Top 20 Photo Editing Services Online

Top 20 Photo Editing Services Online

I am a portrait photographer from LA who always offer photography with photo editing services in one package.

I have decided to browse 20 companies for photographers who provide photo editing services online.

Find out what is the best service I found and how it helped me.

This photo in the RAW format, .NEF, shot on my Nikon D500 was sent to all digital image retouching services with the following instructions:




  • Retouch her skin and underarm area.
  • Remove stray hair.
  • Make the background smooth and natural.
  • Make the portrait pop, using natural skin colours.
  • Remove any defects that you see.


I addressed 20 professional photo editing services, and want you to compare them, their customer service, price and results.

I rated all 20 companies according to the Price/Quality and here is what we have.



Website: Beautiful before and after samples in full size with detailed descriptions of the changes made. FixThePhoto specialises in all types of photo retouching.

Price: The price for portrait image retouching service is from $5 to $10 per photo, depending on the tasks you need to fulfil.

Ordering: To place an order, you need to register, receive a confirmation via e-mail, and upload images of any format up to 50MB.

Response/working time: The answer came immediately, the results were ready the next day.




Retouching services quality


All my requirements were met, absolutely no complaints about the work.

The background is retouched naturally.

The colour correction and skin retouching look great.

The best photo editing service on this list.




Website: The service specialises in all types of photo retouching from wedding photo retouching services to product photo editing.

Price: The price of my order was $5.

Ordering: Email registration and pay via PayPal.

Response/working time: In a few minutes, I received a reply, and the maximum deadline was 36 hours. After 24 hours I got the results.



Retouching services quality


I like the skin colour correction, it looks natural.

The only minus is the armpit skin.

Nevertheless, a pretty cheap image retouching service.








Website: Attractive design with many photo retouching examples. The service specialises in nude and boudoir photo retouching.

Price: Photo retouching prices are from $5 to $15. My photo cost $10.

Ordering: To place an order you need to register and send your photos in RAW or any format.

Response/working time: The manages answered in several minutes, and my portrait was ready in 24 hours.



Retouching services quality


The only minus is hands. I would like to make them less red, and a white spot on the background is annoying a little.







Website: The service specialises in high-end photo retouching services.

Price: The rates per image starts at $10 and ends at $150 for Ultra Magazine retouching. I paid $10.

Ordering: Fast registration, can upload photos of any format.

Response/working time: I was contacted by mail 30 minutes after the order, the work took 48 hours.



Retouching services quality


The retouch is done perfectly, but I do not like the light spot on the background that attracts too much attention and distracts from the girl.







Website: This is the best web design from this list, especially I like the Price list which is so clear. The service specialises in wedding photo editing services, but they also do other types of portrait retouching.

Price: The prices are very affordable, and my photo cost $5.

Ordering: Register on the website or go through Facebook/Google account and upload photos up to 50MB.

Response/working time: In 2 minutes I received an email and was told that the work would be performed from 24 to 48 hours. The image was ready within one day.



Retouching services quality


The final image looks natural; colour correction is performed well. Still, there is much-unwanted hair on her nose.

Small defects in the lips area and uncleared capillaries on the eye.

The service specialises mainly in wedding photo retouching, but I can recommend it for editing your portrait images.








Website: Among all photo editing services reviews I read, 50% said that Retouchgem is the best service for outsourcing editing. The design of the site looks expensive and beautiful; the examples are impressive. The only thing that annoyed me was the timer in the portfolio. I could not view the photo more than 5 seconds.

Price: I did not find the prices.

Ordering: You can order photo editing without registering through the form on the site or through the mail. I did both of these actions, but so far no one answered. Most likely the site is not working now.






Website: All the pictures in their gallery were replaced by the error symbols, which did not disappear when the page was updated. No before and after photo editing examples, mainly they offer product photo editing.

Price: The price for basic photo editing is $2.15. I did not find the price for portrait photo editing services, but later they mailed me that the price is $7.50 per a photo.

Ordering: After a minute of reading their main page, I saw a banner with the offer to retouch two my photos free. I just had to fill out the registration field and send the images in any format up to 150GB and write my requirements.

Response/working time: After a few minutes I was asked to confirm the order. According to their turnaround, my work had to be done in 24 hours. The next day, my images were edited.



