7 Best Instagram Feed Widgets & Plugins for WordPress

Instagram has transformed itself from being a photo-sharing app to a social media giant. 

With the help of its dynamic content on the platforms, it has attracted many audiences on its platforms. 

You can bring the same magic to your website with the help of an Instagram widget, which helps you display Instagram feeds on your site. 

At the same time, WordPress has emerged as the best website builder platform as it provides an ease to its user in making an attractive website. 

WordPress provides regular updates and offers various plugins that assist businesses in attracting customers to their websites. 

Marketers often use an Instagram widget on their WordPress website as it provides liveliness on the website and helps them attain more customers.

This article will discuss the five best Instagram Feed Widget Plugin for WordPress and some Instagram hacks that can help you get more website traffic. 

But before that, let’s briefly understand some basics about WordPress Widget and how it is different from the WordPress plugin. 

So, without any further ado, let us jump into it.

What Is a WordPress Widget?

In WordPress, widgets are blocks of content that you can place on your website easily. You can add them to the website’s header, footers and other areas. 

In addition, each feed widget can add a function or feature to your website without having to write any code.

For example, if you want to integrate your Instagram account with your website, you can use the Instagram widget and showcase the content from your Instagram on your website. 

You can add the content into the sidebar, header or footer of your website.

WordPress Widgets vs WordPress Plugins

Although widgets and plugins have similar functionality, they have different roles on the website. 

A plugin has a much more significant role compared to a widget. Plugins insert some functions on the website that are usually not there; on the other hand, the widget only provides a specific feature and differs from theme to theme.

Top 7 Free Instagram Feed Widget Plugins For WordPress

1 – Social Media Aggregator

Tagembed Social Media Aggregator – Wordpress Plugin

Tagembed’s Social Media Aggregator is currently the best WordPress plugin based on utility and pricing. 

It helps users collect social media feeds from different social media platforms like Facebook feed, Instagram feed, Twitter feed, Google reviews etc. 

Furthermore, considering the popularity of Instagram, it provides a dedicated Instagram widget that helps you in displaying all the Instagram feeds related to your business.

It is a helpful plugin as it provides you with various features that help you beautify your website. 

You can use a customisation feature to personalise the widget and change its layout and template according to your style. 

Moreover, you can even change the font size, font style, etc., of your feed and match it according to your website’s style. 

These measures amplify the beauty of your website and make it more appealing to visitors.

Social Media Aggregator provides you with complete control over the feed and even moderates the content. 

You can filter out all irrelevant content from the feed and keep the feed related to your business only, so it provides a great insight into your business. 

Moreover, you can use a profanity filter to block the content containing mentioned words or hide contents from a particular Instagram account. 

It helps you to maintain the quality of your website and enhances visitor’s browsing experience.

2 – Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon provides a simple set-up and user-friendly interface that helps you showcase Instagram feeds on your website without hassle. 

With the help of the Smash Balloon plugin, you can display photos from multiple Instagram accounts in the same or separate feeds.

The plugin is entirely responsive, which means it does not matter if your visitor is using a PC, tablet or mobile; he will be able to see the Instagram feed without any interruptions. 

The plugin is entirely customisable, which means you can change the width, height of the feed, make further personalisation, and change the number of columns, image size, background, and more. It makes your website more appealing to visitors.

3 – Enjoy

Enjoy Social Feed Plugin Wordpress

People like to visit an interactive website and spend more time exploring different content on that website. 

Enjoy is a fantastic WordPress plugin that allows you to embed Instagram content in slider and carousel style. 

You can use the carousel style to display your different products, or you can even share your brand’s story on the website. 

It ignites an interest in the minds of your visitors. Moreover, you can even use the Grid and Lightbox effect that enhances the vibrancy of your website.

4 – Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social Wordpress Plugin

Feed Them Social helps you to display responsive social media feeds on your website. Moreover, it is compatible with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Hence, you can even display content from other social media platforms in addition to the Instagram feed.

These feeds are responsive, which means it does not matter if your visitor is using mobile, tablet or PC; the charm of your feeds remains the same. 

In addition, you don’t even have to make alterations according to different screen types. 

Moreover, it provides you with the option to add the ‘load more’ button to your feed, which makes your website interactive and adding to it, visitors get to see scrollable content, which instils interest in their minds. 

But to access this feature and many other valuable features, you have to subscribe to the Premium Version of the plugin. 

5 – Spotlight

Spotlight Social Media Feeds Wordpress Widget

Spotlight is an easy-to-install plugin and provides excellent results to businesses. 

You can choose different customisation options for your feed; for example, you can change the template and layout of your feed and make it appealing to your visitors. 

In addition, it allows you to connect multiple Instagram accounts with all feeds and provide unlimited Instagram feeds content to embed on your website. 

Moreover, it also enables you to feature the “Follow” button, which helps you to strengthen your Instagram presence.

The plugin streams images, videos, and IGTV videos without any hassle. 

