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5 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Advertising in Your Marketing Plan

5 Reasons to Use Direct Mail Advertising in Your Marketing Plan

Business owners who use direct mail marketing are more successful than those who don't. This is because people find direct mail more reliable and effective than other forms of advertising. When people sign up for a direct mail list, they usually pay for it and immediately get the products and services they want. 

On the other hand, when they sign up for other types of advertising, they usually receive a lot of junk mail in return. People don't want to waste their time with junk mail. They want to get accurate messages. The direct mail list, however, doesn't get much of that. 

Direct mailers usually have a very high response rate, meaning that people are more likely to receive and respond to their letters. In addition, direct mail can be cheap and effective. This means you can spend a small amount of money on direct mail advertising and achieve significant results.

For many businesses, using direct mail advertising is an easy way to boost customer engagement and retention and increase sales. Direct mail marketing can be a powerful form of advertising that delivers businesses a significant return on investment (ROI). If you're ready to start your next direct mail marketing campaign, here are five reasons direct mail is the perfect way to get your message across to potential and current clients.

We'll also look at specific direct mail strategies that can help grow your customer base—and increase your ROI.

It's A Great Way To Reach Small Businesses

Direct Mail Advertising Examples

Many small businesses use direct mail advertising, especially those with unique products requiring more personal contact. These businesses include product manufacturers and service providers. This is because these companies, due to their size, have little time or workforce to spend on traditional advertising media

That is why direct mail advertising is often the best option for reaching out to potential customers.

However, the high cost is the problem with using direct mail advertising as a marketing method. A business owner usually pays between $200-$1,000 to have their company's name, logo and contact information placed on envelopes. This does not include additional costs such as postage or design. This can easily result in hundreds of thousands of advertising costs. As a result, it is hard for the average small business owner to justify the expenditure. That is why the majority of small business owners turn to direct mail advertising as a means of reaching out to potential customers.

No other marketing medium can match the effectiveness of direct mail advertising. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, approximately one-third of all consumers receive direct mail advertisements. The same study states that approximately 2/3 of consumers open direct mail letters. The most common reason cited for this was the personal touch. This shows that direct mail advertising can successfully reach out to small business customers.

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Another reason why direct mail advertising is highly effective is that it is one of the most cost-effective advertising methods. Since the process is automated, producing an efficient amount of direct mail advertisements is easier. This translates to lower expenses and higher revenues for a small business owner.

Direct mail advertising has the power to generate more leads than any other type of advertising. You can also build credibility and establish relationships with potential customers. The fact that the ads are printed on letter-size paper allows the customer to open the letter and read it. This allows the recipient to determine whether they want to continue reading the advertisement. As a result, many people are drawn to the mailboxes by the personal touch of the letters. This is a powerful method of advertising for a small business.

It's A Powerful Way To Create Brand Awareness

Direct Mail Brand Awareness

Direct mail advertising is a powerful way to create brand awareness.

As we are all well aware, direct mail advertising has been around for many years, and it is still a very effective way to reach our audience through pre-paid envelopes.

However, how can direct mail stand out with the rise of digital media such as email, social media and online marketing? What is it that makes it so unique and a powerful way to create brand awareness?

To answer these questions, I would like to take you back in time and discuss the evolution of direct mail.

The Evolution of Direct Mail Advertising

In the early 1900s, during the first part of the 20th century, advertising changed from a print-based form to a more visual one. This shift in advertising occurred because of changes in production techniques. 

The development of printing technology and improvements in photographic equipment led to the emergence of large format advertising, which became popular in the late 1920s and 1930s.

During the Second World War, the focus on the mass media shifted away from print. This was partly because the paper was rationed during this time. This meant that most businesses could not access the amount of money needed to invest in print advertisements. This led to massive growth in television advertising and radio broadcasting in the 1940s.

During this period, businesses realised that direct mail advertising was an extremely effective and cost-efficient way of reaching their audience. With the advent of the postcard, direct mail became more affordable. As more and more people used this form of communication, it became the primary method of communication. By the end of the century, almost 90% of consumers received direct mail.

