Top 10 Tips to Improve your Typography Design

Top 10 Tips to Improve your Typography Design

The world of design is fantastic and full of life, especially when you master some necessary skills and put them into good use. 

You get an opportunity to experiment with shapes, colours, size, and so many other elements that only a talented creator can appreciate.

It takes a combination of skills and appreciation of artistic taste to create beautiful fonts that send out the right message. 

Modern designers have quite a few tools at their disposal to make their work remarkable, exceptional and outstanding. 

After all, design is now a multi-billion dollar industry and mastering the art places you in the best position to earn more clients and make a significant contribution.

To make your design journey exciting, we’ve put together a few tips that can significantly help you improve your typography design. Let’s get down to it.

1 – Choose your fonts wisely

Font Personalities

This is perhaps the easiest way to start you off since it is at the heart and right in the middle of what you will eventually create. 

It is also what your audience will first take note of and determines whether they get interested in the rest of the work or not.

It is recommended that you stick to a limit of about three font families in your entire body. 

However, you can experiment with other aspects such as serifed and non-serifed fonts as well as headings and body content. 

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What you must keep in mind is that the lesser your fonts, the better it communicates in the overall.

2 – Be careful with font hierarchy

Serif Fonts 2019

Font hierarchy refers to the arrangements of the font in terms of size, position, and general alignment. 

These are essential aspects to master if your fonts are to be substantially outstanding.  

Brisbane Web design experts argue that positioning headings and subheadings versus the rest of the texts significantly influences what and how the reader views the text. 

Type helps readers to identify and prioritise the correct reading order.

This makes it easy for them to read and understand, and eventually, communication becomes effective. 

The typography design will have achieved its objective.

3 – Creatively play around with kerning

Good And Bad Kerning Example

Kerning refers to the adjustment of the space between two letters. 

The ultimate goal is to ensure the space between each letter is even to get a neat and orderly piece of text.          

It’s usually the last thing to check to ensure your typography looks polished and professional. 

This is quite a challenging affair, especially for beginners, given that there is no particular scale or formula that one must follow.

However, with the use of tools such as tracking, you can adjust the spacing uniformly across a given selection of text. 

This helps you replicate what you’ve done to other texts but faster.

This might be a difficult task to accomplish, but it is an essential tool for a progressive designer.

4 – Try to pair fonts together

Beautiful Font Combinations

You can also put together fonts that complement each other.

When this is done well, it will give beautiful results, and your typography design will be outstanding. 

Good readability should be one of the concerns when choosing and pairing fonts together. 

For instance, for a small project like making business cards, they will call for more modest-sized fonts that will need to be clear and easy to read rather than just being decorative.

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While at it, try as well to make use of contrasts such as black colour against white. 

A good approach is to experiment with some of your favourite fonts and colours. 

This will help you to create set the right mood and align your text to the correct theme.

5 – Make good use of white space

White Space Design Tips

Your use of white space determines and dictates many aspects of the process and the outcome. 

White space can be used to enhance visibility, neatness and generally give your design a clean, organised look. 

In other words, white space has many uses in design, including:

  • Emphasising clarity: White space creates a sense of preventability and neatness, making your design work look neat.
  • Improving readability: Your design, whether in shapes or words have to be readable, clear and clean. Proper use of white space ensures good use of all these elements.
  • Call for and focus on attention: By leaving spaces between types, the white space emphasises some elements more than others. This allows them to gain prominence and call for attention. They become more noticeable.

6 – Pay Attention to Font Families 

Olympic Games Font

Font family is a set of fonts that relate to each other. 

From a general perspective, font designs are grouped into a variety of styles within the same set, which we consider as its family. 

For instance, you have Helvetica, which is then sub-grouped into Standard, Neue, and Bold, among others.

These font families fall under five broad groups, namely:

  • Old style: Used in the earlier centuries
  • Modern: Sharp with a vertical and formal sense of style
  • Geometric: Emphasises on horizontal and vertical lines 
  • Humanist: Less of geometrics with more of details and character
  • Slab-serif: Wide faces with a stroke thickness

This variety of font families are meant to work together for a good reason. 

When used together appropriately, they blend well into each other and complement each other. 

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The focus should as well be to enhance beauty, make the design compact and readable.

7 – Have your audience in mind 

Candy Cursive Font Download

The main focus of your design is to have the message delivered to the appropriate audience

Your focus should, therefore, be delivering the message to your audience in the most appropriate manner. 

For instance, your design for a corporate end year party will be considerably different from an outdoor college students’ party. 

Both events may have a similar focus, but your approach to design in each has to be very different.

It would, therefore, be essential to seek for a second opinion from someone who’s in the targeted audience about your font choice, and this will be crucial in making your typography design as compelling as possible.

Your choice of fonts, colours and the general arrangement of your design will dictate how much your audience relates to it.

8 – Focus on creating the right mood

Revista Cool Font

Typography design can be used to set a particular mood because every style owes its own personality. 

It would be wrong to think that any font as one size, would fit all. 

There’s a need to determine what a specific font is saying or whether it fits with the desired design. 

Experts agree that each typeface has a voice that determines how we feel about the text we are reading, how we can absorb and process the information. 

It can also be a significant force in making text communication beneficial to the user as they can read the text easily and more quickly. 

The simpler it becomes for visitors to read, the more chances of finding what they were looking for. 

9 – Attention to detail on the headlines

Baro Font Download

If content lacks a great headline, it does not matter how useful the information is, since headlines are the first words that a viewer gets to see. 

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There’s no need spending time, creating advertisements or content if your headlines aren’t fascinating. 

It’s like writing an exciting book and not giving it an attractive cover. 

For creative and clickable headlines; use a powerful language that is simple to understand, make bold statements, ask a funny question and target a word with high search volumes.

It’s also essential to ensure that letter spacing and kerning has been well set. 

If a visitor notices bad kerning, it may affect the entire piece and as a result, reduce the traffic of potential clients.

10 – Check out on spacing and alignment

Bodoni Font Design

Margins characterise the reading area of a page by separating content from the primary environment. 

This is important because web content must exist side by side on the screen with the interface aspect of the browser and other icons and menus of the user interface. 

When spacing and alignment are used consistently, margins provide unity throughout the pages plus give a visual interest in any document.

Setting up text alignment and spacing in typography is a principal activity. 

Details on how a text flows or how an image is placed can make or wreck a design. 

The two can bring a huge difference between an orderly or disorganised design.

For instance, justifying a text to the left can makes it easier for users to read through the content. 

Consistency towards the left edge brings the eye back after finishing each sentence makes reading simpler.


Typography design is currently riding a wave of limitless creativity. 

Design is all about communication: always think about how a message will be sent out through your choice of typography. 

These ideas should go a long way to turning your text into great typography and bring onboard new clients at your digital doorstep. 

It is therefore vital for a typography design professional to learn about different styles and their classifications because a designer has to be devoted enough to bring change.

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