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Top 10 Best Illustrator Plugins for Designers

Top 10 Best Illustrator Plugins for Designers

Whether a beginner or an expert designer, plugins can help you improve your workflow and streamline your design process.

Designers can use different plugins with Adobe Illustrator to help them get the job done quicker and more efficiently. Some of the plugins are free, while others are paid. 

Some plugins are only for specific versions of Illustrator. For example, some plugins work only with Adobe Illustrator CS6. Before you start using plugins, check whether the plugin works with the version of Illustrator that you are currently using.

In this post, I will share some of my favourite Illustrator plugins to help designers make life easier.

1: Astute Graphics

Astute Graphics is a software provider that focuses on vector graphics design. They specialise in Illustrator plugins that allow designers to create new vector shapes and export those creations to use in other software programs. 

Their products allow designers to edit, resize, and add effects to vector files. The firm has provided Illustrator plugins that help designers to work with more advanced features such as gradient meshes and curves.

They make the process of designing more fun. This is done by providing the tools needed to make on-the-fly changes and boost productivity. This saves time and money, making it easier for our customers to meet tight deadlines and keep on top of what's going on in their businesses.

2: Logo Package Express

Logo Package Discount

If you are designing logos for clients, there's nothing more frustrating than working on a project only to be told that the logo design isn't what the client wanted. The design process can also be frustrating if the client doesn't care about the final version. 

They may keep changing their mind and request changes to be made that are not necessary. They may change their minds before the project is even completed. And sometimes, the clients don't even care about the final version.

It is much easier to design a logo and then use it repeatedly. So, consider how they will use the logo when working with a client. If they are likely to use the logo, again and again, consider using the same design elements in the logo. Otherwise, design something different.

It's all rather monotonous, but what if there were a way to create, export, and sort that mountain of logo files in a matter of minutes? 

Well, that's the promise of Logo Package Express (LPE), an Adobe Illustrator extension that asserts to do just that. Whether you're creating logo packages, exporting files for clients, or generating files for every format your clients require, LPE does all the heavy lifting.

3: ZenPattern Mandala Creator for Ai

How To Draw A Mandala Illustrator Plugin

If you're familiar with Mandala Creator, you'll love this newest edition. It features over 200 new designs, including the ones found in the previous editions, plus many more.

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A mandala is a circular pattern that was created thousands of years ago. It has now evolved into a graphic art form widely used in the design.

ZenPattern Mandala Creator is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator that gives you the tools to create intricate mandala designs. You can create beautiful mandala patterns, create free-form circles, and add shapes to the design. ZenPattern Mandala Creator allows you to create different effects, including glow, transparency, and reflection.

The plugin features a built-in interface that makes drawing and painting mandala designs easy. The design is saved and can be applied to the canvas or exported as an SVG file for use in other programs.

The over 200 intricate and unique mandala designs included with the software are an excellent resource for designers looking to bring a creative element into their business. With a simple click, you can start creating your own mandala designs.

Quick, narrated video tutorials also show you how to create a new design in just a few steps. This is a great way to get started quickly.

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4: Super Magic Eraser script

Super Magic Eraser is useful software for Adobe Illustrator, which allows you to cut and delete vector objects from the artboard. The program saves the picture in editable format afterwards. You can keep pictures open after usage without any distortions. 

A new stable algorithm prevents freezing your computer with big vector files. Additionally, this is the first script which creates a clipping mask instead of a crop.

The Super Magic Eraser is a simple, versatile image-editing program for removing unwanted parts from photos, drawings, or vector graphics. The user interface is straightforward to follow and navigate.

It is designed to eliminate unwanted backgrounds and objects in a photo. It uses a simple-to-use tool for removing unwanted parts. Select the area you wish to remove and click on a button to start erasing. You can use this plugin to erase just the top layer or choose to erase the layer below.

The eraser works best for removing unwanted areas in your pictures. It is an excellent tool for cropping out photos and removing unwanted elements from vector graphics.

