Top 10 Branding & Marketing Courses Online

Top 10 Branding & Marketing Courses Online

Even as businesses overwhelmingly focus on marketing as the central strategy driving sales and boosting profits, many CEOs fail to appreciate the significance of branding.

The two concepts of marketing and branding may share a common goal, which is promoting the product and the company, but the approach to the goal deviates considerably.

What Differentiates Marketing From Branding, and What Makes SEO the Common Thread Binding Both

Branding Vs Marketing

In marketing, you promote a product, pushing out a strong message that says, “Our product is unique and better than what others offer.”

Branding is an expression of what you are, the singular factor that pulls or attracts people to you.

Branding says “I exist for a reason, this is what I am, and this is my offer. If you love this service, buy my product, and spread the good word by recommending me to others.”

Whether or not you follow the best practices in marketing or branding, you should bear in mind that “visibility, credibility, and brand awareness are vital to any business”, and these goals are achievable through search engine optimisation (SEO).

It is the SEO optimised strategy that effectively drives new leads converting fence sitters to potential customers on your site.

If Marketing Is a Tactical Move, Branding Is Strategic Positioning

Marketing is what tactically pushes a customer to buy or test a product.

Branding is the image that stays in the mind after the customer moves into the product-experience cycle of buying, testing, validating, and servicing.

Branding is critical because it encourages bonding with the customer.

Bonding creates loyalty, and loyalty ensures customer retention which drives repeat sales.

Now that you know what differentiates branding from marketing, you’ll be in a better position to avoid online courses that offer a mish-mash of both concepts without doing justice to either.

The list we’ve prepared is by no means definitive, but these courses are selectively curated for their value added, and also to safeguard the reader from decision fatigue.

Top Online Marketing Courses

1 – HubSpot Academy’s Easy Learning “Free Content Marketing Certification Course”

You need a content marketing strategy that drives measurable results quickly, and there’s no better place to start learning the basics than with the HubSpot Academy, home to a community of thousands of certified pros.

It’s free and an excellent way for a beginner to come to grips with the fundamentals of content marketing.

You get access to a talented group of instructors and market movers like Justin Champion, Lindsay Thibeault, and Sujan Patel.

From the basics of content marketing and generating content ideas to the creation of blog posts and topic clusters, you cover much ground in a series of 12 videos taking less than 5 hours to view.

There’s a quiz at the end of each video to take stock of what you’ve assimilated.

If you clear the 45-part questionnaire at the end of the course, you happily join a community of over 140,000 marketers that proudly flaunt the certification.

2 – “Ahrefs Academy” – Your One-Stop Resource for Advanced Video Tutorials and Digital Marketing Tools

Once you’ve prepped yourself with beginner’s tutorials, it’s time you upped the stakes with more comprehensive guidance, and Ahrefs Academy is the right place to make an impact.

For the beginner, there is a simple 2 hours forty minutes tutorial that covers all the essentials:

  • Keyword Research Dynamics; On sourcing niche-specific keywords that kick-start great marketing campaigns.
  • Competitive Keyword Research; Learning how to leverage strategies that make competitors successful and what you can do to outdo them.
  • Link Building Strategies; How you improve onsite SEO by building essential linkages.
  • Link Acquisition Planning; How quality link building powers SEO, coverts customers, and boost sales.
  • Strategic SEO Marketing; Learning the topic cluster approach for improving your visibility in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The beauty and simplicity of Ahref’s academy lie in guiding the beginner with concrete examples that define the best practices in online digital marketing.

You not only benefit by getting an overview of Ahref’s highly advanced tools but you’ll find yourself well equipped in handling many other online tools.

3 – “Google Academy for Ads” – Your Window to Google’s Ad Ecosystem

The Google Ads platform is packed with templates, tools, and techniques that spell immediate success through targeted advertising which rings the cash registers.

Google has configured loads of mini-lessons that give you deep insights into advertising which you can access from any device, anywhere, anytime.

You’ll cover trending ad tools at a faster pace:

  • Programmatic ads: This is a game changer that automates ad buying using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.
  • Google Adwords: This is a Google platform that maximises the visibility of your ad, and you pay Google only if the customer clicks the ad.
  • Doubleclick Digital Marketing (DDM): This is Google’s branded platform creating a shared space for agencies, marketers, and publishers to launch high-impact ad campaigns.
  • Video advertising on multiple platforms: Enables you to nurture brand awareness by capturing customer attention and scaling demand.

The Google Academy presents constant interactive challenges through short quizzes that keep you on your toes and judge your level of comprehension.

4 – “The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Monetizing Pinterest” – Driving Pinterest Traffic to Your Blog

The sheer visual bonanza that Pinterest unfolds and its vast fan base presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to market products, yet Pinterest remains highly underrated in the marketing circuit.

Nick Carroll’s free course gets a high rating in Udemy.

The course gives you step by step guidance in creating inspiring, beautiful, and attention-grabbing content, which over time, diverts considerable traffic to your website or blog.

What you’ll learn:

  • Without any prior knowledge, you’ll master the basics of HTML, become proficient in syntax, and track the tackiest terminology.
  • You’ll start creating and viewing HTML documents on your computer or handheld device.
  • You’ll master all the tricks in the trade for creating and positioning headings, paragraphs, linkages, and images on your website.

If you’re planning a long-term social media strategy, you won’t regret having started with this course.

5 – “How to Use Instagram Stories for Business” – Making Yourself Attractive to People and Businesses

Instagram Online Course

Did you know that over 30% of US net surfers are using Instagram, and the majority of users are younger than 35?

Some of the world’s most iconic brands have a huge fan following in this domain making it hard for marketers to ignore.

