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9 Best Freelance Writing Sites to Find a Job

9 Best Freelance Writing Sites to Find a Job

Whether you're looking for a full-time job or want to earn extra money, a freelance writing career is one of the best ways. However, finding a job as a freelance writer can take time and effort. Those stories about people losing all their work due to scams are also valid. Fear not, as several legitimate places on the internet can help you kick-start your freelancing career. Well, you are guessing it right; this blog post will discuss some of the best sites to help you start freelance writing as a newbie and professional. You'll also know how to offer cheap assignment writing services to students worldwide. 

9 Best Freelance Writing Sites to Find a Job

Upwork Website

What are the best freelance writing sites to find a job? Let's get to know them all one by one. 

Upwork is the world's largest freelancing website, with over 20 million registered users, 3 million jobs available, and over $1 billion in earnings for freelancers. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent place to start as a freelancer because it has a vast pool of clients looking for writers, and you can expect to earn around $15 per hour. The most popular categories for freelance writers on Upwork are content writing and copywriting.

Yes, there are some downsides to working on Upwork. Like it charges hefty fees from your earnings. Plus, they have strict rules about what kind of work you can do for clients. Don't worry, as Upwork is not the end of the world, and you have many other options. Just read this exciting blog post until the end to make the most out of it.

Freelancer is one of the most popular sites for finding a freelance writing project. The enormous list of clients registered here will help you land a decent writing job soon. Indeed, a great place to find jobs and make money as a freelance writer. Because it has over 1 million registered users and 7 million jobs in various categories, a recent report has indicated that there are about 13000 new listings each month. Hence, you will likely have a writing gig that best suits your skills.

Furthermore, it is also easy to manage your reputation on You receive ratings from the clients at the end of each project. Hence as a freelance writer, you must maintain positive ratings on your profile to get more contracts. Don't worry; a few more websites are coming your way as you march to the end of this blog post. 

Fiverr is where freelance writers are hired to write articles, blog posts, social media posts and more at $5. The advantage of Fiverr is that it's easy to get started. You don't have to fill out any forms or undergo a lengthy application process. And while the pay may not be satisfying, it's still an excellent place to build your portfolio and get some practice writing for real clients.

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Fiverr has been around for years and has built up its reputation as one of the best sites for finding freelance jobs online. Not happy with how Fiverr works? Don't worry; there are other options as well. So, keep on reading.


It is also one of the best freelance writing sites for you to land your first client. It has a large community of people looking for work, as well as employers who are hiring freelance writers. The platform is well known for paying out reliably.

People choose PeoplePerHour over other freelance writing sites because of a large community of employers and workers, a reliable payment system, and more.

Guru is a freelancing website that allows you to find work related to writing content, designing websites, and more. Undoubtedly, it is a great place to find a job as a writer. Its client payment protection and seller protection rules are highly cherished. is another trusted place to find freelance writing jobs. You can also use the site's forum to connect with other writers. Very helpful when you're looking for advice or feedback on your work. is one of the top freelance writing sites. Fortunately, it has both a blog and a job board. Same as the ‘,' it also has a very active community to help freelance writers. is a content marketing platform that connects brands with the best content creators. The company has a network of more than 30,000 freelance content creators who write for finance, crypto, and many other categories. 

Contently offers various writing jobs, including blog posts, copywriting, eBooks, and more. is also an excellent place to find freelance writing jobs. The website has a vast list of registered clients hunting good writers for different projects. 

You can also let them know about your writing abilities via email. They will then contact you when an opportunity suiting your skills comes up. 

Look for Freelance Writing Jobs on Craigslist, Indeed, or Glassdoor

Craigslist is a great place to find freelance writing jobs. These aren't freelance writing websites, but the Jobs section features listings for everything from entry-level to executive positions. For example, if you're looking for an entry-level job that offers experience and an opportunity to learn, you can search by country, state, or province. Then, filter your results based on whether or not the listing is full-time, whether or not it requires you to travel, what type of company it's with, etc.

Now that we know enough about freelance writing sites let's understand the other ways of finding a freelance writing project.

Finding your first freelance writing project

Freelancing For First-Time Parents

Besides the websites we have mentioned above, you can use these techniques to find yourself a freelance writing project.

Attend a Networking Event

It's time to get out there and network. Networking events are a great way to meet people in your industry, find potential clients and build relationships with potential employers.

To find out about networking events in your area, check online for local business groups or associations. You can also look up local writers' organisations or professional writing groups that hold monthly meetings or conferences. Many businesses will also advertise their events on social media; follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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Once you have found some networking opportunities near you, learn as much about them as possible ahead of time so that you know what type of event it is. It is also helpful to reach out directly via email so that they can answer any questions about the gathering before you get there. 

To begin, make a list of your contacts. It should include past coworkers, bosses, and friends who have shown an interest in your writing. Also, add family members and people you have met at networking events or online through social media or blogs.

It's essential to be open when making this list; be bold about adding anyone who might know someone who could use help writing content for their website or blog!

Create a Professional LinkedIn Profile

When building your portfolio with writing samples, you must prove that you have the skills necessary for the job. One way to do this is by creating a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a social networking site specifically for professionals who want to connect with others in their industry or field of expertise. It can also help you find freelance writing projects if you add your resume and cover letter when you set up your account since many companies will search through profiles using keywords to find the people they're looking for.

The best thing about having a LinkedIn profile is that it's free! All of its features are available without signing up for a premium account so long as all information about yourself remains private—which means no one will see anything but what you share publicly on your page.

