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11 Web Development Technologies & Trends in 2021

11 Web Development Technologies & Trends in 2021 

There are billions of websites across the world. 

Every website has some uniqueness of its own. This uniqueness could be in terms of website design, content, infographics, etc. 

However, what is essential is to keep upgrading these websites by following the latest trends

Web development technologies are changing now and then. To be a successful web developer, you need to stay updated with the latest trends and technologies doing the rounds. 

If you don’t follow the latest web development technologies and trends, you can always lag behind your competitors, who may take web development pretty seriously. 

We have just entered 2021. There are bound to be some web development technologies that will dominate this year. 

Some of the web development trends from 2020 may also continue to grab website visitors’ attention. 

Whatever it may be, every brand and its developers need to become aware of these web development technologies. 

Here we’re pinpointing the latest web development technologies and trends that will make it big in 2021. Find them out below. 

1 – Dark Mode in the UI 

Dark Mode Apps 2020

In the last few years, we have observed the increasing inclination of users toward dark mode UIs. 

As per our predictions, this trend is all set to dominate in 2021 as well. 

Switching to dark mode is relatively easy as you need to visit the app settings and turn the dark mode on. 

Users prefer using dark mode UIs, especially during daylight. Browsing through different modes becomes more comfortable with this mode. 

This is common for most apps. However, ideally, this is not a sign of good UX

As a developer, you need to develop apps to change that dark and light mode based on the users’ visit. 

In 2021, we may see a change in this aspect. 

We expect to see more websites and apps switching between dark and light modes with a simple click. In that case, the entire website will become more compelling to the users. 

You can’t ignore those dark modes that can bring a modern look and feel to the apps. 

By using dark modes regularly, users can avoid any chances of eye-damage. This is another notable factor for developers. 

2 – Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) 

Progressive Web Apps 2019

Popular brands are using PWAs to develop websites as well as mobile apps. 

PWAs are quite popular because they work very well in the offline mode and create a responsive user experience. 

Popular brands like Uber and Twitter are currently using PWA web development technologies in their official apps. 

The lighter nature of these PWAs also makes them faster to download. Also, developers can enjoy a less challenging and hustle-free development process for these apps. 

Here, the developers need to focus on a single codebase, and they’ll be good to go. 

To create PWA, one needs to use HTML, Java, and CSS frameworks. Google Map is an efficient app that provides a great offline experience. 

With the suitable implementation of PWA, apps can easily reach that level. The likes of Pinterest, Starbucks, Forbes, have also invested in PWAs for their overall growth. 

Let’s consider the example of Pinterest with more details. Pinterest has reported an increase of 44% in its overall ad revenue after investing in PWAs. 

They have reported that the duration of time spent on their websites is now 40% higher. How great is that? 

3 – Motion UI 

Another web development technology that is really in trend is motion UI. 

With motion UI, you can observe smooth website animation that offers an application a stylish vibe. 

The best thing about Motion UI is that it is compatible with all devices and frameworks. 

You can add this technology in different parts of a website or mobile app like header, background, menu bar, etc. 

To offer your users a fun experience, try adding the motion UI feature to your website or app. 

Are you having difficulty understanding? 

Let’s get straight to the point. We’ll cite the example of Google Translate here to clear things out for you. This brand is using the motion UI trend to its advantage. 

They have included some eye-catching yet straightforward animations to their website to keep the visitors hooked for an extended period. 

There are no restrictions that you’ll have to adapt the same tricks. But you can always come up with your motion UI ideas that support your website’s theme and your brand’s identity. 

Innovative motion UIs can help in brand identity management. 

4 – AI Chatbots

Ikea Customer Research Insights Customer Satisfaction Survey Chatbot Smartinsights

Adding Artificial Intelligence chatbots to websites is a must these days. 

Most people are interested in self-service, and they prefer interacting with bots for any queries and issues. 

Also, it would help if you did not forget how automated communication solutions are at the top these days. 

AI chatbots are associated with different machine learning models. Hence, offering human assistance comes naturally to them. 

Chatbots offer 24/7 support and answer common FAQs with utmost efficiency. Chatbots can solve smart solutions to the repetitive queries of users. 

In up to 90% of cases, AI chatbots can resolve issues without interference from the live agents. 

Adding chatbots also lessens the workforce requirements and workload on the customer support team. 

Also, you can save much time for your employees and employ them in something more substantial. 

So, adding chatbots is right for your website, and they can add much value to your customers. 

As a web developer, you must also learn how to integrate chatbots with Facebook messenger, WhatsApp for Business, Skype, and other channels. 

Bots are no longer limited to websites, and customers prefer them integrated with their most-used channels. 

5 – Voice Search 

How Does Voice Search Work

Voice search has been in the picture for a long time now. 

Did you know that millions of Americans own their smart speakers? With voice search, users can save their time and energy. 

They don’t have to spend time clicking different buttons. They can get what they want based on their voice instructions. 