This doyen of free marketing courses online details how real-life entrepreneurs use Instagram to grow their businesses.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • How to customise Instagram storylines that effectively brand and market your product.
  • How Instagram stories with stunning content will wow the audience.
  • How Instagram Stories Ads will drive traffic to your website.
  • Instagram Stories Analytics shows you how effective a campaign is.

The beauty of Instagram lies in the simple fact that you forge a genuine connection with the audience, and you can use the platform to access a specific demographic that wants your product and will drive higher sales.

Top Online Branding Courses

Creating a successful branding strategy does more to grow your business and generate traffic than all your marketing campaigns put together.

This is because branding epitomises stability and permanence, and it is the single most potent tool a company can deploy to project its image and personality.

Online branding, strategic brand management, and brand equity are the building blocks creating a flavour and buzz around your product as you arrive globally.

An online branding course is the best way of keeping abreast of the latest trends which add strategic depth and purpose to your marketing decisions.

1 – YouTube Masterclass – Your Complete Guide to Video Branding

Immensely popular with more than 55,000 learners enrolled, YouTube Masterclass created by Phil Ebiner and Michael Moyer gives you everything you want to know about building a footprint in video branding.

Through the span of 105 mini videos divided into 16 topics, taking all of 7 hours, you get a bird’s eye view regarding logo design, USP marketing, and conceptual planning.

You’ll learn about preserving brand consistency, and no matter what you do or promote, your core personality and company values shine through clearly.

With this course, three gains are guaranteed:

  • You’ll grow your brand by creating a successful YouTube channel.
  • It becomes possible to create high-quality videos within a reasonable budget.
  • You’ll know how to increase your subscriber base and make the channel earn money consistently for you.

2 – ”Learn How to Stand out” – Branding and Marketing for Startups

Created by Mac Piechota, this is a course that offers profound insights into consumer psychology and consumer behavioural traits that lay the foundation for the most successful branding strategies.

This is a considerable knowledge boost that even a beginner can leverage to target clients like a professional.

There are valuable inputs on deciding the ideal brand name that’ll help you cultivate a brand image and quickly build long-term relationships with consumers.

The course teaches you how to develop a storyline around your brand that sets you apart from the competition and attract more customers.

A total of 24 mini videos stretching over an hour and 42 minutes provide just enough knowledge to whet your appetite for earning a six-figure business income starting from scratch.

From building your personal brand and creating your own business logo to cultivating a voice that breaks communication barriers with potential customers, you’ll be handling brand imaging like a pro.

3 – “The Complete Guide to Branding for Small Businesses” – Nour Boustani’s Blueprint for Mastering Brand Imaging

Top Branding Courses

Unless you satisfy a consumer desire or fulfil a need by exceeding the consumer’s expectations, your business has as much chance of surviving as fish out of the water.

If you’re a small business entrepreneur desperate to succeed in a war zone where even the big bazookas misfire, this course offers solutions that help you project your product, concept or service in a visually pleasing way.

Packed with eye-catching visuals and live examples, you’ll be binge-watching your way through 120 minutes of pearly wisdom on creating a brand with lasting value.

How you organise your brand promotion, what you do to optimise SEO for brand marketing, how you respond to consumer behaviour, and what makes visual communication effective are just a few of the topics that the course covers in an easily comprehensible language.

4 – “The Climb: 6 Steps to a Powerful Personal Brand” – the Impact of a Story Well Told

The Climb” is the brainchild of startup advisor Dwayne “D.K.” Sutton.

It is a highly rated course which (as the name indicates) details the entrepreneur’s journey up the ladder of success from a pit bottom inconsequential business to a top of the line brand that becomes instantly recognisable.

Magnetic personal branding elevates a business to rarified heights where customers stop haggling over the price and feel honoured to a part of the brand’s evolution and philosophy.

The course holds that thought and builds on it effectively.

Sutton tells you that the storyline anchoring the brand, the multiple colours that energise brand presentation, the logo that triggers an instant recall, and the profile that is uniquely yours – all of this doesn’t happen overnight or by accident.

Brand recognition is achieved only through a meticulously planned mission-mode operation.

The course provides all the ammo you need to convey your brand message coherently and credibly.

5 – “Branding for Social Change“ by Debbie Millman

Branding is not merely the planned projection of an image or personality wholly tuned to selling products and services.

There’s a purpose wedded to the brand image – that of becoming a change agent for social transformation.

Associating the brand with a cause – It could be climate change, poverty alleviation, gender inequality or any area of social concern – delivers a powerful impetus to branding strategies.

Besides, it shows that you are a company that cares, and you’re willing to stand up for certain principles.

For the aspirational consumer, your brand becomes a source of inspiration, something that they would love to associate with.

Prolific American writer Debbie Millman and her erudite team take you through the nitty-gritty of building a compelling image.

You get a 10-page workbook, video tutorials where experts handhold you through the essentials of branding, a forum to communicate with successful brand-builders, and loads of case studies that’ll keep you hooked to the very end.


Weaving through the maze of online marketing and branding courses can be a massive headache, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Making things doubly difficult is the fact that you won’t know if you are scammed till you part with the money, and everybody is wary of taking risks.

However, this problem shouldn’t obscure the fact that some outstanding courses are worth doing.

What we’ve discussed happens to be the crème-de-la-crème of online knowledge sharing, and it’s all yours at a reasonable cost that won’t stretch the budget.

Consider these courses as the distilled wisdom of some of the world’s trendiest marketers and brand imaging experts.

Listen carefully to what they’re telling you, and imbibe lessons that’ll hold you in good stead as business success opens up new opportunities on your entrepreneurial horizon.

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