How to Build the Best Photography Studio Setup

How to Build the Best Photography Studio Setup

Owning a photography studio can be pretty cost-saving in the long run. 

It’s the best way to take your photography business to the next level. 

Photographers try different ways to improve their businesses, attract more clients, and earn profits. 

The only difference is how best can you create your photography studio set up by yourself, save money, and still beat your competitors.

In other words, it requires you to follow apt procedures and materials to make an outstanding photo studio. 

Are you wondering how to do it yourself? 

Whether you’re planning to shoot family, friends, or business photos, this ultimate guide will walk you through each step. 

Let’s learn how to build a photography studio without much ado.

1 – Decide on Location and Space

Best Photography Studio Near Me

The first and critical thing to creating a photo studio is deciding where you’ll set it up. 

Is it your basement, backyard, in a rental, or attic? 

When choosing the area, consider one that gives you adequate room to fit your target customers and allow for future expansions.

You can use this as a reminder that you too can find a small studio space in a place you already own and has convinced you to take what you have and turn it into something great. – Savage Universal

It would be good to pick a space that can accommodate several people for portrait photos. 

This can be best, especially if your target clients will be mainly families. 

If not, it would be wiser to set your studio in a place where the space is relatively large. 

By doing so, your studio will be incredibly flexible to cater to your customers’ needs, whether in small or large numbers, satisfactorily.

Additionally, set your studio where your customers can get parking spaces and motorway access. 

On top of that, be sure the roads around you’re studio is not too tight for vehicles, whether small or more significant coming to the studio. 

More importantly, choose a highly secure location as this will help attract many clients to your photo studio and increase sales.

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For business-oriented photographers, set your studio in the towns or close to cities where your customers can get easy access. 

In this case, consider how much money you’ll spend to acquire the space and materials for the construction process.

However, if your studio requires a larger space, finding someplace out of town and the city can help you save money. 

This means that your studio-making process will be pretty affordable. 

Now that you have decided where to set your photography studio let’s move to the next step.

2 – Set-Up backgrounds/backdrops

Photography backdrops are known to provide a contextual elegance to images. 

They can also help control or regulate light reflections and exposure. 

You can also use the proper light to populate the background to give your images a glamorous ambience. 

Artificial screens can work as backdrops if you want the best texture, colour temperature, and lighting.

Moreover, today’s photography backgrounds are available in the market, with many of them made of paper, vinyl, or fabric. 

White background product photography – Recall that nearly 90% of the top fashion sites use white background product photography. – Clipping Path

Fabric background choices to make include muslin, velvet, or canvas. 

EMART 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support System, Photography Video Studio Lighting Kit Umbrella Softbox Set Continuous Lighting for Photo Studio Product, Portrait and Video Shooting Photography
  • 8.5 x 10 ft Backdrop Support System with 6 x 9 ft Muslin Backdrop(black, white green), Backdrop stand supports canvas, muslin and paper, suitable for home and professional studio use. the backdrop stand can extend to 8.5 ft in height and 10 ft wide lot’s of room for all kinds of studio shoots.
  • 6 x 9 ft Muslin Backdrop(Black, White and Green), 100% Cotton Muslin seamless background to help absorb the light and eliminate reflection, thick and solid hang down feeling good. NOTE: due to transporting it, the backdrop may has wrinkles, please hung out the backdrop by 1-2 days if necessary, use steam iron to iron the reverse side.
  • The Photography Umbrella Lighting Kit, soften Lighting and set up the light differently depending on what effect. Light stand and bulb holders are flexible, the height of light stand can be adjusted between 2.5ft- 7ft. The angle of the bulb holders can be turned both horizontally and vertically, manually adjust distance between light bulbs & umbrella to get best light
  • 24″ x 24″ Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit, 5500K color temperature is most suitable for studio shooting, portrait lighting and still-photography, Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting, Silver internal face can minimize light loss and maximize light spread.
  • Studio Light and Background Support System List, [2] 24″x24″ Softbox, [1] 8.5 x 10ft Backdrop Stand Support System,[3] 6×9 ft Muslin Backdrop(Black, White and Green), [6]Backdrop Spring Clamps, [4] Backdrop Clip Holder, [4] 5500K CFL Daylight Bulb,[2]Lamp Holder, [2] 33inch Translucent Umbrella, [4] 7ft Light Stand, [1] 43″ 5 in 1 Reflector. [1] Carrying Bag

As for printed canvas, they are the best for substituting the appearance of natural features, sky, or water.

