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Top 7 Blogging Tools for Planning Your Blog

Top 7 Blogging Tools for Planning Your Blog

Several helpful programs and tricks will help you prepare a content plan for your blog. 

Instead of wrestling with blog posts, employ specialised software at maximum. 

Let's list different solutions that will make your work with blog content easy and effective.

#1 – Follow Trends on Google Trends

Google Trends

The free Google Trends service is a valuable tool for every blogger and SEO specialist. 

The solution can help you select topics for your blog that become more relevant depending on the season. 

Google Trends analyses the search frequency of Google users. 

Search query data show the level of interest in a particular topic. 

Taking a popular news feed as a basis, you can create content that will interest your readers and boost your traffic. 

Use the news feed to express your feelings about a topic or share something close to it.

#2 – Choose Topic Themes With Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool for collecting and analysing key phrases that can also suggest interesting blog topics. 

The tool is part of the Google Adwords advertising project. 

To use it, you do not need to create ads – you just need to log in to your Google account or create a new one.

#3 – Pay Attention to Search Engine Prompts

People Also Ask Example

Many people ignore the tooltips of search engine sites when looking for something specific for their online projects. 

But if you are running a blog, then you should take a closer look at them. 

The search engine generates a list of suggestions from the most frequent queries of users in your area. 

User interest can lead you to great blog ideas. 

Do not be lazy – analyse the data and create blog posts that will be of great interest to your target audience. 

#4 – Read Competitor Blogs

Bookmark competitors' blogs and subscribe to their newsletters and social networks. 

Competition blog topics can open an alternative perspective for you. 

Read what your rivals write about, how they approach their customers, and explore more information on the topics you want to feature in your blog. 

Use their tools and tips to improve your blog. 

You may check their great design templates and notice their ideas. 

Keep in mind that you can look at any design pattern with the help of mockups, such as the iPhone mockup

We'll warrant you that you will find lots of helpful information on the sites of your competitors.

#5 – Find Blog Ideas With Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most widely used services among SEO professionals. 

If you want to promote your blog with keywords and long-tail combinations, it won't be easy to achieve this goal without using Ahrefs. 

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The service generates over a thousand keyword suggestions for a given topic, gathers information about blogs with similar themes, identifies the most popular blog topics. 

And that's not all that the solution can help you with. 

When looking for a theme for your blog, go to the Keywords Explorer tool menu, select your preferred search engine/country, and enter your keyword.

#6 – Use Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a convenient service that pulls popular queries from Google and divides them into different lists. 

Select your country/language and enter a subject for your request. 

In response, the service will generate several schemes with user requests, combined with question words.

#7 – Track Questions and Comments

Questions Freelancers Should Ask

Comments from subscribers on social media and customer questions that come through the feedback form (or any other channel) can also suggest some good ideas for a blog. 

If something interests one reader, it will most probably be of great interest to others. 

Therefore, it may be worth digging deeper. 

When making a helpful post, invite subscribers to ask what else they would like to know.

Conclusion on Blogging Tools

A commercial blog solves different problems. 

It helps you gain the trust of the audience, properly introduces your company, and attracts traffic. 

Authoritative articles are a great way to showcase your business expertise. 

A blog will be helpful for any business, especially if the product is complex or relatively new on the market. 

However, to make the max out of your blog, you will need to invest some time and effort in developing a content plan for it.

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  1. Nice list of blogging tools here. I follow Google Trends from time to time to find smart blogging tips ideas for my readers. If Google tracks it, yep, it needs to be trending. Pay attention to the big dawgs, right?


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