So, with direct mail becoming the norm, how does it differ from other forms of advertising?

Firstly, unlike most other forms of advertising, direct mail can be considered a ‘one-to-one' communication. That is to say, each piece of direct mail is a personalised message to one specific individual. This means that the company's message is specifically targeted toward a particular individual, so the chance of a response is much higher. For example, if a letter is sent to the whole household, it may be that the person most interested in the subject is not even home!

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This is a significant benefit of direct mail, as it allows you to target a specific group of people. For example, if you wanted to market your business, you could do this with direct mail, as it allows you to target a group of people. You could do this by looking at factors such as income level, occupation, hobbies, age or interests, to name but a few.

Direct mail allows you to communicate in a highly personalised way; therefore, it can be a compelling way of reaching out to your audience.

How Can Direct Mail Remain Relevant In A Digital World?

For a while now, we have all been aware of the rise of digital media and that this form of communication is becoming more popular. However, it is often said that we are moving away from the physical and more toward the digital.

Direct mail has had to adapt to emerging technologies with the move toward digital.

One of the reasons why many businesses are investing in digital advertising is that it is a cheaper, easier and more accessible method of communication.

However, some businesses are still reluctant to fully embrace digital media's benefits, preferring to stick with traditional methods.

It Works Even Better If You Invest In Quality

Direct Mail Results

Looking around you, you'll see all kinds of print ads. They come in flyers, postcards, brochures, booklets and newsletters. While there are many types of print, we're focusing on direct mail (DM) here because of its versatility, flexibility and effectiveness.

Direct mail works on three levels – in the eyes of the consumer, at the point of purchase, and as an overall promotional tool. The eye-level effect is the most powerful, usually within the first few seconds of looking at a DM item. So, as soon as you send out a DM campaign, you've got a chance to capture potential customers.

The eye-level effect is driven by the visual appeal of a DM piece. While a piece might use all the bells and whistles of traditional media, the real power is in how it looks and is presented.

The second level is the point-of-purchase impact. You want to ensure your DM item is displayed so that a potential customer notices it. You can accomplish this through various means, such as displaying your DM on a rack in a store or putting it in a display window.

Finally, as part of a more extensive promotion, you can ensure a more vast audience sees your DM. For example, a newsletter is great for making a personal connection with a list of subscribers. A postcard is an excellent, quick way to make an impression on someone you meet.

The power of direct mail – and the reason it works so well in today's highly-competitive world – comes from its ability to speak directly to the consumer.

Direct mail pieces typically cost less than a TV ad yet are more effective because they speak directly to the consumer.

For example, if you were to send out an email marketing campaign that would typically cost $2,000, a DM campaign might cost just $1,000. But, as part of that same campaign, you could create an eye-catching piece to be sent to your list.

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These kinds of savings don't come from cutting corners. They come from investing in high-quality print that delivers a better experience for your customers.

There are many reasons to invest in quality print. Among them are:

  • The print looks better than digital
  • Print is still the best way to reach people who read
  • The consumer doesn't have to see the total price of a print
  • The consumer can return the print if they don't like it
  • Print can be returned and re-used

As you'll see below, it's a mistake to think you have to pay more for print. It's quite the opposite. When you invest in quality print, you can save money.

It's A Great Way To Build Loyalty With Repeat Customers

Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

A direct mail campaign is an effective and low-cost way to build loyalty with repeat customers. By sending out a promotional letter or postcard to existing customers, you can create more opportunities to develop relationships with them and encourage them to continue buying your products or services. You may even find new ways of doing business.

However, this is not to say that you should send a mass mailing. This is one of the most expensive and time-consuming methods of promoting your company or product. Your direct mail campaign should be directed towards customers you think will likely purchase from you again. They should already be in your database and have some previous communication with you. By sending a promotional letter or postcard to your regular customers, you can make the relationship between you and them more personal and friendly.