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You’ll need at least three backgrounds, mainly dark and white-coloured, to give your photos a vibrant and attractive look. 

After that, you may go for backdrops with fancy and crisp patterns as your business progresses.

You can creatively use a curtain rod and hang your backdrops on the wall rather than buying a costly hanging kit. 

So, you can easily alternate the background for your photos and still get good images. But if you can afford it, then no problem.

3 – Get suitable lighting equipment

Finding the right lighting equipment is massively essential when it comes to photography. 

If you are a product photographer, capturing photos for jewellery, clothing, sporting accessories, or any other valuable product must capture the subject’s unique selling proposition. 

Typically, the light source’s position can help create light and dark patches that provide vast power to a picture. 

Besides, you can alter natural colours and moods to emphasise the subject’s features.

Use natural sunlight to have your studio’s windows facing north and south. 

With this alignment, your photography studio gets better access to the sun the entire day to give you excellent light for your photography needs. 

However, daylight varies, and on cloudy days, you will have to use artificial sources of light.

A basic home photography studio lighting setup can consist of just one light (either a Speedlight or a flash), and a reflector, such as an umbrella. – Format

LED lamps 

SaleBestseller No. 1
EMART 60 LED Continuous Portable Photography Lighting Kit for Table Top Photo Video Studio Light Lamp with Color Filters – 2 Packs
  • Contents: 2 x15w High Output Table Top LED Photography Light with Stand, 2 x Red Color Gel Filter, 2 x Blue Color Gel Filter 2 x Orange Color Gel Filter, 2 x White Color Gel Filter
  • LED Table Top Studio: 60 LED / 1400 Lumen / 180° Adjustable Angle / Maximum Height: 11 inch, 90+ CRI, Daylight balanced 5500K, 15W LED continuous lighting, deliver true and nature colors
  • The included AC / DC adapter can help protect your safety while increasing the brightness of the ring light by more than 50% compared to other USB-powered models
  • Multi-function use: Perfect light for photography studio, lighting for video, images, collocation with all kinds of tabletop studio, an essential photography lighting kit for video shooting
  • Ideal for Product Photography: Retractable bracket, hand-held use available, If you do video conferencing, recording and game streaming, recommend another lighting ASIN: B0859FD2QF, soft light, 11 levels of brightness adjustable

Soft natural light is excellent for outdoor shooting, so your studio photos won’t survive without a steady source of artificial light. 

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With modern LED lamps, you can get reliable, continuous, consistent light. 

You can obtain a striking array of colours by combining these lamps with colour filters and lighting strips. 

This artificial light source is excellent for tabletop photo shooting, like photographing food and still objects.


SaleBestseller No. 1
Neewer Universal Photography Speedlite Flash 1.85″ x 3.03″/47 x 77 mm 35PCS Square Full Color Balance Gel Filter Kit with Magic Strap for Canon Nikon Sony Pentax Olympus and Other Flashes
  • 35 pieces color gel filters for lighting effects and color correction.
  • Includes the largest selection of popular colors for controlling light from your strobes.
  • 35 color filters made of high transparent material,the color temperature is stable and the loss is small.
  • Use combinations of these filters to create different effects, such as cool effects, enhancing skin tone in portraits, color correcting or matching ambient, simulating different kinds of light, cheating white balance etc.
  • Can be fastened by magic strap, easy to use.

You may require Speedlights or strobe lights for use during flash photography. 

These artificial lights create brief, cheerful flashes that bestow your subject with utmost character. 

Besides that, they help block the sun and create powerful deep shadows. 

If you are a novice photographer, you can get an excellent Speedlight kit with a studio softbox, translucent white umbrella, flash, and wireless trigger.