Retouching services quality


The quality of the final picture did not make me upset, but it was not ideal either. Let's consider all my requirements and what Colorexpertsbd sent.

The first thing you can notice is a sharp change in the texture of the skin where the retouch was made – it seems blurred and unnatural.

A large number of unnecessary hair on her face and eyebrows.

Unfortunately, they did not try to change something. If you look at the skin colour, at the bottom, it seems more yellow than the arms at the top.

There is stray hair on her face, the whites of the eyes are not cleaned from the red capillaries.

Remains of paint on her nails and a red spot were also ignored.

The bag under the eye is too vivid.

Colorexpertsbd has excellent customer service and available photos uploading via the site system, but they do not have the examples of their online retouch work, and after receiving my picture I understand why. I cannot name it the best online photo editing service.






Website: The site is designed rather ordinary, the examples are not bad, but most of them are not related to portrait photo retouching. The service specialises in product retouching and automobile retouching.

Price: The prices are not available on the site, in the F.A.Q. They say that the rates depend on the complexity of the order. Offers a free trial for two images.

Ordering: For registration, you must select the type of photo retouching services you need and upload your images. The answer came to my mail, and the order was ready in 3 days. I think they forget about my order because I received the same photo I sent.





Website: A simple design with before and after animations.

Price: Again the credits. One credit costs $8; one photo retouching needs one credit. So why we need these credits, guys??

Ordering: Placing order comes after registration and uploading the images of any format.

Response/working time: The answer came immediately, the finished image was ready the next day.




Retouching services quality


The photo looks very nice and professionally edited. I like the way they removed the strip of clothing on her chest.

The problem of blurring the armpits, and in some places on the skin. Such sharpness correction of the textures spoils the overall appearance of the image.

The face skin retouching is overdone.

Blond hair is very distracting and was not removed.

Unnecessary hair near the eyebrows.

Pupils are overdone.

Clear website design, positive Tucia reviews from customers, average price and a little overdone with the final image.






Website: The site is simple and understandable, but the photos in their gallery are not clickable for close viewing, and the examples of photo retouching are the same as Digi5studios has. Most of the images are the product, automotive and clipping path Photoshop samples.

Price: Nothing is mentioned, only a free trial.

Ordering: For registration, you can upload photos of any format, confirm the order by email and pay through PayPal.

Response/working time: More than a week has passed, so I asked them – “Can someone Photoshop my picture for me?” However, there were no answers.






Website: The design looks outdated, most of the images are distorted, and in the “services” tab I could not find the portrait photo retouching.

Price: The price of my photo was $10. The most expensive retouching here costs $25 for photo restoration.

Ordering: To place an order you need to upload up to 4 photos of any format and confirm the order via mail, which I could not do since the confirmation letter did not come after a week.






Website: Dull and old design that looks very cheap and unattractive as for photo editing service. Examples have inferior quality. You can find them.

Price: Photo retouching price list is measured in credits, which in turn are bought for dollars. I think this is very stupid because if you need to understand how much your order will cost, you need to calculate and transfer the credits to dollars. My photo cost $7.95 – it is more than five credits.

Ordering: To place an order you need to register – it is very quick here. Then you can upload your photos but only in JPEG, PNG, GMP, GIF and TIF formats, with a maximum size of 10MB. My image was 9.8MB, but I still sent a link to the Dropbox with RAW files by mail.

Response/working time: After placing my order, I received a message that stated I have not enough credits to process my request. Adding a few more credits, I got the finished image in 3 days.



Retouching services quality


The first thoughts after getting ready images were – did they do anything except underarm skin retouching? Skin enhancement is basic; there is practically no colour correction, skin imperfections are not removed. Stray hair removal was ignored too.

The photo lacks background enhancement and simple colour correction.

The skin redness on her hands and the paint under the fingernails were not retouched up too.

The worst thing about their work is because of the improper use of the RAW format; a glow effect was formed around the model's body.

The website with horrible design, poor examples and strange pricing system, very low and amateur photographers edit. It is not worth your money.







Website: The design is pleasant and understandable, the prices and examples of photo editing are located well. You can find the columns with a detailed description of what services they offer.

Price: $5 for the corrections I need, the price is lower than average.

Ordering: I had to go through a very long registration with filling a vast number of fields, get confirmation on the mail, and then go back to the site and place an order.

