7 Useful Tips for Your Business Content Marketing

7 Useful Tips for Your Business Content Marketing

If you own any business and you’re trying to promote it online, you already understand how vital content is.

It’s the one factor that convinces your audience that your products or services are precisely what they need.

Plus, content convinces Google that your brand is worthy of a mention in its list of results when your target audience is searching for something.

However, content is also a considerable challenge.

According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B marketers rely on content marketing for the sake of attracting more clients.

Are you wondering about B2C marketers?

There’s a report for that; too.

86% of the marketers in that category take content marketing as a critical strategy for promoting the business.

Everyone understands that for proper business promotion, content marketing is essential.

But not everyone knows what proper content marketing is.

Content Marketing Tips

That’s why we keep seeing countless pages of lousy content online.

The kind of content that’s suffocated with keywords that don’t make sense in context.

The kind of content that’s written for the search engine; not for people who are supposed to read it.

The type of content that looks like a blatant, aggressive promotion.

You don’t want that. You want the good kind of content.

That’s the kind of content that provides specific solutions to specific problems.

It offers excellent value for the reader.

After reading such content, your website visitor has a feeling that they invested their time into a high-quality article.

Then, they are ready to take the action you suggest.

How do you deliver the good kind of content?

Even more important: how do you reach out to a broader audience with it?

We’ll give you seven essential tips that will help you promote your business through content marketing in the most effective way possible!

7 Essential Tips for Business Content Marketing

1 – Write What Your Audience Wants to Read

Anya Simpson, part of a team of content marketers and essay writers, explains:

“”When they get into content marketing, many business owners forget that they are writing for the audience. With all their SEO strategies, it’s like they are trying to impress the search engine. However, Google is not whom you’re supposed to impress. It’s the reader. The user experience is what gets you high in Google’s results, so that should be your main focus.”

When you start working on your content marketing plan, you should first find out what your target audience wants to read.

What questions do they have?

Google is your first destination.

Start by searching a common keyword related to your niche.

If, for example, you write content for a fitness brand, let’s say you’ll search for the best fitness routine.

In Google’s results, you’ll see a People also ask box.

Google People Also Ask

There, you’ll see the most common questions that people have about this issue.

You see? We already got a few ideas for topics.

If you search for different keywords, you’ll find many other questions.

Write valuable answers through the content, and you’ll get some attention.

Check Quora and Reddit, too.

Those are the platforms people usually turn to when they have questions.

Also, if you know any industry-specific forums, you should check them, too.

2 – Find the Balance Between Your Customers’ Needs and Your Brand’s Expertise

The previous step allows you to find out what your audience wants to read.

So you get your topics that way.

However, how do you write content that they would keep them engaged from start to finish?

That’s a bit tricky.

You see; the attention span of an online reader is not that great.

A simple question can trigger your creativity and knowledge to a full extent.

So you’ll start writing, and writing, and writing.

You’ll use much industry-specific slang, thinking that it would be easy for anyone to understand it.

Such an approach is a mistake.

We know you’re an expert.

Your audience knows that.

Leadership Branding

However, can you share your expertise in a way they can understand?

Always write on the level that your audience can understand.

Let’s take the fitness business as an example again.

You’ll have topics for complete beginners.

Then, you’ll write for beginners.

You will not use slang, and you’ll explain the terms that an average reader doesn’t have to know.

You’ll provide links to more elaborate articles, so they can get all the information they need.

However, you’ll also write content for an intermediate and advanced audience.

In that case, you won’t treat the reader as a beginner, since such content would be boring for them.

You’ll write for their level.

3 – Create Infographics

Why would someone read your content?

Because it’s believable.

Yes; that’s the right answer.

Your articles have to be believable.

When you offer advice, you have to support your claims with facts.

Otherwise, why would people trust you?

If, for example, you’re selling or recommending a specific type of supplement, you have to show how exactly they will improve one’s health.

For this purpose, you’ll use facts.

You’ll locate them through scientific and research articles, as well as through medical case studies.

However, how will you present these facts without making your content look dull or dry?

An infographic is an answer.

Infographics are cool because the visual format lets you compress facts.

Your website visitor will gain tons of information without the need to go through much text.

Plus, infographics look cool on Pinterest.

People pin them so that they can consult them later on.

With this potential, your infographic can go viral and get more visitors at your website.

Isn’t that what content marketing is all about?

4 – Leverage the Power of Influencer Interviews

When someone mentions influencer marketing, you immediately think of hiring influencers to promote your products.

Yes; that can be a good element of a successful marketing campaign.

However, the social media community is seeing right through those practices.

They no longer fall for the recommendations they get from influencers since they know they are being paid for.

Do you know what’s more effective? Interviews!

Connect with influencers from your industry.

You can use social media platforms and LinkedIn to contact them.

Explain who you are, what your brand is, and how you’d want to feature them in an interview.

This won’t be a promotional piece of content.

It’s supposed to deliver pure value and entertainment for the audience.

So you’ll ask casual questions, and you’ll try to get more in-depth on topics that are relevant to your niche.

Interviews are great because they get people on your website.

When you feature people whom your target audience follows on social media, you’ll get a wave of visits.

From there on, you have an excellent chance to get those visitors to other pages within the website.

Eventually, some of them will convert into paying customers.

5 – Create Evergreen Articles

When you start searching for topics your audience would be interested in, you’ll discover some that have an ever-lasting value.

If, for example, you write about different types of fitness, that article won’t lose on its effectiveness two years from now.

The topic will still be current.

Those are the so-called evergreen articles.

Evergreen Content

When you tackle such topics, you have to make the content good.

This is the right time to think about investing in professional writers.

If you’re interested to read more about those services, you’ll realise they can help your content marketing strategy grow.

When you get those evergreen articles, don’t neglect them after the initial publication.

You can share them again, and again, and again.

From time to time, go back to that content to make any needed adjustments.

The trends change, but you can make the articles attractive again if you make minor changes.

6 – Develop a Balanced Publication Schedule

How frequently should you publish new content?

Some would say – as frequently as possible.

If you can share new articles every day, then do it!

Sure; that’s a good tip if you’re maintaining a news website.

However, is it the best advice for brands that need promotion? No.

In that case, the best advice would be: publish new content as frequently as you can, without sacrificing its quality.

Search For A Designer

If you or your writers write one piece a day and you start asking for more within the same period, you can’t expect the same level of quality.

If you want more content, you’ll have to invest in more writers.

7 – Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Content marketing is not solely about delivering value.

It’s mostly about promoting a brand.

So you want your reader to take some action, and there’s no shame in that.

You’re writing some articles because you want more engagement.

So invite your readers to share, like, and comment.

Sometimes you’re recommending products or services.

Invite your readers to try them!

Minimal Call To Action Design

You may even offer a discount code to trigger their action.

Always end a piece by directing the reader to the next step.

Make that call clear!

Good Content Can Take Your Brand to Success

Content marketing is a complex category.

You can’t start writing content today without previous preparations.

Well, you can, but you can’t expect such an attempt to end up with massive success.

It takes a lot of planning, practice, and evaluation for you to develop a great content marketing campaign for your business.

However, the good news is that when you make those efforts, you’ll get tons of attention from your target audience.

Author Bio: Alexandra Reay has been working as a journalist and editor in one of the finest Melbourne publishing agencies for 3 years. She is also a professional content writer who prefers to do research on the following topics – self-improvement, technology innovations, global education development ets.

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