Bestseller No. 1
Godox Octagon Softbox 37 inch/95cm Photography Light Diffuser and Modifier with Bowens Speedring Mount for Monolight Photo Studio Strobe Lighting
  • Softbox diffuses the strobe flash giving you that perfect even lighting you need for the best shots possible.
  • Skin tones come to life and blemishes fade away.
  • Colors pop and your shots can go to new levels or professionalism with a good softbox.
  • With Standard size Bowens speed mounts, this hiqh quality softbox fits right in any studio.
  • The large size of the softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large sized product shots.

These are equipment that helps to control the direction and spread of light before illuminating your subject. 

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Modifiers deliver hard shadows that give dissonant contrast to your photos, and that’s why they serve to diffuse bright lights in a photography session. 

You will find modifiers in three varieties: umbrellas, softboxes, and scrims. They come in different forms and styles to differently.

Light modifier options include: Metallic or white reflects: Create the effect of having a whole other light on your scene; they will give you either a cool glow or, in the case of gold reflectors, a warm glow that could easily trick the eye into thinking it’s sunlight. – Format

Artificial lighting helps supplement the light available in the photo studio and enhances the appearance of your images. 

Therefore, you need to find a proper lighting kit to make clear and incredible pictures.

In that case, bright, white light can be the best lighting equipment to start with and capture excellent photos. 

Find an ideal place in the studio and position your artificial light source aptly to make your subjects visible. 

This will help you reflect, highlight, or assume distinct preplanned spots during photo shooting. 

Besides, use light reflectors or modifiers to give incredible effects to your photos.

4 – Purchase the perfect camera gear

Finding a good camera with handy features is essential for capturing excellent images that your customers will love. 

Some people may even spend around $5000 for the perfect camera. 

It may be costly, yes, but usually worth it. 

Bestseller No. 1
Canon EOS R3 Body
  • High Image Quality with a Back-illuminated Stacked 24.1 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC X Image Processor with an ISO range of 100-102400; Expandable to 204800
  • High-speed continuous shooting of up to approx. 30 fps with electronic (silent) shutter and up to 12fps with Mechanical Shutter
  • Improved Dual Pixel CMOS AF with 1,053 AF Points featuring Vehicle Detection as well as Eye, Face, Head, and Animal Detection
  • The First EOS Digital camera to feature Eye Control AF

In other words, such a camera gives excellent shots and will last for many years. 

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You may also use a smartphone with powerful camera lenses and still get incredible images.

Moreover, no one would want blurry or shaky images, whether it’s a brand new camera or not. 

A tripod stand may be handy for getting steady and crystal clear images. 

The most significant advantage is that they allow easy modifications to suit your height and angle needs.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Aureday 74’’ Camera Tripod with Travel Bag,Cell Phone Tripod with Wireless Remote and Phone Holder, Compatible with DSLR Cameras,Cell Phones,Projector,Webcam,Spotting Scopes
  • 【Broad Applicability】Extends from 20.87 to 74in, this tripod fully adapts to a range of different user heights and enables you to compose your photos more creatively than ever before
  • 【Multiple Shooting Angles】 Thanks to its versatile central mechanism, it adjusts to multiple shooting angles in only a few seconds, including Landscape Mode, Portrait Mode, Low Angle Shot, High Angle Shot and 360 ̊°Panoramic Shooting, which allows you to discover your potential and shoot like never before
  • 【Universal Phone Holder & Wireless Remote】The tripod provides a universal 360° rotating phone holder, extending from 58mm(2.3Inches) to 115mm(4.5Inches) that fits most smartphones. Moreover, it comes with a Wireless remote, pairs with your mobile so that you can take photos/video from 30ft/10m away
  • 【Unique Premium Design】 Our tripod combines high-quality materials (High-grade Aluminum Alloy with ABS Resin), technological expertise and innovation with superior Italian design, catering to every style and type of camera and is ready to support photographers in every stage of their work
  • 【Unique Premium Design】 Our tripod combines high-quality materials (High-grade Aluminum Alloy with ABS Resin), technological expertise and innovation with superior Italian design, catering to every style and type of camera and is ready to support photographers in every stage of their work

5 – Interior Designs

How you design and decorate your studio’s interiors is another critical thing. 

It determines the appearance of your final images, impression, and the comfort levels it will give your clients.

