, we can easily arrange that as well!

We can help you become a successful business through a structured growth and action plan.

We have worked on strategy and tactics, in a wide range of industries, with companies of all sizes from all over the world.

From web startups to construction companies, freelancing entrepreneurs to large non-profit Organisations.

You can put your confidence in Inkbot Design, the premier graphic design and digital branding agency in Belfast.

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Brand Consultation Services In Belfast
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