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Make Your Direct Mail Strategy Digital By Adding Informed Delivery

Make Your Direct Mail Strategy Digital By Adding Informed Delivery

It's hard to ignore the rise of digital direct mail. With the increase in technology, people have gotten used to receiving information online rather than through direct mail. But there are still many businesses that are using direct mail as part of their strategy. 

Direct mail is a tried and true marketing strategy for small businesses. Although the medium has been ridiculed and ignored by large companies, small businesses continue to use it to grow. But technology has changed the direct mail game. You can combine your direct mail pieces with digital technology to help you get more out of your marketing dollars.

Customers expect to receive packages faster and wish to be notified of a package delivery when that package is headed their way. This has led some companies to offer a particular service called Informed Delivery. 

Informed Delivery allows a customer to view the packages headed their way, the time the package will arrive, and even the route the delivery person will take to get to their location. Adding informed delivery to your direct mail strategy may help you improve your direct mail conversion rates.

Informed Delivery is a free service available to U.S. residents that delivers a digital preview of your mail to your device. This service will allow you to scan your mail and decide which correspondence to keep and which can be thrown away. The blog will discuss how you can use this service to create a more profitable direct mail strategy.

This blog will also give insight into how to go digital with Informed Delivery.

What is Informed Delivery, and how does it work?

What Is Informed Delivery

Direct mail is a tried and true marketing strategy, but you can make it even more effective by adding Informed Delivery to the mix. Informed Delivery is a free service from the United States Postal Service that lets users see what mail is coming to their address daily. 

This means that your recipients will know when your direct mail piece is arriving, and they can be sure to open it when it does.

Informed Delivery also allows you to track your direct mail campaign and see how many people are opening and interacting with your piece. This data can be invaluable in fine-tuning your strategy and ensuring that your direct mail campaigns are as effective as possible.

So if you're looking to take your direct mail strategy to the next level, consider adding Informed Delivery. It's a simple and effective way to make your campaigns even more successful.

How to employ informed delivery in your business?

Branded Content Marketing Social Media

Social Media Presence 

Your company can use Informed Delivery to boost its social media presence in several ways. First, you can use it to track your shipments and notify customers of their status. 

This can help build customer loyalty and trust. Second, you can use Informed Delivery to create shipping notifications and updates that you can share on social media.

This can help increase your brand awareness and reach. Third, you can use Informed Delivery to generate customer feedback that you can post on social media. This can help show potential customers that you're a company that cares about its customers and is always looking for ways to improve.

Enables a sneak peek into the mail through the mail

Informed Delivery is a free service from the United States Postal Service that allows users to see what mail is coming to their address daily. This service can benefit companies who want to stay ahead of the competition by knowing what their customers are interested in. 

Informed Delivery makes it easy to stay knowledgeable about what is happening with your company's mail. You can also use Informed Delivery to make a video of your delivered mail.

Good design ensures that your company's Informed Delivery implementation is user-friendly and efficient while providing other benefits.

By taking advantage of good design, your company can improve its Informed Delivery implementation and make the most of the benefits that Informed Delivery has to offer.

How can informed delivery benefit your Business?

Informed Delivery® is a free and optional notification service that allows residential consumers to digitally preview their letter-size mail and manage their packages scheduled to arrive soon. 

Subscribers to Informed Delivery can also receive daily notifications with grayscale images of the exterior and address side of letter-size mailpieces arriving soon. These images will be visible on the Informed Delivery dashboard or in email notifications that you can elect to receive and will provide you with a digital preview of your letter-size mail for the coming day. 

Informed Delivery provides a convenient way for users to track packages and manage their incoming mail. This service benefits users who often travel or are away from home for extended periods. Informed Delivery lets users digitally preview their mail and manage packages from anywhere. 

How to build an effective digital direct mail campaign for a successful Informed Delivery?

Direct Mail Vs Junk Mail

There are several essential tips to keep in mind when launching an Informed Delivery campaign:

1 – Keep your audience in mind

Whom are you trying to reach with your campaign, and what are their needs and interests?

The first step in planning your digital direct mail campaign is getting to know your audience. What are their needs and wants? What are their pain points? What motivates them? Once you understand your target audience, you can start to craft an effective campaign that will resonate with them.

