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How to Improve Bounce Rate Through Good Design

How to Improve Bounce Rate Through Good Design

Getting folks on your website is one thing, but keeping them there is something else. 

No matter how good your site placement or marketing is, you're losing many visitors if you have a poor bounce rate. 

The good thing is that improving the bounce rate is possible with the proper steps.

1 – Remember the Flow

One tip is to ensure the design flows. 

If you have a slideshow, be sure it starts automatically. You may want to add a few galleries to maintain people's interest. 

Think of your whole site this way, and that should help you design a site that flows. 

You want visitors to feel like they must continue exploring the content on your page to get the whole experience. 

Don't allow awkward pauses as your visitors might mistake that as an opportunity to leave, which isn't what you want.

2 – Identifying the Bouncers

What Is Google Analytics Platform

Believe it or not, specific items on your site could trigger a high bounce rate. 

It's essential to do a deep analytical dive into your site. You're looking for items on your page that might be causing your visitors to leave prematurely. 

Sometimes, the problem could be that you have long and tedious forms that people don't want to go through. 

If this is the case, you'll want to transform your form into something intelligent and friendly using something like the WordPress form plugin

This can make a big difference. The problem could also be specific keywords, in which case you'll have to replace those.

3 – Rethink Your Ads

Everyone uses ads. They're needed to make money online or to advertise products or services. 

The problem with ads is that they can also be quite triggering to visitors. 

If you have too many ads or make it hard for visitors to explore your page or content, visitors will not be happy. 

That means they'll leave your site before they learn what your site is all about. 

You want ads that blend into the page and don't interrupt the flow of content. 

If you make these changes to your ad design, you'll improve your bounce rate.

4 – Improving Load Times

Google Pagespeed Insights Test Speed

Online users aren't the most patient people in the world. 

A slight delay here and there on your page will cause a chunk of visitors to leave. 

The worst thing about this is that you can rectify this quickly. 

Yes, it does mean making some changes to the page, but it also means your page will load faster for all visitors. 

You want to optimise your page. Update your pictures so that they load faster and simplify your code if possible. 

Try to get rid of complex scripts or as much as you can. 

Plugins you don't use or widgets you no longer need should be removed.

5 – The Point is Golden

Many visitors are leaving because your site and overall content fail to get to the point. While content is important, visitors want you to get to the point as soon as possible. 

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Visitors mostly scan your page unless they're intrigued. 

Your content should make it easy to scan and find what they're looking for as quickly as possible. 

Go through your content and make sure there's no fluff; every word must have value. 

Add more lists, bullet points, titles, and whatever else you can do to make your site more scannable and to the point.

Now, you know what you can do to improve the bounce rate, but there's much more you can do, like making sure your site is compatible with multiple screens if you haven't done that already or making sure the colours you use are engaging. 

Talk to a site designer to see if you could do anything else for the good of your site.

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