A good direct mail campaign can go a long way to win back customers you may have been tempted to purchase elsewhere. Here are just a few examples of the many reasons why a direct mail campaign works well:

  • You're reminding people what you've got to offer. You can use this to tell your audience about the benefits of buying from you, but more importantly, you can remind them of the products or services you've already supplied them with.
  • You're creating brand awareness. This is an excellent way of building awareness of your company or product. You'll promote your business inexpensively by putting a logo or company name on your promotional item.
  • You're creating new sales leads. Not only will you be reminding customers of your product and services, but you will be offering them something special that's only available through you.

Direct mail campaigns are a great way to promote your business and create new sales leads. However, before investing in a direct mail campaign, you must be aware of the costs. It's not necessary to spend a fortune on your promotional items, but if you're looking to build relationships with your customers, you will want to make sure you spend some money on them.

If you decide to go ahead with a direct mail campaign, you should ensure that you send your promotional letter or postcards to only those interested in purchasing your products and services. You shouldn't send them to every customer and ensure that your mailing list is as complete as possible.

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You can send promotional letters and postcards by hand or using the postal service. For example, if you order your letter or postcard to be printed, you can use a large format printer or print it yourself. If you decide to use the postal service, you must pay for postage and ensure that the address is correct.

Except for bulk mailers, very few people will look at a direct mail campaign. So it would help if you focused on communicating your message to your target audience. This means you must ensure your promotional letter or postcard has a nice finish, and your letterhead and envelope should be clean and tidy.

You'll also want to make sure that your message is well written and easy to read. As a result, you should take a moment to review your content. If you're using images to illustrate your point, they should be relevant and representative of your business.

In addition to the above, you should ensure that the envelope is not torn or damaged. If you're mailing your direct mail campaign by hand, it's a good idea to include a stamp so that your letter looks more official.

When planning a direct mail campaign, you will need to consider plenty of other considerations. For example, you will want to ensure that you choose the right size, quality and quantity of the promotional material. You will also want to ensure that the materials you use to suit your intended audience.

It Helps You Gain Access To New Customers

Direct Mail New Customers Marketing

The primary purpose of direct mail is to attract new customers. So, your goal should be to generate enough interest in your product or service to get your potential customers to contact you. Here are the key ways you can use direct mail to gain access to new customers:

1 – Send targeted mail.

You can increase the response rate of your direct mail by targeting your mailing to specific demographic groups. If you can identify the type of buyer you are after, you can use this information to tailor your mailing to this particular group. For example, if you sell pet supplies, you can mail a mailing to dog owners, cat owners, and breeders.

2 – Use a creative direct mail package.

One of the most critical components of a good direct mail package is its cover. It must grab the recipient's attention and get them to open it. If you have a good cover and a well-designed envelope, your customer is likelier to open it and take the time to read it.

3 – Create a unique mailing.

If you are looking to reach a specific target audience, you need to create a mailing that stands out. The first thing you should do is determine what kind of people will receive your mailing. If you are sending a mailing to people with dogs, you might send an offer for dog treats. If your mailing is going to the people in your neighbourhood, you may want to send a flyer to help them save money on utility bills.

4 – Offer a discount.

Offering a discount is one of the easiest ways to encourage your customers to respond. But it is important to note that you should only offer a discount if you can justify it. Otherwise, your discount may turn off potential customers who disagree with the price.

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5 – Rely on good design.

A well-designed direct mail package is attractive and easy to read. A simple logo or slogan and a straightforward layout can help your package stand out in a crowd of similar mailings.

6 – Add a special touch.

You can also add a special touch to your package to make it even more attractive. This can include a coupon, an offer for a gift, or any other incentive you think will get your customer to act.

7 – Receive feedback.

Once you have finished a mailing, you should wait a while before evaluating it. If you ask your customers to fill out a postcard or return a survey, you can get feedback on what worked and what didn't. This will help you improve your direct mail strategy.


Direct mail advertising is still one of the best ways to reach your target audience. It's an inexpensive marketing channel with high returns. You can get people to open your mail by writing something memorable and exciting, such as “How to Increase Your Email Open Rates by 50%.” Then, you can give them something valuable and practical such as your best offer or product. You can also use direct mail advertising to remind people about your company's special offers.

Are you ready to get started? Check out our guide to Direct Mail Advertising and start saving money today.

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