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Top 15 Best YouTube Channels for Designers

Top 15 Best YouTube Channels for Designers

The world of design is constantly evolving. With new trends, techniques, and technologies constantly emerging, it can be challenging for designers to stay current. This is where YouTube comes in. The video platform is home to countless channels packed with invaluable insights and inspiration for graphic designers, web designers, UI/UX designers, and more.

This article highlights the 15 best YouTube channels for designers to subscribe to. These channels cover a wide range of design disciplines and specialities. You will find incredible content to follow regardless of your specific interests within the design field.

The Futur – Leveling Up Your Design Skills

Best Youtube Channels For Designers Futur

With over 2 million subscribersThe Futur is one of the most popular YouTube channels for designers. Created by Chris Do, The Futur releases multiple weekly videos focusing on business, creativity, and career advice for designers.

Some highlights of their content include:

  • Design critiques – Chris provides honest, constructive feedback on viewers' design work to help them improve.
  • Tutorials – Step-by-step guides on using various design tools and developing specific skills.
  • Workflow tips – Strategies for boosting a designer's productivity, organisation, and efficiency.
  • Business advice – Guidance on running a profitable, sustainable design business.

The Futur is perfect for intermediate-to-advanced designers looking to sharpen their skills, build good work habits, and take their careers to the next level.

Will Paterson – All Things Design and Branding

Boasting over 800,000 subscribers, the Will Paterson channel focuses squarely on graphic design and branding work. As an award-winning designer, Will breaks down his client projects and design techniques in an upbeat, engaging style.

Some of the topics he covers include:

  • Logo design – Brainstorming, concepts, iterations, and execution.
  • Branding – Strategies for creating cohesive visual identities.
  • Styleguides – Tips for crafting comprehensive brand style guides.
  • Business – Setting rates, contracts, managing clients, and more.

He will also review his followers' designs, answer common questions, and document the day-to-day realities of life as a designer. His channel is perfect for graphic designers of all skill levels.

CharliMarieTV – The Creative Mindset

With over 200,000 subscribers, CharliMarieTV advises designers on developing a creative mindset. Her videos touch on themes including:

  • Dealing with creative blocks – Exercises and strategies for overcoming a lack of design inspiration.
  • Unleashing creativity – Tips for fostering more innovative thinking.
  • Handling critique – Ways to receive feedback without taking it personally.
  • Productivity tips – Hacks for effectively focusing your time and energy as a designer.
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Charli Marie's friendly, sincere approach helps motivate designers to tap into their full creative potential. Her actionable suggestions make improving your creative process feel doable.

Dansky – The Illustrator's Resource

With 800,000 subscribers, Dansky creates tutorials specifically for illustrators. He covers creative software like:

  • Adobe Illustrator – Tips, tricks, and techniques for navigating the vector graphics editor.
  • Procreate – How-to's for creating illustrations on the iPad.
  • Clip Studio Paint – Demos focused on manga and comic illustration.

Beyond software skills, Dan also shares insights on:

  • Developing your personal style – Ways to define and refine your artistic point of view.
  • Handling creative burnout – Actionable suggestions for recharging your creative batteries.
  • Pricing your work – Strategies for putting fair valuations on your illustrations.

For illustrators looking to level up their technical abilities and creative thinking, Dansky offers a wealth of helpful advice and inspiration.

Satori Graphics – Creative Motion Graphics

Satori Graphics Youtube Channel

Boasting over a million subscribers, Satori Graphics specialises in stylish, professional motion graphics tutorials. The channel is run by Ben Marriott, a motion designer based in the UK.

Ben's videos dive deep into using tools like:

  • After Effects – Tips, tricks, and breakdowns of motion techniques.
  • Cinema 4D – Modeling, animating, and rendering 3D objects.
  • Premiere Pro – Editing concepts focused on assembling motion pieces.

Beyond technical software skills, Ben also shares valuable insights on:

  • Animating with purpose – Creating meaningful motion in line with brand messaging.
  • Developing your reel – Strategies for curating your best portfolio pieces.
  • Pursuing passion projects – Making time for personal creative growth amid client work.

Satori Graphics hits the mark for motion designers looking to expand their software knowledge and elevate their work.

DesignCourse – Unlimited Web Design Tutorials

With over 1 million subscribers, DesignCourse is one of YouTube's top channels for mastering web design. The channel is run by Gary Simon, a web designer with over 20 years of experience.