Occasionally plugins take time to load images and videos on the website, but this plugin does not affect the speed of your website and smoothly loads the visual content.

Furthermore, you can even customise the feed according to your style; it provides the option to change the design of the feed, padding, font sizes and more. 

Moreover, it also allows users to set the order of Instagram posts according to date, popularity, or preference. 

In addition, the plugin offers you the option to change columns of the post, the number of Instagram posts in the feed, the size of the feed and more. 

6 – 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed for Instagram is a WordPress plugin that helps you collect Instagram feeds, including media from Instagram accounts, and displays them on your website. 

It is one of the most trusted plugins as it is effective and enhances the beauty of the website. Moreover, it provides responsive feeds that scale perfectly to any screen size and amplifies visitors browsing experience across the board.

It adds an appeal to your website by showcasing pictures and videos on your website. So, if you are having a fashion e-store or running a photography business, the plugin is a perfect fit for your website. 

The plugin automatically refreshes the feed, hence saving you time and money. You don’t need to worry about refreshing the feed manually or hiring any specialist to operate to upload the latest feed. 

Also, it requires minimum effort to install the plugin and provides the feed in the blink of an eye.

7 – WPZOOM Social Feed Widget

Wpzoom Social Feed Widget

WPZOOM Social feed widget is a fully customisable and responsive widget that displays Instagram feed on your website. 

You can place the widget anywhere on your website and personalise it according to your preference. The latest update of the widget allows you to display 12 photos of any Instagram account to your choice, where earlier, it was restricted in displaying the user’s feed only.

Top 8 Instagram Hacks to Get More Website Traffic

People often use Instagram following and strength to determine a brand’s reputation in this age of social media. 

Hence, you must have significant Instagram traffic on your account, as it increases your brand awareness and helps you to gather more audience for your business. 

Here are some great strategies that can help you get more website traffic.

1 – Post regularly

Best Times Post Instagram

One of the best ways to get more traffic on your account is by providing regular content. 

Instagram offers many features that help you to post different types of content, and viewers are entertained. 

But keep in mind that you provide quality content and don’t overwhelm your followers.

In addition to regular content and posts, you can even organise live sessions where you can interact with Instagram users and enhance your market recognition. 

Other various mediums include IGTV, Instagram stories, Instagram reels etc., and all these features add variations to your content to help you attain greater reach. 

2 – Use Instagram analytics

Instagram provides a great feature to its business account, and one of the fantastic features is Instagram analytics

It helps you to know which strategy that you have applied to your post is working well. Moreover, it also helps you to know the best time for posting the content. 

3 – Use your creativity

Content is the king on Instagram, and therefore, nothing can help you more than quality content. 

In addition to the trending topics, you should also be aware of the content topics of your competitors. 

You can use your competitors’ content as inspiration and post creative content. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you copy your competitors’ ideas; instead, you should use your creativity and build new content.

4 – Use Call-to-Action phrases

You can increase your posts and account engagement by simply asking the users to follow the account or like, comment, and share the post. 

In other words, using call-to-action phrases can increase the engagement of the content and boosts their reach. 

Some of the common call-to-action phrases that you can use are “Like the post if you agree”, “Double-tap”, “leave a comment”, “tag your 3 friends.”

5 – Post at the right time

Best Time To Post On Instagram To Go Viral

As mentioned above, Instagram analytics provides excellent insight into your posts and followers. 

With the help of this feature, you can even know the time slot where your followers are most active. 

However, your posts can turn out irrelevant if they do not reach your followers and target audience. 

Therefore, you should keep track and post at the right time, so your post creates an impact.

6 – Use marketing tools

Instagram provides excellent help to the business accounts and provides them with exposure and various marketing tools. 

You can use these marketing tools to your benefit and increase engagement on your website. 

For example, Instagram allows you to optimise your Instagram account to a business account, and business accounts provide the option to mention the contact number of your brand; this breaks the communication barrier between your brand and your customer.

7 – Use Hashtags

The best way to display your content to non-followers is by using hashtags. Hashtags have the best marketing strategy for many businesses. 

It increases the reach of your content and helps you to attain a larger audience. You can look for the hashtags by visiting your competitors’ profiles and get knowledge about trending hashtags.

8 – Keep yourself up to date with new features

Instagram is one such platform that keeps on upgrading itself by introducing new features. Therefore, you should stay up to date with these features as it helps you bring variations on your website and assists in marketing your account. 

And also, keep in mind that while using these features, you stay up to date with the trend because trending content gets better traction and boosts the Instagram algorithm.

Summing up the Instagram Feed Widgets

Instagram is an impactful platform that can help your brand attain more customers and boost your reach beyond local boundaries. 

You can use the strategies mentioned above to stay relevant on the platform and attract new customers. 

At the same time, you can even draw more visitors to your website by displaying Instagram feeds on your website with the help of the Instagram widget.

Author Bio: I’m Daisy, and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, social media, and digital marketing trends.

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