Apply to an Online Job Board

Many freelance writing job boards post jobs on their sites. You can also find freelance writing jobs by searching for them on Google or searching for keywords like “freelance writing websites” or “freelance writing gig” in your favourite search engine.

Try applying for these types of writing positions:

Join a Community of Freelancers to Find Work

When you first sign up on either marketplace, you'll have a list of jobs based on your profile information. These jobs are often posted by companies who want help writing content for their websites or blogs. Read through each description carefully: does it sound like something you could do? Would it require any special skills or knowledge? If so, then feel free to apply—but if not, look elsewhere!

Think about what you want from your freelance writing job and what project types would be best for you, then search those keywords in Google or other search engines to find a freelance writing gig that matches the rates you want to work to.

Before you begin searching for freelance writing jobs and proposals, you must consider what kind of work would be best for you and your career. Think about your strengths and weaknesses, what projects interest you, what skills you want to learn, and so on. You should also consider the type of clientele who might hire a writer like yourself—do they need someone with a background in design? Do they often work on SEO-related projects?

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A great place to start is by looking at project descriptions posted online or sent directly by clients. They'll typically explain each project's specific requirements and whether or not writers are needed based on their experience level.

There are many ways to find freelance writing projects, but it will take time and effort before you start earning money!

Now that you know the websites where you can find your writing projects. Let's now read about some valuable tips for freelance writers.

Some Useful Tips for Freelance Writers 

Freelance Designer Rates

There are plenty of resources to help you learn the ins and outs of freelance writing. But if you're looking for some more specific advice on how to get started, here are some tips that can help you excel:

Learn to Write Fast

The best way to learn to write fast is by practising. If you want to become an excellent freelance writer, make it a habit of writing something every day, even if it's only a few sentences!

You can start by trying to write a short article in 60 minutes, then 45 minutes, then 30 minutes, and finally 15 minutes. There are two reasons why this kind of training will help you. Firstly, it provides a valuable benchmark for your productivity levels; secondly, it will get your brain used to the idea that writing fast isn't as impossible as many think.

Learn to Edit and Revise your Work

You must learn to edit and revise your work. It's essential to do so, but it can take time to tell when your writing is ready for publication. To help you get started, here are some tips:

If a sentence needs to be clarified, change it! If there's a word that doesn't fit, but you've already written several paragraphs using that word and don't want to go back through them all again just for one little word (even though it does need changing), write something like “this word should be changed” in the margin of the manuscript where the error occurs, then go ahead and make the change later on in another section where things are less complicated (and less precious).

Revise thoroughly before submitting anything professionally. You'll want at least two eyes on every manuscript before sending it out into potential rejection land!

Take a Writing Class 

If you're looking for ways to improve your writing, a class can be an excellent way.

Classes are often structured so that they teach their students how to write better. They might go over common grammar mistakes, provide feedback on other people's work, or include exercises in which students practice writing specific sentences or paragraphs. These classes are typically taught by instructors who have experience with the subject matter and are passionate about helping others learn how to write well. This is why it pays off in the end!

Books can also help you become a better writer if experts write them in their field (people who have published books). You should make sure that experts have recognised any book you read as an authority on its subject matter before deciding whether or not it will help improve your writing skills; otherwise, there's no guarantee that what's being taught will work for everyone else too!

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What is the best way for aspiring writers like yourself out there who want more knowledge about specific topics but have yet to know precisely where those answers might come from? Well, there isn't any one straightforward answer here either—but here's what I'd suggest anyway: Read more often than not–and keep doing so until something clicks inside your head suddenly one day when everything makes sense again.”

Read More, Especially in Your Industry

Reading is the best way to get inspired and discover new ideas, especially in your industry. There are so many great books; you should read them as often as possible.

If you write thrillers, read thrillers! But also read historical non-fiction, which can serve as inspiration when writing a thriller set in another time or place.

Reading other types of literature will help inform how well you write within your field and give your perspective on what works for specific audiences versus others.

Magazines like Fast Company offer thought-provoking articles about business trends that might inspire and provide tips for how writers can research their topics more efficiently than ever!

Keep a notebook with you always and fill it with ideas, quotes, observations, questions, and inspirations. A writer's notebook is a place where you can jot down ideas, quotes, comments, questions, and motivations. It's a place to record your thoughts. It can also be used as a place to record your research. 

Try new things

Experienced writers are always learning, so don't be afraid to try something different from what you're used to doing. Don't be scared to fail. If you're trying new things and failing, that's okay! It means you've learned something and can do better next time around. Learn from your mistakes instead of giving up on the idea altogether because of one failure.

You also need to be able to market yourself and manage your time well to succeed. It's important to stay encouraged when you wait to get any work done; sometimes, it takes some time before clients find out about you and start hiring you at reasonable rates. 

Take Away

There are many options for finding work as a freelance writer online. The most important thing to remember is to find a niche and focus on it. It's also good to have a portfolio of your best work available online, so potential clients can see your writing skills before hiring you.

Try looking around at specific websites with content needs matching your experience and interests. Keep an eye out for opportunities on freelancer sites like Upwork. This exciting blog post was all about letting you know about the best freelancing websites where you can find some good writing projects. 

Moreover, we have also listed some tips and tricks you can use to become an excellent freelance writer. 

All in all, this article helped let you know about finding freelance writing projects. Furthermore, if we have skipped including something here, feel free to use the comment box below. 

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