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5: Warp V3 Illustrator Plugins

Photography Adobe Illustrator Plugin

WARP V3.0 includes 50 separate and layered Illustrator plugins with 50 different shapes for image and photography warping. From photography, slit-scan distortions into a glitch or mirror reflection effects. 

This bundle is optimised for the latest version of Illustrator. Easily accessible, quickly usable, and simple to create beautiful surrealistic images in seconds – No coding skills needed!

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6: Adobe Library – UI Icons Pack

This library contains over 100 free icons in various formats, including PNG, SVG, and EPS. You can even get your icon template if you want to make your own icon.

If you're looking for more than just icons, this link provides a variety of icon templates, including vectors, raster, shapes, clipart, and symbols.

The icons included in this pack are designed to work well at any size, from 10px to 200px. However, they're not specifically lined icons or precisely filled icons. Instead, they're partially line and partially filled based on what looks best but designed to work great and look consistent together.

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7: Karuki Wireframe Kit

Wireframe Plugin For Illustrator

It's not always easy to create a wireframe for a complex web page. If you are a designer who wants to create a wireframe, you may find it easier to use a product that helps create wireframes – Karuki is one such product. It's available for the desktop and mobile web and works with Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch.

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This is a collection of wireframe components with customisable properties. It includes several different components that can be used for all kinds of designs. These components include grids, buttons, cards, headers, navigation, modals, panels and more. All these components can be used to create beautiful website layouts.

The components are designed with a layered structure so you can easily edit and change their properties.

You can also use the free fonts included with their Illustrator plugins.

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8: SITL Color Replace

You can use the Colour Replacer plugin to find out what colours can be found in an image. It's essential to know how the colours in an image are created. 

Color Replacer can help you analyse images and change them to your preferred colour. The best thing about this plugin is that it lets you search for colours from any image you want to change. It's beneficial when you want to add some new colour to an image. 

For example, you may want to match the sky's blue with the colour of a shirt in the photo. You can easily choose the colour of the shirt from the colour palette. This will help you fix the photo's colour and remove any problems.

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9: Grid Builder – Layout Composer

Best Illustrator Plugin Grids

Sometimes it's challenging to arrange your quotes or texts into a compelling composition. You have the words you want to use and the style you desire, but it's hard to make the arrangement look good. One way to fix this problem is by experimenting with different layouts. You can try out different arrangements to see what looks best.

Grid Builder is a set of 35 individual grid shapes that you can use to create custom layouts. It's not necessary to start from scratch and draw everything from scratch. You can change each shape's size, stretch, and colour individually and then rearrange the entire layout to give it a different look.

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10: Mascot Maker: Vector Mega Bundle

Illustrator Mascot Plugin

This vintage retro mascot character builder toolkit allows you to create your mascot in minutes. The pre-designed eye, nose, mouth, hand, feet and body elements allow you to quickly and easily create multiple possible mascots.

The software is user-friendly and provides everything you need to create great graphics. There are a ton of ready-to-use graphics and templates and a wide range of tools to help you create your graphics. 

With this plugin, you can easily create your unique logos, ornaments and banners that are professional-looking and cost-effective.

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The graphic design industry is becoming increasingly popular due to its accessibility and cost-effectiveness. As a result, many freelancers and small businesses have joined the bandwagon. This has created an enormous demand for graphic designers who can provide their services to small businesses.

In this post, we discussed the top 10 best Illustrator plugins for designers. We listed the best tools that will help you speed up your workflow and make things more efficient.

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These plugins will help you work faster and keep up with your game.

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  1. I’ve developed a plugin that I think should belong near the top of this list! It’s called Randomill ( and lets users generate complex and intricate designs very quickly by dialing in some settings for procedural object manipulation. You can randomize colors, shift scale, alter opacity, oscillate position, and do a lot more across large sets of objects. There are also some handy utility functions as well such as random selection and layer order sorting. I think this plugin would be a great addition to the list.


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