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How to Treat your Employees for Better Productivity?

How to Treat your Employees for Better Productivity?

No business can do without employees. 

And your entrepreneurial attitude towards your employees directly affects the success of your business, as well as the speed of development. 

An entrepreneur should have a right hand—a person who will deal with all severe issues together with them. 

But first, you need to understand that the people who work for you are not friends but employees. 

Many aspiring entrepreneurs face the problem that they try to be nice to everyone. They are ashamed of the fact that they earn more but don't treat their employees well. 

But you have to take it easy.

Social responsibility should start with a turnover of a million dollars a month, at least. Until then, it is not even worth thinking about. 

The task is trivial – to survive. And when you have much money and a steadily operating business, you can think about social responsibility. But not before.

And surviving is much easier if you let go of sentimentality and understand that you are, in fact, an exploiter. 

You are using people to achieve your goals. And that's perfectly normal. And most importantly, it's voluntary. 

No one is forcing them to work for you. And if they do, you owe them nothing, except for the timely payment of wages and creating a comfortable environment for work.

And you have to manage people strictly. You can be a thrice good person in life, but you must be a calculating and cynical exploiter in business. 

Moreover, it is your obligation. Otherwise, you will ruin your business, and people who work in it will lose their jobs.

Employees should work for you, not the other way around

How To Treat Employees Tips

Let's take a case study from my experience. 

My acquaintance set up her business two years ago. 

When talking with her, I realised that her business was not doing well. The money she earned was typical. But in her situation, it was not the employees who worked for her, but she worked for the employees. 

At the same time, people received quite large salaries, given that there was nothing special in their work, she did not require any special skills.

What were her mistakes?

  • She measured everyone by herself. Since she came from another city, she did not understand how people could work for a small salary. Because she once worked for someone herself, she wanted to please everyone in the salary. That is why she paid everyone much money and did not believe me for a long time when I explained to her that people could work for $500.
  • She was ashamed of taking advantage of people for their benefit. That is why she worked for three people to show the employees that she was with them and on their side. All the time, she was cleaning up their mistakes and not loading them full enough with work.
  • Too friendly with the employees. Tried to maintain a friendly atmosphere. Employees paid for this with laxity and inflated salary expectations.
  • She did not hire employees from the open market but by an acquaintance. This made it difficult for the owner.
  • Didn't count their money. There is a constant flow of cash in the business, so it seems that there is always money. At the same time, there was no clear idea of how much she earned. So I advise you to look at the check stub generator app, which many people in business use to calculate salaries, profits, etc., accurately.
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The above mistakes are typical for aspiring entrepreneurs. Everyone has made them, some more mistakes than others.

I've just worked long enough for a low salary myself to know what kind of money a particular employee deserves. 

So don't make these mistakes; treat your employees fairly and honestly. 

If a person did their best on a project or just did a good job for a month, you can reward them with a bonus. This will become a motivation in the future.

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