15 Web Development Frameworks You Should Check Out

15 Web Development Frameworks You Should Check Out

There are many different web development frameworks available for your company.

Web development frameworks are not alike.

Some are made for more substantial projects and some help with lighter work.

You can take a couple of hours and sort through them on the internet, or you can read this list and educate yourself on some of the better web development frameworks out there.

This list will let you know what you need to know and what different web development frameworks have to offer.

Some of these are for beginners, and some are for experts.

You can decide what is right for you and your company.

This is a list of the top fifteen web development frameworks that you should be aware of.

1 – Angular JS

Angular Js Google

This JavaScript framework is open source and supported by Google.

This framework goes from basic to deep linking, form validation, and more.

With this framework, you can create components such as directives, localisation, and reusable components.

You can inject and remove unwanted components and testability is built into the framework.

This powerful framework supports animation, DOM structure management, patterns, AJAX, routing, and more.

This was built and is still being extended by users every day.

2 – Rails

Ruby Rails Web Development

This is a Model View Controller which is popular among developers. It uses Ruby.

If you are just starting out with web development, this is the framework for you.

It is easy to use and understand for beginners.

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This framework is one of the most used, and it sports a decent dossier.

Airbnb, CodeAcacdemy, and GitHub all use Rails.

With this framework, you will have access to security, and it is flexible.

You can use what you want and leave the rest behind.

Rails has an ActiveRecord model that is an ORM layer that is rich and developed.

You will not have to worry about writing complex SQL.

Rails has a vast library for everything you need.

3 – Symfony

Symfony Framework

This framework is suitable for higher complexity projects.

This is a dynamic framework that grows as your company’s needs evolve.

It has a community, an application framework, and PHP components that work well together to help you develop your framework.

They offer a training session to help you use their framework to boost your website.

4 – React JS

This was introduced on Facebook in 2013 and has grown since.

Yahoo, Netflix, and Instagram all use this framework.

This framework is divided into components that are easy to use and manipulate.

They can be transferred between projects which will cut down on your development time.

This is a JavaScript library, and you can interface with other external libraries. For quite some time, React and Angular have been battling for the “Best Front-end Solution” title.

5 – Vue Js.

This is a newer web development framework.

It is a trending JavaScript framework that is progressive.

Vue Js. can be used in an already existing project.

You can build complete frontend applications with Vue Js. ecosystem.

This is one of the best free website builders on the net that is not yet supported by any big names.

It scales between a full-featured network and a library.

6 – Cake PHP

Cake Php Development

This is created on the Model, Controller, View model.

You can use old code throughout Cake PHP which will speed up your developing time.

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This framework is best for e-commerce website development.

You can build small and complex systems more accessible and faster with Cake PHP.

7 – Django

This framework is a model view template. It uses Python.
YouTube and Google use Django.

It comes with bundles that include messaging and authentication along with many other individual features.

It follows the DRY pattern and the Convention Open Configuration.

Django wants its users to feel secure which is why it either builds in security systems or helps the user create a secure website.


Asp Net

This MVC technology is used widely and is flexible, and convenient.

You can build purer code architecture with the productive coding model.

It provides testing and can be used vastly.

You can create clean models and data which can be bound to your website.

This is an open-source framework that uses the latest web standards.

You can build apps that have searchable and comprehensible URL’s.

These URL naming patterns work well with search engine optimisers giving your website more foot traffic.

You can mix the client-side code with server code.

There are tag helpers to modify existing tags or define custom tags.

They offer tutorials on how to use the ASP.NET MVC framework so you will not be lost while you are developing your website.

9 – Yii Framework

Yii Web Framework

This uses the Rapid Application Development concept.

It is suitable for systems that need repetitive tasks.

You can have your applications ready in a short period.

You can also downgrade or upgrade the application versions with easy data migration on various installations.

This is a secure and fast PHP framework.

There are books and videos listed on the website to help you use the Yii Framework.

There are also extensions and tutorials available to help you create the perfect website for your business.

10 – Laravel

This is an MVC framework that uses PHP.

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Laravel is another newer framework company.

It has API support and many different packages available for you.

This has extensive tutorials to help beginners understand what they can do with Laravel.

Some of the video topics include fronted technology, PHP, and Laravel.

Laravel cashier provides swapping subscriptions, coupons, PDF invoices, and cancellations right out of the box.

They offer these features and much more.

11 – Meteor

This is a JavaScript-based framework.

It is quite popular because it enables faster software development.

It has packages and libraries bundled together to make it more user-friendly.

This is a highly scalable product that does not need as many codes.

This is a useful framework for e-commerce.

It is more secure and quicker to use.

You can use tools and popular frameworks right out of the box.

Meteor also offers developmental support and tutorials for users.

12 – Ember

Ember Framework 2019

In 2015 it was named the best JavaScript framework.

It has expanded into a vast network that is continually growing.

It has two-way data binding.

Microsoft, Google, and Netflix use this framework.

It uses JavaScript’s best practices in its core design thus eliminating time-wasting steps.

Ember has many components and features that can be used right out of the box.

There is a blog on their webpage that offers users advice and information about Ember and they have an Ember community for their users.

13 – Node JS

Node Js Framework

This is the perfect framework for a highly efficient, lightweight website.

It works well with other devices that contain a large amount of data.

It is fast and can be scaled for multiple applications at the same time.

You can download a pre-built installer from their website.

They offer documentation and an about section that will answer all of your questions.

Read more about Node Js Development companies.

14 – Backbone

Backbone Js Framework

This is a useful framework for single-page applications.

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It is a light fronted framework.

They provide models with custom events and key-value binding.

They also offer collections with an application programming interface with many functions.

They also have views with declarative event handling which connects all of your API.

There is an annotated source code available to users along with tutorials, a test suite, projects, and example applications.

This can be used by beginners, and they provide an introduction and explanation of framework usage.

15 – Spring Web Development Frameworks

This is an MVC that uses Java.

Ticketmaster and BullGuard use Spring as their framework.

You can scale your business with Spring and its sister partners.

You will need to know Java to work with this framework.

They offer Spring training, cloud developing training, cloud data flow development training and boot developer training.

You can also get certified through their website.

They have hardcore Java consultants who have real-world expertise who are backed up by Java engineers.

Their blog has new and relevant information for the Spring community.

They also have guides that are quick and easy to understand for all your needs including integrating data, managing your transactions, centralised configuration, creating a multi-module product, and more.

A quick search function offers the answers to all of your framework questions.

Whichever web development framework you choose to use you now has a better understanding of what is available for your company.

Before you choose your web development framework, you need to make sure you have your parameters in place for your project and be aware of what you know and what you may need to find out when it comes to web developing frameworks.

You will want to use the framework that is conducive to your company and website.

If you know Javascript, you will be one step ahead when it comes to using a web development framework.

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If you do not know Javascript, there are other easier web development frameworks out there for you.

You will want to know if you need a heavier or lighter framework and where it will be used.

Once you have decided what you want you can use these web development frameworks to make it happen.

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