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How To Get More Social Media Followers with Digital Signage

How To Get More Social Media Followers with Digital Signage

Who doesn’t want to increase their social media followers, no matter if they have thousands already on their account? 

Brands and businesses need to attract and grow the number of followers on social media platforms. 

So you might be sending requests to social media users, running promotional ads, and making lots of relevant content to attract more followers. 

All these might be working for you positively. 

But do you know you can also increase the number of followers through digital signage? Surprised? 

Using social media on digital signage can be a powerful marketing idea that is useful to promote your business and increases the number of followers on your account. 

Here we will tell you how to grow followers by strategically using digital signage. 

Let’s get started, 

1 – Fix Digital Signage Screens At Conference, Summits, & Gatherings

Are you going to host trade shows, events, conferences, or any public gatherings? Or a small meetup of 20 to 30 people? 

You can install digital signage in the meeting room to keep your audience engaged and entertained with the content displayed on the screen. 

Digital signage can be a great way to introduce your social media presence wherever there is an audience gathering. 

Craft an amazing-looking social wall from your account by collecting creative, vibrant, and engaging social media posts relevant to the theme and telling about your social activities. 

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

Also, display your fun and active conversation with fans and followers on social media platforms. 

Use touchscreen digital signage to allow your audience to explore the social wall and conversation by swiping right and leaving the screen. 

You can also display the Twitter wall specifically on your digital signage screen so that it can show tweets updated in real-time on the screen.  

2 – Create A Social Media QR Code To Display On Digital Signage

Qr Code On Digital Signage Display

QR is an effective marketing tool to increase your business’s creative and innovative approach to the audience. 

You can connect people with your social media account by displaying the dynamic QR code on the digital signage screen. 

Make creative content to display on the digital signage screen. This will inspire people to follow on the social media channel. 

QR codes make it easy for people to scan the code and directly open your social media profile. 

It will help remove the hassle of opening the app, searching for your social media profile, and following your brand or organisation. 

If you have multiple social media accounts, you can create a separate screen for each social media profile that keeps rotating on the screen. 

The audience will scan the QR code for the social media account, whatever they want to follow. 

3 – Introduce Live Social Media Contests & Display Feeds On Digital Signage

Social Media Digital Signage

You might have run contests on social media channels like quizzes, riddles, and others like asking customers to share their experience with your business, products, or services. 

So many people have become a part of it, but you need to strategise your social media contest as per the future trade shows you will organise. 

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Why? It is because you can create a booth at your conference, annual seminar, or trade show to display your audience engagement with social media contests on the digital signage screens. 

To increase the number of participants, you can give some decent prizes to the contestants. 

When you organise the conference or seminar, you can display the social media contest feeds on the screen. 

This will introduce your audience to the social media activities and prizes for your social media content.

4 – Giveaways To New Social Media Followers

Gifts and prizes always entice people to participate in the competition. 

However, it is not possible that you can give the prizes to the large gathering. But if you are organising a small group of people, you can give some fun gifts to your audience. 

You can introduce a giveaway that those who follow your social media account from the digital signage will receive a gift hamper. 

Don’t forget to play a social media wall on the screen; it will introduce your audience to the social media content

They come to know what type of content you shared on social media channels. 

This will create interest and encourage people to follow your social media profile and get the giveaway prize.  

Wrapping Up!

With the help of digital signage, you can grow your social media following with the audience interacting with your brand and organisation. 

With digital signage, you can showcase your audience on the social media wall of your business and encourage them to become part of your social media family. 

You might have performed some promotional activities to increase the number of followers on social media accounts, but your offline audience will never know about this. 

Hence, digital signage comes into play to grow the number of followers through offline social media marketing. 

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