Response/working time: The work was ready in 24 hours, and sent to my email.



Retouching services quality


At first glance, the photo looks faded with a minimum work done.

Many unwanted defects on her face skin were left untouched.

The background was also untouched.

Capillaries, stray hair on her eyes were not removed.

Hands are not retouched too; the photo retouchers did not remove red spots.

Convenient website, low prices, but very poor-quality photo editing services with minimum changes.







Website: Looks outdated, examples of works are very low-quality.

Price. The price for the photo I need is $7.

Ordering: To place an order, you need to answer strange questions as – what type of skin retouching I prefer. WHY? Photos are supported in many formats, including RAW, but my photos could not be uploaded. I tried different formats, but after waiting an hour, I gave away. While contacting their customer support, I did not receive a reply.






Website: It has a complex structure with too many departments in which it is easy to get lost. This photo editing services specialise more in product photo retouching services.

Price: In the photo editing price list there is nothing about portrait photo editing services, but I paid $12.45.

Ordering: To place an order you need to pass a small registration and upload photos directly on the site in any format and size.

Response/working time: They answered me that day, wrote the price and an approximate turnaround – 3 days.



Retouching services quality


In general, the retouch is not bad, but there are a few points to pay attention to. Bags under eyes, stray hair on the eyebrows and defects near the nose were too visible.

Working with the background is not bad, but a spot is too bright.

Colour correction is too warm, and the skin looks unnaturally yellow.

My Picsera reviews are satisfactory, although they specialise in product photo editing, the results were lovely.







Website: The service looks stylish and straightforward, a large number of quality photo editing examples, but there are no examples of before, and after retouching, so it is hard to judge about their experience.

Price: The price will be said after the retoucher looks at your photo and requirements.

Ordering: To place an order, you need to upload the image via We Transfer or upload it to an email up to 22MB in size, then send a 50% payment. Again, nobody answered my message.






Website: Excellent design. There are only three levels of photo retouching, which may not be enough for all kinds of photos.

Price: The price for basic photo changes is $3. For professional glamour photo retouching, you should pay from $9 to $15.

Ordering: To place an order, you need to register and download the image in any format.

Response/working time: I receive my photo back in 24 hours, but it was so plastically edited that I even don't want to show it. As if a retoucher's child made photo retouching of my photograph.






Website: Simple design. There are many watermarks throughout the image, so it is difficult to view it. Examples of photo editing services are impressive; the service does any photo retouching from portrait photo retouching to 360 panorama making. The site has a tremendous amount of text that distracts you from the main point.

Price: You are told after the download.

Ordering: I had a problem with uploading, it refused to work, but no one answered my message.






Website: The online service specialises in product photo retouching services and commercial photo editing services. It was not easy to find examples of portrait retouching, there are only 3 of them in the portfolio.

Price: The price for colour correction is $1,29, there are no other prices here. I think they should be mentioned after uploading.

Ordering: The site offers a free trial for one photo. You can upload a photo up to 25MB, but the page gave out an error. Tried to upload a photo for paid photo retouching – the same.






Website: The site is made cheaply, most of the photos are the samples of product retouching. Fashion and wedding retouching are present too, but looks amateur – the skin is blurry, and the quality of photos leaves much to be desired. There are few pictures but too much boring text.

Price: The service has a free trial, I did not find the prices for photo editing.

Ordering: To order, you need to fill out the form and send the images in JPG / PNG format. I had a .NEF picture so I failed to place the order.




Concluding the top photo editing services


I hope my photo editing services review will help you decide which services for photographers can be contacted for help, and what services you can trust before sending them your money.


If you wish to discuss how we can develop your brand or provide graphic design for your product or business, email us: [email protected]

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    This site used to do great work for reasonable prices. They now do mediocre work at astronomical prices. Work I had done before (literally, the exact same thing as my computer died and I needed the edit redone) in 2018 was $25. They came back with $50 9 months later–the exact same edits to the exact same photo.

    I was at a photography conference and someone mentioned they’d asked for their 6 products to be grouped into a single shot (stock cosmetics on a white background) and they were quoted $95. $95!!! Sorry, that’s not even competitive anymore.

    There’s too many editing shops to go through one that wildly fluctuates on pricing and quality, and has no interest in even trying to retain their previous clients with the courtesy of a price increase that is under 100%. It’s crazy.

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