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The Complete Guide to Content Writing Services

The Complete Guide to Content Writing Services

Content is king. We've all heard the saying before, but it rings more accurate in today's digital landscape than ever. With so much competition online, producing high-quality, engaging content has become a must for businesses looking to stand out. Partnering with a content writing service can give you a vital edge.

But with so many content providers, how do you know which suits your needs? This guide will walk you through everything you need about content writing services – from their benefits to tips for choosing the best one for your business.

Why You Need a Content Writing Service

Benefits Of Content Curation

Outsourcing content creation to professionals brings some significant advantages over handling it in-house. Here are some of the top reasons to get a content writing service on your team:

Save Time

Developing ideas, researching topics in-depth, writing drafts, editing, formatting, and promotion – high-quality content creation takes considerable time. A dedicated writing team handles all this, freeing up your schedule for other priorities.

Access Top Talent

Experienced writers specialise in creating content. They have honed their research abilities, understand what engages audiences, and know how to integrate keywords effectively. Their expertise can take your content to the next level.

Scale Content Marketing

An entire team of writers can produce much more content than a single in-house employee. This lets you scale content marketing efforts and expand reach.

Gain an Outside Perspective

Writers offer an objective outside view of your business. They can identify weak points you may have overlooked and find new angles to appeal to your target audience.

Boost Your SEO

Professional writers are masters at optimising content for search engines. Their SEO skills and keyword placement know-how can improve your rankings and visibility.

Free Up Internal Resources

Your marketing and product teams likely have a full plate handling daily tasks and strategy. Outsourcing content creation avoids overburdening them with writing.

Produce Multimedia Content

The best content writing services provide more than just written content. They have teams capable of producing video scripts, podcasts, animations, and other multimedia assets.

6 Types of Content Writing Services Offer

Content Marketing Roi Statistics On Blog Posts
Source: Semrush

Content writing companies offer much more than just blog articles. The scope of content they can create includes:

Blog Posts

Well-researched, engaging blog content keeps your audience coming back. A blog also boosts SEO and establishes thought leadership.

Social Media Posts

From quick social updates to in-depth LinkedIn articles, writers create social content tailored to each platform.

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White Papers & Ebooks

These long-form materials position your company as an industry leader while generating leads.

Website Content

Compelling website copy entices visitors to become customers. Writers can produce home page text, service pages, testimonials, and more.

Video Scripts

Video has exploded in marketing. Professional scripters ensure your brand's videos hook and hold the viewer's attention.

Press Releases

A strong press release can garner media coverage for your company. Writing services craft releases optimised for public relations.

This diverse content helps you maximise reach while giving your audience content tailored to how they engage with your brand.

Key Benefits of a Content Writing Service

Partnering with professional writers packs even more perks beyond saving time and accessing talent. Here are some of the significant benefits you'll enjoy:

Increase Web Traffic

More high-quality content means more pages and assets, bringing visitors in. An influx of new content gives existing audiences more reasons to return.

Boost Brand Awareness

Each new piece of content expands your digital footprint and exposes new users to your brand. Content writing services get your name and message in front of more eyes.

Improve SEO & Conversions

Keyword optimisation and shareable content drive SEO results. Compelling copy converts readers into leads and customers.

Establish Authority

Expert content presents your business as an authority people can trust. Demonstrating thought leadership builds brand credibility.

Enhance Engagement

Your audience craves a steady stream of engaging content tailored to their interests. More content keeps them engaged with your brand.

Gain Market Insights

Writers research your industry and target audience when creating content. Their work provides valuable market insights you can apply.

Multiply Brand Touchpoints

Each content asset gives users another positive touchpoint with your brand. More touchpoints strengthen familiarity and loyalty.

The more content you can publish, the more your business stands to gain in all of these areas.

How Much Does Content Writing Cost?

Using Interactive Web Design Content

Pricing for content services varies based on:

  • Type of content: Simple social media posts will cost less than extensive ebooks.
  • Writer expertise: Writers with more experience command higher rates.
  • Turnaround time: Rush orders come with premium pricing.
  • Output frequency: Packages with regularly scheduled content tend to cost less per piece.
  • Additional services: Extras like graphic design drive up the price.

Typically, you can expect to pay the following:

  • $30 – $80 per blog post
  • $40 – $120 for basic website pages
  • $100 – $300+ for in-depth guides and white papers

Reputable services start around 8 to 10 cents per word. However, rates range from 5 cents to 25+ cents per word depending on the factors above.

Hiring a dedicated in-house writer costs $40,000 to $60,000+ annually. Outsourcing content creation costs a fraction of that with no overhead.

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Content Writing Service

With so many content companies, how do you find the right fit? Follow these seven tips for picking a content provider that excels:

Review Portfolios and Samples

A quality service shares clear examples of their writers' work. Check that their samples align with the type of content you need.

Look for Specialised Industry Experience

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Writers familiar with your niche can create more insightful content. Ask about industry expertise.

Require Native English Writers

Content should read as if written by someone fluent in the language. Be sure writers are native speakers.