Most people like sitting on a stool or a chair when taking their photos. 

Others love holding certain items made to look like animals or other stuff. 

These make them look even more stylish and get impressive images. 

These items will vary depending on the type or nature of your photography business.

For instance, if you intend to specialise in capturing portraits, you may need furniture, toys, magazines, a filing cabinet for prints, a backdrop screen, and a work desk. 

The first three add-ons can help give your customers a good impression and attractive images. 

Besides, they may help build an excellent ambience for word-of-mouth ideal for your photography portfolio.

What if you are a food photographer? 

If that is the case, you may require a table and chairs alongside the kitchen area and kitchenware if necessary. 

Product photographers need kick snacks and souvenirs to function as photography props.

Regarding colours for the studio’s interior walls, go for one that supports the type of effects you prefer for your camera. 

Consider soft colours like white if you want a more excellent light reflection and limit shadows. 

Matte finishes are the best for controlling glare than glossy ones.

Ensure the studio’s flooring is smooth marble or wood, as you will have to move stands around more often. 

Besides, such a flooring system tends to be elegant, just like your dream photography studio.

More importantly, ensure the studio has no empty spaces or walls as you can sell what you show your clients. 

So, consider adding or filling the waiting areas with printed samples of your great work. 

And always create an inventory to get everything in order.

6 – Determine your editing means

Adobe Lightroom Photographers

Photography is not just taking images, and that’s all, no! 

It involves editing the captured pictures and retouching them to perfection to remove any flaws. 

Before starting the editing process, you must go through all the images you have captured, select the best ones, and arrange them properly. 

Doing so will save much time and reduce the stress or costs you would spend on pictures that may never be useful.

However, it is essential to understand how you will edit your captured images. 

Are you going to edit the captured photos by yourself? 

If so, a laptop or desktop with apt editing software is what you must have.

Understand which photo editing software is ideal for your needs. 

Some are available for use freely, and others require payments before using them. 

Consider selecting the best software that allows for easy use to save you a lot of time and effort during the editing process. 

You can also find all your photos edited and retouched to perfection by professionals at FixiPixi at an incredibly affordable cost. 

They are reliable and efficient, guaranteeing the best-quality photos your customers will love.

Also, check out this guide on photography studio management software to keep everything in check.

7 – Find a suitable photo printer

Canon PIXMA Pro9000 Mark II Inkjet Photo Printer (3295B002)
  • Maximum 4800×2400 dpi FINE printhead technology
  • Photo Lab quality 11-inchx14-inch color photo in approximately 1 minute 23 seconds
  • Support for fine art paper up to 13″x19″ with two separate paper paths, including front feeder for heavy-weight paper types
  • Professional printer features using Easy-PhotoPrint Pro plug-in software
  • Ambient Light Correction feature; optimizes color output to match the specified lighting condition

Most of your customers will ask for hard copies, especially those for the group, friends, pets, and family photos. 

They will need them to place somewhere on the walls of their homes or offices or put in their photo albums. 

As such, a printer will be mandatory for your photography studio.

Even businesses will, at some point, need photos in hard copies for different uses. 

So, find one whose performance is reliable, faster, and efficient.

8 – Market your new photography studio

Once you have everything set, it is time to get your photography studio recognised. 

How are you going to do that? 

Well, it is straightforward. 

Design and print several posters or cards and pass them to social gatherings. 

You can also share them with family members and friends and ask them to share with others.

Similarly, share the posters or some of your work on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and much more. 

By doing so, you will be making your studio recognised and, in turn, attracting customers.

Important Note

Creating the best photography studio is a step-by-step process that every photographer enthusiast needs to handle carefully. 

The final results depend primarily on your input and understanding. 

Therefore, always have a working plan before doing anything. 

Keep it simple, and don’t try to overdo the studio moving process, as it may make things harder for you and even fail to meet your expectations.


Building a photography studio is not a tricky task. 

You need to create a suitable plan and execute it as required. 

You’ll need to spend some money to make the process successful. 

If correctly done, the benefits the studio will give you are plenty. 

If you get lost somewhere, go through the steps above to get everything right. 

Best of luck with your photo studio creation!

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