Your campaign should have a clear purpose and goals, and each piece of content should support those objectives. Make sure your call-to-actions are solid and straightforward, and your campaign is mobile-friendly since more and more people are reading their emails on their phones. Pay attention to the little details, like ensuring your branding is consistent throughout the campaign.

If you take the time to craft a well-informed and targeted campaign, you'll be well on your way to a successful, Informed Delivery.

2 – Keep your message clear and concise.

Your audience should be able to understand your message quickly and easily. To build an effective digital direct mail campaign for a successful Informed Delivery, you should keep your message clear and concise. 

You will want to include a strong call-to-action that compels the recipients to take the desired action, whether by clicking through to your website or taking advantage of a special offer. 

You should also ensure that your email is mobile-friendly, as more and more people are reading their email on their smartphones. Finally, you should track your results to gauge your campaign's effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.

3 – Make sure your campaign is visually appealing.

Informed Delivery by USPS is a great way to ensure your direct mail campaign is successful. By making sure your campaign is visually appealing, you can make sure that it stands out in the Informed Delivery interface and catches the attention of your target audience. 

Informed Delivery data can also help you segment your list and target your campaign to specific demographics, interests, and locations.

4 – Make use of social media.

Direct mail can be a powerful marketing tool, but it can be challenging to know how to make the most of it in the digital age. Social media is one way to ensure your direct mail campaign is successful. 

Utilising platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can help you reach a wider audience and get more people interested in your Informed Delivery.

Make sure to craft a compelling message that will grab attention and make people want to learn more about your Informed Delivery. Use strong visuals and clear, concise language to get your point across. 

And remember to include a call to action! Encouraging people to sign up for your Informed Delivery or visit your website for more information can help you turn a casual reader into a potential customer.

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Using social media to promote your direct mail campaign can reach a larger audience, generate more interest, and boost your bottom line.

5 – Make sure you have a solid call to action.

If you're looking to build an effective digital direct mail campaign, there are a few key things you'll need to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure you have a solid call to action. 

Your CTA should be clear and concise, and it should be easy for recipients to understand what they need to do next. Additionally, be sure to personalise your campaign as much as possible. 

Include the recipient's name in the message's subject line and body, and ensure the content is relevant to their interests. Finally, remember to track your results so you can gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

6 – Get accurate analytics.

Informed Delivery by Get the accurate analytics is an effective digital direct mail campaign that you can use to reach and engage customers successfully. The campaign uses various data-driven tools to target and deliver personalised messages to customers. 

Using these tools, businesses can accurately track customer behaviour and preferences and create targeted messages that are more likely to be opened and clicked on. 

Additionally, the campaign allows customers to opt-in to receive special offers and discounts, which can incentivise them to take action. Overall, Informed Delivery by Get accurate analytics effectively reaches and engages customers through digital direct mail.

7 – Make optimum usage of images.

To make an effective digital direct mail campaign for a successful Informed Delivery by making optimum usage of images, you should: 

  • Choose an attention-grabbing image that will make recipients want to open your email.
  • Use relevant photos to your message and add value to your content.
  • Avoid using too many pictures or huge images that could slow down loading time or cause your email to be flagged as spam.
  • Use pictures that are high quality and have a professional appearance.
  • Test your email with different photos to see which generates the best results.

8 – Use the URL correctly. 

Digital direct mail can be a very effective way to reach your target audience. Informed Delivery by using the URL properly can help you maximise your results. You will need to take a few key steps to build an effective digital direct mail campaign for a successful Informed Delivery using the URL correctly.

First, you must create a list of potential customers or clients you would like to target with your campaign. Next, you will need to create a compelling and attention-grabbing message that you will send to these potential customers or clients. 

Finally, you will need to make sure that your campaign is appropriately tracked and monitored so that you can measure its effectiveness. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your digital direct mail campaign is successful and that you can reach your desired audience.

How can Informed Delivery create value for customers?

The upshot is that Informed Delivery can provide significant value for consumers by helping them stay on top of their mail, avoiding missed deliveries, and even deterring theft.