Check for SEO Skills

Optimising copy for search helps your content rank high. Test SEO knowledge during interviews.

Assess Their Content Marketing Abilities

Ideally, the service should understand content marketing strategy, not just writing. They can help maximise impact.

Gauge Buying Experience

A disorganised, frustrating buying experience is a red flag. The process should set expectations.

Compare Pricing Transparency

Legit services provide upfront pricing details. Avoid any company that won't disclose rates.

Taking the time to vet providers results in a content partner that delivers maximum value.

How the Content Creation Process Works

Expert writing teams follow a finely tuned workflow to produce high-quality content to fulfil your goals. Here is an overview of the content creation process:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The service learns about your business, target audience, content goals, and guidelines. You provide existing brand assets to align the content.

Step 2: Topic Brainstorm

Writers suggest potential topics and headlines tailored to your goals and audience interests. Topics get approved based on relevance.

Step 3: Outline Creation

Writers develop outlines for approved topics to map content flow and structure before writing.

Step 4: Writing & Research

Writers craft drafts for your approval. They research topics in-depth with recent data and cite credible sources.

Step 5: Formatting

Content is formatted professionally with appropriate headers, fonts, spacing, and embedded media for each type.

Step 6: Editing & Proofreading

A separate editing team reviews the content for errors, flow issues, readability, and proper messaging.

Step 7: Final Review & Approval

You review the polished draft and either approve it or request revisions until satisfied.

Step 8: Graphic Design

Visual elements like images, charts, and graphics are designed to align with your brand style and complement the copy.

Step 9: Publication

The content is published on your site/blog, shared on social media, distributed in email newsletters, and more.

This workflow results in strategic, high-quality content wholly tailored for you.

Questions to Ask Content Writing Services Before Hiring

Finding the right content partner for your needs requires asking the right questions upfront. Here are some crucial ones to get answered:

  • What experience do you have in my specific industry?
  • How do you research topics and incorporate keywords?
  • How will you adapt tone of voice and content style to my brand?
  • What recurring content packages and pricing do you offer?
  • What types of content do you regularly produce?
  • How will you optimise content for organic search?
  • How will you repurpose content across different formats?
  • How will you distribute and amplify content after publishing?
  • What analytics will you provide on content performance?
  • Who will I directly work with and oversee content?
  • Can I see examples of successful content you've created in my industry?

Getting clear, detailed responses to these questions separates the top services from the rest.

5 Must-Haves to Look for in a Service

Common Proofreading Errors In Business Writing

Along with asking the right questions, keep an eye out for these five must-have features when evaluating content providers:

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Strong Portfolio – A portfolio entire of well-written samples in your niche demonstrates their capabilities.

SEO Expertise – Services should describe specific SEO techniques to boost content promotion.

Custom Packages – Look for providers that offer customised recurring content plans to meet your volume needs.

Multimedia Options – The service should produce videos, podcasts, graphics, and more to maximise impact.

Distribution Abilities – They should distribute and amplify content across multiple platforms after publishing.

Top Content Writing Services to Consider

With this guide's advice in mind, here are 5 of the top-rated content writing services to consider partnering with:

Express Writers – Express Writers offers SEO-optimised content created by market research experts starting at 7 cents per word.

Content Authority – Content Authority creates custom content plans with SEO-optimised blog posts, social media, and more. Packages start at $997 per month.

Content Solutions – Content Solutions provides research-backed, data-driven content for 5 cents per word. Industry-specific portfolios are available.

Clear Voice Content – Clear Voice Content is an award-winning B2B content agency focusing on thought leadership content. Custom offerings start at $5000 per month.

Graphite Content Marketing – Graphite produces omni-channel content, from video scripts to white papers. Expert teams specialise in the industry. Plans start at $5000 per month.


Partnering with professionals to handle content creation is now a strategic imperative for brands who want to win online. An experienced writing service saves you time, expands your marketing capabilities, and takes your content to the next level.

Use this guide's tips to find the perfect content partner for your brand. Let their expertise provide the informational, educational, and engaging content that drives your business growth. The knowledge and expanded capabilities you gain will be well worth the investment – now take your content marketing to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are content writing services?

Content writing services are companies that create written, multimedia, and graphical content for businesses. Professional writers and specialists handle this outsourced content creation role.

What kinds of content do they produce?

Services produce all types of materials – including blog posts, social media, website pages, whitepapers, press releases, video scripts, podcasts, and more. The content adapts to your formats and channels.

How can they help my business specifically?

The best service provides industry-specific content that saves time, drives conversions and leads, establishes thought leadership, boosts SEO, and connects your brand with target audiences.

How quickly can they turn around content for me?

This depends on complexity, but agencies can produce blog-style content in as little as 3-4 days and more in-depth content like white papers in 2-3 weeks. Rush orders can accelerate the timeline.

What should I look for during the vetting and hiring process?

Look for industry experience, content style matches, custom packages, strong SEO skills, multimedia abilities, distribution capabilities, transparent pricing, and bundled offerings.

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