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3 Reasons Why You Need a Visual Marketing Strategy

3 Reasons Why You Need a Visual Marketing Strategy

In marketing, there are few things as effective as an image. 

Whether it is a brand’s logo, an infographic, or photos and graphics, visuals are one of the essential elements of any effective visual marketing strategy. 

Let’s take a few moments to look at some of those reasons.

1 – Speed of Cognition

Speed Visual Marketing Strategy Information Recall

One of the most important goals of a web design agency is to create visual content that you can easily and quickly assimilate. 

Living “life in the fast lane” did not become a cliché because we live at a snail’s pace. 

No matter where you turn, it looks like we have set the video to fast forward, but that’s just the speed at which we’ve all become accustomed too. 

Oddly, with all the advantages technology has given us, you would think we would have more time on our hands, but we sure don’t live like that’s the case. 

Maybe it’s a desire for instant gratification, but for whatever reason, you can lose your audience quite quickly if they can’t ‘see’ at first glance what you are trying to say.

2 – Image-Conscious Society

Most of the time, being image-conscious isn’t a good thing. However, in marketing, that trait can work to our advantage. 

An image-conscious person goes out of their way to impress those around them, typically to create an illusion of status. Sometimes it is a subconscious action. 

However, much of the time, it is a concerted effort to portray the person we would like others to think we are, often rooted in low self-esteem. 

Using images (visuals) in marketing can elicit the very same response. You can use visuals to raise the bar and set new standards within an industry. 

Visuals can create an almost insatiable desire for that brand, product, or service. Visuals are an effective way to increase brand awareness.

3 – Engagement

Why Visual Content Marketing Important

Probably second only to the speed of cognition, the ability of visuals to stimulate engagement makes visual marketing a highly effective strategy within any balanced marketing campaign. 

The aim is often to prompt an emotion that, in turn, requires a response. Think of that toddler gleefully rolling on the floor playing with a cute little dog. 

The advert may have nothing to do with children or pets, but when creating visuals of a lovely little person playing with an adorable puppy, who can resist smiling in delight? 

That advert may not be marketing anything whatsoever related to children or dogs. 

It could be a marketing campaign for healthcare products for seniors speaking to their desire to live a quality of life long enough to enjoy their grandchildren.

A Key Takeaway for Today’s SME

If you are an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, a visual marketing strategy is a map that puts you on the road to success. 

Your key takeaway in all the above should be that there are two creatives to consult at the earliest opportunity within your marketing efforts. 

You will need a talented web designer to design an attractive website, but you will also need a graphic designer to create the visuals like logos that will lead to brand recognition

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Those are the basics of your visual marketing strategy.

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Stuart Crawford

Stuart Crawford is an award-winning creative director and brand strategist with over 15 years of experience building memorable and influential brands. As Creative Director at Inkbot Design, a leading branding agency, Stuart oversees all creative projects and ensures each client receives a customised brand strategy and visual identity.

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