4 Pieces of Advice to Graphic Design Students

4 Pieces of Advice to Graphic Design Students 

A graphic design degree from a reputable university is not an absolute necessity

When a recruiter considers you for a job in the sector, they won’t care what degree you got or didn’t get. 

They will want you to demonstrate your skills and creativity through specific tasks during the interviewing process. 

However, most professionals with full-time jobs in graphic design hold at least a BA degree. 

If you chose to take graphic design courses at school, you shouldn’t be disappointed. 

You’re getting a solid foundation for building skills. 

So how can students get through graphic design colleges

It’s not an easy journey. We’ll suggest a few tips from the pros, who already succeeded in the industry. 

4 Tips for Graphic Design Students

1 – Be Proactive towards Your Future Career

Uk Graphic Design Universities

If you look around, you’ll notice two types of students in the lecture hall:

● Those who are passive towards their future career. They listen to the lectures, and they complete all projects on time. They enrolled in a university to learn graphic design, and they are doing their best to master the theory and develop some practical skills. However, they don’t work on actual projects just yet. 

● Some students are proactive in their future career. They still attend lectures and learn the theory. However, they implement their skills most practically. They are taking on freelancing gigs and building their portfolio while they are at university. This is the kind of student with higher chances for success right after graduation. 

2 – Work on Your Portfolio

Portfolio Design Mistakes Tips

A graphic designer needs two portfolios – a digital one and a physical one. 

The physical portfolio will feature your work in print. 

It’s for examples of projects, digital design, and manipulated photographs. It’s a useful thing to have during the job application process. 

The digital portfolio will feature your work online. 

You can build your own website that will help you work on your personal brand. 

By the time you’re out of university, you’ll already have a reputation in the graphic design industry. 

This means that you have to work on your own projects while you’re still at school. 

You may not have time for math homework, essays, and everything else your professors assign. 

You’ll mostly focus on graphic design. 

But don’t worry. You can do what most other students do: hire Edubirdie

It’s a writing service that will help you with all types of homework, so you can focus on what matters for your career: design projects

3 – Find Your Personal Style

Massimo Vignelli Works

Massimo Vignelli is a name that every graphic designer should remember. 

If you analyse his work, you’ll notice that his recognisable, functional design characterises each piece. 

Check the work of any other famous designer, and you’ll notice the same thing: they have a unique touch. 

Throughout your studies, you’ll want to experiment with different styles and forms. That’s okay. You should experiment. 

But you should also find your personal voice and keep specific elements of your design consistent throughout the portfolio.  

4 – Put Graphic Design to the Service of User Experience

Rules Of User Interface Design

During the graphic design process, you decide what the outcome will look like. 

You arrange different elements in your layout to get an appearance that you like. 

At this point, you should be able to transition from graphic to UX design

User experience design puts graphic design to use. 

It brings your focus to the way users will see your design and interact with it. 

You might love a project very much from an artistic point of view. 

But if it’s not what the audience wants, it will be useless. 

If there’s no user experience design at your school, try to learn as much as possible through online resources

Then, combine your knowledge and skills into designs that are useful for the audience. 

Make Your Studies as Useful as Possible!

Your degree in graphic design means nothing if you don’t benefit from your studies.

It’s great to have experts teaching you what they know. However, you can’t solely focus on studying. 

It would help if you worked on your own projects in the meantime, so you’ll be able to apply for significant positions as soon as you graduate. 

Graphic design is a heavily demanded skill. It’s also a very competitive niche, with brilliant designers from all around the world competing for the same positions. 

To prove you’re better, you need both knowledge and experience. Use your time at university to learn and practice! 

Author Bio: Joshua Robinson is a freelance writer and editor. He loves art, and he loves writing blog posts about it. Education is Joshua’s main focus, so he often writes posts that inspire students to be more effective in their studies.               

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2 thoughts on “4 Pieces of Advice to Graphic Design Students”

  1. I’ve been a graphic designer since the early 90’s and I will say that even then life was hard being a graphic designer. Because no matter how hard you try to “learn everything” you are never going to feel caught up. What most businesses don’t tell you is that once you get to a certain age, you’ve become unhirable. No matter how much you’ve mastered or tried to excel in it will either become obsolete and or change to a point where even those hiring you won’t understand what you offer them. I know becasue my portfolio shows just a fraction of the process going on in my head. The knowledge and skill sets don’t always translate onto the assignments clients give you to resolve for them.

    Believe it or not, your job as a graphic designer is not just being creative, ite finding a solution in a creative manner. It means making lots of mistakes, it means taking innumerable chances and many times you are going through it on your own. You are also competing with graduates for the same job. If you are a creative introvert this may not be your cup of tea.

    My personal word of advice is if you are going to be an artist you need to structure your life differently than others because you are taking a major sacrifice to your future, Why? Because while you are attending college, university you should be looking higher than being a graphic designer. Most businesses hire younger with minimal experience but with a multitude of skills in areas that will have you floundering to keep up. I know many that have struggled to get work after ten or more years as a designer and to be honest the only real benefits of being one right now the pay is very weak and the market is oversaturated. Too many colleges pumping out students. So unless you plan to teach graphic design…

    Burn-out is high, paid positions are in competition to online disruption companies like fiverr, Design Pickle, Freelancer, … All these companies you are in constant competition with people that live in countries that require far less to live on than you do.

    My suggestion is don’t become a graphic design, but do something that you can create something viable and that will generate passive income, but at the same time hit higher paying jobs that are not graphic related. Be something that is a trade, actual profession. Something that gets you up in the morning and going active.

    Because when you get older and see that no one is hiring you in design and your BA is only to do graphic design it’s going to be exhausting to regroup and do that career change to live in a time where the demands of creativity has become so technically high that you are losing more money trying to keep up than getting real work.

    Not to mention code is taking over the creative aspect of design. So unless you want to spend ten or twenty years developing yourself, you could be going into a different field that may not be as satisfying but more sustainable. You can always be creative with your own projects as an outlet, don’t waste your life pursuing graphic design.


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