Gary's in-depth tutorials teach skills across:

  • HTML/CSS – Coding responsive, mobile-friendly website layouts.
  • JavaScript – Adding advanced interactivity with JS.
  • WordPress – Creating sites, themes, and custom functionality.
  • UX – Optimising web usability, findability, and accessibility.
  • Design tools – Using Figma, Photoshop, and more for web projects.

With new web design tutorials added weekly, DesignCourse offers an unlimited learning resource for developers of all skill levels. The lessons are project-based, so you build authentic portfolio pieces as you learn.

Sketch Together – All Things UX/UI

Sketch Together is a must-subscribe channel for designers focused squarely on UX and UI work. With 100,000 subscribers, Sketch Together provides tutorials and advice on UX/UI design tools, workflows, and deliverables.

Some highlights of their content include:

  • Figma tutorials – Tips for mastering components, Auto Layout, prototypes, and more.
  • Design walkthroughs – Building UIs from scratch to final polished designs.
  • Collaboration tips – Strategies for working effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Industry insights – Honest reflections on the realities of working in UX/UI design.

Pablo Stanley, a lead designer at Anthropic, runs the channel. His lessons provide a tremendous skill-building resource for new and experienced UX/UI designers.

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FLATPACK-FX – Short VFX Tutorials

If you work in visual effects for films or motion graphics, FLATPACKFX is a terrific channel to follow. With a robust 100,000 subscribers, this UK-based channel provides concise yet insightful VFX tutorials in a fun, friendly style.

Some of the VFX topics covered include:

  • Compositing – Blending 3D, footage, and 2D elements seamlessly.
  • Tracking – Match moving pieces realistically into shots.
  • 3D lighting – Using shadows, reflections, and lighting mood effectively.
  • Simulations – Creating realistic cloth, particles, fluids, and dynamics.
  • CGI – Modeling, texturing, and animating 3D objects.

The step-by-step tutorials walk through using industry tools like Cinema 4D, After Effects, Nuke, and more to build professional VFX skills. It's perfect for students and working pros alike.

Kel Lauren – Illustrating for Social Change

Kel Lauren Youtube Channel For Designers

Kel Lauren is a must for designers and illustrators driven to create positive social change through their work. With 300,000 subscribers, Kel's videos provide behind-the-scenes looks at how she conceptualises, sketches, and executes illustrative pieces around social justice issues.

Beyond her creative process, Kel also shares insight on topics like:

  • Developing a style – Defining your visual voice and point of view.
  • Overcoming doubt – Pushing past imposter syndrome and self-criticism.
  • Handling critique – Filtering external feedback productively.
  • Creativity tips – Sparking inspiration and turning ideas into finished illustrations.

Kel's message of using design to drive social progress provides creatives with skills and inspiration. Her channel is perfect for illustrators and designers looking to make a difference.

LogosByNick – Brand Identity Design

For designers eager to flex their brand identity design muscles, LogosByNick delivers. This channel, run by designer Nick Wolf, provides screen recordings showing his logo design process from start to finish.

Nick's videos provide insider tips on:

  • Creative briefs – Distilling project goals, audience needs, and technical requirements.
  • Concept sketches – Brainstorming and developing logo ideas and directions quickly.
  • Iterating and refining – Evolving the final logo intelligently based on client feedback.
  • Delivery – Packaging and exporting logo files for professional client handoff.

With over 400,000 subscribers, Nick creates precious content for new and experienced logo designers alike. Aspiring brand identity designers will find endless inspiration in his videos.

Behind the Brand – Business Strategies for Creatives

Beyond pure design advice, intelligent business strategy is an equally crucial element of managing a thriving design career. This is where Behind the Brand comes in for designers seeking business knowledge and advice.

With insightful videos on topics like:

  • Pricing and proposals – How to charge what you're worth for design services.
  • Contracts and paperwork – Details designers need in their agreements.
  • Diversifying income – Ideas like courses, products, and investments.
  • Standing out – Distinguishing yourself in a crowded market.
  • Winning dream clients – Steps for getting hired by recognisable brands.

They provide designers with the business acumen to protect and scale their revenue. Their 300,000 subscribers enjoy no-nonsense real talk about operating a profitable design biz.