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In 2021, the voice search optimisation trend is all set to become more popular. 

By the end of 2021, almost all smart devices will likely have their digital assistants that master voice search. Think like this. 

If you have a responsive website with highly optimised content, you could easily enhance your customer satisfaction rate by adding voice search technology. 

The voice search optimisation feature works well for both users and developers. 

Powered by AI, this feature has eased activities like online shopping, multi-tasking, etc. Developers should master the voice search factor to achieve better results. 

We are hopeful that in 2021 and the coming years, voice search popularity is all set to increase. 

It’s high time that developers focus on this trend. 

6 – Single Page Apps (SPAs) 

What Is Single Page Applications Spa

With fast internet connectivity and the growing popularity of JavaScript frameworks, SPAs are becoming a talking point. 

Most websites are now crafted on SPAs. 

It is a top favourite among the developers in 2021. That is because SPAs operate fast, and they can hold users’ attention for a long time. 

Think about some of your favourite apps and websites like Facebook, Uber, etc. These brands are already mastering the SPA trend. 

With a SPA, your website doesn’t require page loading. If you explore more, you’ll know that page loading is broadly why your website’s bounce rate increases. 

With SPAs, you can expect a permanent solution to that issue. 

Developers must adapt to this trend at the earliest. 

It helps with smooth scrolling. 

Users can browse your app even in places of poor internet connectivity. What we think is that the SPA trend is here to stay. 

7 – Serverless Architecture 

What Is Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture and its popularity are at the top now. 

With serverless architecture technology, one can avoid data loss possibilities, expensive web development, and overloading. 

AWS and other popular service providers have come up with this architecture. You can manage everything in the cloud, and servers are no longer critical. 

In the next few years, the serverless architecture will become more popular as they are flexible and budget-friendly than many web development technologies. 

8 – Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are changing the world of fintech. Hence, for web developers who want to stay in the game and access more significant career opportunities, learning blockchain development is necessary. 

Blockchain technology requires both hardware and software back-up, and hence, web-developers roles are unavoidable here. 

To learn blockchain development, developers must also focus on security aspects. 

The most significant purpose of this technology is to protect financial attacks from external threats. 

There are experienced and dedicated developers available for hire to integrate this technology into your project. 

9 – 3D Visuals 

3D Web Development Technology

Adding 3D visuals and elements to a website and mobile app is also trending these days. We can’t think of a time when this technology wasn’t famous. 

3D visuals have always been a matter of attraction among users. 

This feature can attract visitors instantly to your website. A few years ago, 3D visuals were considered a part of expensive web development. However, things have changed now. 

With the growth of Virtual Reality, adding 3D objects to websites has become affordable and more straightforward. 

Adding practical 3D visuals can improve users’ experiences to a large extent. 

With each passing day, this technology is becoming a part of mainstream activities. Hence, it’s high time that websites and applications get a touch of 3D visuals. 

Brands and developers must also know that 3D visuals play a significant role in building or retaining a brand’s identity. 

A while ago, gaming websites were more fond of this trend. But our predictions say that business websites will also rely on this technology more in the upcoming days. 

Hence, Developers must focus on this trend too. 

10 – Graphic Overlapping 

Graphic Overlapping Web Development Trends

We often observe that brands are not very focused on employing graphic designers for website development. 

We don’t realise that a graphic designer’s contributions enhance any website/app’s creative quotient to an optimum level.

In 2021, the latest trend of mixing graphics with images will become popular. 

eCommerce sites are going to be the very first adopters of this trend. So, emphasising this trend is a must for new-age developers. 

11 – API-First Approach 

We believe that the Application Programming Interface approach will become more popular in the coming days. 

APIs have made customer communication easier over the years. Hence, to enjoy seamless connectivity on your website, you must go for the API-first approach. 

There are ample benefits of introducing the API-first approach to the web development process. 

For starters, code recycling is much more comfortable with this approach. 

The development costs associated with the API-First approach are also affordable. With this approach, developers can enjoy a fast web development process.  

For SMEs and startups having tight budgets, the scope of using the API approach is enormous. 

These companies can save many of their development costs and allocate them to other avenues instead. 

Twitter is one famous brand that has been moving on with this approach for years now. This approach has helped Twitter to get more clicks. 

Final Words 

The beauty of technology is that it keeps changing from time to time.

The saying “Change is the only constant” goes very well with technologies. 

Throughout 2020, entrepreneurs have probably understood that remote business operations and a greater focus on websites are necessary. 

To make this work, more focus on the latest web development technologies and trends is a must! 

Ensure that you don’t miss out on the best trends that have every potential to rule 2021. 

Also, updating your knowledge base from time to time is required for your brand’s long-term success. Don’t forget that. 

Did we miss out on any latest web development technologies or trends? 

Don’t hesitate to add to this list in the comments section.

Author Bio: Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new startups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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