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The VPAT Template: An Essential Accessibility Tool

The VPAT Template: An Essential Accessibility Tool

Society has become increasingly dependent on the online world, which now plays an integral role in people’s daily lives. As such, the importance and enforcement of digital accessibility are sharply rising. People of all abilities want and deserve equal access to websites, smartphones, apps, and other related support services. Fortunately, numerous assistive tech companies can help guide you there with the VPAT template, an essential accessibility tool.  

What is a VPAT Template?

What Is Vpat Main 1600

The VPAT template is an essential tool for evaluating the accessibility of your company’s products and services. This standardised document provides a comprehensive overview of accessibility relating to digital information and communications and provides a detailed report concerning WCAG compliance. It also includes information on the product’s compatibility with assistive technologies, ability to meet the WCAG requirements, and compliance with accessibility standards. 

Organisations use the VPAT template to demonstrate their commitment to accessible web design, which isn’t just crucial for a company’s image—it’s also an ethical and legal necessity in today’s world. For example, there are over one billion people with disabilities, which means they are the most significant global minority group. Yet, the web is still inaccessible to this substantial and crucial demographic.

The Legal Case for VPAT Templates & Accessibility

Lawsuits for inaccessibility continue to rise, which can come at a high cost for even the smallest companies. And the price of a non-compliance lawsuit far overshadows the cost of integrating an assistive tech tool (and all such tools) like a VPAT template. That’s why all-sized organisations from all different sectors should do whatever’s possible to accommodate this crucial demographic audience. 

How the VPAT Relates to Digital Assets

The VPAT template also assesses the product’s usability and compatibility with various web browsers and operating systems. Its three main sections are the Overview, the Detailed Report, and the Summary. The Overview section provides an overview of the accessibility features of the product or service, including its compatibility with assistive technologies, compliance with the WCAG, and usability.

The Detailed Report section provides a detailed report of the product’s accessibility features, including its compatibility with assistive technologies and compliance with the WCAG. Finally, the Summary section provides a summary of the accessibility features and compliance of the product.

How Your Company Can Help the VPAT Process

When using the VPAT template, ensure the information you provide is accurate and complete. It’s also best to update the VPAT template regularly to reflect changes in your product’s accessibility features. Moreover, using the WCAG as a reference when evaluating the accessibility of your products or services will get you the best results. 

Better Compliance, Accessibility & Ethics

In summary, the VPAT template is an invaluable tool for assessing the accessibility of their products and services. By providing a comprehensive overview of the accessibility features, the VPAT template enables organisations to evaluate their compliance with the WCAG and demonstrate their commitment to accessible web design. 

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But perhaps most importantly, VPAT templates are just one tool that helps people with disabilities use the web and digital devices quickly and efficiently. A companywide approach to digital accessibility shows your company’s commitment to inclusivity. And that helps make the world a better place for all of us. 

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