AJ&Smart – Design Thinking Insights

For UX/UI designers interested in design thinking principles, AJ&Smart delivers helpful insights. With 350,000 subscribers, this channel focuses on frameworks like:

  • Empathising – Research tips for understanding user perspectives.
  • Defining problems – Framing challenges based on research learnings.
  • Ideating solutions – Brainstorming and picking promising directions.
  • Prototyping concepts – Turning ideas into testable models.
  • Testing – Validating prototypes with real users.
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Their step-by-step videos show what design thinking looks like in practice. AJ&Smart also vlogs candidly about running a design agency and working with clients. The blend of concepts and real talk provides unique value.

Sarah Beth Morgan – Resources for Illustrators

Sarah Beth Morgan Youtube Designers

Sarah Beth Morgan's channel is a gem for hand-letterers and analogue illustrators. With 3,000 subscribers, Sarah Beth shares fun tutorials on hand-lettering typography and whimsical illustration techniques like:

  • Bounce lettering – Creating playful, dimensional letters.
  • Brush pen lettering – Mastering the versatile brush pen tool.
  • Character illustrations – Developing cute, quirky illustrated characters.

She also provides resources on topics like:

  • Tools and supplies – Reviews of pens, paper, layout materials, and more.
  • Colour palettes – Ways illustrators use colour meaningfully in their work.
  • Business tips – Pricing hand-lettering work, diversifying income streams, and more.

For analog-minded creatives, Sarah Beth provides skill-building and business advice in an upbeat, welcoming way.

Mike Locke – Lettering Art and Typography

Another fantastic resource for hand-letterers and illustrators is Mike Locke's channel. With 117,000 subscribers, Mike shares tutorials and thoughts on:

  • Bouncy lettering – Creating fun, dynamic typography.
  • Chalkboard lettering – Mastering the chalkboard art style.
  • Layouts – Principles for balancing text and graphics.
  • Branding – Using hand-lettering for logo design and custom typography.
  • Business strategies – Setting rates, securing clients, and managing workflow.

Beyond lettering, Mike also posts relaxing videos of the lettering process that provide satisfying ASMR vibes for viewers. For hand-lettering artists, his channel hits all the marks.

Flux – Motion Design Inspiration

For motion designers seeking inspiration, Flux delivers in spades. With 9,000 subscribers, this channel curates and shares incredible examples of motion graphics worldwide.

Their videos compile professional motion work across mediums like:

  • Branding – Logo animations, graphics packages, and more.
  • Broadcast design – Title sequences, bumpers, transitions.
  • Advertising – Commercial spots, social campaigns.
  • Experiential – Trade show visuals, event animations.
  • Short films – Creative directed shorts with compelling motion.

Seeing beautiful, innovative motion work compiled in one place provides endless inspiration. It's perfect for sparking ideas and exploring new styles.

Key Takeaways for Designers

With such a wealth of insightful content, YouTube designers are spoiled for choice today. Here's a quick recap of the critical value that each of these top channels provides for designers:

  • The Futur – Solid design skills and intelligent business strategies.
  • Will Paterson – Graphic design and branding techniques.
  • CharliMarieTV – Boosting creative thinking and overcoming blocks.
  • Dansky – Illustration software skills plus artistic insights.
  • Satori Graphics – Becoming an expert motion designer.
  • DesignCourse – Unlimited web design training.
  • SketchTogether – UX/UI design skills from ideation to delivery.
  • FLATPACK-FX – Concise yet helpful VFX tutorials.
  • Kel Lauren – Using illustration to drive social change.
  • LogosByNick – Insider tips for better logo design.
  • AJ&Smart – A focus on design thinking principles.
  • Sarah Beth Morgan – Fun hand-lettering and illustration tutorials.
  • Mike Locke – Mastering artistic typography and lettering.
  • Flux – Nonstop motion design inspiration.

Finding channels that align with your design interests and watching consistently will unlock game-changing growth. Your skills and creative thinking can reach incredible new heights this year with the right YouTube subscriptions!

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Best YouTube Channels for Designers FAQs

What are the best YouTube channels for beginner designers?

Some great starting points for beginners are Will Paterson for graphic design, Satori Graphics for motion design, DesignCourse for web design, and Dansky for illustration.

What channels are best for intermediate designers?

Check out The Futur, Sketch Together, and CharliMarieTV for intermediate designers. They provide high-level skills and business strategies to take your work to the next level.

What channels help designers stay inspired?

Flux, Kel Lauren, and Visura are fantastic for design inspiration. Seeing beautiful, meaningful work can re-energise your creative juices.

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