Informed Delivery can be handy for busy people who might need more time to check their mail. By digitalising the mail preview process, Informed Delivery makes it easy and convenient for users to stay on top of their correspondence. 

Informed Delivery can also help users avoid missing important deliveries, as they can see what is coming to their address in advance. Finally, Informed Delivery can help deter theft, as potential thieves can see that mail or packages are waiting at the address.

It is a free and easy-to-use service that can provide significant consumer value. By helping users stay on top of their mail, avoiding missed deliveries, and deterring theft, Informed Delivery can help make consumers' lives easier and more stress-free.

How can informed delivery create value for marketers?

Marketers can take advantage of Informed Delivery by including promotional images or calls to action within the pictures of their mailpieces. This gives customers a sneak peek of what's to come in their mailbox and encourages them to engage with your brand.

Informed Delivery also creates value for marketers by providing data and insights about customer engagement. Marketers can track how many people are viewing the images of their mailpieces and see which pieces generate the most interest. 

This information can be used to improve future marketing campaigns and to make sure that customers see the most relevant and engaging content.

How can the Direct Mail strategy help businesses in 2023?

Direct Mail New Customers Marketing

As we move into 2023, businesses will need to be more strategic than ever regarding their direct mail campaigns. With the continued rise of digital communication, it will be more important than ever to stand out in the mailbox. Here are a few tips to help your business's direct mail campaigns stand out in 2023:

1 – Personalisation will be essential. 

Your recipients should feel like your message is meant specifically for them. You can accomplish this through targeted content and customised design.

2 – Use quality materials. 

With so much competition for attention, your mailers must be made with quality materials that will grab and hold attention.

3 – Be creative

With so much direct mail being sent, you'll need to be creative to stand out. This might mean thinking outside the traditional postcard or flyer format or creating a unique offer that will entice your recipients to take action.

4 – Trigger Touchpoints With An Omnichannel Strategy 

As we move into 2023, businesses need to focus on trigger touchpoints to create an omnichannel strategy that resonates with consumers. What are trigger touchpoints? 

They are the moments when a customer or prospect is most receptive to your message. To reach consumers at these critical moments, businesses must adopt an omnichannel approach that incorporates both traditional and digital channels.

Some examples of trigger touch points include:

  • When a customer is researching a purchase online
  • When a customer is in a brick-and-mortar store
  • When a customer interacts with your brand on social media
  • When a customer is reading an email

To create an omnichannel strategy, businesses must integrate these touchpoints into their marketing and sales efforts. This means creating messages and content relevant to each touchpoint and tailored to the customer's needs. By doing so, businesses can create a seamless customer experience that will increase sales and brand loyalty.

5 – Present Options And Solutions For Your Customers

As businesses move into 2023, one of the most important things to remember is to stay connected to your customer base. A direct mail strategy can be a great way to do this, and there are a few things to keep in mind as you develop your plan.

First, consider what you want to communicate to your customers. What are your goals and objectives? What are your customers' needs, and how can you address them? 

Once you understand your goals and your audience, you can start to develop a plan for how to reach them best.

There are several ways to reach your customers through direct mail, and the best approach will likely vary depending on your business and your customer base. 

However, some tips to keep in mind include personalising your messages, using solid calls to action, and making it easy for customers to take the next step.

By keeping these things in mind, you can develop a direct mail strategy to help you stay connected to your customers and achieve your business goals.

By following these tips, your business's direct mail campaigns will stand out in 2023.

Final Thoughts

In eCommerce, direct mail needs to be more transparent regarding getting a response from the customers. Where everything is shifted online post-pandemic, businesses should pay attention to the effect of direct mail marketing for their campaign

However, if you're considering tapping into the power of direct mail marketing, you have the edge over your competitors. 

The U.S. postal services have offered informed delivery to their users where they can go digital with their direct mail. 

Want to know how? Then give this blog a detailed read. 

Ignoring direct mail could be very obvious for businesses today as it calls for extra time, effort and money on the risk of being forgotten. 

But having said that, we must understand that everyone craves that human touch, especially today when most things are computerised or robotic.

In such a space, personalised and customised direct mail can add to your organisation's performance. 

That being said, you must add extra features and value to your product via direct mail to get the attention of your target audience. 

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